After we arrived at the Giant Chasm in Route 23, we went into a cave and got to the other side with the help of a Piloswine. But when we were exploring the Crater Forest, we found the Team Plasma is causing another problem. Once Ash and I reached the far end of the cave, we first saw Kyurem and I met Lord Ghetsis, the head of Team Plasma. Ash's friend N came to save along with Reshiram, but Ghetsis use the DNA Splicer and fused Reshiram with Kyurem, forming White Kyurem, so we must battle it. But at first when all of my Pokémon attacked, White Kyurem was unharmed and used a attack that almost knocked my Pokémon out. Then when I was about to give up, I heard White Kyurem's voice telling its weak spot on its back. Once my Pokémon hit the weak spot, we beat White Kyurem. Now we have stop Lord Ghetsis and Team Plasma, once and for all.

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh

All both Ash and Blythe's Pokémon come out of the dust cloud
I'm unbeatable
Ash's Pikachu used Thunderbolt causing an explosion
Walking down this endless highway

Ash and Pikachu running through the land
With nothing but my friends beside me

Cilan looking like a chef, then a detective, while Blythe and Iris shrugged
We'll never give in, we'll never rest

Blythe about to throw a Pokéball, with the images of her Pokémon (with Staravia becoming a Staraptor) in front and images of Hugh and the Biskit Twins behind her

Advanced Battle is the ultimate test
Reshiram used Fusion Flare to make an explosion, while the Swords of Justice jump on the staircase
From the earth, the land

Pokémon traveling on land
The sea and sky

Pokémon traveling by sea, while others travel in the sky
They can never win, but they sure can try

Zoe used Flame Wheel on Thunderus, Staravia used Aerial Ace on Tornadus, while Landerus used Hyper Beam, which made a cloud of dust behind Blythe.

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh

The Team Rocket trio was dancing until they froze in shock
I'm unbeatable

Kyurem appearing of icy mist
(Advanced Battle!)

Oh oh-oh-oh oh-oh

Images of Professor Juniper, Bianca, Professor Oak, Roger Baxter (Blythe's dad), Mrs. Twombly, Sue, Jasper and Youngmee came in
I'm undefeatable

Blythe and Ash look at the stars
From thestars and the ancient past

Legendary Pokémon flying to the stars at night
They come to play, but they'll never last

Shadows of the Unova Gym Leaders appeared

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh

Ash and Blythe were facing the Gym Leaders
I'm unbeatable

Russell used Crush Claw while Pikachu used Iron Tail
(Advanced Battle!)

Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh

Team Rocket enjoying their digging until they were chased by Aron and Lairon
I'm undefeatable
Buttercream used Hydro Pump, Pepper used Thunderbolt, Minka used Swift, Vinnie used Leaf Blade, Zoe used Flame Thrower
Oh oh oh

Russell used Rollout, Penny-Ling used Icicle Crash, Sunil used Metal Claw, Staravia used Quick Attack and Ash's Charizard used Flame Thrower

(Advanced Battle!)

Ash, Pikachu and Blythe made an air pose
I'm unbeatable

(Blythe's Voice) Head Plasma in the Giant Chasm

Now that we defeated White Kyurem, my Pokémon and I are about to battle Lord Ghetsis. "You will not stand in my way or foil my plans!" Ghetsis spoke. "How about we battle, with six Pokémon?" I asked. "Very well, I shall not be tolerated" Lord Ghetsis agreed as he pulled out a Pokéball. "Go Cofragrigus!" Ghetsis shouted as his Pokéball released a Pokémon that looks like a mummy sarcophagus with eyes and ghostly hands. "Are you ready Zoe?" I asked. "Yes, I am!" Zoe nodded as she went

