Chapter 1: The First Touch

In the forest, a young girl walked along a barely-used path at the dawn of night. The small blond was hauling along a small red wagon. In it, laid an even younger girl, sleeping and wrapped in a red cloak. The young blond had lavender eyes and had her hair was tied into pigtails. Her name was Yang Xiao Long, and she was currently on a mission: to reunite with her runaway mother. She knew it was dangerous to be alone in the woods where the Grimm could get her and her sister, but she didn't care. All she wanted was to find her mother and bring her home.

Yang's point of view

At the end of the road, I stumbled upon an old deserted building with the entrance broken wide open. I looked deep within the looming darkness and saw burning red eyes staring back at me. I heard them, whatever they were, growling at me. Then, I saw a strange, deformed leg come out of the darkness, followed by razor sharp fangs and a white bone face mask with red markings. I gasped at the sight of the beowulf in front of me. No wait. Beowolves! More of them started to appear one after another from the house, making a total of three.

I was scared, not just for myself but also for my little sister, Ruby. I should have never brought her with me to look for mom. At this point I was too tired to even scream for help, let alone run away even if I could with Ruby in the wagon. The grimm in the middle charged at me first and the others followed suit quickly after. I was too scared to even close my eyes from what was about to happen to me and my little sister.

Suddenly from the corner of my eyes, I see something rushing out of the woods towards the beowolves at an extremely fast speed. There, before my eyes, all the beowolves were chained down together by black chains, each of them immobilized by the chains, removed of any action they would have been able to take. Then out of nowhere a large man, if I could call him a man, appeared in front of me. He seemed to be in some sort of armor with spikes protruding out of multiple areas, and his limbs were glowing with a faint crimson as red as blood. His arm suddenly transformed into a large blade shaped in a crescent manner with an edge that seemed so sharp that it could cut without even moving. In one twitch of his bladed arm, his sword moved and charged towards all three beowolves, so fast that I couldn't even see it. Then all I saw was the beowolves get sliced completely in half and fall apart. As they fell, they each started to disappear into ash and were swept away by the wind as if they were never there in the first place. Then the chains retracted back into the trees where they came from originally.

The armored man slowly turned around, changing his arm back to normal and walking towards me and crouched down so that my eyes could see him better though he was completely covered in armor without any holes in the helmet. He just stared at me silently without making any noise or movement and I was still too much in shock to say anything.




Then a small voice squeaked from behind me.

"Yang…" spoke Ruby in a whispered tone, but to me it sounds as if thunder had struck me right there and then.

The armored man in front of me swiftly turned his head and looked towards Ruby… then out of nowhere started to slowly chuckle a little bit.

"Are you two alright?" spoke the armored man in a deep voice.

"..nghh….yezh…" I said, or at least I tried to anyway.

"Doesn't seem like it to me, you too seem pretty tired". he then asked me "Why are you out here alone, without anybody else?"

"I...I was looking for my mom."

"It doesn't seem like anybody else is out here, not for a long time it's seemed."

"I can't sense any life form out here either." spoke a new voice.

I peaked over the armored man's shoulder to see another figure walking from out of the shadows within the trees. The man was noticeably smaller than his armored friend and seemed to be less bulky but more lean than most people I've seen. He was in a black body suit with a red baggy pants and red sleeveless shirt. He was wearing thin shoulder pads made of metal along with black gloves and thin gauntlets. The most noticeable feature about the new stranger was his mask. On his head he wore a black hood along with a white mask that had strange looking red markings on them, two stripes from each side of the face and three downward from the top of his head and one from the chin. The mask looked feral like a dangerous animal but also somewhat like a grimm mask.

"There isn't any living human being near us at all Blacklight."

The newly named Blacklight replied

"Then we should find where these two live and bring them back home."

"NOO!" I shouted. " I need to find my mom!"

"Kid, we just said that there isn't anyone around here. The only thing else are the grimm and you need to get home." Blacklight looked me in the eyes (at least I think he did, I still can't see his face) and spoke. "Kid, as of right now you aren't in any shape to be looking for your mother. Even if you were in perfect shape you are still just a kid. You shouldn't be out here alone and you definitely shouldn't have brought someone even younger with you."

I looked at him in shock and look back towards Ruby and realized that he was right, I'm still just a kid. A powerless kid who brought along her little sister and could have possibly gotten her killed and I would have regretted that for the rest of my life.

