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It was the first day of High-School for one, Nigel Uno. He adjusted his signature shades in the mirror in his bedroom, and took a deep breath in. He would be lying if he said he wasn't at least a little nervous about starting at this new High-School. McClintock High. His parents told him that they used to live in this are when he was a kid, before he turned teenager, but he had no memory of any of it. Like, zilch, zero, nada, It was just…blank.

He told his parents, and they did their usual laughing it off, but due to several days of persistence, they finally took him to a doctor to get it checked out. But even they said there was nothing wrong with him. He was an odd case, and they left it at that. From then on he dropped the topic, and carried on with his life, but never forgetting the slight emptiness he felt in his heart.

His parents and him moved back to London for a few years, said they wanted him to get a good experience of his homeland or some rubbish like that. Anyways, he spent the past two almost three years on the other side of the pond with his family's relatives. He smiled in remembrance at the fun, eventful days he had exploring the city and the countryside. Getting a feel for the history, and his roots was also eye opening. He honestly had a fun time, but there was one thing bad about it.

It never felt like home to him.

No matter what they did, no matter how much family he met, he didn't feel at home. But here, here he felt at home. His parent had been lucky to be able to buy a house out here, back in the same old neighborhood he felt he grew up in.

He adjusted his black tie once more, he never liked the things, but they were a necessary evil. It completed his outfit of a red dress shirt, a few sizes bigger because he wanted to not outgrow the thing too fast, with an unbuttoned black vest over it. He finished it off with dark tan dress pants, a shining new black leather belt, and pristine black loafers. Dad said he used to wear these ugly boots all time as a child, and Nigel had a hard time believing him on that one. He was a loafer guy through and through.

"Nigel! You best to get going if you don't want to be late for your first day of school! You want to make a good impression!" He heard his mother holler up at him.

"Ha! You betcha! We Uno's are known for our first impressions, Nigel. Better make yours good!" His father added with his infectious enthusiasm.

Nigel smirked and grabbed his black satchel, one he got from London, and swung it over his shoulder. He gave himself one last look in the mirror, and stepped out of the door of his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

After the usual grabby, and pinching of the cheeks of his mother, honestly one would think he was going away forever the way she acted sometimes, and the heavy handed pat on his back from his dad, he was finally on his way. As he walked he looked around, trying to remember anything, looking for anything familiar on his way to school.

He saw none. Only other kids leaving their houses on their way to school. Some riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, one kid was even riding what looked like a rocket boosted bike that sent him blasting off to God knows where. Honestly, if those were the kinds of kids he was going to school with, Nigel was at least assured that it wouldn't be boring. There were people in groups, talking about how excited they were to return to school, or there were the loners, like him, that didn't have any friends in this new town and kept their heads down as they walked. One such teen was one with a hideously orange sleeveless hoodie that he wore over an orange shirt. He had straight legged jeans that were rolled up revealing his bare ankles and all white shoes. Nigel could hear the slight jingle of the chain he had coming out of his pocket. It was probably attached to a wallet or something. His spazzy blonde hair was a mess, and the teenager groaned as he tried to fix it or at least make it presentable.

Nigel moved his eyes back forward, overtaking a group of giggling girls who were surrounding a Chinese looking teenage girl wearing all green with her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail, and made his way to the high school just up ahead, He rolled his eyes, it would seem as if girls of all types couldn't resist gossip.

If he would've turned around as he passed the girl in all green, he would've seen her stop her giggling to follow him on his way to school with a curious look on her face.

Nigel walked through the front doors of the high school, trying to get through the crowd of unfamiliar faces to the front office of the high school. He needed to get his schedule from them, as he was technically a transfer student. He stopped and looked around for the building or any that resembled the front office. He stood like this for a while until a voice broke him out of his search.

"Hey, you!" He looked up at the distinctly female voice. "You look a little lost there, man. You're new, ain't ya?"

The girl came to a stop in front of him, and he examined her.

What he saw first was the vividly red hat that was on her head, covering her long, wavy dark hair. He noticed the glint of gold coming from her ears, and saw the hoops that hung from their lobes, and she had a matching set of bracelets that loosely hung on her wrists. She wore a blue with white stripes tank top that exposed her midriff and belly button. She wore a pair a jean shorts that hugged her hips easily without the use of a belt, and on her feet she wore no socks, only a pair of flip-flops with tan bottoms.

Overall, she was dressed more like she was going to beach than to high school. Only his first day, and already there are so many odd kids. Nigel smiled a bit at that, he felt a little bit more at home now.

"Whoa, ho there baldy. Abigail Lincoln is flattered and all, but don't you think you could be a little less obvious with the checking me out and such?" Her voice asked, breaking him out of his thoughts.

