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Chapter 26: All hail the Dragon King!

Itachi let out a scream that sounded like a dragon's roar. His body let out a red spectral Susano'o glow. Itachi's screams intensified as he activated the Perfect Susano'o, and then the Susano'o began to change its shape, it's wings began to look like dragon's wings, it's hands turned into dragon claws, it grew a dragon tail, it's neck expanded, it's jaw expanded to look like a dragon's jaw, it grew horns. Itachi's Perfect Susano'o had turned into a spectral version of Tannin that let out a mighty dragon roar. And the last small orange orbs from Tannin's body went in Itachi's body and Tannin's corpse vanished into thin air. "Go get him, my son." Tannin's voice echoed in Itachi's mind.

Kai widened his eyes a little in shock and surprise, and then he gained a smirk. "Well… this is getting interesting." As he looked at the mighty spectral Tannin that glared at him with glowing eyes, growled and let out a might roar.

Itachi growled as tears still ran down his cheeks over Tannin's death. The Perfect Dragon Susano'o roared and charged up massive energy. Itachi charged with his Perfect Dragon Susano'o at Kai whom looked at the young Uchiha in fascination. Each of the Gremory peerage members could feel the sadness and grief coming from Itachi. Rias in particular looked at the man she loved so dearly with a sorrowful gaze, she knew all too well that Itachi viewed Tannin like a father figure. "Itachi…"

Out of what was left of the enemy, Kai, Ophis and Vali were the last ones standing. Yagura got killed by Itachi, Mia was knocked out by Rias and the others, same with Arata whom got one-shoted by Itachi, and the guards had all been defeated by Rias and her peerage. Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, Rossweisse, Asia, and Gasper were recovering from their battle with Mia and the guards. Issei was still in the middle of fighting Vali, Michael was in the middle of fighting Ophis, and now Itachi was beginning his fight with Kai.

Issei and Vali flew through the ravines of the floating island, Issei was still saddened by the death of his teacher Tannin and felt sorry for Itachi. But they still had to fight, the red and white dragon wielders charged at each other, leaving lights of green and blue light flashes and sending shockwaves around, and destroying various rocks and forming craters.


Boost! Boost! Boost!


Boost! Boost! Boost!

Issei let out a war cry as he delivered an uppercut punch to Vali's jaw, sending him flying into a mountain side. The mountain exploded with a blue light as Vali stretched out his wings and his Balance Breaker armor recovering its damages. Vali leaped out from the rubble and shoulder charged into Issei's gut making him vomit out a little blood, Vali then kneed Issei in the chin, and spun kicked him into the ground.

"Ugh!" Issei grunted in pain, and just when Vali was about to blast him with a magic bullet, Issei vanished at high speed and appeared behind Vali, grabbing him by the back of his head and slamming it into the ground.

"More! More! Entertain me more! Hyoudou Issei!" Vali shouted in excitement and blasted out a power of energy around him and pushed Issei off. Vali then directly blasted Issei in the gut with a magic bullet sending him flying into a mountain that exploded in a massive explosion. The rubble fell around Issei and his armor was mostly torn revealing his bloodied body.

"N-Not yet!" Issei growled and got back up as his armor recovered and regenerated.

"Hmm, this White Dragon is rather troublesome. And his half devil, his sure stronger than the White Dragon wielders I met during my time." Menma said from the Boosted Gear.

"Yeah, no kidding…!" Issei uttered.

"With my ninjutsu skills alone I was able to finish of each of the White Dragons I ever faced, when I think about it I might only have used the gauntlet stage against them. I only used Balance Breaker and Juggernaut Drive against Kai. Anyway, from my experience all White Dragons have either been power hungry or battle maniacs, that seems to be the case with this one. Use his desire for battle and power against him." Menma instructed.

"I'll try…" Issei uttered as his Balance Breaker fully regenerated.

Boost! Boost! Boost!

Issei released a powerful red aura around his body as the area was shaking and the rocks around him began levitating around him. Vali smirked underneath his Balance Breaker as he got interested. Vali himself then released a powerful white aura around his body. "Interesting, show me what you got, Hyoudou Issei." Vali said with an amused chuckle. The two dragons leaped at each other with their fists raised as their auras gathered into their fists, they swung their powerful fists clashing into each other sending a destructive shockwave around them that tore up the area around them. Vali then kneed Issei in the gut making him vomit out a little blood.

