12. Chapter 11:

At a place right next to the ocean, the girls, Uncle and Tohru are searching for Bai Tza, the Water Demo. "Nice day for a tsunami. Too nice" Onyx said spotting the tsunami. "But why here?" Sapphire asked. "The Water Demon is searching for a place for a new empire" Uncle explained. "There she is Uncle, Bai Tza" Ruby alerted spotting Bai Tza with binoculars. "Ruby, take the gourd. I will prepare the Chi spell" Uncle said handing Ruby a gourd. "Hey Am, cool camera" Onyx said seeing Amethyst's new video camera. "Thanks, I might record Bai Tza's banishment" Amethyst said. "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao!" Uncle chanted as the gourd started glowing. "The Chi wizard!" Bai Tza spoke as the Chi spell hit her. "No!" Bai Tza responded as her tsunami was cancelled. "Nice shot. Woah!" Amethyst said but she got caught in the beam. "Amethyst!" The other girls shouted. "Guys, help!" Amethyst shouted as the beam carried her and Bai Tza back to the Roman coliseum. "No! Aaah!" Bai Tza and Amethyst both yelled as they both went through the portal, which closed. Back at the coastal location: "Uncle, we to get Amethyst" Ruby said. "Re-open the portal!" Topaz added. "The Chi spell sealed the portal, like it sealed all the others… forever" Uncle sadly explained while in the Demon Netherworld, Bai Tza slithered away, with Amethyst seeing the Demon Netherworld. At the coast: "Uncle, let's fly to Rome" Onyx said trying to start the motor. "Amethyst is not in Rome Onyx, she is trapped in the Demon Netherworld" Uncle denied. "Oh why couldn't it have been me?" Tohru asked. "Uncle, we need some way to-ow!" Ruby yelled. "The Eighth Door" Uncle said. "We have permanently sealed seven portals belonging to seven Demon Sorcerers, but not the one belonging to Shendu. It is Amethyst's only hope of escape from the Demon World" He continued. "How do we find Shendu's door?" Topaz asked. "There is only one way…" Uncle answered. "The Pan Ku box" Sapphire said. "Quickly, we must find the Eighth Door, before the demons find Amethyst" Uncle said as they left to find Simon's hideout.

Back at the Demon Netherworld: "The Demon Netherworld: Where Demon Sorcerers go when they've been bad, where no human or troll has gone before, until now" Amethyst said while recording on her camera. "I gotta find a way out of here" She continued a she jumps from each floating rock, then Amethyst landed on sleeping Po Kong and almost fell into her mouth, but missed. "Sister Po!" Hsi Wu called in a distance with Amethyst hiding behind Po Kong's back. "Sister Po!" Hsi Wu repeated as Po Kong woke up. "Hmmm, dinner time?" Po Kong asked. "Meeting time. Our sister Bai has returned" Hsi Wu corrected. "I see. Well perhaps she brought Hold 'oeuvres. MMM, I love the taste of humans and trollz" Po Kong said with Amethyst listening. "Oh boy" Amethyst said nervously. "Over here!" Hsi Wu shouted as Tchang Zu, Dai Gui, Bai Tza, Tso Lan and Xiao Fung all came to this spot for their meeting. "Double oh boy" Amethyst responded. At Simon's hideout: "You may take your leave Hak Foo" Shendu said with Hak Foo about to leave. "I need you to stay" Simon ordered. "Leave! Stay!" Shendu and Simon argued. "Your ruffian has lost his usefulness Simon, get rid of him" Shendu suggested. "And be left alone with you? Never!" Simon refused. "On the contrary, the both of you…" Bai Tza started as the demons are seen in the mirror. "Are far from being alone" Tso Lan continued. "Brothers and Sisters, so good to see you" Shendu greeted in fear. "Your sentiment will quickly subside Shendu" Xiao Fung said. "Once your punishment is underway" Dai Gui added. "P-P-Punishment? Before I finally secure your release?" Shendu asked nervously. "And how do you plan to do that with all our portals permanently sealed?" Po Kong asked. "Yeah, how?" Amethyst asked while listening. "Why, through my portal, dear sister" Shendu answered. "The Eighth Portal?" Bai Tza asked. "It remains unsealed. All I need to do is unlock it with the Pan Ku box, a task for which I have required the services of a mortal servant, who may touch good magic" Shendu said looking at Hak Foo. "What is mine is yours, demon brethren" He continued as Po Kong felt an itch and tries to scratch it. "Uhh" Po Kong groaned as Amethyst noticed and tries to avoid being caught. "What in the netherworld is wrong with you Po Kong?" Bai Tza asked. "Itch, cannot reach" Po Kong answered. "Hsi Wu, scratch your sister's back so we may get on with our meeting" Bai Tza ordered. "Uhh. There's a lot of back. Could take a while" Hsi Wu responded as he flew towards Po Kong's back. "So, you want a back scratcher?" Hsi Wu asked as Amethyst started scratching Po Kong's lower back, stopping the itch, then Po Kong grabbed Hsi Wu. "It passed" Po Kong responded then plucked Hsi Wu. "Now about the Eighth door, Shendu. It is the portal of your banishment. Only you may pass through it" Bai Tza said. "That once was true Bai Tza, but now that I'm a spirit, my portal is vacant… waiting to be filled by others" Shendu stated. "You mean another. Only one may pass through each portal" Tso Lan said. "That is the rule" Xiao Fung added. "Do you think I have been dallying here? I have discovered a spell which will keep the portal open until every last one of you is freed. In fact I was about to journey to it when you called" Shendu said. "Hak Foo, bring me… the Pan Ku box!" Shendu ordered once he saw Ruby and Onyx trying to take the box. "Shark snatches bait!" Hak Foo shouted trying to snatch the box back. "What shark?" Bai Tza asked. "What is he talking about?" Xiao Fung asked. "Ruby and Onyx!" Amethyst whispered as Ruby kicked Hak Foo into a gong. "Shendu, what is happening?" Bai Tza asked. "Hal Foo always sounds the gong as we take our leave, which reminds me… see you all at my portal" Shendu said as he broke the communication. "Shendu!" Bai Tza responded. "Can he be trusted?" Po Kong asked. "Of course not!" Dai Gui answered. "Yet we have no other options" Xiao Fung pointed. "But all of eternity to punish him should he again deceive us" Tso Lan suggested. "Then let us go to the Eighth Door" His Wu said with Amethyst hiding. "Yes… let's" She said.