Once what she said registered to him, he felt his cheeks flare up a bit in embarrassment, and he tried to explain himself.

"W-well, no, uh, ya see I wasn't umm checking you out. Not that I wouldn't want to! Like, you are pretty enough. A-and by that I mean you are a girl I'd want to check ou-No!" He dropped his head in defeat and shook it in despair. There goes his first impression. He sighed sadly, she probably thought he was a weirdo now or something. He looked up at her only to see her struggling to maintain her giggles. "Wh-what's so funny?" he asked.

Abigail Lincoln, as she said who she was, laughed a rich genuine laugh that scratched at something in Nigel's brain. "Oh, you are one funny dude. Don't worry about it, man. It's all good with Abby Lincoln. You ain't half bad looking ya self, but Abigail Lincoln already has herself a man," she got the last of laughs out of her system and refocused. "Anyways, as I was saying, you must be new here. What'cha lookin for man? Ohhh!" she suddenly groaned.

"What's wrong? If you have somewhere to be, I can find the administration building myself," He said trying to hide the slight disappointment he felt at not being able to make friends with her. There was just something about her, besides the whole speaking in third person thing that he found enjoyable.

"Oh no," She refuted. "Nah, Abigail Lincoln just realized that she never got ya name, new kid," She reached out her hand for him to shake, "I am Abigail Lincoln, but you can call me Abby. Pleasure to meet ya."

He didn't even hesitate.

"Nigel Uno, and the feelings are mutual," he said, shaking her hand.

As they were shaking hands, he felt the roughness of her palms. While, yes they were soft like girl hands, there was this wear and tear on them that seemed very out of place on a girl like here.

They disconnected hands, and Abby swung an arm over his shoulders, "Well, c'mon then, Mr. Uno! Let's get you all settled into McClintock High. The Administration Office is just round here!"

She took the lead, and led Nigel towards the building where he was introduced to the front office staff, a trio of very nice ladies and a gentleman who was the councilor, and they all seemed to know Abby. One of the ladies told him that the principle hadn't made it here yet, there was a traffic jam on the way here and he was caught in it. Nigel thanked them as they gave him his schedule, and he and Abby left the building.

"Oh, ho, Abigail' s just wonderin what classes ya got, Nigel?" She asked the moment they left the office.

He unfolded the piece of paper, why they folded it he had no idea, and showed it to her.

Nigel Uno Grade 11 Student Id: 3621

Gender: Male McClintock High School

Period 1: Mr. Wink Room 15 Pre-Calculus 7:40 – 8:35

Period 2: Mr. Welker Science Lab-B Tech 8:39 – 9:34

Period 3: Mrs. Dickson Room 26 English III Honors 9:38 – 10:33

Period 4: Mr. Dickson Room 17 American History 10:37 – 11:40

Lunch 11: 40 – 12: 30

Period 5: Mrs. Kingsley Room 20-A Cooking 12:34 – 1:29

Period 6: Mr. Bundlestitch Room 19 Study Hall 1: 33 – 2:28

They both took a moment to go over his schedule, before Abby spoke up.

"Ahh, snap. Looks like you got a few classes with Abigail. We got Mr. Wink, Mr. Welker, , and Mr. Dickson together. Aww, yeah. Abigail gets to introduce you to the people she hangs with and her man," she said excitedly.

Nigel was relieved that they at least had a few classes together. He didn't want to deal with going into every single without at least being familiar with someone.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and Nigel saw Abiby's eyes widen.

"Aww, nah! That was the warning bell. C'mon Nigel, we gotta get to class, fast! One thing about Mr. Wink is that he hates us being late to his class. We gotta go!" She said hurriedly.

She started running, and Nigel quickly stuffed his schedule in the pocket of his pants before following after her. He didn't want to get off on the wrong foot with his homeroom teacher on the first day.

Luckily they made it to the class room in time, melding in with the rest of the students who decided to mingle for a few moments after the bell before making it to class.

"Whew," Abby sighed in relief, "Good thing we made it. Abby was not about to get a tardy slip on her first day back. Her parents would kill her," she turned to Nigel. "Abby will be over here with her friends. I'll make sure to save you an open seat after you're done being introduced to Mr. Wink over there."

Nigel nodded thankfully, and stood awkwardly by the door as the class got settled into the seats of their choosing. The final bell rung, and Mr. Wink stood up from his seat.

Nigel got a good look at Mr. Wink, and he could already feelt hat he wasn't going to like this man. A shame too. He liked math a good bit. Mr. Wink was abnormally proportioned, and that was the nicest way he came up with trying to explain the man. He was balding on top of his head, scruffy hair hanging onto the sides of his oval-ish head, he had a full blown moustache that looked like it hadn't been shaved since its birth, and the two canines that everyone usually has in their mouth, jutted out of his like fangs or tusks. His arms hung down like tree branches or like gorilla arms, but his hands were huge. They looked big enough to palm his entire head! He stood up on two stubby looking legs that looked like they haven't seen any exercise since the Stone Age.