Issei then smirked beneath his Balance Breaker helmet, he then grabbed Vali by the shoulders in a powerful grip. Vali gained a confused expression as he couldn't break free from Issei's grip. 'What's he doing? Trying to hold me still while he attacks? Hn, I will just divide his power.' Vali thought.


Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Transfer!

"Wh-What the?! Is just like that time!" Vali widened his eyes as his wings absorbed the power Issei transferred into Vali's wings. And Vali's wings were getting overloaded with power just like the one time when they fought during the conference.


"Just like last time the function's going into overdrive, you should retreat." Albion warned, Issei then quickly as he saw the power leak out from Vali's wings, clenched his fist and gathered his power back.

"Take this! Vali!" Issei shouted and slammed his fist into Vali's gut with full force. Vali vomited out blood as his entire armor besides his wings shattered. Quickly Issei still in his Balance Breaker form threw a barrage of punches at Vali with full force. And Vali took the full force of the blows from his rival, Issei then gathered red aura into his fist and slammed it into Vali's cheek sending him flying into a mountain, and Vali flew right through it. Issei gathered what he had left of power into a magic bullet and blasted it towards Vali.


A blue light shined through the rubble as the blast still hit and left an explosion. Issei's Balance Breaker then vanished and he fell to his knees as he was completely out of energy. Issei panted and had a trail of blood running down from his forehead, his school uniform torn, multiple bruise marks, as well as some broken bones.

Vali crawled out from the rubble panting, with only his wings out. He had trails of blood running down from his lips, a cut on his forehead and a trail of blood running down across his right eye, his clothing torn and blood running down his right arm which had the entire sleeve from his jacket torn up to the shoulder. His silver white bangs going over his right eye as he looked at Issei with his cold blue eyes, and a wicked smirk on his lips. "Good… good… Now that's what I would expect from my rival." Vali smirked.

"Hold it!" Rias' voice was heard as Kiba and Xenovia directed their holy devil sword and Ascalon in an x-formation around his neck.

"Don't move or else…" Xenovia warned as Ascalon, the dragon slayer sword let out a glow.

Vali looked around to see himself surrounded by Rias Gremory and her peerage, Akeno hovering above him with a magic circle formed, Koneko and Rossweisse in front of Issei, Gasper and Asia standing behind Rias whom formed a sphere of destruction in her palm.

"Asia, go heal Issei." Rias ordered not taking her eyes of Vali whom looked at her with an icy glare.

"Right!" Asia brought out her devil bat wings and flew down to Issei with a worried look on her face. "Issei-san, are you alright?" Asia asked.

Issei looked at her with a friendly smile. "Yeah, I'm fine, Asia-chan." Issei said as Asia began using Twilight Healing on him.

"I'm surprised Gremory, thought you would help your boyfriend first." Vali said with a sly grin on his face as Rias slightly flinched.

"…" Rias didn't bother to respond, knowing that if she went to help Itachi she would just get in the way. However, she was still worried.

"Senpai doesn't need our help, his more than capable of dealing with scum like your master." Xenovia said with a cold stare at Vali.

"Heh, well that so called scum was strong enough to kill Tannin… Are you that confident in Uchiha Itachi's power? Considering now that his blinded by rage." Vali said.

"Itachi-senpai…" Koneko uttered with a hint of worried in her tone as she peaked over to a hill where bright lights flashed from a battle between Itachi and Kai.

Kai leaped back as Itachi's Perfect Dragon Susano'o swung down its massive claw. Kai formed a set of hand seals as three wood dragons pooped out from the ground with their jaws opened, the wood dragons then blasted the spectral dragon with a wave each. Itachi glared at the waves and widened his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, the massive spectral dragon then formed the Yata Mirror around it's left arm and blocked the blasts, deflecting them to the sides. It then formed the Totsuka Blade in its right claw and cut down the wood dragons, and the shockwave from the blade cut down five mountains in the distance of the floating island, as well as cutting through some clouds in the sky that vanished.

Kai frowned a little. "This boy… might be just as strong as that Shadow Demon, or maybe even stronger." Kai dodged the strike from the Totsuka Blade and leaped onto a mountain top. "After using Izanagi to survive Tannin's last attack, my left eye even lost its light. Oh, well there is plenty more artificial eyes were that came from. I can't stick around or I might just die and then my plan will be all for nothing. Besides, I already got what I wanted…" Kai uttered with a motionless expression.