first. "Cofragrigus, use Shadow Ball!" Ghetsis ordered as Cofragrigus shot a black and purple ball at Zoe. "Zoe, dodge it and use Ember!" I commanded as Zoe dodged the black and purple ball of energy and blasted embers at Cofragrigus, causing damage. "Cofragrigus, use Toxic!" Ghetsis ordered. Cofragrigus then shot purple goo like substance. "Zoe, use Flamethrower!" I commanded as Zoe shot her Flamethrower, which burned the Toxic. "Cofragrigus, use Psychic!" Ghetsis commanded as Cofragrigus' eyes glowed blue and stopped the Flamethrower. Then Cofragrigus controlled the Flamethrower and send into Zoe. "Are you okay Zoe?" I asked. "Yes, but it felt like I wasn't hit" Zoe answered. "Okay then, use Ember!" I commanded as Zoe blew her blast of embers. "Cofragrigus, use Protect!" Ghetsis ordered as Cofragrigus' Protect blocked the embers. "Zoe, use Flamethrower!" I commanded as Zoe shot her Flamethrower and hit Cofragrigus. "Now use Flame Wheel!" I commanded. Zoe engulfed herself in flames and rolled into Cofragrigus and knocked it out. "Good girl Zoe" I responded. "Well that was easy." Zoe said. "Wait, how come Zoe wasn't burned by her own Flamethrower?" Vinnie asked. "It's her ability called Flash Flare, Vinnie, it makes her immune to Fire-Type attacks." Sunil explained while Ghetsis called back Cofragrigus and took out another Pokéball. "Go Seismitoad!" Ghetsis shouted as the Pokéball released a blue frog-like Pokémon with warts over its body. "Zoe, switch out with Vinnie" I told as Zoe cane back to me while Vinnie went forward. "Blythe must have figured that Seismitoad is a Water-Type." Russell guessed.

"Seismitoad, use Muddy Water!" Ghetsis shouted as Seismitoad released brown water that flows towards Vinnie. "Vinnie, dodge it and use Vine Whip!" I commanded as Vinnie jumped over the brown water and whipped his vines at Seismitoad multiple times. "Use Earthquake!" Ghetsis shouted as Seismitoad jumped up and back down causing the ground to shake. "Woah, that's shaking stuff" Vinnie commented. "Focus Vinnie, use Leaf Blade!" I ordered as Vinnie flipped with his tail lighted green and was about to slam it. "Drain Punch, now!" Ghetsis ordered as Seismitoad's fist was covered a green orb of energy. Once both attacks collided, they canceled out by pushing Vinnie and Seismitoad back. "Seismitoad, use Sludge Wave!" Ghetsis commanded as a wave of purple sludge surrounds Seismitoad is hurled towards Vinnie. "Vinnie, counter it with Leaf Tornado!" I commanded as Vinnie spun around and released a tornado of leaves from his tail and blocked the purple sludge and hit Seismitoad. "Vinnie, now use Energy Ball!" I shouted as Vinnie shot a light green orb, which hit Seismitoad and knocked it out. "Oh yeah, I was awesome!" Vinnie said as I rolled my eyes. "Vinnie, don't gets so cocky when you win" Pepper said as Ghetsis called back Seismitoad. "Okay, who's next?" I asked. "Blythe, maybe we should be careful about what Pokémon that Ghetsis has." Russell suggested. "You're right Russell. Do you want to go next?" I asked. "I'm ready for you Blythe" Russell nodded while Ghetsis pulls out a Pokéball. "Elektross, go!" The Pokéball released an eel-like Pokémon that resembles a lamprey, with a long tentacle-like, finned limb extending from its head. It has red eyes, dark blue body, and possesses clawed, paddle-like arms with yellow spots and yellow-and-red palms. It has a beige fin on the upper portion of its body and beige fin-like legs below. "Dude, that's a weird mouth" Vinnie commented. "That's because Vinnie, that Pokémon has the mouth of a lamprey." Sunil observed.

