My Littlest Pokepets story

After receiving a strange prophecy, Blythe and her eight friends - Zoe, Pepper, Russell, Minka, Vinnie, Sunil, Penny Ling, and Buttercream - find themselves in the wondrous world of Pokémon, where they have to find each other, help a friend defeat the evil Team Plasma, save the region and the Legendary Pokémon, and find their ways back home before time runs out!

19: Battle in Chargestone cave

20: Meeting the Mistralton City Gym Leader

21: Epic Sky Battle

4. Chapter 22: Zoe's Fiery Wrath

5. Chapter 23: Ice Panda

6. Chapter 24: Road to Opelucid City

7. Chapter 25: Outwitting a Dragon-Type

8. Chapter 26: A Plasma Return

9. Chapter 27: Twin Trouble

10. Chapter 28: Ash vs the Biskits

Chapter 19: Vinnie's P.O.V.

As I follow the path of Route 7, I have arrived at Chargestone Cave. Then that's where I found Blythe. "Blythe wait for me!" I said running towards her.


Pepper as a Flaffy on the left

Zoe as a Growlithe on the right

Russell as a Sandslash in the center

...Let's do it

Blythe is ready for battle

I wanna be the very best

Vinnie, Sunil and Buttercream follow Blythe
Like no one ever was (Ever was, ever was)

Hugh, his Pokémon, Professor Juniper and Bianca appeared
To catch them is my real test

Blythe throws a Poke ball
To train them is my cause
Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyrem attack causing an explosion
My whole life has led to this

Blythe and the Pokepets stand in front of Clay, Skyla, Drayden and Marlon
Time to test my skills

Blythe rides on Reshiram
I know I just can't miss

Blythe orders the Pokepets to attack Team Plasma's Pokémon

Gonna show the world
Alder, his Bouffalant and other shadowy figures appear on a mountain
Born to be a winner

Blythe jumps off Reshiram

Blythe and the Pokepets landed on the ground
Born to be a champion

Blythe orders Vinnie, Buttercream and Pepper to attack
Born to be a winner

Sunil, Russell, Zoe and Minka attacked
Born to be the very best

Shadows of two familiar figures appeared
(Pokémon Johto)

All the Legendary Pokémon appeared
Born to be a winner

Penny-Ling as a Cubchoo coming up close

Blythe stands with the Pokepets on both her sides


(Blythe's voice) Battle in Chargestone Cave

I was about to go inside Chargestone Cave when I heard Vinnie.

"Hey Blythe, wait up!" Vinnie shouted as I saw him. "Vinnie, what are you doing out of the Pokémon Center?" I asked. "Hey, I want to help rescue our friends from Team Plasma," Vinnie spoke. "You don't look like you're in good condition to battle" Russell said. "Russell, you evolved into Sandslash!" Vinnie said surprisingly as he looks at Minka. "Minka, you're the Aipom we saw earlier!"

"Hi Vinnie!" Minka said. "Blythe are you coming?" Hugh asked about to go in the cave and calling back his Tranquil. "Yeah, let's get our Pokémon back!" I shouted as we all headed inside Chargestone Cave to stop Team Plasma and rescue our friends.

Inside the cave, I was amazed by the way it looked on the inside. "Wow, this place is amazing," I said as I saw what it looks like. "This cave looks so cool." Vinnie admired. "So where are supposed to find Team Plasma in this place?" Russell asked. "We can ask that Pokémon over there," Minka said seeing a spider-liked Pokémon. "Whoa what is that?" I asked as I pulled out my Pokedex.

"Garvantula, the Elespider Pokémon, and the evolved form of Joltik. It traps its prey with its electrically charged web which shocks and immobilizes the prey."

"It looks pretty tough," I said. "Russell you think you can handle it?" I asked.

"As a Ground-Type, I have the advantage on Electric-Types, so I'll do it!" Russell declared. "Okay, Russell, use Rollout!" I commanded as Russell rolled into a ball and hits Garvantula, pushing it back.

"Nice hit Russell!" Minka complimented. "No problem," Russell responded, but Garvantula shoots a web made of electricity covering Russell and electrocuting him. "Ha! Electric attacks won't work on Ground Types like me," Russell stated as he was unaffected. "That's right, now Russell use Crush Claw!" I commanded as Russell's claws glow and he slashes Garvantula causing it to retreat. "Nice job Russell!" I complimented. "I taught him a lesson" Russell said. "Come on, we still must find Team Plasma" Hugh said as we traveled further into the cave.