Itachi glared at Kai through the spectral dragon Tannin, Itachi then grew dark purple scales around his face. The spectral Tannin then let out a massive roar and sent massive shockwaves of power, the shockwave was so massive that the entire floating island was cleared of mountains and the castle fell to ruins, the entire floating island was now a flat ground with a very small area where Rias and the others stood having been spared from the shockwave. The mountain Kai stood on was reduced to nothing as he fell and landed on his feet on the ground Kai then looked up emotionlessly at the massive spectral Tannin. In the sky hovering above them on a small black tornado was the God Slayer Arata holding the unconscious Devil Slayer Mia.

"This is getting dangerous… what's the boss doing?" Arata questioned as he spotted Vali being surrounded by the Gremory girl and her peerage. "Vali seems to have lost… Guess I should help him out, he still has some value to the boss after all." From the shockwave Itachi sent earlier had made them all lose their balance, Xenovia still had Ascalon directed at Vali whom couldn't move an inch unless he wanted to get cut by the blade.

Arata flew down to the White Dragon. "Need help, Vali?" Arata sent a black wave of wind at Xenovia sending her flying back, she was about to fall of the edge of the island when suddenly Koneko jumped in and caught her.

"Looks like the two of you got your butts kicked." Vali said with a mockingly grin at Arata whom looked at Vali with a fake smile.

"Do you want to get on or not? We should leave the boss got what he wanted." Arata said.

"If he got what he needed, why is he still fighting?" Vali questioned as he flew onto the black tornado.

"How am I supposed to know?" Arata said.

"You're not going anywhere!" Rias threw the sphere of destruction towards them. Arata swung his arm to the side sending a wave of black wind into the sphere making a small explosion.

"Let's go tell Ophis about this so that we can leave." Arata said with his fake smiling face looking at Rias.

"Hn." Vali closed his eyes as they flew away on the black tornado. They headed towards where several shockwaves were sent from, as you could hear the clashes of Ophis and Michael.

Ophis slammed her tiny fist into Michael's face sending him crashing into the ground, dragging the earth up with him. Michael was still in his full power state, with black horns sticking out from his forehead, tattered demon like wings on his back, and black markings growing from his right side similar to Sasuke's curse mark. Ophis was releasing so much energy that the entire ground, sky and the very space around them was shaking. The closer she got to the floating island the more it cracked.

"I will eliminate you." Ophis said in a motionless tone as she formed a magic bullet at her finger tip. Michael panted and clenched his fists, he then gained a small smirk as black tentacles flew out from the shadow of Ophis and wrapped around her tiny body. "Huh?"

"My last attack… I will put everything I got into this punch…" Michael uttered as he gathered a massive amount of dark energy into his right fist, dark lighting flickered around it, Michael's body even turned back into his normal state, and the muscles around his right arm increased and veins bulged around his arm. Rubble from the mountains and the castle on the island began levitating. The shaking increased and the ground beneath Michael shattered taking a massive chunk of the island away, he then leaped at immense speed with his fist clenching so hard that blood began to drip from his hand. "AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!" Michael let out a war cry as he slammed his fist into Ophis' cheek, the impact sent a massive powerful shockwave that cleared the sky of clouds completely, and sending powerful gushes of wind. Ophis was sent crashing into the island, rolling around on the ground making small craters each time she hit the ground. She then got on her feet and skidded back a little. And Michael fell to the ground, unable to move as his body was covered in bruise marks and multiple wounds on his body. 'Great, should have known fighting a being with unlimited magic power and energy would only lead to this… guess this is it.' Michael thought with a small smirk on his lips.

Ophis had her bangs covering her eyes, she stood up straight and spitted out some blood to the side as she rubbed her cheek that had a bruise mark on it. "That hurt…" Ophis lifted her head up revealing only her left eye as her right one was covered by her bangs. "It really hurt." Ophis said as a trail of blood dripped down from the corner of her lip.