"Okay Russell, use Poison Sting!" I commanded as Russell shot purple spikes at Elektross. "Elektross, use Thunderbolt!" Ghetsis ordered as Elektross released large electricity, which zapped the Poison Sting. "Elektross, use Flamethrower!" Ghetsis ordered as Elektross shot a Flamethrower. "Quick Russell, use Protect!" I shouted while Russell's Protect saved him from the flames. "Wait, that thing can use Flamethrower?" Pepper asked. "I guess It's possible" Sunil said. "Russell, use Fury Cutter!" I shouted while Russell lashed out his white glowing claws at Elektross multiple times. "Use Acrobatics!" Ghetsis ordered. Elektross ran very fast and then it tackles Russell several times. "Blythe, this is a Flying-Type Move!" Russell alerted. "Oh no. Russell, try to use Protect!" I told as the Protect saved Russell from the Acrobatics, while Elektross was about to hit again. "Russell, use Rollout!" I ordered as Russell rolled into a ball and zoomed towards Elektross and slammed into it, canceling the Acrobatics. "Phew, thanks Blythe" Russell thanked. "You're welcome. Now try using Crush Claw!" I commanded as Russell charged towards Elektross with his claws glowing blue. "Use Crunch!" Ghetsis commanded as Elektross' teeth glowed white and snapped them on Russell's claws. The two attacks collided until they pushed both Pokémon back. "Russell, use Rollout again!" I shouted as Russell rolled into a ball and zoomed into Elektross again. "Now use Magnitude!" I commanded as Russell slammed his foot to the ground, causing a powerful boom, which slammed and hit Elektross. Once Elektross fell, it was knocked. "Great job Russell" I complimented. "That was a close call" Russell sighed as Ghetsis called back Elektross. "Guys, I don't think it's over" Vinnie said. "All right, who's next?" I asked. "Let me go!" Pepper volunteered. "Haven't seen you battle in a while." Vinnie mentioned. "Okay Pepper, let's be prepared for his next Pokémon." I said as Ghetsis pulled his next Pokéball. "Go Drapion!" The Pokéball released a large, purple, scorpion-like Pokémon. Its eyes are a pointed shape, with blue-colored upper portions, two small, pointed protrusions between its eyes, and one on the back on its head, protrusions on its jaws, two on the upper and three on the lower, with large, fang-like, white-colored features extending from its mouth. Its body is composed of many violet-to-lavender body segments which ends with a tail with two stingers.

"Oh boy, look at that thing!" Pepper responded. "Oh, it's hideous!" Zoe commented in shock. "Woah man, that's kinda scary" Vinnie spoke. "More like creepy" Sunil said. "Okay, let's focus. Are you ready Pepper?" I asked. "I'm ready Blythe!" Pepper answered. "Drapion, use Night Slash!" Ghetsis ordered as Drapion's claws glowed purple and was about to lash them at Pepper. "Pepper, dodge it and use Thundershock!" I commanded as Pepper dodged the attack and shocked her electricity on Drapion. "Drapion, Earthquake!" Ghetsis demanded as Drapion slammed its tail on the ground, making the ground shake. "Pepper, dodge it again and use Tackle!" I commanded as Pepper jumped above the Earthquake and tackled Drapion hard. "Drapion, grab it!" Ghetsis ordered as Drapion caught Pepper with its tail. "What the?" Pepper asked Drapion turned half of its body around facing Pepper. "Pepper's caught!" Sunil spoke. "Drapion, use Poison Fang!" Ghetsis shouted as Drapion's claws glow purple. Then the purple claws had multiple sparks surrounding Pepper. Oh no, Pepper!" I cried as Drapion dropped Pepper with a purple shade on her face. "Oh, my goodness, Pepper's been poisoned!" Zoe noticed as Pepper bleats in pain. "Are you okay, Pepper?" I asked worriedly. "Yeah, I'm okay" Pepper answered. "Drapion, X-Scissor!" Ghetsis ordered as Drapion's claws glowed light blue, put together forming a blue x and hit Pepper, sending her to my side. "If this keeps up, Pepper will lose!" Zoe shrieked. "I got it. Pepper, use Charge!" I commanded as Pepper began to charge electricity in her body and when she finished she was healed and cured from her poison. "Well, that's better" Pepper said. "Okay Pepper, try a Thunderbolt!" I shouted as Pepper jumped over Drapion and zapped it with powerful electricity. "Now use Thunderbolt with Tackle!" I commanded as Pepper charged towards Drapion while covered by her Thunderbolt. "Use X-Scissor!" Ghetsis ordered as Drapion charged up another X-Scissor. "Now Pepper, ThunderTackle! I shouted as Pepper slammed her combination move against the X-Scissor. Drapion tried to push back, but Pepper managed and slammed into Drapion to Ghetsis' side and knocked out. "Nice job Pepper" I said as Pepper came up to me. "For a minute, there, I thought I was a goner" She said. "Yeah, you almost became bug food." Vinnie commented. "Excellent comments Vinnie." Sunil said while Ghetsis calls back Drapion. "This child is becoming a nuisance. I will have the world I wanted to conquer." Ghetsis thought in his mind, pulling out another Pokéball. "This isn't over. Go Toxicroak!" The Pokéball released a a dark blue and teal, bipedal Pokémon that looks like a frog. Its head bears a gently-upward curling spike which seems to be a part of the skull. Its eyes are bright yellow, sinister and intimidating, with a small snake-like pupil. Its mouth gives an appearance of a mouth-guard, with its red upper lip curling upward at the ends. "Is it just me or does that Pokemon look like a frog?" Russell asked. "I don't know, but Pepper switch out with Sunil" I said as Pepper went behind me. "Are you ready Sunil?" I asked. "I'm ready as ever Blythe!" Sunil nodded as he faced Toxicroak.

