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And then Loki zapped them with his staff, and there was nothing.

Captain America groaned slightly, and brought his hand to his forehead. He was lying down on a cold, hard ground (perhaps marble?). Around him, the rest of his team were sprawled. Everything was fuzzy, wobbling like he was on a roller coaster. He could just about make out Loki, bent over the Hulk, now as Bruce Banner, chanting.

"Hey!" He yelled. "Hey, leave him alone!"

Beside him, Black Widow stirred, rubbing her head the same way Steve had done only moments before. Clint groaned. Nick Fury blinked his eye furiously. Thor sat up and bellowed;

"Brother! How dare you harm my friends!"

Even with all the commotion, Tony, still in his Iron man suit, and Bruce didn't awake. Loki chuckled at his brother's outburst.

"Oh, brother. You cannot do anything. I have not harmed your friends." Loki's face twisted into a cruel smile. "Yet."

Loki gestured towards a large glass table with seven black cushioned office chairs, similar to the ones in the Helicarrier. Three on each side, one at the head, probably for Nick Fury. Just a few meters away from the opposite end of the table was a large, flat-screen TV.

"Sit, sit down," Loki said, still smiling.

Clint and Natasha crouched down before the sleeping Dr. Banner, shaking his shoulder gently. Steve went over to the still unconscious Iron Man.

"Tony? Hey, Tony?" Steve tapped the golden mask. "You in there?" Quickly, he checked the Arc Reactor in the center of the of the Suit's chest piece.

It was still glowing its regular blue.

"Stark!" Steve yelled. He kicked the arm of the Suit with a clang. "STARK!"

"What the-" Iron man began.

"Finally," Steve grumbled, turning away with a smile. "Get up."

He heard Tony attempt to move around in the suit before yelling. "JARVIS! What the hell is this?"

The British voice replied loud enough for everyone to hear. "Sir, it appears that the Mark VII has been... paralyzed, I suppose you could put it."

"Paralyzed? What do you mean? GET ME OUT!"

"Yes, Sir."

The Suit opened up, and Tony Stark hauled himself out of the armor.

"Now. What the hell is this?" He demanded.

Black Widow shook her head. "No idea. Sit down and hopefully Loki will explain."

The room was 100% blank. The walls were plain white, nothing on them. There were no doors, no windows. The only objects in the room were the table, chairs, Stark's half open Suit, another table with the flat-screen TV, and a generously placed bowl with apples.

Loki, standing before the TV, grinned like a maniac.

"You cannot escape. This has been placed under an enchantment for 12 hours. You are unable to break out until that period of time without my say so. You," He pointed at Bruce, "Cannot 'Hulk out.' I think when the time comes, you will appreciate it."

The team frowned.

"You will watch three movies." He said.

"Really?" Clint shrugged. "If that's what you consider punishment, then-"

"About Anthony Stark." The evil Demigod finished.

Everyone groaned, and Tony himself paled.

"Look," Clint said. "If you're gonna fight us, fight us. Don't make us watch three movies about..." He gestured to Tony. "That thing."

"Seriously." Steve added. "I don't need to watch six hours of playboy Stark."

Everyone nodded, while Stark was growing paler and paled, Steve noticed.

"Yeah," the billionaire managed. "I mean, my life isn't that interesting-"

"Oh, don't try to get out of it, Stark." Loki cackled. "I've had a burning hatred for you ever since New York." Stark's jaw tightened at the name of the city. "This. Will. Break. You."

Then he vanished, and the first movie began to play.

"Fine," Tony said, glaring at everyone, even Fury. "Let's get this shit over with."

It began with the scene of a desolate landscape. Desert, with snowy mountains in the distance. Wind could be heard through the speakers. A line of vehicles were racing across the dust, leaving trails of it behind them. Suddenly music blasted through the speakers. A jeep, an Army one, crawled along the dirt trail as ACDC's Black 'n Black pumped.

Clint jumped up. "Yeah! I love this song!"

Natasha swatted at him.

Kunar Province, Afghanistan, flashed up on the screen.

Natasha gasped, Fury's eyes widened and the rest of the team's brows just furrowed in confusion.

"What?" Thor asked. "I do not understand."

"Fuuuuuckkk," Tony groaned, burying his head in his arms.

Suddenly they were in one of the jeep's, staring at the feet of some soldiers and a silver radio on the floor. A soldier smirked at the stereo.

Steve tensed. These were soldiers! In the army, just like him!

The view moved onto someone holding a glass of scotch, which was trembling with turbulence.

"Bet you that's Stark," Clint muttered.