"Well though luck, you get hurt when you start picking fights." Michael smirked as Ophis slowly walked towards him. 'Hey old man… are you watching me from the afterlife? Well make some room, looks like I will be joining you soon. Well guess this is not such a bad way to go…' Michael thought as Ophis got closer to him. He closed his eyes and all he could think about was Akeno, her smile, her laughter, her endless teasing of him, all the things he loved about her. 'Forgive me…'

Ophis directed her fingertip at Michael with a magic bullet charging up while she looked emotionlessly as she looked down on him. "Eliminate…" Ophis uttered as she was only doing this because of her beloved Kai.

Then suddenly Michael's arm grabbed Ophis' wrist and pushed her arm up in the air as the magic bullet flew into the sky. '… Old man, but I can't join you yet after all!' Michael thought with a determined expression, he then swung his fist into Ophis' face and then delivered a kick into her gut sending her skidding back a little.

"How? Ophis doesn't understand… You had no magic left." Ophis said still keeping her stoic emotionless expression.

"Yeah, I'm empty of magic… That's why I will just have to use my own fists against you! Like you there is someone I love that I can't leave behind just yet!" Michael said with a smirk as he got into battle stance. "Come at me then!"

"You have someone you love as well?" Ophis looked at Michael and then released an aura of her magic power around herself. "Ophis will see so for herself." Ophis sent a barrage fire of magic bullets at Michael by just flicking her fingers. The magic bullets blasted into and sometimes through Michael's body yet he kept on pushing forward.

"Don't… underestimate… the determination of… a Shadow Demon!" Michael slammed his fist into Ophis sending her stepping back a little. The injuries on his body healed as he stood in Ophis' shadow. "I'm a demon whom resides in the shadows… I get my strength from shadows!" Michael grinned as his eyes glowed bright red. He then raised his fist and swung it at Ophis whom caught it with her hand. Michael jumped up and swung his right leg towards Ophis' side. Ophis blocked the kick with her arm, she then began blowing from her lips sending powerful gushes of wind blowing Michael back.

Michael got himself back up, struggling against this wind. The ground beneath his feet cracked as he slowly stepped forwards. Ophis stopped blowing and vanished at immense speed and reappeared in front of Michael, she then slammed her tiny palm into his gut making him vomit a little blood. She then punched him in the chin with an upper cut and more blood escaped his lips as he was sent flying up into the air. Michael fell to the ground, and struggled to get back up, yet he managed to get up with his willpower. Ophis then blasted a magic bullet right through Michael's right leg, Michael flinched and grunted in pain but he did not fall.

Ophis appeared in front of him and delivered a heavy punch into Michael's gut making him vomit out a puddle of blood. He then fell to his knees and to the ground. Ophis looked down on him. "Your love seems to be nothing after all." Ophis uttered and directed her fingertip at him. But then to Ophis' surprise, Michael crawled back up.

"Akeno…" Michael uttered weakly as he stood up, his body shaking, blood running down from the hole in his right leg, his body all beaten up. He then weakly raised his fist and punched Ophis in the face, however the punch hadn't that much force in it and the Dragon God didn't even flinch. He then threw another punch yet Ophis didn't flinch. She then slapped his body to the side crashing to the ground. Yet Michael still got back up.

"Why won't you stay down?" Ophis questioned in bewilderment as Michael got into battle stance with his body still shaking. And he didn't respond. "Why?" Ophis raised her hand sending a shockwave at Michael knocking him down. And the Shadow Demon kept getting back up.

"Akeno…" Michael uttered the name of the woman he loved again weakly. Ophis narrowed her eyes and swung her arm to the side sending a wave of wind that cut Michael across his chest spilling out more blood from the Shadow Demon whom fell once again. And once again he crawled back up with his bangs covering his eyes.

Ophis then appeared in front of Michael whom weakly threw another punch, this time when Ophis grabbed it she widened her eyes slightly. Michael was unconscious, his eyes showed no sign of him being awake. He was standing from sheer willpower alone. "How are you standing?" Ophis questioned.

"Akeno…" The unconscious Shadow Demon uttered once again.

"Akeno? Who is that? Is it the one you love?" Ophis questioned as Michael's unconscious body raised his other fist. Ophis lightly slapped his fist to the side.

"Ophis-ojousama. It's time to go, Kai-sama has gotten what he wanted." Arata arrived at the scene on the black tornado with and unconscious Mia and a slight beaten up Vali. "Kill the Shadow Demon and let's go."

Ophis looked at the unconscious Michael with her void like eyes. "… No." Ophis levitated up in the air next to Arata and the others.