"Sunil, use Quick Attack!" I started as Sunil zoomed towards Toxicroak with a white streak behind him. "Toxicroak, use Brick Break!" Ghetsis ordered as Toxicroak's hand glowed white and slammed it into Sunil. "Now use Shadow Ball!" Ghetsis told as Toxicroak fired a purple-black sphere at Sunil. "Sunil, use Aura Sphere!" I shouted as Sunil fired a blue sphere that collided with the Shadow Ball and it ended with small explosion. "Use Brick Break!" Ghetsis told as Toxicroak's fist glowed again charged towards Sunil. "Sunil, dodge it and use Copycat!" I commanded as Sunil avoided the attack and then took a few minutes and used Brick Break on Toxicroak. "Now use Metal Claw!" I commanded as Sunil's spikes turned into iron and extended. Then Sunil ran towards Toxicroak and slashed the iron claws a few times. "Toxicroak, Sucker Punch!" Ghetsis ordered. Toxicroak ran over to Sunil and punched him several times. "Use Poison Jab!" Ghetsis shouted as Toxicroak's spikes glowed purple. "Quick Sunil, use Endure!" I alerted as Sunil successfully blocked the Poison Jab. "Sunil, use Metal Claw!" I commanded as Sunil ran with his Metal Claw and slashed Toxicroak again. "Now use Force Palm!" I continued as Sunil pressed his palm against Toxicroak's chest and it fired a green blast, causing an explosion. The explosion had Toxicroak landed near Ghetsis, while knocked out. "Awesome job Sunil!" I responded. "That was a cool stunt buddy" Vinnie complimented. "By the way, how come Sunil's Metal Claw hurt Toxicroak a lot?" Pepper asked. "Because Pepper, Toxicroak is a Fighting and Poison-Type, while Sunil is Fighting and Steel-Type and Poison-Types are weak against Steel-Types." Russell explained. "Thank for the compliments my friends" Sunil thanked while Ghetsis called back Toxicroak. "You will not defeat me, child!" Ghetsis swore. "I won't give up with this battle amd neither will my friends, that's how we're winning!" I said. "Enough with your nonsense!" Ghetsis glared as he threw his last Pokéball. "Go Hydreigon!" The Pokéball released a three-headed, draconic Pokémon with six thin, black wings that each end in two points on its back. It has a fuchsia-colored collar on its neck which surrounds its head. The main head is dark blue and has black eyes with fuchsia pupils. Its two hands are also black and each one harbors a head; these are similarly blue with black eyes with small fuchsia collars on the inside. Its abdomen has two fuchsia stripes and its feet appear atrophied, having no claws or defined soles and two or three small toes. Its tail also sports a fuchsia stripe and ends with a black tuft. "Whoa, now that's a scary Pokémon" Vinnie responded. "I heard of Hydreigon. They usally call it the Brutal Pokémon" Pepper mentioned. "Who's gonna battle against that?" Zoe asked. "I think you're forgetting somebody" Russell said pointing to Staravia. "That's right. Are you ready to go Staravia?" I asked. "Star" Staravia nodded. "Then let's do this!" I said as Staravia started flying.