"Look, right now you're not gonna be able to do anything. But if you get strong enough to survive out here, then you'll be strong enough to look for her. So get strong and do what it takes to survive, but don't forget to protect the ones by you." Blacklight pointed at Ruby with his final words.

I was visibly shakened up at the words he spoke before me. He said it with so much confidence and conviction that I believed in the words he was telling me. Fine then, One day I'll be strong enough to look for mother and forcibly drag her back if necessary. But for now, I should focus on getting stronger and looking after Ruby. "Okay, can you please take me and my sister back home?"

"Yes, Of course."

"Blacklight" spoke the other man in a strong tone. "Someone else is coming here, and fast. I mean like really fast."

"That's my uncle Qrow!" I said cheerfully. "No one else around here should be as fast as he is."

"If that's the case then he can take you home, we need to leave anyway." said the armored giant

"But why. Can't you stay here and meet my uncle?"

"It would be better if he didn't see us, we prefer to avoid attention if possible."

"But why?" I said depressed.

"Its best if we leave right now." Blacklight turned towards his friend and spoke out "Lets leave."

And before I knew what had happened they disappeared before me in the blink of an eye as if they were never there.

"YANG! RUBY! WHERE ARE YOU!" shouts were heard from far away.

By this point my voice had recovered enough that I could respond to him.

"Over here uncle Qrow."

"YANG!" it seems my uncle heard me. He rushed straight out to me and pull me into a giant hug.

"I was so worried about the both of you. What did you think you were doing? It's dangerous out here with the grimm." he pauses "What if you got hurt? There is no one out here to save you."

"Uncle Qrow…. I'm sorry, I understand how dangerous it is, I saw some beowolves earlier."

"What?! What happened? Are You hurt at all? Is Ruby okay?'

"We're fine. There were two other people here and they saved Ruby and me."

"Where are they then?"

"They said they had to go, cause they don't like attention."

"Did you know anything about them?"

"I….I…." I tried to respond but I was still so tired that I collapsed into my Uncle's arms.

"Easy there, you've had a rough night, let's talk about this later at home where it's safe."

And so we went back home which ended up being much faster with uncle Qrow carrying both Ruby and myself.

When we got back home Ruby ended up waking and couldn't fall back asleep. Ruby asked Uncle Qrow if he could read a story, specifically a new fairy tale book that was bought recently. "The First Hunters" was the name and it seemed kind of cheesey, but Ruby still wanted to hear about these "amazing" heroes. And so Uncle Qrow told us about the very beginning, before dust and aura, and when humanity had no way to defend themselves. Then, THEY appeared, two warriors that could take on armies of grimm, in numbers that no huntsman today could ever hope to survive in. By this point I was very impressed and Ruby was practically exploding in excitement. It said that if these two didn't appear, then humanity would have been wiped out.

But then something happened, the first aura was unlocked and dust was discovered. Humanity finally had a way of fighting back and did everything they could in order to master these new things, and they succeeded. Unfortunately, this had a side effect that no one expected. The First Hunters vanished and were never seen again. There were many different theories as to why this happened, but the biggest one was that they vanished because they were no longer needed, but this story also states that when humanity reaches a turning point and is in danger again, they will return. They will return and come back to where they belong, as the defenders of humanity.

"WOOOOW!" Ruby had sparkles in her eyes and was bouncing around everywhere.

"That story was so amazing and awesome and cool and amazing!"

"You said amazing twice Ruby," I said while smirking

"That's because it was really amazing!"

"Yeah, I admit it really was amazing."

"I know right! They were so amazing and cool and…." Ruby stopped her rant mid speech and looked puzzled about something. "Wait...did the story ever say what they look like?"

I opened my mouth to answer her but stopped before I could get the words out. The story never did describe what they looked like, or anything about them now that I think about it.

"You're right. Not a single thing mentioned what they looked like."

It was then that Uncle Qrow spoke to us while holding the book back up.

"It looks like the story doesn't mention anything, but there also appears to be a drawing of them on the back."

Ruby and I rushed over to look at the drawing. Ruby saw what they looked like and started shouting again and running around. But I didn't pay attention to that because I froze in shock at the picture and stared for a long time before speaking.


Uncle Qrow noticed me and must have seen the shock because he grew confused.

"Yang? What's wrong?"

"Uncle Qrow….these"

A large man who seems to be wearing a large set of dark armor that looks practically seamless and looks almost like it isn't armor at all, with his arms and legs glowing crimson red.

