Chapter 3: Origins part 1- The Virus

Michael's Point of View

My name is Michael Steele and the worst day of my life started with my car breaking down. The damn thing just wouldn't start no matter how hard I tried. I was forced to take the underground subway in order to go anywhere, namely my job as a minor researcher for Gentek. Luckily I wasn't someone who was working on a top secret project, those poor bastards had so much security it's not even funny. Instead I was just looking into something else that was made public, a research group had to show some public results afterall. My research was about aquatic based viruses and how they survive underwater. I had the night shift this time around because the project we were working on required constant attention 24/7. And I got the short stick this time, having to go to work at one in the morning. I got off track, anyway, back to the story. I was riding the subway and during the ride some drunk guy barfed on my pants, With my car breaking down, being forced to ride a disgusting train and having to go to work at night, which was one of the most dangerous times in a big city, wasn't an indication of a bad day, then that certainly was. I had to spend my entire ride coated in that stench. I couldn't wait to get to work where they had facilities I could use to clean up, and where I had spare clothes. The train arrived to my stop and I got out of there as quickly as I could, but I ran into something I didn't expect to see in the main station. I thought I saw one of the other researchers, one of the ones who worked on one of the secret projects, I think his name was Alex, but I wasn't sure. But he was wearing a leather jacket and a hood so it was hard to tell if it was really him from the brief flash of his face. It didn't really matter to me so I just kept walking along. It was then that three people came rushing towards Alex and pulled guns out. I froze and stood looking at the situation. These men obviously wanted Alex for something and I didn't want to find out, I made to move away but before I did Alex pulled something out of his pocket and went to throw it on the ground. But before he did the men shot at him and killed him, but one of the bullets strayed away and hit his arm instead. His arm jerked and what was in his hand went flying over to me and landed right in front of me. I saw what it was just before it hit the ground, a vial containing a dark red liquid that turned into a mist as it was freed. As it broke, all the pieces came together. Alex was working on something secret, something that could possibly be deadly, three men with guns followed and killed him, which with his tight security meant that he was doing something he shouldn't. And a vial filled with some liquid flew from his hand and landed on me and broke, exposing me to whatever was inside. The men looked at the vial and looked at me, then they raised their guns without word. I only had time to think 'well fuck me' before I was shot in the head.

I thought I died right then and there, but then something else came. Pain. Horrible pain like nothing I ever felt before could ever compare to what I was feeling then. My body felt as if it was eating itself which ,now that I think about it, was technically right. My body was eating itself while at the same time becoming stronger. Of course I didn't realize that at the time. My thinking was more along the lines of, pain pain pain MAKE IT STOP! Pain pain pain. Then all of a sudden it stopped and I was laying on the ground, back in the subway. It was a relief that the pain stopped and all I cared about was how I didn't feel anymore pain. Then a boot kicked my side and I was brought back to the world again. It took time to put my thoughts back in order and I almost forgot how I ended up in this situation. Then I remembered what happened and was shocked that I was still alive. Then the kick came again and with it were voices.

"Is he dead?"

"Yeah he's not responding to anything, and he's not breathing."

'What? Are they talking about me? I'm not responding because I'm still trying to get my thoughts back together. And I am obviously breathing…. I'm not breathing.' It was a shock to realize that the man was right and that I didn't feel my lungs doing what they were supposed to do. I panicked and checked my body over. My lungs weren't working, heart wasn't beating, but I could still feel my fingers and toes. I tried moving then and to my surprise they moved. I felt relieved because that meant I wasn't dead, despite the fact my heart wasn't beating.

"Did his fingers just move? Check him again now" I heard shouting, and I still didn't know what was going on. If my fingers and toes worked, maybe my eyes will too? I tried to move them and felt them slowly open, allowing me to see a terror-filled face.

"Holy shit! His eyes just opened!"

"Well shoot him again, you dumbass!"