For clothing, Mr. Wink wore a slightly wrinkled light blue collared shirt, which was tucked into a pair of khaki dress pants that looked to be pulled up way higher than the norm demanded. He had a short blue striped tie, a pair of dull, rectangular glasses, and finished his outfit off with a pair of solid brown loafers.

The man glanced at Nigel out of the corner of his eye, before addressing the class in a nasally monotone voice. "Welcome back, children-" he began, but was interrupted.

"Oi! We're young adults now. We haven't been kids since, well since we were kids, I reckon," a boy said with an accented voice. Nigel guessed it was Australian or something close. His comment drew a few scattered snickers from the class, but Mr. Wink was unbothered by it, probably used to it by now.

"Ah, Mr. Beetles," Mr. Wink addressed the kid who interrupted. Nigel looked to who he was talking to, and saw the boy he saw this morning wearing the orange clothes with the ruffled hair. The orange stayed, but he seemed to fix the ruffled hair a bit. "So glad to see you again. I do hope that your grades are better this year than last year. I vividly remember that you were the first person to ever get an F- in cooking class last year in the history of this school. I could only hope that you do better now that there aren't any food related distractions, hmm?" Mr. Wink shot back at him.

Thoroughly abashed, the boy slunk into his seat, red faced, and grumbling under his breath with his hands in the pockets of his jacket.

Mr. Wink continued on. "Now, class, I know that we have all known each other for a few years now, but it would seem as if we have a new student amongst us," Mr. Wink waved him over with one of his gorilla like arms, and Nigel stepped forward nervously. He got to the front of the class, and tried to calm himself down. He had done this before. He had spoken in front of people before, it was no big deal. He was used to the attention on his shoulders. All he had to do was make a good impression. He could do that, easy.

"Alright now," Mr. Wink said unknowingly interrupting Nigel's internal hype-up session. "Why don't you introduce yourself young man to the rest of the class."

Nigel pushed his sunglasses back onto the bridge of his nose, "Ehem, well I am Nigel Uno. Uh, I used to live here when I was a kid before my parents decided to move over to England. I just moved back here from England, where I stayed for a few years with some of my relatives across the pond. It was a while back, so I don't think any of you would remember me. Anyways, I like soccer, my friends and family, well some of them anyways, working hard, and challenges. I dislike certain people, being questioned, ties, fire, and people with no common sense. My hobbies include soccer, tinkering with some stuff here and there, fishing with my dad, shopping with my mom, hanging out with my friends, and taking martial arts classes here and there. My hopes for the future are to one day live up to the Uno name, and change the world."

After he finished there were no sounds. Not a peep out of anybody, not even a cough or a sneeze or a jostle from somebody moving. Just nothing. This lasted for a long moment until Mr. Wink cleared his throat, and spoke.

"Good job, Mr. Uno. Now, does anybody have any question for him?" He asked a loud.

In a flash, almost every single hand in the classroom shot up into the air. Nigel didn't think there were that many people in the class to begin with, jeez.

"Ah, before he chooses who to answer out of you curious lot, I want you to tell him your name when he picks you. Got it?" Mr. Wink stated.

With his piece said, Mr. Wink prompted Nigel to choose someone. He skimmed the faces quickly before landing on one person. A girl with thick red hair, freckles, green eyes, wearing a green blouse with dark blue jeans and flats. He pointed to her.

She lowered her hand, "Oh, I'm Fanny Fulbright, and if ya laugh at ma name, I'll pulverize ya! Why are ya wearing those dumb-looking sunglasses inside? Ya do know that sunglasses are meant for outside!" She said loudly in her Irish accent. Her joke caused the group of girl's around her to begin giggling under their breath, all of them except for one, but a look from Mr. Wink silenced them.

Well, he was expecting someone to ask that, but did not expect to be made fun of for it. He set his brows into a scowl, and answered her question.

"Well, Fanny, I wear these sunglasses because they used to be my dad's when he was younger, and they mean a lot to me. My dad wore saved them through his tour in the military, and gave them to me on my fifth birthday. So, you can they are special," He answered solemnly. He hid his smirk, as he saw the girls instantly buy the story he told them, saw a few nods of respect from the guys, and saw Fanny's embarrassed red face at making fun of them. What he said was true, except for the whole dad saving them through his military service. They actually got destroyed by the force of an explosion, but he did buy him an identical pair on his fifth birthday and give them to him as a present.