Another man standing at his side wearing a dark bodysuit with red baggy pants and a sleeveless red shirt. And a white mask with red markings on it.

"These men are the ones who saved Ruby and me….."

And I was sure of that fact without a single shred of doubt in my heart.

Blake's Point of View

We were ready and prepared, everything was organized and planned out. We knew what we needed to do and how to do it. Everyone had their roles and I had mine, at the very front right where I could be seen. We had to do this, otherwise we would keep being oppressed and nothing would change. I had to do this, no matter what it is that needed to be done. And I didn't care, what we were doing would set us free. We had the building surrounded and all the key targets located. They didn't even notice until they left the town hall. But by that point it was too late. They saw us deliver a message that would hopefully finally give us what we wanted for so long. Everyone watched as I appeared in front of the targets. They watched as I raised my hands up,prepared to do what needed to be done. And they watched as I said the words I had rehearsed every night for a month.

"We are faunus and we deserve to have our voices heard!"

I shouted my line as loud as possible and raised my sign with all the strength I could muster.

All around me other faunus were shouting different lines, but the message was the same. We are not animals, we are living beings just like you, and we deserve to be treated the same as anyone else. I felt so proud to be a part of is the turning point for our lives. This is where everything changes. Nothing can stop us now. Nothing can go wrong.


The noise was deafening, even in comparison to the shouts from before. It took some time before anyone else noticed, but I was the one who saw what happened first. How could I not? I was right up in front. I was right by the "target". And I was right next to where the corpse fell. It was so sudden, this was supposed to be a simple peaceful protest. No one was supposed to get hurt, and no one was supposed to get killed. It seemed like time froze, nobody moved, nobody made a noise, and everyone was just frozen in shock. I just kept asking myself, why? why? why? why did this have to happen? Who did this? Why did they do it? What did they do it for? Who will take responsibility for this murder? Then the large screen mounted on the building flickered to life, and all of my questions were answered.

"Brothers and sisters. The time has come for change. The time has come to put down the signs and flyers and to pick up guns and blades have been oppressed for far too long. Can you not see that these protests are achieving nothing for us and our freedom. But now look at the human dead on the floor. He is one of the many who reject us and think less of us. But look now, he and their human laws are no longer in the way of our freedom. This is the true path for our kind, and with it we can achieve our goals. Are there not those among you who have been beaten down by those who think themselves better than you. And I am sure that many of you have been victim to slanderous and insulting words. But we deserve better than what they give us, we ARE better than them and we shall prove it by striking fear into their hearts. All I ask of you now is this, are you with me!?".

And all around me there was nothing but cheers, these people are actually approving of what has been done. Why are they supporting this when all I can feel is disgust? This wasn't what we came here for, we came here to peacefully show that the faunus are also people just like anybody else. All this shows is that we are the savages and animals that they call us to be, this can't be the right way for equality.

The other members of the human group rush towards him calling for help but the faunus crowds march towards the human group ready to make an example to the ones who have thought of them as animals. Faunus pulling humans out of the group to be made examples to the rest of them, many faunus joined in and only a few remain true to the peaceful ways. Sirens started ringing in everyone's ears. Many big vans were making their way to our city block and out of those vans were many men in armor with shields and batons.

"Alright you animals, stop what you're doing immediately. You're all under arrest as of this moment!" shouted the apparent leader of the armed forces.

The faunus crowd then began to move towards the police and I could only watch in horror as they clashed. I saw a faunus man being beaten by batons. A police officer was being swarmed by a large amount of faunus and calling for help. All around me was nothing but chaos. More and more police arrived to try and deal with the growing flame, but this chaos was already an inferno burning everything in it's path. It seems almost fitting that as soon as I had that thought the actual fire started. One of the faunus threw a makeshift molotov at the officers and ignited the streets in flame. The fire grew out of control when one of the beaten cars was leaking gas and soon the entire street was burning and the surrounding buildings were also starting to catch on fire. Smoke rose above the ground and soon the fire department also had to get involved. I didn't belong here anymore so I scurried out of there.

The streets here were new to me though, I was still stuck in the city block burning sky high with no sense of direction and escape. Somehow I ended up in one of the nearby alley next to a burning building with only one way out and that was back behind me. I turned around to run back until a piece of the burning building fell down and crashed in front of me blocking my exit. Soon I was surrounded in flames with no way out. Is this where I die? Is this where it all ends? I thought.