Then I felt more pain as my body once again became target practice for these men. Then one of them came up and kicked me again. It was then I felt this powerful hunger and before anyone knew what was happening I jumped up and snapped that man's neck. And that's when things started getting weird, and my body naturally created several bridges between my body and his. Then I felt my body start to consume his in a similar fashion to what I felt before. Except this time there was no pain, and I only felt a kind of pleasure as my hunger was sated and I felt better than I have in years. I ate his entire body in seconds and not a single drop of blood was left behind. I then looked over to the other men as I felt the hunger come back, though it was less intense this time, and I went over to give my body what it wanted. I rushed forward as the men fired at me again. I was pushed back as I was hit, but the bullets came out of my body as it healed. I moved again and punched one of the men, and my fist went through his chest and out the other side and I consumed him as well. I then went towards the final man and grabbed his collar and I pulled him over my head and slammed him face first into the floor, cracking both the floor and his neck at the same time, then I consumed him. I still felt this slight hunger but there was no one left. Then I saw Alex's body on the ground and moved over to it. I then punched him through his skull and consumed him. But then something new happened, I felt his mind combine with my own and suddenly I knew everything he knew. He left because the other researchers that worked with him all started disappearing and he knew that they were being killed. After they realized that the virus killed everything it touched instead of what they were told it would do, cure some types of cancer. But before he left he took a sample of the project with him, the project sample called Blacklight. He was going to leave and expose what Gentek had done, but was caught and in order to make sure that the world knew what was going on, he was going to release the virus and have it kill people. 'That son of a bitch!' Was my first thought I was sure was my own. The next one was the realization that I killed three people and ate their corpses. I felt horrified and sick emotionally but was physically fine. I felt like nothing was wrong and I even felt like I was much stronger, but that didn't help my mind. I didn't know what to do and I just rushed home as fast as I could. The whole way there I couldn't help but feel that someone was watching me, I felt as if there was someone who needed to speak with me, but as I got closer to home it stopped. I went straight to my bed without stopping to do anything else, I didn't have to go to the bathroom and I definitely wasn't hungry. I went to bed and just fell there with my clothes still on and tried to fall asleep.

It took me about three hours to realize that I couldn't sleep anymore and I moved over to the T.V to watch the news. But then I felt it again, a voice in the back of my head. It was faint like it was barely there, but at the same time it was screaming in its urgency in trying to call to me. I got up and went towards the door, and stopped when I went past a mirror. I looked into the face that was there. The face of a man I killed. Alex Mercer's face stared at me with a shock that matched my own, and it took me a minute to find out that I WAS Alex. Not just the face, but also the body and even clothes. I looked and felt my skin move and suddenly I was the man whose neck I snapped. I panicked and screamed.

"What the fuck is going on! I can't get you people out of my head and now I can't even get you out of my own skin?!"

I tried so hard to focus on myself.

"That's not me…. That's not what I look like."

I thought of myself and tried to turn back to normal. When I looked again I saw my short black hair, with my tall body back to the way it was before. But most importantly I saw my own eyes, my silver eyes that looked kind and piercing at the same time.

"Thank god."

I looked and felt relieved that I could still be myself. Then I grew curious and thought of Alex again, this time focusing on myself. I felt and saw my body as I became covered in tendrils and in a second I turned back into Alex. Then I turned back and forth between the two of us before settling back on my own form. I felt an urge to just walk around as someone else and not have to worry about anything. But the four men I can turn into will have people looking for them, people who might try to kill me. In order to walk around as someone else will mean I have to… that is not an option. So I just stayed as myself. 'Although…. Alex's jacket looked kinda cool'. I thought this to myself before pausing and then shifted again to myself but this time wearing a black leather jacket with a symbol of two red wings on the back and a grey hood that came with it. 'Perfect'. With that settled, the next thing to do was to find out who was in my brain and why. So I left my apartment and kept walking, without any real idea where I was going. The funny thing was that the voice in my head was like a radar. It went quiet when I was going the right way and was screeching when I went the wrong way. I turned into an alley and was about halfway when I found out the other side was fenced off. I turned back and found a group of thugs waiting for me.

"Well what do we have here. Looks like someone is lost."