A young soldier sitting across from the man looked at him comprehensively, before staring straight ahead again. Tony Stark flashed up onto the screen, wearing a suit and his trademark sun glasses. His eyes met the young soldier from before. The soldier quickly looked away.

"I feel like you're driving me to a court martial. This is crazy. What did I do?"

The soldier just stared ahead.

"I feel like you're gonna pull over and snuff me." Tony looked towards the young soldier. "What, you're not allowed to talk?"

Steve practically growled. "You should talk to soldiers with more respect."

Tony looked at him. "Cap, chill. This was ages ago. What year, exactly, Jay?"

"2008, Sir." The British AI replied.

Everyone jumped.

"You put that thing in your ear?" Fury was astounded.

Tony just shrugged.

"Hey, Forrest!" Tony said.

Again, Steve nearly lost his temper.

"We can talk, sir." The soldier said.

"Oh, I see. So it's personal?"

"Of course it's personal," Clint mumbled before getting hit by Natasha.

"No, you intimidate them," a female voice sounded from the front.

"A woman!" Thor cried. "Perhaps you should meet her?" He looked at Natasha.

Tony shook his head quietly.

"Dear, God, you're a woman." Tony said, looking at her. "I honestly, I couldn't have called that. I mean I'd apologize, but isn't that what we're going for here?"

Fury shook his head.

The young soldier chuckled to himself.

"I thought of you as a soldier first." Tony said.

"I'm an airman," the woman said.

"Well you have actually excellent bone structure there. I'm kinda... having a hard time not

looking at you now. Is that weird?"

The Avengers and (surprisingly) Nick Fury laughed.

Onscreen, the soldiers laughed as well.

Tony grinned. "C'mon, it's okay, laugh. Hey!"

Steve smiled. He was glad these soldiers were laughing, they deserved it.

One of the soldiers up front turned around slightly. "I - sir, I have a question to ask."

"Yes please," Tony said.

"Is it true that you went 12 for 12 with last year's Maxim cover models?"

Everyone gasped. Tony grinned.

"That is an excellent question," Tony said, ripping off his sunglasses. "Yes and no, March and I had a scheduling conflict, but fortunately the Christmas cover was twins."

Natasha rolled her eyes at him while Clint's gleamed.

Tony held his hands up in surrender. "Hey, what can I say? I'm the worlds number one playboy," he winked.

The lady soldier from before who was driving smiled.

"Anything else?" Tony asked.

The young soldier hesitantly put his hand up.

"You're kidding me with the hand up, right?" Tony said.

This time Steve did get angry. "You should be more respectful to Soldiers!"

But Stark didn't reply. He just looked at Steve with intense but calm eyes and said,

"Mind your own business, Rogers."

The fact that he didn't reply with a snarky comment was enough to shut everyone up.

"Is it cool if I take a picture with you?" He asked, watching Tony's face carefully.

Steve noticed the present Tony had shut his eyes.

"Yes. It's very cool," Tony agreed.

Everyone rolled their eyes but said nothing, as they too had noticed how Tony's eyes were shut tight.

The soldier smiled and took out a camera from his pocket, handing it to a soldier in the seat before his. "Alright," he smiled.

The two leaned closer together as the young soldier brought up a hand saying, peace.

"I don't wanna see this on your MySpace page," Tony said.

Clint snorted. "MySpace? How old is this?"

"Like I said earlier, Agent Barton, this took place in 2008," JARVIS replied. Everyone except Tony flinched.

Thor and Steve exchanged confused glances. They had no idea what MySpace was.

"Please, no gang signs," Tony said.

The soldier glanced at him nervously and put it down quickly.

"No, throw it up, I'm kidding," Tony said.

Fury sighed. "You just love to fuck with everyone, don't you?"

"Yeah, peace!" Tony said, as the soldier put up his sign again, beaming with a smile. "I love peace. I'd be outta a job with peace,"

Tony, watching from behind his hands chuckled weakly. "Not now,"

The soldier with the camera fiddled with the button.

"C'mon, c'mon! Just click it! Don't change any settings, just click it!" The young soldier told him.

Tony squeezed his eyes shut, bracing himself.

BOOM! A huge explosion erupted before their car.

"Jesus Christ!" Yelled Natasha.

"What the fu-" Clint gasped.

Everyone jumped away from the TV, except Stark, who was now looking again.

Their were screams in the jeep as Tony stared ahead where the explosion had just been with horror.

"What's going on?" He demanded.

The female soldier leapt out of the car with her gun, only to be shot down immediately. The soldier who had been taking the picture turned to the young soldier.

"Jimmy, stay with Stark!" He commanded. Then he too, jumped out. He was shooting at an enemy that you couldn't see with the angle. Some bullets slammed into the windshield.

