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Chapter 1: Second chance

"I will always love you." Those where the last words Itachi Uchiha said to his younger brother Sasuke as his soul left his reanimated body and into the afterlife. It's finally over, I will finally pay for my sins went through the Uchiha prodigy's mind before entering the afterlife. I leave the rest up to you Naruto.

"And wake up." A large voice that sounded like a carefree old man was heard, Itachi looked around to find the source of the voice and saw a little ball of light. Itachi kept staring at it trying to find out how a ball of light could talk.

"Mou, if you keep staring I'm gonna blush." The light said in a joking matter.

"My apologies I didn't mean to stare, I've just never seen a ball of light that possessed the ability to communicate." Itachi apologized to the mystic ball. "May I ask who you are or what you are?"

"Hmmmm, good question young man, I guess you can say I'm the one that guards the dead souls of this universe." The ball answered.

"This universe?" Itachi questioned.

"Yeah there are thirteen universes in total each possessing a different number of reality's. I'm the guardian of the dead in universe 2 which is your universe." The guardian explained as Itachi spotted a river with what looked like people floating in it, some of which he knew from before.

"If I'm dead, then why aren't I floating in the river over there with the other dead souls?" Itachi questioned pointing at a river where the souls of the dead where floating.

"Oh, that you're being transferred to the world of the living in universe 1." The ball said while floating randomly around.

"Transferred but why?" Itachi questioned with a very shocked expression, why him exactly. There were plenty of others who deserved a second chance more than him. He was a man responsible for the death of so many, even children. So why him?

"Because that world has lost all their ninjas, and honestly some guys in universe 1 just love ninjas. So they asked me to give them one since our universe are full of them, that being you." The ball who suddenly out of nowhere grew an arm and pointed at Itachi.

"But why me there are plenty of other dead shinobis in that river so why me."

"Easy your powerful, smart, loyal and most importantly." The ball became silent for a moment, Itachi was interested in knowing the last part so he leaned in a little closer. "When they asked me you where the closest one I could reach." That comment made Itachi sweat drop as he only thought that this guardian was irresponsible.

"Kidding, I thought out of all of these dead ninjas you where the one that deserved a second chance the most." The mystic guardian ball said waving his hand.

Itachi was stunned, a second chance he could start life all over he could enjoy life. "A second chance." Itachi muttered.



"They only had one demand of you." The guardian broke the silent. "They want you to raise a new generation of ninjas when you grow up."

"A new generation?" Itachi questioned.

"Yeah I told you didn't I? The old generation died so you need to make a new one. Well there is one person that still knows of ninjutsu, but he has abandoned the code of shinobi so he no longer counts as a ninja." The guardian replied with a serious tone. "Oh, I almost forgot if you're going to teach a new generation you need to know all ninjustsu in existence that means I'm going to give you the ability to use all the five elements fire, wind, lightning, earth and water. Since you're a genius I assume you will learn the other jutsu's that doesn't require the five elements yourself." The guardian said while five different orbs went into Itachi's body. "Oh, and you're going to need a new set of eyes considering that your brother has yours, I think it's only fair that you get his." The guardian said while placing his hand over Itachi's eyes.

Itachi felt something was being put in place and his eyes turned into sharingan before morphing into mangekyou it turned into the average black pinwheel form but instead of a red dot in the center it took the shape of a red flower. Itachi had now eternal mangekyou sharingan.

"And now to make things more interesting." The guardian said as Itachi began to glow, when the glow was gone Itachi felt that his body was different it felt smaller. He looked at his hands and realized that the guardian had turned him into a child. "What did you do?"

"I turned you back to when you were four years old." The guardian said with a small chuckle.

"But why?" what would be the point of turning him back into a four-year-old?

"I said it would make things more interesting." The guardian said while floating around carefree.

"But how can I complete what I was sent there for like this?"

"I see how you think that may be an issue, but the fact is once you return to the living realm of universe 1. You will have no memory of our conversation, you will only know that you've been given a second chance and that you can now use all five elements, and nothing more."

"But then what was your point in telling me that I have to start a new generation of shinobi?" Itachi wondered.

"You asked why you were given a second chance so I just answered your question." The guardian replied.

"But how can I complete the task if I don't even know it?" Itachi questioned.

"Fate will guide you there eventually, in the meantime enjoy your new life." The guardian said in a happy tone. "Now off you go." He said and poked Itachi's forehead.

Suddenly Itachi felt like he was falling from the sky, if he was a normal person he would have screamed but Itachi was not normal he remained calm and tried to analyses the situation. Since he knew he was given a second chance he knew his life wasn't in danger unless the guardian just played a cruel joke on him which he highly doubted. He looked around and there was only one way to describe the scenery, empty it was all pitch black. As he kept falling the scenery changed from black too white, then it changed again to a place with multiple coolers. He suddenly felt like he had just hit the ground.