"Hydreigon, use Crunch!" Ghetsis ordered as Hydreigon flew towards Staravia with its teeth glowing. "Staravia, use Wing Attack!" I commanded as Staravia's wings glowed and slammed them into Hydreigon. "Hydreigon, use Frustration!" Ghetsis shouted. Hydreigon started losing its temper, then starts moving two of its heads around. "Staravia, fly up and use Gust!" I told as Staravia flew out of the way and flapped its wings, causing a strong gust of wind that pushed Hydreigon back a little. "Now use Aerial Ace!" I ordered as Staravia zoomed in a blur and slammed into Hydreigon. "Hydreigon, use Rock Slide!" Ghetsis shouted as Hydreigon summoned large rocks falling from the air. "Blythe, Staravia is a Flying-Type, its weak against Rock-Type attacks!" Russell warned. "Hurry Staravia, use Quick Attack to dodge it!" I told as Staravia flew with a white streak behind it and avoided every rock. "Use Dragon Rush!" Ghetsis ordered as Hydreigon was surround by a dragon-shaped aura and flew towards Staravia. "Staravia, watch out!" Pepper alerted but it was too late as the Dragon Rush hit Staravia. Then Staravia landed on the ground. "Are you okay?" I asked as Staravia struggled to get up. "At this rate, Staravia might lose!" Sunil spoke. "What is Blythe gonna do?" Zoe asked. "Come on Staravia, I know you can do this. I know you can keep going. I believe in you!" I said as Staravia heard my support and got back. "Yeah, that's it. Don't give up" I told as Staravia flew up and started glowing blue. "Whoa, what's happening?" Vinnie asked. "Staravia is evolving!" Zoe answered amazed as Staravia started evolving. First, A red-tipped, black crest extends over its head, nearly reaching the tip of its beak, the body and wings grew larger, a black ruff encircling the shoulders, small, red eyes and a thin, yellow beak with a black tip, a circular white patch on its forehead, larger white markings cover the front of its throat and chest, five black-tipped tail feathers, and yellow feet with black talons. Once the light dissipated, these feathers were shown and Staravia became a newly large Flying-Type Pokémon. "Staraptor!" It cawed out. "Staravia evolved into Staraptor!" Russell identified. "Staravia must have evolved from your support Blythe" Zoe said as I pulled out my Pokedex. "Staraptor, the Predator Pokémon and the evolved form of Staravia. After evolving, Staraptor goes off on its own, leaving its flock behind. With its strong wings, it ca fly with ease even when carrying a burden." My Pokedex analyzed. "That's amazing. Want to keep going Staraptor?" I asked. "Staraptor!" It nodded. "Okay then show them what strength you have!" I told as Staraptor flew towards Hydreigon. Then at a close range, Staraptor started smacking its wings and kicking Hydreigon continuously. "What's Staraptor doing?" Pepper asked. "I think that is Close Combat!" Sunil identified. "Sunil is right. As a Fighting-Type move, it's most effective on Dark-Types like Hydreigon for example." Russell mentioned. "Wow, you evolved and learned a new move." I said in surprise. "Hydreigon, use Dragon Rush!" Ghetsis ordered as Hydreigon flies with another Dragon Rush. "Staraptor, dodge and use Aerial Ace!" I called out as Staraptor avoided the attack perfectly and flew down in a blur and slammed into Hydreigon in the back. "Now finish it with Brave Bird!" I commanded as Staraptor tucked in its wings and was engulfed in flames, then as Staraptor spread its wings back open, the flames become a blue aura, then Staraptor slammed into Hydreigon, making it fall. When Hydreigon hit the ground in front of Ghetsis, it was knocked out cold. "Yes, you did it Staraptor! I knew you could do it!" I responded hugging Staraptor. "Staraptor!" It squawked. "Yeah, the part when you evolved was so cool!" Vinnie complimented. "Awesome, Blythe did it!" Ash cheered. "Pikachu!" Pikachu squeaked. "Such a great bond between Blythe and her Pokémon helped her successfully win this battle." N agreed.