During the fighting: "Why the interest in the box trollz? You have sealed all the portals" Shendu said. "To remember our time together" Onyx said sarcastically as Tohru grabs the Pan Ku box, then Hak Foo made Tohru drop it. "Buffalo tramples field mouse!" Hak Foo shouted as he had him get smacked by the gong. "Then Shendu tried to get the Pan Ku box, but Ruby got it. "You want the box Shendu? It's yours!" Ruby said as she made the box zap Shendu to the wall. "Angry Crow Takes-Uhh!" Hak Foo sighed being pinched by Uncle. "What is taking so long?" Uncle asked. "Let's go" Ruby said. The next day on a plane: "In ancient times, Shendu ruled what is now China. I'm betting that is where we will find his portal" Uncle suggested. "But even if the box will lead us to the portal, how will Amethyst find it from the demon side?" Tohru asked. "With proper guidance. That is why I have brought research" Uncle answered showing his research. "Nothing, Amethyst would solve the puzzle, if she were here" Sapphire pointed out. Back in the Demon Netherworld: "Oh man, I'm going in circles" Amethyst said revealing she's lost. Meanwhile: "And we are on our way to China why?" Simon asked. "The B.F.F.L. have stolen the Pan Ku box. Clearly they want to find my portal so they can seal it" Shendu answered. "Now why would the trollz go through all that trouble if they know you don't need the portal to pass through the realms?" Simon asked. "For good measure I suppose" Shendu believed. "Meanwhile my brothers and sisters are expecting me to open my door to free them" Shendu added. "I brought your spell book" Hak Foo said holding a phonebook. "You brought the phone book you simpleton! I was bluffing!" Shendu responded. "So there is no way to free all of them" Simon said. "Of course there is! I… just need to find it that's all" Shendu said.

Back on the girls' plane: "Hotcha" Uncle said as everyone saw him sitting while wearing a reef. "He's in a trance" Tohru responded. "He's looking for Amethyst" Onyx said. Back at the Demon Netherworld: "Good news is the demons have left. The bad news is, I lost their trail" Amethyst recorded on her video camera. "Guys, Tohru, Uncle, I really miss you" She added in sorrow as an image of Uncle's head appeared. "Amethyst!" Uncle called making Amethyst drop her video camera. "Uncle? How did…?" Amethyst started. "Not important and garlic is good for you! Are you okay?" Uncle asked. "Just lost" Amethyst answered. "Listen closely. We are trying to find the Eighth Door" Uncle said. "Shendu's door!" Amethyst said. "You know about that?" Uncle asked. "The demons are looking for it too. Shendu told them he's gonna open it up so they could all break out" Amethyst informed. "Shendu deceived them. Only one being can exit through that portal and the being must be you" Uncle spoke. "So where do I find the portal, Uncle?" Amethyst asked. "When I know where it is, I will lead you there myself" Uncle said. "One more thing, I cannot know where it is, unless I know how the Pan Ku box works. Sapphire said you are good with puzzles" He continued. "Those little lines on the Pan Ku box!" Amethyst said. "The Tri-grams?" Uncle asked. "Tell my friends the tri-grams are the key" Amethyst told. "I will do that Amethyst!" Uncle said as his image vanished. One minute later: "Time flies when you're waiting for a cell door to open" Hsi Wu said as the video camera hit him on the head. "Where's my camera?" Amethyst asked. "Oh Amethyst… say Chi spell" Hsi Wu said as he caught Amethyst and flew off with her.

