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It was almost hour for Riley to wake up. In the Head Quarters, everyone were still sleeping… everyone but Fear: indeed, the raw nerve was on Dream Duty.

"Oh, finally this scary night is almost over." said Fear, holding a mug of tea. That was the fourth mug since he started the Dream Duty.

"Good morning, Fear!" greeted Joy. She literally jumped downstairs to reach Fear.

"So, how it was this Dream Duty?" asked Joy, holding Fear's shoulder.

"Well, apart the darkness, the boring dreams and the end of my supplies of tea… I shall say it was pretty good!" said Fear, looking at the screen.

"There's nothing hard to do in Dream Duty. You're such a baby." said Anger, walking downstairs and reading his daily newspaper.

"For once I agree with the brick: you're a crybaby." laughed Disgust.

Fear said nothing but sighed in sadness for himself.

"Guys! Stop offending Fear! He tries his best on this job."

"His best? Really, Joy? Maybe you should stay a night with the stupid nerve before to speak such a word." said Anger, sitting on the couch to read.

"Exactly! He is too scared to do half a thing."

Anger said nothing, but laughed at Disgust's words.

"ENOUGH! Anger, tonight you'll go on Dream Duty… with Fear!" Joy said. Fear and Anger stared at her.

Joy, what the hell are you talking about!? In Dream Duty with Anger? He will kill me!" whispered Far to Joy.

"No, he won't kill you… if he kills you, I'll punish him." smiled Joy.

"There is NO WAY! I won't stay in Dream Duty with that crybaby." offended Anger.

"Well, you are… you are… a brick!" replied Fear.

"How did you just call me?" Anger walked closer to Fear, preparing his fists."

"Guys, I think it's time to stop now." said Disgust.

"Where is Sadness?"asked Joy, interrupting Fear and Anger.

"Probably she's still sleeping." said Anger.

"And what if she's DEAD!?" panicked Fear, but he has been stopped by Anger's fist.

"No, no, I'm here." said a voice. It was Sadness, slowly coming downstairs.

"Good morning, Sadness… uh, is there something wrong?" asked Joy to Sadness.

"There is always something wrong in the life, Joy… always."

"Wow… if she's not sad, she is super-depressed." said Disgust in a sarcastic tone.

All the Emotions walked toward the command console: Riley would wake up in a moment. Fear and Anger had still some tensions between them. Joy, Sadness and Disgust were annoyed by them, because Fear and Anger disagrees in everything. Riley woke up and she was ready to eat her breakfast. There it was no school that day. (A.N September is almost here, Sadness is taking over…)

Okay, crew! It's time to eat cookies!" said Joy enthusiastic.

"Hopefully, no integral cookies or I'll get mad!"

"I hope that this day will rain..."

Everyone stared at Sadness.

"OK, I'll just pretend that I heard nothing." said Anger in disbelief. But it was normal after all: she is Sadness.

Riley was ready to eat her breakfast with Joy's happiness. She loves cookies. Riley stood up from her bed, arrived downstairs, and started to prepare the breakfast. She grabbed a mug, some milk and…

"Ew, integral cookies," said Riley disgusted, as she saw the cookies. "Mom! Why we do have integral cookies?" asked Riley.

"Only integral cookies? I forgot to buy them yesterday." said Jill, from somewhere in the house.

"OK, I guess today no chocolate." sighed Riley.

"Me and my mouth..." chuckled Disgust, but nervous at the same time.

"But we have to eat something or Riley will starve! I don't wanna think about that!" cried Fear. He hided behind Joy.

"It's okay, Fear. We won't starve." smiled Joy, trying to calm Fear.

"Come on, you coward! We'll eat those cookies. We have to eat something."

Disgust got alerted as she heard Anger's words.

"No way, brickhead! We won't eat those sick cookies. Do I have to choke you?" Disgust was pretty mad: if she would eat those cookies, Riley would be poisoned.

"The person who will choke me it's not born yet!" Their faces meet. They were mad.

"Please guys, chill out," said Joy. "Fear, take Disgust away." Fear grabbed Disgust, in order to not cause a riot between Disgust and Anger. Joy did so.

"But Riley shall eat something, right?" commented Sadness, watching the scene.

"Mmm… we should vote and see if Riley should eat or not." suggested Joy.

"Joy, no! We'll eat, no conditions!" Anger moved all the Emotions from the console, but he got stopped by Disgust.

"No way! We won't eat that thing." shouted Disgust, trying to move Anger from the console.

"Do you want to starve? Move away, princess!"

Sadness, Fear and Joy were watching the entire scene and started a chat to each other, while Disgust and Anger were arguing.

"So… what do you think?" asked Joy to Fear and Sadness.

"I think we have to wait a little bit. Mom would never let us eat that kind of cookies." Sadness shared her opinion.

"Yes, what she said." smiled the raw nerve while Anger and Disgust's conversation was still loud.

"I think there is something else between them."