A large piece of the burning building began to fall onto the top of me and all I could do now was close my eyes and hug myself in tears while I wait for my end.


I heard the sound of crashing rubble but I didn't die yet, I tilted my head up to see what happened and all I saw was a man in a suit of armor with a large shield standing above me. He was protecting me, even though I was a faunus and he had no reason to help me at all. Suddenly I hear more rubble starting to crash down and I didn't know if he would be able to protect me against that many burning rocks. It seems there was nothing to fear for him, For he stood strong against each and every single burning rock without faltering one bit. He stood up to shove aside the rumble on top of him only to see that the flames were still surrounding us.

But then all of a sudden all of the surrounding flames nearby began to disappear and die out leaving behind no scorch mark. A man in red and black with what appears to be a chain scythe appeared before us.

"Blacklight, are you okay?" spoke the stranger.

"Yes, I also managed to save this young girl." replied the armored man called Blacklight.

"I see" he paused. "Kid, you got a family?"

" I used to but now, I don't recognize them as family anymore. The white fang is no longer what it used to be, the organization I grew up in has changed."

Blacklight then spoke again "If you are talking about that group that is rioting, then

I don't see why you can't be their family." I turned on him swiftly and even though he was much bigger than me, I shouted at him.

"What do you mean by that, do you think of us as animals!?"

"No, I mean I can understand why they want to fight. They have been abused and pushed around until they finally snapped' He responded in a calm deep voice

"I don't see animals, I see people who have been pushed to the edge, people who have no choice but to fight in order to live."

I was shocked into silence at his words and the meaning behind them. Was that really how it was? People just pushed to the edge until they were forced to fight. I was interrupted from my thoughts when he spoke again.

"The biggest problem I see is that you are separating yourselves from each other. This is just one big thing of us versus them. You didn't even realize that you were doing it either. You just see Faunus and Humans, the two of you separate. You know what I see? People, that is all I see, no humans, no faunus, just people."

I wasn't able to find the words to speak. Was that really what was happening? Was I so blind that I wasn't able to see what we were doing? But this man in front of me doesn't see it that way. He has shown me exactly what I was missing, what I needed to hear. But then…

"What about them… the others who are doing nothing but violence?"

"They need to be shown by someone they can trust and count on." he said

"But who could do something like that, convince hundreds of chaotic people into thinking in a different mindset?" Doing something like that is impossible. There is no way to do something like that.

But then Blacklight spoke

"I have someone in mind, It needs to be someone who cares about them, and someone who wants nothing but the best for them, but also someone strong enough to guide and protect all of them." Really? Is there someone who could do it after all?


"I'm looking at her."

What? Looking Does he really think that I could do anything close to what he thinks?

"…I can't do anything like that."

"Oh really? So tell me who was it that was up there screaming as loud as, if not louder than the rest of them? Who was it that was disgusted at the idea of killing to get what they want? Who was it that stood up and shouted a large man covered in armor the moment they thought he said something insulting?"

"I think you will be more than enough."

I just stood there thinking about the words he spoke. Could I really do this? Am I really the only one? Would I be the one who could change everything for the better?

Yes. I will be the one who changes everything and make this world better for both human and faunus…, for all people, no matter who they are.

"Well it appears you have your answer. What is it?" He says that but I feel he is just making me say it out loud.

"I think you already know," I replied in a strong voice. I couldn't see his face but I could feel the grin he had.

"Then do whatever it takes, and remember to be strong enough to face whatever challenges you might face."

"I will."

"Then we're done here. It's about time we leave before things get too crazy."

"Thank you for your help."

"No problem kid."

The next thing I knew, he picked me up and carried me past the rubble and back out onto the street. Then he and his friend left so fast I couldn't see them leave. It seems like the riot has calmed down, nobody is fighting and most of the fires are out. But now the hard part comes, I need to be strong and show everyone the proper path. But first I need to head to the nearby bookstore and see if it survived, and maybe read that book the owner recommended to me. What was it called again? "The First Hunters" I think. It was supposedly about these amazing heroes or something. If only people like that existed in real life, everything would be better and not like how it is now.

Weiss' Point of View

My father suddenly called me telling me to come home right after I finished my concert even though I was scheduled for another one the next day. He said he needed me home immediately and the only thing available that could get me back home in time was to tag along with one of our company's dust trains. Next thing I knew something seemingly bumped into the side of our dust train. I looked out to see what was going on and to my horror it was an attack by the white fang. Oh no what am I going to do? I don't even have Myrtenaster with me at the moment.