"Wh-What? Ojousama, this man is a major threat to us." Arata pointed out.


"Very well then, I shall do it for you." Arata gathered a powerful amount of black wind into his palm, but then his blood froze as he saw the glare Ophis was sending him.

"I said no." Ophis said as she released a huge amount of pressure.

Arata's fake smile faded as he was sweating and shaking in fear. "Y-Yes, understood… forgive me for my insolence." Arata bowed and the pressure faded. "Let's go get Kai-sama and leave then, shall we?" Arata said and Ophis slightly nodded. As they flew away from the scene Ophis looked back to see Michael fall on his knees then he fell to the ground. Ophis looked at him for a few more seconds until she diverted her focus to the direction Itachi and Kai were fighting at.

Kai leaped back as he formed a hand seal and several trees popped up from the ground wrapping around the massive spectral Tannin. The Perfect Dragon Susano'o then stretched its body out and shattered the trees into pieces.

Blaze Dragon: King's Roar!

Itachi spit out a massive wave of fire that went through the massive jaws of the spectral Tannin. Kai then narrowed his eyes as black lines suddenly formed around his eyes similar to the eyes of a certain snake scientist back in Itachi's world, and two more black lines from each side of his cheeks that connected with the black lines over his eyes. "Sage Mode: Mountain Tiger." Kai uttered and formed a set of hand seals.

Summoning Jutsu: Byakko!

In a puff of smoke a massive white tiger with black striped and massive fangs appeared. And it swung its claw that was flickering with lighting into fire wave, shredding the wave and then swung it at the spectral Tannin, sending it skidding back a little. "It's been awhile since I needed to use Sage Mode. You are stronger than Tannin, that's for sure boy. Your even stronger than Sirzechs Lucifer, and all the other faction leaders. This will be fun." Kai smirked as Byakko let out a growl.

"How long has it been Kai? You sure look older." Byakko growled as Kai stood on top of his head. "You've even gotten weaker, perhaps soon I will devour you."

"Listen here you oversized housecat. I may have gotten weaker, but your still my pet." Kai mocked and sent a wave of lighting from his feet into the tiger.

"You're the same as always, anyway what kind of trouble have you gotten into this time? And what the hell is that? A Susano'o?!" Byakko growled at the spectral Tannin that growled back at him.

"Yeah, that boy controlling it has taken his Susano'o to a new level." Kai said as Byakko eyed Itachi in the center of the giant spectral Tannin's head.

"How come his got the sharingan? Has it been a thousand years since you were born already?"

"His from a different world. A world where there is a whole group of people with sharingan, and there is no such thing as a thousand-year limit until a new one is born." Kai said which shocked Itachi. "Surprised? Yes, I know all about you, Itachi Uchiha of Konoha, the clan killer Itachi." Kai smirked evilly.

"How? How can you know about me?" Itachi questioned.

"The Dimensional Gap, a realm between worlds. Thanks to Ophis showing me how it works, I can see all the different worlds and I know all about them. Ever since day one of when you showed up, I have been looking into your history, your life, I know everything about you." Kai replied with a smirk. "Of course, it hasn't been easy learning with Great Red interrupting every time I go there."

Itachi narrowed his gaze and growled in rage at Kai, as the image of Kai killing Tannin is stuck in his mind filling his body with rage as his blood was boiling. Itachi then had the spectral Tannin lift the major Totsuka Blade as flames burned around it, it was shining like a star.

Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Dragon Blade!

Sage Art: Thunder Armor!

Byakko then gained an armor made out of pure lighting, and a sphere of lighting was charging up in it's jaw. The spectral Tannin swung down the fiery sword and Byakko blasted a massive beam of lighting that collided with the blade, once the two connected they created a massive explosion of fire mixed with lightning. And the island slowly began to crack even more.

When the dust cleared, it revealed a bruised up Byakko and a burned Kai. Byakko growled as he vanished in a puff of smoke. Itachi looked down on the burned Kai as the Perfect Dragon Tannin Susano'o vanished and Itachi fell to the ground. "Is it over…?" Itachi questioned as his eyes were now black.

"Not quite." A voice was heard behind him and Itachi quickly leaped away and turned around to face Kai whom had lost the light in both of his artificial sharingan. Itachi glared at him with his sharingan active. "Thanks to Sage Mode I can still sense your energy clear as day it's like I can still see. However, I think it's time we put this fight to an end."