Joy moved away Anger and Disgust only to ask to them something.

"Guys, you're arguing a lot… Anger, what do you think when you look at Disgust?" asked Joy with a big big smile.

"Joy? What do you mean? She is pret-pretty disgusting." said Anger, blushing, while Joy walked behind him.

"And you, Disgust?"

"He is the ugliest thing I've ever seen." laughed Disgust.

"Joy, I can smell love 10 kilometers away!" Fear took part to Joy's theory.

"Love between them? They can't stay away from each other." smiled Sadness.

"WHAT!? I hate him!"

"Are-you-sure?" Joy was annoying Anger and Disgust but the other Emotions, including her, were having a lot of fun.

"Joy, don't make me laugh. I mean have you seen her? She is so outdated with the fashion things."

"Wow Anger, good luck, pal!" said Fear. Joy, Sadness and Fear ran away from there.

"WHAT-DID-YOU-SAY-ABOUT ME!?" Disgust was ready to punch Anger.

Anger gulped. "May God rest my soul..."

Later, that night…

"Well, that happened."

"Wow, you hurt him pretty bad."

"Is he alright?"

"See Disgust? You wouldn't be so worried for him."

"I said I don't love him." but Disgust was blushing madly.

Disgust and Joy were in Anger's room. They were waiting him to wake up.

"Oh, I think he's waking up. Don't hurt your boyfriend, Disgust!" winked Joy.

"Ew, you mean my enemy." denied Disgust.

"Anger, we'll wait you downstairs for your Dream Duty with Fear, alright? Alright."

The two Emotions exited from Anger's room.

"Wow, if I was tough! Maybe I should… nah! She'll get over it." thought Anger, in the bed.

Anger stood up from his bed and started to walk around his room, thinking deeply at Joy's joke. Was he in love with her?

"Now I should do this Dream Duty with the idiot."

Anger opened the door and made his way to the main room. He found Fear preparing 3-4 tea mugs. The room was already dark and the other Emotions were in their rooms.

"Hey Anger. Would you like some tea?" when Anger reached Fear, he asked if he would like tea.

"No, I just want to stand here and watch these stupid dreams, and hopefully…! No annoying commercials."

Fear grabbed a chair for Anger. The two Emotions sat on the chairs and started to talk, while dreams were playing from Dream Productions.

"So… why these dreams are so stupid?" asked Anger.

"Well, I think that too sometimes. I got over that."

"Yea? I bet you're annoyed of these stupid Dream Duties."

"Yes, but sometimes Joy comes down here." answered Fear. He sipped also from the tea mug.

"Joy? She likes to do Dream Duties even when it's not her turn? Wow, that's new to me."

"She helps me to not die from boredom."

"Well, maybe I went too far with Disgust." chuckled Anger.

"Wow, I saw that: she gets mad, you should know this."

"I know, but it was worth trying..."

"Worth trying what do you mean? Do you like to see her mad?"

"A lot." said Anger, looking at the screen but he was actually daydreaming.

Fear said nothing but he thought: "I knew it! He has a crush! A crush!"

"You know what? Go to talk to her. You should apologize to her."

"You know what? A raw nerve just asked for his gravestone."

Fear gulped but he tried anyways.

"OK, go to talk to her. If you go, I'll take care of this Dream Duty."

"That's a good deal."

Anger stood up from the chair and ran upstairs and, instead to head to Disgust's room, he headed to his room. But something stopped him from opening his doorknob.

"Fear's right: I shall apologize."

His look returned on the green Emotion's door. He knocked while he was blushing madly.

"Disgust? Can I come in?" he asked.

"Anger? What do you want?

"Unless you don't wanna see me on the ground to say sorry, I'll go away..." he chuckled.

"Wait… you can open the door."

Anger did so and he saw Disgust sitting on a chair in front of her mirror.

"So, where do you want to start, brickhead?" asked Disgust. She finished to remove her make-up.

"God, she's another person without all those things on her face." thought Anger.

"I want to say SORRY for being 'offensive' in your feelings." Anger was disgusted from his own mouth.


"And I am such a gigantic idiot that understands nothing about fashion."

"Good job, Anger. But shouldn't you be on Dream Duty?" asked Disgust.

"Let's say I had a deal with the purple idiot." he smiled.

"Well, thanks for being honest at least." Disgust came closer to him and kissed Anger on the forehead.

"Shh..." winked Disgust.

"I-I should g-go now." he closed the door and started to think.

"Did she really do that!? I should confess now. This is the moment."

But Anger didn't do that and he went downstairs with Fear.

The raw nerve was surprised when he saw Anger coming downstairs toward the console.

"Anger? What are you doing down here?"

"Just shut up and go to your room! I need to think alone..."

"Is there something wrong?"

"There is always something wrong. Now go away!" growled Anger

Fear gulped and ran upstairs, in order to not make mad Anger.

Anger sat on the chair and started to watch a few of dreams alone.

When you love someone and you're too afraid to confess it…

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