Chapter 1


It's been a week since I broke up with Patch. A week since I kissed him. A week since I said I loved him. A week since he left me hanging to go hang around with that slut.

My phone started ringing, so I took it out and answered it.

"I hear warm-up music, but all I see are train tracks and some abandoned boxcars," Vee's voice came through.

"You're a couple blocks away. Are you in the Neon?"


"I'll come find you."

I went along the sidewalk, looking for Vee's Neon. I suddenly stopped in front of a warehouse. Right in front of it was a black Jeep Commander.

I skipped through my options in my head - I could run back to the Devil's Handbag, I could continue looking for Vee, or I could go up and talk to Patch.

But what would I talk to Patch about? About our break-up? About why he's not my guardian angel anymore? About why he never made an attempt to get me back? About wh-

Marcie's in the Jeep Commander.

I felt my throat constrict as I saw that slut stroking his arm and talking about something - probably something stupid and dirty.

What happened next broke me.

Patch set his hand on her thighs, moved them up, and took off her tube top dress. All she was wearing underneath was a red thong. Nothing else! Part of me started gagging, and the other part wanted to go up to Patch and Marcie and slap them in the face. I watched as Marcie leaned in and kissed Patch, and as he kissed back. He took off his shirt and pushed Marcie back so she was lying on the seat and he was on top of her. He leaned down and –

I couldn't watch anymore. It was all too much. I walked away from them and just walked down random streets until I got to the middle of a dark street and plopped down.

I couldn't believe it. Patch was having sex with Marcie.

I lost all hope of Patch and I getting back together. In fact, this was the second time I had lost someone important to me. I lost my dad. And now I had lost Patch - to someone as egocentric and whorey as Marcie Millar.

I started crying. I couldn't stop, and I didn't want to. I wanted to let the grief wash over me. I wanted to release all of the emotions I had been keeping locked up inside, almost as if to let go of everything, but I know that that's impossible.

After crying for what felt like an hour, I saw a dark and tall figure approaching from the left through my peripheral vision. I didn't even care enough to move away.


I was lost. And confused.

How the hell could she break up with me?

How the hell could she fire me as her guardian angel?

How the hell was I supposed to protect my Angel if she was being so goddamn stubborn?

How the hell was I supposed to protect a wannabe walking child prostitute like Marcie?

Who the hell does Nora think she is?

I made a decision. I was going to make the best out of the situation I was stuck in. If Nora was not going to listen to me, I would get her attention another way. I was going to make her jealous with her worst enemy.

My plan went into motion the day of Battle of the Bands at the Devil's Handbag. I picked up Marcie at her house, and on the way, she constantly made sexual suggestions. My first instinct was to shut her out or snap her neck because didn't she know that I was with Nora? Then I realized that Nora and I weren't a thing anymore. That was the reason I was even going with Marcie in the first place.

As she was talking, I looked up into the mirror and was surprised at what I saw. My eyes were filled with desire.

What? For Marcie?

I was only using Marcie to make Nora jealous. I didn't actually feel anything for her. But my eyes showed desire.

It was only a matter of time before that desire needed to be fulfilled. Once we were near the Devil's Handbag, I turned left and drove until I found a shady looking warehouse to park in front of.

Marcie looked at me from the passenger seat and started whining, "Patch, I thought we were going to the concert!"

I turned to look at her and gave her a seductive smile in return. She beamed with excitement, getting the hint.

She leaned forward and started to stroke my arm, and although I couldn't feel her, my desire went up another notch. But the weird thing was, this desire was different than the one I felt around Nora. This new desire was enticing in a different way, but also kind of shallow at the same time.

"Patch, I wanna make one thing perfectly clear. I'm not looking for a relationship. I don't like messy, complicated things. I don't want hurt feelings, confusing signals, or jealousy - I just want fun. I'm looking for a good time. Think about it."

As I listened to what she was saying, I became aware of two things simultaneously. First was that I found myself agreeing with Marcie. My relationship with Nora had been serious - it was based off of love. But now I couldn't have that because of the archangels. That meant there was nothing wrong with me hanging out with Marcie because, like she said, we would only have fun. Nothing serious and nothing complicated. The idea grew more and more favorable to me.