"Now that's something we both can agree on." Itachi morphed his sharingan into Eternal Mangekyou.

Meanwhile, Rias and the others flew towards the source of the explosion to look for Itachi. "I hope Michael is alright…" Akeno said with a worried expression.

"His like the strongest devil, right? I'm sure his fine." Issei assured as Asia and Kiba had to support him up as he had no energy left to even bring out his wings.

"Still… His opponent is Ophis, I can't help but worry." Akeno said as in her heart she could feel something was wrong.

"Look there they are." Xenovia said as she spotted Itachi facing Kai.

"Hey Issei." Menma said in Issei's head through the Boosted Gear.

'Yeah?' Issei thought.

"Do you remember the hand seal your friend Itachi uses when he makes clones?" Menma asked.

'Yeah, why?'

"Do them for me, I have a little surprise for my old friend." Menma said with a snicker.

"Okay…" Issei uttered and tried to recall the one hand seal Itachi used for his shadow clones. "Like this." Issei said and everyone looked at him in confusion.

"Yeah, thanks you." Menma said as he sent his own energy through Issei's body and in a puff of smoke appeared a man with blond spiky hair with a few bangs covering his forehead, pale eyes, he was wearing a black open cloak with something written on the back in red saying "Red Dragon" Everyone widened their eyes in shock at this unknown man whom suddenly gained black markings around his eyes. "Sage Mode." The man uttered and leaped like a rocket towards Kai and Itachi.

"Who is that?" Rias questioned.

"… I think that's Menma, a guy who used to be a wielder of the Boosted Gear." Issei said.

"Menma? Menma Haruyoko?" Rias questioned in shock.

Menma formed a blue sphere in his right hand that expanded until it was as big as half of the massive floating island. "Hey Kai!" Menma shouted.

Kai widened his eyes and turned around with a look of disbelief. "Menma?"

Sage Art: Massive Rasengan!

"How ya been?! Pal!" Menma slammed the massive sphere into Kai sending him flying. Kai was being pushed by the massive rasengan with Menma's clone pushing it forwards. Kai glared at Menma as the rasengan with Kai clashed into the ground, blowing away over half of the floating island. Kai and Menma were both falling from the floating island as only a piece of it that looked like a crecent moon. Menma had purposely pushed Kai to the area were none of the Occult Research Club members would get caught in the blast. As the two were falling Kai was covered in bruise marks as he glared at his deceased rival with his blind eyes. "Been awhile, you look old." Menma grinned.

"How?" Kai growled as they kept falling.

"That boy is the new Boosted Gear wielder, well some of the spirit of all former wielders rest within that Sacred Gear. Me included, and by sending my chakra through Issei's body all I had to do was have him make a hand sign, and boom! Shadow clone." Menma explained with a grin and showing a peace sign with his right hand.

"Annoying bastard as always." Kai smirked and stretched his hand out sending a wave of lightning at the shape of a blade through Menma whom vanished in a puff of smoke. "I will kill that boy now, and destroy that little dragon toy of his, then I will forever be rid of you." Kai said as he was caught by Ophis.

"Kai alright?" Ophis asked as they flew back up towards what was left of the floating island where they were met by Arata, Vali and an unconscious Mia on a black tornado.

"I'm fine, we have what we came here for, let's go." Kai instructed.

"Right." Ophis prepared to open a portal.

"Wait, if you're here then that must mean-" Akeno widened her eyes in horror. "Michael!" Akeno flew towards the other end of the island where Michael and Ophis had fought.

"Asia go with her!" Rias ordered.

"Right away, buchou!" Asia said and flew after Akeno.

Itachi glared at Kai whom smirked back at him. "We'll have to finish this another time. Until next time, son of Tannin." Kai bid farewell as he vanished through a portal with Ophis, Arata, Mia and Vali.

Itachi fell to his knees with his fists clenched. He deactivated his Eternal and his eyes returned to their normal black. Tears formed in his eyes as he punched the ground. "Tou-san…!"