Not responding I just booked it back to the fence in order to try to climb the ten-foot fence. I ran and made to jump onto the fence to get a head start, but I ended up flying through the air and was well over the fence. I landed on the other side with a crack as I broke the concrete. 'That was awesome! I just jumped like 30-feet!' I thought to myself as I kept walking. Then I couldn't help but wonder. 'So I can eat people, Survive getting shot to pieces, and jump high in the air. What, do I have super strength? Can I run up walls? Can I fly!?' I laughed at myself. 'Even if I can do some things, I doubt I could do any of that. Although... it couldn't hurt to test it right? So I went to a nearby abandoned place and walked up to a wall, then I brought my fist back. 'I hope I don't do something stupid.' I punched the stone wall and it crumbled like it was nothing. 'Huh, that actually worked. So super strength is a yes, what about running up walls?' I ran straight at the wall and did a little leap up to it. When I didn't fall I tried running and I found Myself quickly at the top. "So that works too, well now it's time for the big question."

"Can I Fly?" I ran towards the edge and jumped as high as I could. Then in the air my body naturally reacted and I spread my arms and legs out. I noticed some sort of red and black vapor come out of my arms and legs and I grew concerned. 'Am I spreading the virus around? If so I could be killing people!' My worries were dispelled however when I felt the vapor die out somehow. 'Good I'm not killing people.' It was then I noticed the most important fact. 'Holy shit I'm flying!' I felt the wind against me and saw the street below. The alarmingly fast approaching street. 'Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shi-' I fell face first on the pavement and then got up from the already healing injury. 'So, note to self. I can fly but not for very long. It's more of a glide now that I think of it.' So I spent the next hour or so just running up buildings and gliding between them. 'How come not a single person has their window open. Like, I understand it's five in the morning, but not a single person? What the hell.' The whole time I was doing that I expect some people to see me or yell at me for running on their window but no one was there. In a city with that many people living in it, that was no coincidence. 'Well whatever, I'm getting close to the voice anyway.' I was almost to my destination and answers. 'So where the fuck are you hiding…..'

'oh you have to be fucking kidding me.' The building I was looking at was one I was very familiar with, my workplace. 'Gentek, what are you hiding?' I went down to take a look and I saw what looked about like 15 soldiers with guns. I say 'about' because they didn't look like normal soldiers, they were dressed fully in black with blue visors for the eyes. 'Well it seems like I'm not getting into there, better just head back.' And I was going to do just that, but the voice came back louder than ever.


'Well shit, it's either deal with the guards or the voice.' The guards were dangerous sure, but having someone digging into my mind was not a pleasant experience. And so I made my choice. That was how that on the worst day of my life…

I made the worst mistake of my life, and I unleashed the start of the apocalypse.

I waited for one of the guards to break away from the rest, Then I snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the back with my hand and then I consumed him. I took his identity and uniform then made my way back to the others. It was just embarrassing how easy it was to pick them all off one by one. I decided to kill them all because of the memories the first one had, all of the men there were murderers,psychopaths, and sociopaths all wrapped up in one neat little bundle. They were men who would do anything, and I mean anything, to get the job done. The weird thing is that none of them knew why they were there, a scout force of a military group made for biological warfare, sent to check up on things. At least that was what the commander had been told, the others didn't even realize they were on an important mission. What they did know, was that the men who killed Mercer were supposed to report to them when the situation was handled, which they never did thanks to me. So they were waiting for a call that never came, and the commander of the squad was just about to report to headquarters. But then I came along again and killed him before he could call. This meant that no one except for me had any idea of what had happened to Mercer and his virus. I walked inside the tower and went all the way to the top floor, and went to the only room on that room was dark and I could only see the middle since it had only a small light and the walls were completely shrouded in shadows. It had a smaller room in the middle made of glass, which looked like a cage. Then I met her, Elizabeth Greene. The woman behind the voice. She was locked in a glass cage and looked horrible, wounds on her face ,with her hair cut strangely, and with dead soulless eyes. I walked up and shifted into my real form, then asked the one thing I wanted to know most.