"How can this be? I'm the creator of Team Plasma! I'm perfect! I'm the absolute ruler who will change the world! And I've lost to some unknown Trainer not once, but TWICE?!" Ghetsis asked as he looked at N. "I can't accept this! This isn't possible! I can't be bested by fools who can't even use Pokémon correctly!" Ghetsis said furiously. "The Pokémon that helped me win are my friends and together we get through any battle. And its also that I can understand what their saying" I said. "Shut your mouth! Shut up! Shut up! Shut UP! Don't talk like a person, you freak! No real person could talk to Pokémon!" Ghetsis snapped. "Well that's enough of you Ghetsis!" A new voice said as a man in a brown leathery jacket came. "Hey it's Looker" Ash identified. "That's right, Detective Looker, International Police. I had a feeling that Team Plasma would be up to no good again." Looker started. "Looker, this is my friend Blythe Baxter, she and her Pokémon helped defeat Ghetsis" Ash introduced. "Hi, you must be Looker" I greeted. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Looker greeted. "How did you find us?" N asked. "Well N, you can say I had a bit of help" Looker said as a Shadow Triad approached us. "The Shadow Triad!" Ash responded. "Wait, I only came to help this detective" The Shadow said. "He led me all the way to the end of the Giant Chasm to find Team Plasma." Looker explained as he went behind Ghetsis. "Ghetsis of Team Plasma, you're under arrest!" Looker declared cuffing Ghetsis as Cilan and Iris came in. "Ash, Blythe, you're okay!" Iris said. "Axew!" Axew squeaked. "And look, it's N!" Iris noticed. "Such a great taste meeting you again" Cilan greeted. "It's good to see you too Iris and Cilan. "Hey guys, check this out. You'll never guessed what happened." I said as Staraptor approached Cilan and Iris. "It's a Staraptor. So, does that mean…?" Iris asked. "Yes, my Staravia evolved into Staraptor. It happened when we were battling Ghetsis and it was all thanks to my support" I explained. "What delicious way to cause a great evolution." Cilan complimented. "What do you think of it, Staraptor?" I asked. "Staraptor!" Staraptor squawked saying 'yes'. "You were great out there!" Russell said. "You all were. I'm very proud of you." I said. "Ah, it was nothing" Vinnie said in embarrassment.

Later that evening during the sunset, Looker's fellow police arrested Lord Ghetsis and Team Plasma, while Reshiram was all better after being separated from Kyurem. "Ash, thank you for helping me catch Team Plasma" Looker thanked as he turned to me. "And, thank you Blythe, if it wasn't for you, Lord Ghetsis wouldn't have been stopped" Looker added. "You're welcome and I couldn't have done it without my Pokémon" I said. "We will meet again, very soon." Looker mentioned as he went into his police car. "Okay, thanks Looker, see ya soon" Ash waved as Looker drove away while the other police cars followed. "So, N, now that it's over, what happened to Kyurem?" I asked. "Kyurem vanished after your battle, but once it recovers, it will be back in the caves soon. Reshiram and I can't thank you enough" N thanked while Reshiram nodded. "Sure, no problem" Ash accepted. "Pikachu!" Pikachu squeaked. "Thank you for such bravery to save me" Reshiram said to me. "You're very welcome Reshiram." I said. "We must be going now." N told as he and Reshiram started to fly off into the sunset. "Okay, see you N." Ash shouted. "Be safe out there" Iris told. "Best wishes and good luck with all Pokémon." Cilan added. "Thank you, N, and thank you Reshiram" I said as they were gone. "Okay so we are off to next?" Iris told. "What about the Unova League?" Ash asked. "Well, the next Unova League won't happen until next month, we might have plenty of time to prepare" Cilan remembered. "Awesome, that means we got training to do." Ash said with Pikachu agreeing. "Yep and we'll do it with the help of evolution too. Right Staraptor?" I asked as Staraptor flapped its wings in happiness. "Good, then let's go." I said as with Staraptor evolved, we'll leave the Giant Chasm and prepare for the Unova League.