Rias hugged him from his back with tears also running down her face. Itachi felt comfort from Rias, but his tears kept running down his face he turned around and cried into Rias' chest while she stroked his head. Koneko, Xenovia and Rossweisse joined in on the hug. While Issei, Kiba and Gasper had looks of sorrow for Itachi.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island Akeno and Asia looked down and saw a beaten-up Michael lying unconscious in a puddle of his own blood. Akeno rushed up to him, she lifted up his unconscious body and placed his head on her lap, she checked his pulse to see if he was still alive, which to her joy he was. Asia then began healing Michael with her Twilight Healing, and Akeno also helped with the healing using healing magic.

Michael felt something wet falling over his face, he slowly opened his eyes to see Akeno crying over him. "Akeno…"

Akeno gasped and hugged Michael whom flinched a little in pain. Akeno cried into his shoulder and Michael looked at her with a small smile and began stroking her hair. "I was so scared… that you had…" Akeno cried.

"Heh, you won't get rid of me that easily." Michael said with a weak chuckle. "Where are the others?"

"On the other side, we should probably get going." Asia said and Akeno nodded. They both helped Michael up as although his injuries were healed he was still empty of magic power and energy. And then they both flew him back to the others. Once they arrived they saw the grim mood as Itachi was crying over Tannin's death. The three of them gained a sorrowful expression like everyone else and they mourned over the fallen former Dragon King.

Later: The Dragon Valley

After having reported to Sirzechs of what had happened and that they encountered Kai and Khaos Brigade, they brought the news of the death of a Khaos Brigade member, Yagura. And their friend the former Dragon King, Tannin. Sirzechs took the news with a regretful expression that he was too occupied with his Maou duties to help them out. Sirzechs instantly informed Tannin's three other children and the other dragons and arranged for a funeral at the Dragon Valley.

In front of a pile of rocks, which was Tannin's grave. Stood Itachi, a dragon that resembled Tannin only being 10 meters tall this was Bova Tannin, Tannin's youngest son. And besides them stood two other dragons that resembled Tannin as well only being closer to their father's height. They all had their heads down in respect for their late father, Itachi was the only ones amongst his brothers that was not of Tannin's blood, yet they all viewed him as their brother. Itachi was the second youngest out of Tannin's children, with Bova being the youngest. The entire Gremory household were there as well as well as the Sitri, even Sirzechs, Azazel, Serafall, Michael whom had bandages wrapped around his arms and upper body. As well as several dragons stood around in the valley.

Thunder clouds gathered and rain started to fall down as if the sky was weeping for the fallen former Dragon King. As everyone was mourning over the loss of Tannin, someone suddenly pushed the rocks of Tannin's grave over. "Hmph! Pathetic, couldn't even beat a puny human." It was the dragon with the yellow scales from earlier, Logia.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing you bastard!" Issei shouted.

"This is a funeral have some respect!" Rias shouted also as she saw Itachi clench his fists.

"Dragon Logia, please apologize for this right this instant." Sirzechs said in a threatening tone.

"Heh! This is dragon business, devil. Your kind has nothing to do here, you should all just leave." Logia growled at the Maou.

"Logia! Pay your respects to my father or else!" Tannin's eldest son growled, getting ready for a fight.

"Or what? You little brat, I am the level of a dragon king, your yet to reach your fathers level! Little punk!" Logia growled back.

"Tannin is dead Logia, show some respect for our fallen comrade." Another dragon said and several others nodded in agreement.

"Respect? A human managed to end his life, and what's more he got away. Sure Yagura has perished, but why does it matter when this Kai was the one behind all of it?! And Tannin, lost to that little old human, if it were Ophis he would have my respects. Now he can just bear the shame of losing to a human in the afterlife! Hah!" Logia swung his tail into the grave making it collapse.

"Damn you!" Issei growled in rage.

Suddenly Itachi leaped up to eye level with Logia with flames surrounding his body, as well as dark purple scales growing on his body, and his sharingan glowing bright red. Logia glared at Itachi, as the Dragon Slayer raised his head up.

Logia widened his eyes in shock as the image of Itachi was replaced by Tannin glaring and growling at him. "T-Tannin?!" Logia uttered as Itachi headbutted him knocking him down. Itachi leaped onto Logia and glared at him while growling as he formed the Perfect Tannin Susano'o that roared at Logia while placing it's massive claw on his chest, as once again the image was replaced by the real Tannin growling at him with smoke coming out from his jaw. 'This boy… is truly one of us…' Logia thought as he lowered his head. "Forgive me…"

Itachi leaped off Logia and deactivated the Perfect Tannin Susano'o, and landed in the middle of all the dragons whom all stared at him. Suddenly they all bowed down their heads while facing Itachi, even his brothers understood what was going on and bowed as well. Everyone else looked in bewilderment and Itachi was a little confused as well.

