James and Willow

I. James – At first glance

I noticed her from afar. The petite blonde who floated into the tavern as if she owned the place. So graceful and dainty and yet so confident. Her presence commanded attention. She walked with a cat's grace and a soldier's bearing. I had to know this woman. She intrigued me like no other. I rose to meet her. I walked to the bar and overheard her conversation with the bartender, and then noticed her robes. Ah, the mage school. She is probably too studious to bother with. I foolishly thought.

At that moment, she turned her gaze upon me. The instant I saw the humor and roguishness in their green depths, I knew I had misjudged. "So, do you know where there is merriment to be had in this town?" she asked eyes sparkling.

A party girl, hmm? I believe I can show this lady a good time. I answered with a grin, "I may be able to help you find some diversion."

She smiled back, "I am Willow."

Now I am not a man quickly impressed by looks. I know I can have most girls in Waterhaven at my beck and call, but this girl's smile made me want to check to make sure my tunic was pulled down. I bowed over her hand bringing it gently to my lips, "I am James. Would you like to join myself and my companions? We were having a meal and ale before leaving for the evening's festivities. I would love for you to join us."

I gestured to the table where my friends, all male I might add, were sitting. She did not even pause to consider, but moved toward the table and I fell into step beside her.

II. Willow – At first glance

The city, Waterhaven. I had finally made it to the pinnacle of my young dreams. It was here I would attend the mage school and make a name for myself. I could feel myself still amazed at the meeting of such a contact as Mr. Jones so early. I needed some fun. And what was better for an enterprising young woman such as myself than fun with a purpose. I was new to town and instinctively knew that I needed more contacts, so I made the logical decision and headed for the nearest tavern. The Stuck Pig Tavern read the sign.

Ew. That's a rather foul name. I started to turn, but my blessed intuition made me enter. I was immediately glad I had done so. I took a quick glance around the inside and saw a group of what appeared to be a large group of males around my age, probably nobles out on the town, and a scattered few men and women around the bar.

I walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of wine. I stood there hoping that it would be easy and one of the people would approach me first while I waited on my drink. I did not want to appear overeager. Appearances are everything to a person of stealth such as myself. I knew which one I wished would approach me. I caught a glance of dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Mmm I could deal with making some fun with him.

The bartender caught my eye and started asking me questions about the mage school. As we conversed, I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was the handsome man! I kept my eyes on the bartender. As soon as the bartender turned to help someone, I turned my gaze to the young man next to me. I allowed him to see humor and a glint of my true personality as I asked him about fun and games in Waterhaven. He grinned back at me and gave the answer I hoped to hear. As his lips burned my hand, I knew James and I would create some wild nights! Not to mention the benefits of having a noble as your friend. He asked me to join himself and his companions. Without a moment's hesitation, I moved toward his table.