Anyways, felling a slight sense of victory, he moved on and searched for another person to choose as there were still hands. He settled on the girl with the shiny black hair tied back into a ponytail, wearing a light green button down shirt whose sleeves flared out at her wrists, a darker green shirt, black stockings, and green heels.

He pointed to her, as she was excitedly waving her hand back and forth to get his attention anyways.

"Uh, go ahead?" He semi-asked as he was kind of intimidated by her enthusiasm to ask him a question.

"Oh, um I'm Kuki, Kuki Sanban and do you likeRainbow Monkeys? Cuz I love em. They're just so cuddly and colorful and pretty and hugable. I just love Rainbow Monkeys! Do you know the theme song?! It goes like," She took a breath in, ready to recite the song before he interrupted her, saving himself and everyone from witnessing that.

"Rainbow Monkeys, Rainbow Monkeys, oh so very round and super chunky," he said in the most monotone voice possible. "Yes, I know the song. And no, I don't like Rainbow Monkeys."

After saying that he had never seen anyone more disappointed. He winced internally. Now he felt bad. He moved on from the downtrodden girl, Kuki, wondering if anyone else saw that storm cloud over her head, and looked around for another person to choose.

It was at this moment a light knock on the door was heard. Everyone turned to the door, and the person closest to it, a brunette headed girl, got up to open it. Who entered took Nigel's breath away.

It was like he got punched in the gut with disbelief and finished off with awe. She had on an orange and white striped high collared sleeveless blouse that hugged her figure in all of the oh so right ways. It curved down into an ocean blue pleated skirt that ended just at her perfect knees. How could anyone's knees be so perfect?! Her steps clicked due to her wearing a pair of white heels.

Behind his sunglasses, he had never been so thankful for them until this very moment, his eyes traveled back up to her face and saw that she was not wearing any makeup. Well, not a lot of makeup like some girls. She had some light dusting on her cheeks and her mascara had been done, but that was it. And he thought that was all she needed. Her dark blonde hair came down shoulder length and fell like curtains majestic curtains at the end of a Broadway play. Her bangs were angled to the right side of her face and hung down over her just a bit.

"Ah, Ms. McKenzie," Mr. Wink's disturbing voice began, breaking Nigel out of his stupor, "How nice of you to join us finally."

Rachel pushed her bangs out of her hair, unknowingly, making her look all that much more beautiful to one sunglasses wearing bald kid, and smiled at him sheepishly, "Sorry Mr. Wink, but the Principal wanted to make sure that I had everything prepared for today's pep rally to begin the school year."

Mr. Wink kept his passive face and answered, "Hmm, okay then. You are excused, but do not make a habit of being late to my class again Ms. McKenzie," he warned her.

She nodded before moving to find her seat. Nigel noticed the red haired girl, Fanny, wave her over, where she took a seat next to her. Then they commenced the hushed whispers.

Mr. Wink cleared his throat, "Okay class, I think that we should commence with our day as planned. If you did not know there is the usual first day Pep Rally after this period. You will sit with your grade level for the duration of the rally, and then go to your third period class. Now, Mr. Uno, please take a seat where there are any open. I think I see one next to Ms. Lincoln and her friends over there," he told him, pointing a fat finger to where he was talking about.

True enough there was a clean, blue open seat right there in front of Abby and next to the kid with the blonde hair and orange hoodie. Nigel walked over there, stepping over people's bags, lest he step on them and the contents inside, and made it to his seat. He pulled his bag over his shoulder and placed it against the leg of his desk, and sat down. He felt a tap on his shoulder and partially turned around.

"So Nigel, Abigail wants to introduce you to some friends of hers," She told him with a wide smile on her face.

She tossed her chin up to the kid in the orange, "That right there is Wallabee Beetles. He's Austrailian, or so he keeps telling us-"

"Oi, I am Austrailian, like I keep telling ya!" He argued back with a scowl on his face.

Abby's smile widened and she chuckled, "What did I tell ya? Anyways, that's him. Not the brightest (Hey!), but definitely one of the toughest kids you gonna ever meet."

Wallabee smiled smugly, "Ya darn right I am. I've always been a tough kid, toughest kid in the world if ya ask me. You're lookin' at the numbah one contender for the Atlantic Northeast Amateur Boxing Championship. That stinkin belt is going to be mine come the 15th. Ha, that cruddy Kelly Edagr won't know what hit him."

Abby rolled her eyes and Nigel nodded his head and smiled. He had no clue what Wallabee was even talking about. He knew boxing, but nothing out here.

"Moving on," Abby interrupted before Wallabee could continue on with his boasting, "This, to Abigail's right, is…"

"Ehupupupup," interrupted the teen to Abby's right. "It's Gilligan, Hoagie P. Gilligan."