""All hail the new Dragon King."" All the dragons said in unison. And they all rebuild Tannin's grave and then all the dragons and Itachi raised their heads into the air, and spit out their breath element attacks, and Itachi spit out a massive wave of fire in honor of the deceased Tannin. Rias and the others looked at Itachi with a smile and together all sent a blast of their magic power into the sky as well in honor of Tannin.

A few days later

After having stayed with Itachi and his dragon brothers for a few days the time for them to go back to the human realm had come. Bova whom originally lived with Tannin had moved to live with his two brothers. Itachi stood with Rias and the rest of her peerage and Michael outside of the three Dragons cave. Bova went up to Itachi and nuzzled his head up against him. "Now Bova, be nice to our elder brothers." Itachi said as he stroked his little brothers massive scaly head.

"Hmm, I will try." Bova was just like Tannin when it came to pride, although he hardly respected anyone, but he did respect Itachi a great deal whom had encouraged him to grow strong ever since he was born. "See ya, nii-san."

"Right, see you later." Itachi said with a brotherly warm smile, he then looked up to his elder brothers. "See you later, onii-san, aniki." Itachi bowed to his two older brothers.

"See ya squirt. Make sure to call us whenever you need help." The eldest brother said.

"Make sure to make dad proud." The second eldest brother said.

"Same goes for all of you." Itachi said with a smile as he vanished through a magic circle with Rias and the others.

The next day: Kuoh Academy, roof top

Itachi looked up at the vast blue sky looking like he was in deep thought.


A reborn Itachi at the age of 4 stood in the dragon valley while facing Tannin for the first time. "Are you trying to tell me you don't know what a dragon is kid?"

"Is it some kind of lizard?" The little Itachi questioned.


Flashback end

Itachi had a sad smile on his lips as he clenched his fists.


Blaze meteor dragon: Roar!

Itachi for the first time trying out dragon slayer magic as he spitted out a massive wave of fire that wasn't as big as Tannin's, whom looked stunned.

"You did it, you actually did it." Tannin was amazed that Itachi could do that on his first try.

"It wasn't as large as yours tou-san, I'll try again." Itachi declared.


Flashback end

Itachi's body was shaking as tears formed in his eyes, yet he still kept his sorrowful smile up.


After a day of training Itachi was so tired that he had fallen asleep in Tannin's claw as they flew back home. Tannin looked at Itachi with a smile. "You've done well kid now rest."

Flashback end

Itachi's sad smile faded as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fist harder as tears kept running down his cheeks.


Tannin was falling down from the sky with a hole in his chest left by Kai whom was reading Kirin. "You are my son… even though you're not a dragon… I am proud of you… And I-" Tannin uttered as the lightning Kai was gathering from the thunder clouds was about to form into a lightning dragon. "And I love you… my son." Tannin said as the Kirin struck him in a flash of bright light.

Flashback end

Itachi fell to his knees as the tears wouldn't stop running. "Tou-san…" Itachi clenched his fists. "Don't get sad my boy. Be strong for your friends, your brothers, your fellow dragons. Now rise, my boy…" Tannin's words echoed through Itachi's mind and he got back up on his feet and wiped the tears away from his eyes. "Now rise, my boy. Show him the power of the Blaze Meteor Dragon King!" Itachi looked out into the blue sky. "Thank you for everything…"

"Itachi, are you coming? We're about to start our club meeting." Rias said standing in the door that lead to the roof top of the school.

Itachi looked at her with a smile. "Yeah, coming." Itachi turned around and walked towards Rias.

"That's my boy."

Itachi heard Tannin's voice and swiftly turned around to see an image of Tannin's upper body in the blue sky looking at him with a proud smile. 'Thanks you, tou-san.' Itachi thought and walked to Rias and to her surprise pulled her in for a quick kiss. "Let's not keep the others waiting." Itachi said with a warm smile as Rias had a faint blush on her cheeks.

"Uh? I-Itachi…" Rias uttered as Itachi walked ahead of her. "H-Hey wait for me!" Rias rushed after him.

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