Out of nowhere white fang members came crashing through the windows fully armed and ready. I need to hide quickly, even if this train goes down I can't risk the white fang capturing a schnee as myself and possibly being used as a hostage.


The door was slammed open and one of our workers came running into the room I was currently residing in.

"Quick Ms. schnee, the white fang are here. You need to escape to safety before they make it in h-" the man stopped abruptly when he saw the room. All around him were white fang members who already infiltrated the train.

'You dolt of a man' I thought. I was hiding perfectly in here until you came and reveal that a member of the schnee family was in here.

"Fuck! soldiers get in here. These animals are trying to kill the schnee heir!" shouted the worker.

NO NO NO I screamed in my head. Stop what you're doing immediately you moron, don't tell them anymore they need to know about me. Okay calmed down weiss, you're a schnee and you mustn't be losing your cool. Right after the soldiers came in and I jumped out and ran past them, immediately afterwards they opened fire on the white fang members.

As I ran I could hear so much shooting and screaming behind, oh no it seems like the soldiers are being overrun. Why are there so many of them here, they couldn't have possibly sent so many members just to take down one dust train could they? Did they somehow know I was going to be here? Worst of all did someone sell me out!?

I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice that the screaming stopped, did the soldiers lose? Or have they managed to subdue the white fang? I got my answer when one of the doors behind were smashed open and the white fang was there chasing me. I running out of breath soon, my endurance wasn't quite that high afterall. Luckily I managed to make it to the Engine and locked the metal door behind me, but that would only hold for so long too.

Suddenly I heard a loud banging on the other side of the door. It sounds like they were trying to break down the door to get to me. I rushed to the door to hopefully hold the door back as long as I could, I'm not the most physically strongest but anything helps. I lean my back against the door to hold them back as long as I could but suddenly a sharp blade came through the door and started buzzing. Is that a freaking dust chainsaw!

"AHHHHHH" I screamed whilst covering my ears. Suddenly the chainsaw was pulled back and I heard grunting from behind the door. I peaked through the hole made by the chainsaw to see that there was a mysterious armored man there holding that white fang member with the chainsaw by the neck. With a slight flick the armored man threw him out the windows and into the woods without effort. The armored man's fist suddenly turned into these large clubs and he started hammering away at each white fang member like they were flies. The members of the white fang were shocked at first, but they quickly recovered and attempted to kill the strange man. However they were unable to touch him, and nothing they did was able to slow him down. He just kept attacking and attacking until they all were out the windows or on the ground. Once he was done his hands turned back to normal and he started making his way towards the door. I panicked and attempted to hold the door again, even though I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold against him. I hoped to at least hold him for a few seconds. But I didn't expect him to just walk up and effortlessly pull the door off of it's frame and toss it to the side, and making me fall flat on my face right in front of him. I quickly scrambled to my feet and backed away from him in order to try to get away. But there was nowhere to go, and I was about to scream for help. But then the man spoke.

"Are you alright?"

I paused at looked at him. Why did he ask me that? Is he not going to hurt me? I managed to find my voice and spoke up.

"Who are you? Are you going to try to hurt me too?"

"I was just passing by and saw this train get attacked, and considering the fact that I just saved you means that I am actually trying to help."

Wait. He's trying to help me? But he didn't answer my first question, is he lying? But before I was able to find out the truth. One of the white fang members that was on the ground started to laugh.

"Hehehehe. Stupid fool. The Schnee will pay for what they have done to our kind, and there is nothing you can do to stop it." Then he pulled out a small cylinder and pushed a button that was on the top. And a large explosion happened in the distance.

"That explosion you heard was the bridge that's coming up, and we already disabled the brakes before we started this raid. The little heiress is going to die."

No no no no no no no no no no no no no!.This can't be happening. Am I really going to die here? What should I do? Jump off the train? No. even if I survive that, there is still the grimm to consider. Find one of the people on board and see if they have a way out? No. that might take too long and the white fang might have already killed everyone else. So that's it then. I'm going to die here. Just as I was on the verge of crying the armored man walk towards the engine car, and then to the control station.

And I found myself asking him "What are you doing? That man said the brakes don't work" and he responded.

"I'm setting the train to neutral to hopefully slow it down a bit."