"Hey I think I see Team Plasma" Vinnie said spotting Team Plasma with our friends and Hugh's Pignite. "Stop right there Team Plasma!" Hugh shouted getting their attention. "Give me back my Pokémon!" I ordered "And along with my Pignite!" Hugh added. "If you brats want your Pokémon, you have to go through us," a Plasma Grunt said. "Go Watchog!" the Female Grunt shouted as a Watchog was sent out. "Go Trubbish!" the Male Grunt said sending out a Trubbish then I pulled out my Pokedex. "Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon, Trubbish releases a gas that induces sleep in anyone who breathes. Trubbish also lives in places filled with garbage." My Pokedex identified. "Uh, sounds gross," I responded as I looked at Russell and Minka. "Are you guys ready?" I asked. "You bet I am!" Russell declared. "Me too!" Minka agreed. "Okay, Russell, use Rollout!" I commanded as Russell rolls into a ball and slams into Watchog. "Watchog use Hyper Fang!" the male Grunt commanded as Watchog's tooth glows white and it bit Russell. "Minka, use Swift!" I commanded as Minka launches several stars at Trubbish which caused some damage. "Trubbish, use Sludge Bomb!" The male Grunt commanded as Trubbish shot a ball of brown sludge which hit Minka. "Are you okay Minka?" I asked seeing Minka on the ground. "Yeah I am" She answered. "Blythe, let me fight these guys!" Vinnie volunteered. "Are you sure Vinnie?" I asked. "I don't think your strong enough to fight" "I still want to help save our friends!" Vinnie begged. "Okay, guess I can't stop you" I said in defeat. "I've got this Blythe!" Vinnie said with confidence. "Okay Vinnie, use Leaf Tornado!" I commanded as Vinnie spins around with the end of his tail created a vortex of leaves as it hits Watchog. "Watchog, use Hyper Fang!" the female Grunt commanded as Watchog was about to bit Vinnie. "Vinnie, dodge it!" I commanded as Vinnie jumps up avoiding the attack and then his tail glows bright green and he slammed it on Watchog, knocking it out. "That's awesome Vinnie, you just defeated Watchog and learned Leaf Blade!" I said in excitement. "Told ya I could do it" Vinnie agreed.

"Okay my turn! Tranquil, use Air Cutter and free our Pokémon!" Hugh commanded sending out Tranquil, which used Air Cutter to break the cage and free our Pokémon. "Nice job Hugh!" I complimented. "Blythe, I think you can take over" Hugh said. "Okay, Russell use Poison Sting! Minka, use Swift!" I commanded as they both launched their attacks and they both hit Trubbish, knocking it out. "Uh, let's get out of here!" the Female Grunt ordered as both Plasma Grunts retreated. "Yeah, you better run!" Vinnie shouted as We were reunited with Buttercream, Pepper, Sunil, and Zoe. "Blythe, you saved us!" Zoe barked happily. "And you guys beat Team Plasma!" Pepper added. "I'm so happily-sappily-babbily!" Buttercream rhymed. "What?" Vinnie asked. "What?" Buttercream began tapping her foot rapidly, creating a yellow blur, and she twitched her ears and her tail inflated. Then relaxed in a sigh and tail deflated back to normal size. "Anywho… you saved us from Team Plasma-Whasma!" "Hey isn't that Aipom Minka?" Zoe asked. "Hey everybody! I already recognized Russell during our battle" Minka said. "How is Your Pignite?" I asked Hugh. "Pignite is okay, let's see if we can get out of this cave" Hugh said. "Right let's get out of here!" I said as we all exited out of Chargestone Cave.

"Thanks for helping me get my friends back Hugh!" I thanked. "You're welcome Blythe!" Hugh said. "Where are you off to next?" "We're heading to Mistralton City to get my Sixth badge" I answered. "I'm going back to Driftveil City to challenge Clay" Hugh spoke. "See you soon!" He said as went back into the cave. "Well, now that all that's over, we can go and face the next gym leader!" Sunil said. "First things first Sunil, since I now have seven Pokémon, I have to put you the PC Box, because I'm supposed to have six" I explained. "What?" Sunil asked in shock. "Don't worry, I'm sure Professor Juniper will take good care of you" I said. "Looks like we are close" Russell said pointing to Mistralton City. "Okay, let's get going!" I spoke as we went to Mistralton City and crash the Pokémon Center for the night.