Memories of the guardian and of what the guardian had told him slowly vanished from his mind.

When he opened up his eyes he had but one thought, where am I? he searched his mind remembering taking down Kabuto with Sasuke and that he undid the edotensei, he also remembered something about a second chance and that he now could use all five elements. 'Is this world my new home?' Itachi thought.

He looked around and it looked like he was in some valley there where mountains everywhere, when he looked up in the sky he was a little shocked it was purple and not blue.

Suddenly he felt the wind blew powerfully towards him and he could hear the sound of large wings flap in the wind, Itachi turned around to see a large purple lizard like creature with wings that resembled a bat's with rigid tips, it had two large yellow horns on its head, it had claws with long sharp yellow nails and he appeared to be wearing black armored shoulder pads that extends down to his arms and had a loincloth decorated with metal accessories. "Um." Before Itachi could finish the thing interrupted him.

"What is a human child like you doing in the dragon valley." It spoke with a deep voice.

"I don't know." Was all Itachi could say.

"You don't know? How did you even get here?" The lizard questioned.

"I don't know." Itachi replied a little amazed at the creature.

"Listen kid you're not in trouble, but you're going to be if you don't tell me how you got in the dragon valley!" The creature said and it sounded angry.

Itachi didn't want to fight the creature so he had to find a way to change topic, wait dragon? "Dragon?" Itachi questioned that part out loud without even realizing it.

"Yes a dragon like me, now tell me how a human child like you got here." The creature questioned.

"What's a dragon?" Itachi asked curiously not remembering hearing of such a creature in the element of nations, there was the water dragon technique but what was a dragon exactly?

"What?" Was all the dragon could say at that question.

So Itachi asked again. "What's a dragon? "

The so called dragon was gaping and widen his eyes. "Are you trying to tell me you don't know what a dragon is kid?"

"Is it some kind of lizard?" Itachi questioned.

The dragon had several thick marks on its head right now. "NO ITS NOT LIKE A LIZARD!" It yelled.

"Ow could you keep it down my ears hurt, so is it some kind of super lizard?" Itachi questioned.

"No, they're not!" The Dragon shouted.

"Then what are they?" Itachi questioned.

"Well uh.. we are viewed as fantasy creatures to humans." It nervously replied.

"I didn't ask how you are viewed I'm asking what you are?" Itachi replied with a deadpan face.

"Haven't your parents told you what a dragon is?" It asked. Itachi shock his head. "Haven't you read about them in books or at least seen a movie or in an anime?"

"Okay I know what a movie is, but what's an anime? And back to my first question, what's a dragon?" Itachi questioned not having any idea of what those things where.

"You're kidding right?" the dragon asked. Itachi shock his head once again. "Well anime is an animated entertainment kind of thing that you can see on the television."

"I see, but what's a dragon?" Itachi went back to the first question.

The dragon fell backwards. "Can you just drop that question?! Can't your parents explain it to you?!"

"My parents are dead." Itachi replied.

"Wait your parents died?" The dragon asked.

Itachi nodded "And my clan too."

"So you have no family left huh?" The dragon questioned.

Itachi nodded. "Yeah, so if you can just tell me how to get out from this valley so I can figure something out."

"How old are you?" The dragon questioned.

"Judging by the way I look, I'm 4 years old." Itachi replied.

"4? That's practically and infant." The dragon said.

"I will manage." Itachi said

The dragon began thinking, he didn't like the idea of leaving a little kid like him out here to fend for himself. It then growled "Oh why not, wanna come live with me kid?"

Itachi was stunned this dragon offered him a home, he thought about it he had nowhere else to go he didn't know a thing about this world. It could be useful to take this so called dragon up on the offer. "I have thought about your offer and I accept."

"Alright then." The dragon said and bringing his hand down to the boy and opening it, Itachi jumped on the dragon's hand and was lifted to the top of its head. "Hold on tight." The dragon said as it flew up into the sky.

As they were flying Itachi could see some buildings in the distance that looked like castles. He looked around and saw other dragons of different shape and color.

"By the way kid do you know how to use magic?" the dragon asked

"What's magic?" Itachi asked

The dragon sighed. "It's something that allows you do use things like fire to attack."

"I know ninjustsu." Itachi said.

"Ninjustsu eh, so you're a ninja, well I could teach you some special magic if you want?" The dragon offered.

When Itachi thought about it he may have use for magic in this world. "I accept your offer dragon-san." Itachi replied.

"Hey kid my name is not dragon, I'm Tannin the Blaze Meteor Dragon and what's yours?" Tannin asked.

"To answer your question Tannin-san I'm Uchiha Itachi." Itachi replied as he and Tannin flew off into the distance.

End of the re-written version of chapter 1

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