"Why are you in my head?"

She didn't say a word but instead got up and walked towards the door. She then broke it off like it was nothing and came towards me. And I wasn't about to just sit there and let the creepy lady come towards me. I tried to run but found my way blocked by a big-ass monster with no face. I looked around more carefully and saw the walls were covered in what appeared to be a red sludge. Then a large mound that was there suddenly popped and another monster came out. These things looked like a mix of a gorilla and a wolf with pink flesh and only a mouth on it's face. More came out of the darkness and started circling me.

"Okay, so you have my attention and I'm not going anywhere. What now?"

Then Greene walked up and touched my head. I felt a pulse go through my body. My mind was filled with a vision, that red sludge was everywhere, the sky was red, more monsters of different kinds filled the streets, and at the center of it was her. And me? I was standing by her side covered in black chitin like armor.

'Oh fuck no. I'm not going through this bullshit.' Ruler of the world? Fuck that I just want to live. I broke away from her and moved towards one of the wall and broke through to the outside. However, before I left I heard her speak, and the words sent a chill down my spine.

"I am your mother, and I will have what mine. And with what I learned from your mind, nothing will stop the spread now..." I wasn't able to question what she said as I began falling down many stories to the ground below. Before I hit however I noticed I had company coming with me. Those fucking things jumped out after me. I hit the ground and tucked into a roll to get clear of the dropping point. When they dropped I had a crazy idea. 'What would happen if I consumed one of these things?' I paused for a second before just going for it. 'Fuck it, I'm basically immortal anyway.' I waited for the first one to land then rushed him. I grabbed him, but the fucker pulled me off. So I then tried to punch his ass till he was almost dead, but he was a better fighter than I thought, It took a while to get him down but I managed to eat the fucker before his friends interrupted. And when I did I felt like I could take on all of those things. But then something awesome happened. My hands suddenly started to feel like they do when I shift, so I let them do what they wanted. My hands shifted and I had claws the size of my head on each of my fingers. I then looked to the other monsters….I need a name for these things.

'Eh, I can do that later. For what I'll do now? I will consume them all. All of these things will be mine, there were what, 40 of them? I could do that. Now then…..

"Which of you fuckers will be first?"

*One day later*

I was back at my house resting after I killed those 'Hunters'. I named them hunters because it was slightly ironic at how they were supposed to kill me but ended up getting eaten instead. I tried to find Greene but she disappeared. With nothing else to do I just went home, and tried to plan out what I was going to do. I was focusing on my body and seeing what I could do with it. I was able to make my eyes see thermal and my fists turn into giant hammer-like clubs.I actually tried to make the armor I saw from my vision, but all I got was a shield instead. Still I got an upgrade to both my offence and defense so I was happy. I also tried experimenting with my body's regenerating, which is a fancy way of saying I repeatedly cut myself to see what would happen. I removed one of my limbs and was able to grow a new one in a matter of seconds. I then consumed the removed limb so that there was no waste. Then I turned to the news and saw something disturbing, the entire city was put under quarantine. No one could enter or leave without the permission of…...them, fucking Blackwatch. This got me pissed, they were already killing anyone who tried to leave. So I decided to pay them a little visit. I flew to their base across the city. I changed into one of their troopers and then walked right in, it was so easy. I just snuck around consuming people one after another. Learned a bunch of neat stuff, like how to fire an assault rifle, a heavy machine gun, a grenade launcher, I also learned some call signs to bring down an artillery strike, and how to pilot a tank….Which I immediately put to the test. Then I did something that was fun, awesome, and stupid all at the same time. I got into the tank and took aim at the building, then I unloaded everything I had. It was funny seeing the calm soldiers suddenly jump and run around at what was happening. I'll give them credit, they found out I wasn't on their side quickly and reacted pretty fast. Unfortunately they couldn't do much seeing as I was in a fucking tank, so I was able to blow up the building. Then I decided to make my grand appearance. Still disguised I hopped out of the tank and stood on top of the tank while looking at the soldiers. They paused then as one they shot at me. I felt the bullets go through my head and a couple went where my heart was. I started to laugh like some kind of crazy psychopath in order to kick up the fear that was present, before I healed and felt the bullets leave my body. Finally the kicker I shifted to my claw power, and went to town on the soldiers. Slicing through them like butter, I killed and consumed them all. Then I ran up a nearby building and left by gliding away. Later I realized how easy it was to take a life and became disgusted, for a bit, then it kept getting easier and easier. When I was sure that no one could see me I shifted back to my original form and walked with my hands in my pockets. 'Heh, I wonder how they're going to respond to that.' Oh if only I knew.

