Season 2

Trollz and the Demon Sorcerers: Shendu returns to Trollzopolus in his spirit form and possesses Simon the gremlin on a quest to free Shendu's seven Demon Brothers and Sisters. Now the B.F.F.L. and their Ancients must stop them as Shendu, Simon and Snarf are in possession of the key to open the gates and freeing the others Demon Sorcerers: The Pan Ku Puzzle Box.

Genre: Action/Adventure

1: A Stronger Evil

2: B.F.F.L. and the J-Team

3: Topaz times Topaz

4: Troll rumble in the big house

5: And He does his own Stunts

6: Troll Queen of the Shadow Khan

7: Troll Moon

8: Armor of the Gods

9: Demon in De-Skies

10: A New Atlantis

11: The Eight Door

12: Demon World Part 1

13: Demon World Part 2

14: Tohru's Mother


Shendu was one of the Eight Demon Sorcerers who terrorized the ancient world, each with his or her own magic derived from Fire, Sky, Moon, Thunder, Earth, Mountain, Wind, and Water. One by one, the demons were defeated by the Eight Immortals, the great heroes of ancient China. They used powerful Chi Spells to banish the demons into another realm and used the Pan Ku Box to seal them up. Each demon is sealed in its own portal. These Portals can only be located and opened by the Pan Ku Box itself.

In the Trollz dimension, the Pan Ku puzzle box was put in the possession of Simon the gremlin while possessed by Shendu's spirit form, along with Simon's dog Snarf in search of seven demon portals to free Shendu's brethren. It's up to the B.F.F.L. and the ancients to rely on the Magic of the Five and Chi Spells to defeat Shendu, Simon, Snarf and the other demon sorcerers/sorceresses.

Chapter 1: A Stronger Evil

"Well Snarf, we didn't get any power or treasure" Simon said. "On the bright side, those Trollz dealt with our problem" He continued. "You mean Shendu master?" Snarf asked. "Yes, but with these, we have powerful magic!" Simon said with a talisman.

Meanwhile at Obsidian's Shop: "Finally we can relax!" Ruby said. "Yeah, it's good to be here" Amethyst added. "Hello girls!" Obsidian said. "Hi Obsidian!" Sapphire said. "Girls!" Uncle Chan said. "Uncle!" They said in unison. "We missed you" Amethyst said. "Yes, girls this is my apprentice: Tohru" He introduced as Tohru appeared. "Hello!" Tohru said. "Hi Tohru!" Topaz said. "Hey, he's like a sumo wrestler" Onyx commented. "Wow a new friend!" Sapphire said. "At least there are no talismans or Shendu" Ruby said. "I hope we've seen the last of that Dragon!" Topaz said. Elsewhere in another dimension: "Once I make the B.F.F.L. pay, I shall tear that buffoon Simon to pieces!" Shendu said as a Spirit. "Silence!" The only future you have is here with us brother!" Dai Gui said. "Indeed, let the eternal torment begin!" Xiao Fung added. "Torment? Eternal?" Shendu asked. "To punish your betrayal Shendu, you chose to spend your time ruling China" Tso Lan said. "While we withered in this bone dry pit" Bai Tza said. "Bored out of our wits all those centuries, each exactly like the one before it" Hsi Wu said. "You never even attempted to free us" Po Kong said. "Uh… Your rescue was in the planning stages, but I became imprisoned in a statue" Shendu answered. "Excuses! You desire the earthly realm for you alone" Tchang Zu said zapping Shendu. "GAAAA" Shendu yelled being hit. "A shame you never know to share brother" Hsi Wu said. "No! Wait! I can free you" Shendu said. "Do not toy with us. The doors can only be opened from the other side" Bai Tza said. "The human and troll side" Dai Gui added. "Precisely. As the humble spirit you now see before you, I am free to crossover and possess any human or Troll I wish, enabling me to undo the sacred spells which keep you here… if you so deem it" Shendu explained.

Meanwhile: "Let's cause some fun Snarf!" Simon said. "Of course you remember Hak Foo" He continued as Hak Foo appeared. "Yes I do" Snarf responded. Meanwhile at the mall: "I wonder if we can help Tohru" Amethyst stated. "Let's go find out" Onyx said as Ruby's spell phone rang. "Hello? Okay. Girls, Simon is back!" Ruby alerted. Moments later: Snarf, Hak Foo and some men are using the talismans. "Huh, c'mon Hak Foo, you're not using your talismans! Trade?" Snarf asked trading with Hak Foo. "Stop there Snarf!" Ruby demanded. "You too Hak Foo!" Topaz added. "Angry Crow takes flight!" Hak Foo shouted attacking the girls. "They're getting away!" Sapphire pointed. "C'mon!" Amethyst said as they followed.

Back in the Demon Netherworld: "So, I trust you would agree that my, um… martyrdom has left a void for a new, stronger evil to fill—namely you my brothers and sisters. Shall I proceed, then?" Shendu asked as the other Demon Sorcerers shot a green beam on him. "What trick is this?" Shendu asked. "You have proven crafty brother, so we require a safety measure" Hsi Wu spoke. "Our spell will keep you bound within the human or troll of your choosing until you release us" Bai Tsa explained. "A precaution so that we know exactly where to find you" Xiao Fung added. "In the event we deem it necessary to resume your eternal torment" Tso Lan added. "I accept your terms. I will choose my vessel well to best serve you, and the troll most capable for this task is one of my nemeses, a girl named Ruby" Shendu picked.

Moments later: "Hello Trollz!" Simon said. "You're going down Simon!" Ruby said fighting Simon. "Careful Ruby!" Amethyst said as unexpectedly, Shendu as a spirit appeared. "Yes, Ruby!" Shendu said as he flies towards Ruby to possess her, but Ruby moved and Shendu possessed Simon instead. "No, I've entered the wrong body!" He said. "Snarf, retreat!" Shendu ordered. "But what about the girls?" Snarf asked. "Never mind them" Shendu said as they retreated. "Ruby are you okay?" Topaz asked. "Yeah, I'm okay" Ruby answered. Meanwhile at Simon's cave: "What happened?" Simon asked. "Uh boss, Shendu is back!" Snarf answered. "What? Where?" Simon asked. "Inside you" Snarf answered. "That's ridiculous…Aaah!" Simon said seeing Shendu in his body. "Get out!" Simon demanded. "Trust me Simon, the feeling is mutual!" Shendu said. "Here are your talismans back Shendu" Snarf said. "They don't matter to me now; I have bigger plans" Shendu said. "From now on, you and your thugs will serve me or perish!" Shendu threatened.

Back at the mall: "I hope the girls are okay" Obsidian said worried. "Aiee-yah, we are closed!" Uncle said as they saw Simon. "Simon! Uncle Chan!" Grandma Von Troll shouted as Simon(Shendu) attacked the Ancients and stole a book. "Oh No!" Amethyst said. "We gotta stop Simon!" Ruby said as the girls went after Simon who leaped to a roof. "When did Simon learn acrobatics?" Topaz asked. "I say we scale this" Onyx said as they scaled the roof. "Simon also took Uncle's book!" Sapphire stated as the Shadowkhan appeared. "Hold on Simon can't control the Shadowkhan!" Ruby pointed out. "But Shendu can" Topaz said. "You girls greatly exaggerated" Shendu said. "That is Shendu in Simon's body!" Amethyst added. "Destroy them!" Shendu ordered as the girls were attacked by the Shadowkhan. TO BE CONTINUED…