"But the train is still going to go fast enough anyways, so that won't matter."

It was impossible to think that it would actually do something. Was this man all brawn and no brain? This really is it then. I am going to die with an idiot. But then his next words shocked me.

"No it won't. But hopefully this will make it a bit easier for me in the next stage of my plan. Unfortunately this is the only good plan I have and it is going to hurt a bit. Also you may want to hang on to something." Before I could ask him what he was talking about, he broke the front window and leaped up onto the very front of the train. And then he leaped up high into the air and a large distance forwards on to the upcoming tracks. Was he really going to try to….? Oh my Oum he really is stupid. Does he really think he can stop a moving train? I only had time to grab onto a nearby bar and hope he doesn't splatter in here before the train smashed into him and immediately start to slow down. He was actually doing it….. He was stopping the train. And before long the train stopped moving and was still. I was sitting there in shock and only came out of my stupor when I noticed that the man was by my side again.

"Are you alright?' I couldn't find my voice to respond and was only able to look in awe at the man who had saved my life. And then I heard another person speak up.

"Blacklight, I took care of the rest of them. By the way a little warning next time? Kinda hard to fight on a vehicle that suddenly loses all momentum. I mean not for me, but you get the point." I looked over to the doorway and saw a man in black and red wearing a strange looking mask on. The man known as Blacklight looked up and said

"Yeah, the next time we're on a train about to plummet to death I'll make sure to not stop it before I tell about it" he said the with a serious tone but with a little bit of humor mixed in.

"Well you could just shout or something, god knows you can make it loud enough."

His apparent associate responded in the same fashion, before they both started laughing.

Are they both serious? We almost died and they're laughing? What are they thinking? I found myself shouting my thoughts at them.

"What is the matter with the both of you?! We almost died and you're laughing?

If I was mad then, then the armored man's next words made me furious.

"We're fine now aren't we?" he said in a deadpan voice.

Was this man stupid or irresponsible?

"But we could have died! Aren't you at least slightly concerned that we almost died?"

"No, not at all."

"Why not!"

"Because we were in no danger at all. If I wasn't able to stop the train, then I just would have picked you up and jumped off. We would have been fine, and I would've easily been able to handle any Grimm. If that wasn't an option then I would have used whatever it was the the white fang used to get on the train, because they weren't on it before. There were multiple ways to solve this and I was perfectly confident in my abilities. But most of all, I know I would have saved you no matter what." As his speech went on, I found myself slowly becoming less angry, and more and more amazed at the man who had saved my life. He wasn't worrying about having almost died because there was no way he would have died. Was he really that strong? And his friend too, he was the same. These two were acting like it was an everyday thing, because to them it probably was. I found myself wondering what they've been through that makes this seem like nothing in comparison. I knew now that standing before me were two powerful and amazing people, and they had saved my life.

"I….I...I'm sorry for yelling….and….thank you" I said in a meek voice.

"No problem, it was understandable that you were scared, but being able to stay standing and apologizing when you were wrong? That is what it means to be a great person, and being strong just helps." This man saved my life and did it without worry, I will follow his advice, since he seems to know what he's talking about. Then his friend spoke.

"Blacklight it seems like everything is good here, one of the soldiers defending the train had a distress beacon that I activated. More should be here soon. It would be best to leave. Also I have to say, what is with you and saving random kids? This is what? The fourth one? All girls too? You trying to tell me something?"

Fourth one? Girls? There were more like me?

"Oh shut up, kids have no way to defend themselves. You know that as well as I do."

"And the fact that they were all girls?"

"Coincidence. I just saved the kids that were in trouble. The fact that they were girls has nothing to do with it."


"Oh shut up. How about you save the next one then?"

"Fine… you lolitype"

"Did you just make a fucking pun?"

"Yes, yes I fucking did"

"I'll get you back for that, mark my words."

"You can try buddy. Anyway we really need to get going now"

"You're right, we'll save this for later."

I was barely able to keep up with their banter, but upon their last words they were gone. Then I heard the faint sounds of bullheads flying in the air, and went outside to signal them. The soldiers that came out got me onboard and we were flying away. The whole ride back I kept thinking about the things I heard, the advice, the possible others,the possibility of more,and the easy-going attitude they both had. It all just seemed overwhelming and I didn't even realize how tired I was. Though there was one more thing I didn't understand.

"What in dusts name is a 'lolitype'?"

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