"Stay down!" Jimmy yelled at Tony, pushing him down.

Them Jimmy too, got out, yelling, 'son of a bitch!' as he did.

Tony tried to swallow his nausea.

"No, no!" Steve yelled. "Follow your orders! Stay!"

There was a orchestra of bullets outside, and Tony could hear them ricocheting off the car.

"Wait wait wait, give me a gun!" Tony pleaded as Jimmy turned to face him through the window.

"Stay. Here!" Jimmy shouted at him.

As he turned, there was an explosion of bullets that killed the kid instantly, blood splattering on the window. Bullet holes were left in the metal, bright light filtering through them. Tony blinked violently.

A ringing had begun to sound through the speakers.

Stunned, Thor turned to Tony.

"Is that what you could hear?"

Soundlessly, Stark nodded.

Outside there were more explosions, the red smoke erupting just outside. Smoke billowed into the cloudless sky. There was more shouting, more gunshots, and Tony was looking round, completely panicked. More bodies collapsed to the ground, dead. There was a whistle of a shell.

Then Tony himself got out, stumbling into the dust. He ducked as an explosion erupted just beside him.

Steve stood up. "No, no, NO! Follow your orders, STAY!" He turned to the real Stark. "What is wrong with-"

He was cut off by Fury pulling him down to his seat. The director of SHIELD shook his head.

"Not now," he said, gesturing to Tony, who was frozen and staring at the screen. "Not now,"

Tony continued running along the battlefield, fires everywhere, shouts ringing across the valley over the explosions. There was another explosion just behind him, and Tony was thrust behind a rock. He brought out his phone and began furiously tapping. When a huge missile landed just a few meters away. It said, Stark Industries.

The Avengers and Fury's eyes widened, and Tony just groaned. He was not proud of the man he used to be, and so he didn't want anyone to know. And yet here they were, watching a movie all about it.

The missile whistled, getting louder by the second. Tony scrambled away, eyeing it with horror.

"GET AWAY!" Clint practically screamed.

Tony let out a strangled cry as he was thrown back by the impact. He landed flat on his back, covered in dust. He groaned slightly, shifting his head, eyes closed. The ringing was back, louder now.

Tony moaned, gasping slightly for air as he forced his eyes open. He blinked and stared around, all though it was clear he was not seeing much.

Tony tried to catch his breath before seemingly noticing a pain in his chest. He brought a hand to his white shirt, which was now stained red, and opened it up. A bulletproof vest was pierced and the black material was getting flooded with crimson blood.

Tony gasped and leaned back into the dirt, seemingly accepting his death.

The screen faded into white as people chanted in a different language, the voices growing louder, shouting now.

Tony cradled his head, clearly the voices were triggering an unpleasant memory.

Suddenly the white shifted into a crosshatched gold, obviously from Tony's perspective. The camera shifted and all of a sudden they were staring at a sac being lifted from the billionaire's head, leaving his hair matted, a cut on the temple seeping down his face. Cuts were everywhere on his face, deep crimson gashes that ruined his handsome complexion. In the background you could see armed soldiers, guarding Tony.

A voice was yelling in a different language as the genius attempted to blink the blurriness away from his eyes.

"What language is that?" Bruce asked, trembling slightly.

"And what does it mean?" Steve asked.

Tony just shook his head. Dr. Banner rubbed his arm comfortingly.

Tony looked about, head lolling. It was clear he was only half-conscious. A gun point was hovering just by his head, near his bleeding ear.

God, Steve thought. There's blood everywhere!

The perspective changed to look at two men, one holding a camera that was flashing a red beacon, meaning that it was recording.

The view switched back to Tony, who's eyes were narrowed with hatred but unfocused, disoriented with pain.

It zoomed out, showing at least three soldiers with bandannas over their mouths, guns pointed at Tony. A man who was doing all the yelling in the other language stood beside them, shouting off a piece of paper. The genius glared into the camera, eyes burning with rage and fear. The screen went black, and the words, IRON MAN, flashed up on the screen.

Everyone turned to stare at Tony.

"That... That was just the intro?" Clint asked weakly.

"I didn't even know you were taken hostage..."

"To Afghanistan? No way..."

Nick Fury's eye burned.

"Did you not read Stark's file?" He demanded.

"We did! Uh - I did, at least," Hawkeye defended. "But there was nothing there. At least, nothing about his... past."

Bruce agreed. "Yeah. It's nearly empty. It just mentioned how the suit worked, where he lives, his birthday, and, uh..." He glanced towards the billionaire." His arrogant tendencies."

Thor and Steve nodded. "Same for us."

They all turned to the genius. He grinned.

"I may have hacked SHIELD and changed a few things around."

Fury sighed.

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