*Two days later*

Blackwatch responded with an overwhelming show of force combined with the forces that the army came , choppers,and most importantly and frustrating for me, virus detectors. The damn things raised an alarm whenever I stayed near them for too long, but luckily I had a couple seconds of free time before any alarm went off. Sneaking into bases was more challenging and a lot more fun. I spent my time in the previous days fighting against Blackwatch and just generally messing with the soldiers. It's fun playing with them and picking them off one by one, putting blame on others and, leaving bloody spots for them to find. Now by this point I no longer cared about killing them, it was like a slippery slope and it just got easier after awhile, even to the soldiers that could be considered good. In my head they were all the same and they were creating more problems than they solved. That wasn't the worst of it, Greene made an appearance on the third day. It wasn't her exactly, but I recognized the hunters. Greene unleashed the virus and it spread like wildfire. It was suddenly popping up everywhere and even affected the buildings. The buildings became factories for the virus which caused it to spread even faster. I saw all this and started to target the buildings to slow the spread down. I also went and consumed as many infected as I could.. It turns out that the infected kept some form of the original mind, not enough to actually be considered human, but enough to have some memories of their previous life stored away. I learned a bunch of useful things like different languages, some basic combat forms of different types, and the most important was that I learned to detect different gene types and what they mean. With this I could mix and match on my own now, as I didn't have to copy others. Copying others however was still the fastest way to change, for now that is. So I was just gliding around and consuming things when I got a new power. My whole right arm turned into large lumpy mass with blades sticking out all over. It also had two large blades coming out of where my fingers used to be. I put it to the test and found out it was made to stretch a large distance and cut up groups instead of singular targets.'This is going to make killing these infected a breeze.' Then I moved into one of the bases to kill it from the inside, but found something strange. There was Blackwatch equipment all around the place and the hive looked dormant.

"Huh, that's pretty strange. What's all this stuff doing here." Then all of a sudden I heard a voice from above.

"You are a hard man to find Zeus, Now let's see if you're hard to kill." A soldier repelled down from the roof and pulled out a grenade launcher then started firing at me.

'I've killed thousands of these fucking soldiers and this guy thinks he can take me on? Oh this is going to be fun.' I waited for the perfect moment between him firing and reloading and then I used my new power to stab him in the head. He didn't expect it and I got him in the head, then pulled him to me and consumed the fucker who I now know as Robert Cross."Guess making new powers was the right thing to do, he didn't have the intel on my...whip..fist...thing. Yeah whipfist, that works." Anyway this guy was planning on injecting me with some sort of anti-virus, to hopefully kill me.

"And how did that work out for you dumbass? You're dead thanks to the new power I got from all the conflict and fighting, and now there is nothing you can do to fight me. I'll easily be able to handle anything…


and grow predictable and overconfident which could be used against me. If only there was some way I could get some sort of unpredictable outcome that would help me adapt, something that could give me a boost of some sort, like a enemy that had some sort of ability like super strength or something that could fly or some sort of extreme control over the...virus… Wait.

"I'm not really thinking about this right?" I located the anti-virus that Cross had and paused for a second. "This is either an amazing idea or one that is really going to hurt." So I prepared myself by getting all my cells ready to completely eat whatever was in this thing and brought my hand up to stab myself. I almost did it but I paused first.