Meanwhile: "The Tri-grams must be the key" Onyx said. "What could Amethyst mean?" Topaz asked. "Shendu's tri-gram representing fire is a broken line between two solid lines" Uncle showed. "The tri-grams could be a mousse code" Tohru stated. "Or the combination to a lock" Ruby said. "If the solid lines is a half turn…" Sapphire started. "And the broken lines are quarter turns" Topaz added as Sapphire turned the box. "Um, perhaps the unbroken lines tell us to turn in the long way?" Tohru added. As Sapphire continued. "Half… Quarter… Half" Sapphire said as the Pan Ku box glowed and showed the map to the portal. "Am knows her puzzles" Onyx said. "And I know my demons. Shendu's portal is in Hong Kong!" Uncle showed. Moments later, they were un Hong Kong: "Nothing yet Uncle" Sapphire said. "According to the Pan Ku box, the eighth door should lie beyond this tunnel" Uncle said as the box started glowing. "It is near!" Ruby said as they stopped. "You have to be kidding" Onyx said. "It is as if Amethyst herself guided us here" Tohru said seeing they are at moose world. "Hong Kong Moose World" Topaz responded. "I will alert Amethyst" Uncle said. Back in the Demon World: "Brothers and Sisters, I bring you the mortal called… Amethyst!" Hsi Wu introduced showing Amethyst to the other demons. "Mm, yummy!" Po Kong responded. "If you think you're really getting out, well, I hate to break to you but, Shendu's lying" Amethyst spoke. "Only one of you can go through the portal. End of story!" She added. "How do you know?" Dai Gui asked. "Uncle told me" Amethyst answered. "The Chi wizard?" Bai Tza asked. "So Shendu did deceive us" Tso Lan responded. "There's a surprise!" Xiao Fung said. "Which one of you is it gonna be?" Amethyst asked. "Surely there must be a simple way to resolve this" Xiao Fung said. "Like what, Alphabetical order?" Tso Lan asked.

Back at Hong Kong Moose World: "Amethyst awaits us" Uncle said. "We must open the portal immediately" Sapphire alerted. "So that is why you wanted the box! Well, I can assure you girls, the only thing emerging from my portal will be a demon" Shendu said. "Gorilla Grip!" Hak Foo shouted as he left with the Pan Ku box. "Amethyst" Ruby sighed. "Ruby! There is more than one way to skin a cat!" Uncle said handing Ruby a sword. "And two ways to open a portal!" He added. "Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi Di Zao! Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fi di Zao!" Uncle chanted as Shendu notices while the started glowing. "The symbol of the Immortal who defeated me!" Shendu remembered in fear. "Sword slays Dragon!" Ruby said as she swung the sword, which shot the spell on Shendu. "Aah!" Shendu cried as the spell removed him from Simon's body, opened the portal, which pulled Shendu in. Then in the Demon Netherworld, Shendu came in when the other demons and Amethyst noticed. "Brothers and Sisters!" Shendu spoke. "The portal!" Bai Tza called out as the demons saw the portal still open. "Every demon for himself!" Hsi Wu yelled as he put down Amethyst and flies to the portal, but Tchang Zu struck Hsi Wu with lightning, then Bai Tza pushes down Tchang Zu, then Bai Tza was swatted into water by Po Kong. "Age before Beauty" Tso Lan said as his magic pushed Po Kong back, then Po Kong fell on Xiao Fung, while Dai Gui jumped on the rocks towards the portal. But two rocks stopped and hit Tso Lan and Dai Gui after they were thrown by Hsi Wu. "Hsi Wu?" Amethyst started as Hsi Wu saw at the portal. "One goes through, that's the rule" Amethyst finished as she jumped through the portal. "No!" Hsi Wu responded as the portal closed and smashed into a rock. Seconds later, the portal closed and had Amethyst reunited with her friends. "Amethyst!" The other girls responded hugging her. "Did you miss me?" Amethyst asked. "You bet we did" Onyx answered as Uncle and Tohru greeted Amethyst. Back at the Demon World: "That was number" Dai Gui spoke. "Which would make us fresh out of portals" Tso Lan added. "Say Chi spell" Hsi Wu told filming with the camera. "Perhaps, we should seek a tear in the time-space continuum?" Shendu excused as the other demons were about to give Shendu his eternal torment as punishment.

Moments later at Hong Kong Moose World: "All 8 portals are finally sealed… forever!" Uncle informed happily. "Whipee! He's gone! He's gone, gone, gone!" Simon shouted happily with everyone else was looking at him. "I got by body back. La De Da de Da. Boom-Shaka-Laka-Laka!" Simon danced happily having his body back. While the Moose World entrance opened. "Shall we girls?" Amethyst asked as the girls nodded. "We're not really… You're kind of early but…" The employee said in defeat putting the moose mask on. "Welcome to Moose World" He welcomed imitating the moose, Bullwinkle. "Girls, through the portal we go" Ruby concluded as the girls, Uncle and Tohru went in. "He's gone! I got my body back! Whipee!" Simon cheered finally having his body back while all of the eight portals and all eight Demon Sorcerers are finally sealed.