Second, I sensed out a human watching us from the shadows of the building next to the Jeep. The shadows didn't provide enough darkness to hide her hair from me. It was Nora.

Part of me wanted to push Marcie away and run to Nora and envelop her in my arms. But I crushed that part of me as I realized that this was the perfect moment to fuel the fire inside of Nora's heart.

As she watched in horror, I placed my hands on the outside of Marcie's thighs - which weren't hard to reach because her dress barely reached past her butt. I strategically moved my hands up so they went under her dress. I pulled her dress along as I kept going up, my hands following the outline of her figure. Damn she's skinny. Unhealthy even. Nora was average, but she leaned towards the skinny side.

Once I completely took off her dress and threw it on the backseat, Marcie got really into it and leaned in towards me and planted an alluring kiss on my lips. I kissed back with that weird desire, keeping my hands on her stomach. The few minutes of making out engendered a new thought in my mind - sex. Apparently, Marcie's mind had reached that thought before me as she was taking my hands and moving it up to her chest.

Hot desire whipped through me. I let go of her to remove my shirt, and I heard her gasp in wonder as she saw my well-built body. I shot her another sultry smile and got back into business. I set the driver's seat back so it was flat. I grabbed and hoisted her over onto the seat so she was lying down on it. I placed my knees on the outside of her red thong and bent down to continue kissing her. I remember bestriding Nora like this at the motel - the night everything was revealed, the night everything changed, the night that caused the Archangels to be on my case ever since. I slowly retracted my lips from hers to venture through the uncharted territory of her skin. My lips gradually made their way downwards, and right when I reached her chest, I stopped.

What the hell was I doing?!

Was I really going to have sex with Marcie to get back at Nora?

I never wanted to hurt Nora. I even told her that two months ago, the day I decided I liked her too much to kill her.

I looked out the window, only to see Nora not there anymore. Why would she be there, idiot? She wouldn't have wanted to see you and Marcie have sex.

I looked down at Marcie, who seemed annoyed at me for stopping when she was having such a good time.

"You should go home, Marcie."

"WHAT?! Who the hell do you think you are? That's not how shit works. You can't just stop in the middle of -"

"I can, and I did. Deal with it."

She looked at me with the most disgusted look on her face and proceeded to put her dress back on. She almost couldn't get it on right - apparently me refusing to go any further with her reduced her self-confidence. Good.

"Do you expect me to go home by myself?"

She was right. I couldn't do that. The Archangels would bust me.

"Go to Battle of the Bands. Enjoy yourself, but don't get into too much trouble. Call me when you're ready to be picked up."

To be honest, I didn't think Option B was that much of a better choice than Option A, but at least if she was in one place, I could sense if she was in any danger from nearby.

Marcie left without another word. That's a first.

I took some time alone in the Jeep to ponder my next move. I needed to find Nora and….And apologize? She wouldn't listen. And explain everything? I'd be risking going to hell. I didn't know, but the first step was to find Nora. At least I knew that for sure.

I hopped out and began my search. She couldn't be that far. She was probably also here for the concert - with Vee. I couldn't exactly sense anything - partly because I was no longer her guardian angel, so I couldn't tell if she was safe or not, and partly because my mind was too distracted.

I still couldn't believe that I had done this to Nora. She's probably feeling angry and frustrated and betrayed and hurt

I couldn't imagine that anymore. It was too painful. I let myself wallow in the shame and regret of what I'd done to block out the image of my Angel in pain.

In addition, I realized why the desire I felt for Marcie was different than what I felt for Nora. I loved Nora, so my desire was motivated by that. My desire for Marcie was not only driven by the hankering to hurt Nora, but also by my own selfish ways. I had wanted to seduce another woman to see what it felt like.

Nora had accused me of being a player when she broke up with me. This incident only proved that I was. But I wasn't! Nora changed me - she made me better than that.

I was going to prove her wrong.

Throughout all of this thinking, I had walked up and down a dozen streets, and had eventually stumbled upon this dark and derelict alleyway. I almost lost hope on finding her, so when I came upon this heap on the streets, my lungs expanded with so much hope they might have exploded.

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