"Whoa that was stupid, I should inject this shit into something else then absorb that, It's should focus its efforts on what I inject then I could just absorb everything." So I went to the nearby wall that had the sludge on it that formed a giant lump. I injected the thing and watched as a glowing lump formed on it. "Wow it would suck to have that on me…. So let's eat the fucking thing." I stabbed through the lump and consumed the entire thing. Then came the expected pain, a pain that made me roll on the floor in agony.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" It was very painful, but brief as the whole thing lasted for only seconds. When I could think clearly, I found myself on the floor with my hands and knees down and gasping, not for air for some reason, just because the gasping brought some sort of psychological relief. Anyway I found myself on my hands or rather my hand. One of my hands had become a giant curved blade as long as my body, it was connected to my elbow and I was leaning on my elbow. My other hand was completely black and seemed thicker and covered in armor but still was as easy to move as my regular form. Then I got up and noticed that the armor covered my entire body, and I got slightly pissed when I saw the same armor from Greene's vision.

"Thats right, I still need to get to that bitch. How I'm going to do that is the question." I needed to find some way to find Greene and kill her. I haven't seen her since the start. She's been hiding somewhere. I tried to think of where that could be.

"She has to be somewhere that keeps her hidden, but also somewhere she can stay safe if she gets discovered, and somewhere she can easily spread the infection. An abandoned building maybe?...

No with the spread of the infection, the building will be noticeable, but not being in a building means that pretty much everywhere is ruled out. …..

"Unless she's underground, in the subway." It made sense, it was somewhere that she couldn't be found, it was easy to defend as many groups that could kill her would be funneled and easy to pick off, and the tunnels lead all over the city so she could spread the infection in the tunnels and have it pop out whenever and wherever she wanted. I smirked.

"Found you~" But then my smirk turned into a frown. "But how am I going to get to you?" Like I said before the tunnels were easily defended, especially with an army filling the entirety of it. But then unexpectedly one of Cross' memories gave me the key. They were making something known as bloodtox and it was apparently effective against the infection. They were going to start deploying it soon, the reason that they hadn't already was probably because the production is slow or something like that. It was going to be a couple of days until then, so I have to wait for it to arrive. Then I actually have to find a way to deploy it underground. There was a lot I had to prepare for, with a decent amount of time to do it with.

"So let's get started" I said while smirking.

*4 Days later*

It took a lot of time to get everything ready, for the bloodtox to arrive, for them to start deploying it, and for me to sneak in and give them a reason to get bloodtox underground. The last was a bitch to do, not in the sneaking, but to actually start having them to deploy it in the tunnels was tricky. Greene was clever in hiding the infection away from any entrances. But I managed to find evidence of a much larger infection underground, and that got blackwatch panicking. From then on it was a matter of course to get the bloodtox underground. Before I did all of that there was one thing that needed to be done first, I had to expose myself to bloodtox in order to get an immunity to it. I snuck out a sample and went to an excluded area and released the bloodtox on myself. And once again I experienced pain in my whole body. And once again I made it through just fine. Not just that, but I felt all of my abilities growing stronger. I could run faster, jump higher, and glide farther. I could turn my body into different types of weapons and could feel them all becoming better, stronger, and more deadly. And then came the biggest weapons, the aptly named devastators, a mass of tendrils that explode out of my body and destroy everything in a radius, spikes that erupt from the ground around me impaling everything, and perhaps most devastating, I am able to shoot a mass of concentrated tendrils out of my hands. The last is only a single target attack but there is nothing I found that is able to survive it. Unfortunately I am not the only one to grow more powerful. Greene has more than just hunters now. The first arrived in mass and only reinforced the fact that she was underground, large worm-like things that Blackwatch are calling hydras. These were somewhat easy to kill, just throw shit like cars at them or hijack a military vehicle and shoot them. It was the other type of new infected that I was worried about, I ran into it when I was killing a hive. I thought it was a hunter at first but it was different. It was larger, more deformed, and much stronger. It took me a while to fight and consume the bastard but I still managed to win, I haven't seen anymore of the leader hunters but it was only a matter of time. The time has come to put an end to Greene and all her little pets. I disguised myself as a commander and went with the convoy to where the underground infection was believed to be the most concentrated. By this point in time a large portion of the city was infected and in ruin. We set up a pump that drilled into the ground and pumped the bloodtox gas down into the underground. When we started there were tremors all over the place, and then hunters burst out of the ground and started slaughtering people.

"Oh no you fucking don't, I am not going to lose you when you are this close" I snarled and shifted into my armored form, then brought my blade out. I started to slice any hunter within reach, and kept on cutting them apart. Arms, claws, legs, and heads were flying through the air as I sliced the hunters into pieces. Within seconds they were all dead. Then the hydras came and I just used my tendril barrage devastator and destroyed them all in one go. However, then multiple leader hunters came and I had to fight them. I killed two with a spike graveyard devastator which left three remaining. I ran towards one and sliced at its leg. The leg didn't get removed but the slice still went pretty deep. And then I followed it up by grabbing another leg, throwing the creature up and stabbing my blade through it's body when it came back down. I absorbed it and moved on to the next one. This time I ran by and sliced as deep as I could go and kept running, making a large slash from the rear to front of it's body, and it ended up going all the way through and split it in half. For the final one I noticed it was distracted by a group of soldiers. I jumped as high as I could and used my powers to maneuver above the hunter and, then I dropped from above and sliced off it's head with my blade. With that dealt with I went by the pump and stood guard, and put away my blade. The soldiers surrounding me just froze as if they didn't know what to do, and watched me with their weapons raised. I didn't pay them any mind and just waited for what I wanted. I didn't have to wait long as more tremors happened, they were bigger this time too. Then a large mass came out of the ground. It was large, and around the size of about three tanks stacked on top of eachother. I saw what appeared to be a person where the face would be.

"Greene…" She was here and I was going to be able to kill her and end this madness.

I charged at her and activated my Critical Pain devastator. My hands pointed towards her and a large mass of tendrils came out and rapidly impaled Greene. She shrieked and made more hunters then sent them after me. But I didn't take the bait and instead jumped past them all to get to her. I landed and picked up a nearby car and threw it at her, it hit but didn't do that much. Then all of a sudden these green orbs materialized from her before they quickly flew towards me. I dodged two but got hit by the third one, it hurt but not as much as I was expecting it to. It seemed like electricity but also not at the same time. I recovered and moved by her, when I was close I used my spike graveyard devastator and several spikes erupted from the ground and hit her. She fell to the ground after my spikes retracted and I ran towards her while shifting into my claws. I was mere feet from her so I began slashing at any part of her I could reach. Before long she broke apart from her large body and fell to the ground. I slowly walked towards her and she tried to crawl away. The hunters from earlier were finally able to reach me, but they all died as I just stabbed them when they got close. I reached Greene and I shifted my hands back to normal then grabbed her by the throat and lifted her. I couldn't help myself from doing this slowly, it just felt right. I was about to finish her when I heard what seemed to be a large explosion,I turned around and saw a fireball right in front of my face. It hit and sent me back while I also lost my grip on Greene. I got up as fast as I could and was greeted by the sight of Greene being picked up by a hunter and carried off.

"NO! DAMNIT I WAS SO CLOSE, I SHOULD HAVE JUST KILLED HER!" I screamed. 'What just happened? What hit me?' I looked over to where that fireball came from and saw a man fighting some hunters, the shocking part was that he was strong enough to easily kill them, and was even outpacing the hunters. Then I saw him do something that made me rage, he shot a fireball at a hunter, turning it to ash. 'So it was that son of a bitch that stopped me from killing Greene. I am going to KILL HIM' I brought my sword out and rushed straight at him. My thoughts at the time were nothing but rage. 'Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill…. KILL HIM'

Titanwalker- Whelp, I hope you enjoyed my little chapter about Blacklight, or should I say Michael Steele. Since this chapter was my OC, it was mostly done by me. And let me tell you that it was a bitch to write. I have a much higher opinion about authors and writers that do so much of this stuff. Seriously, this took much longer than I thought it would but I just couldn't bring myself to write anything for awhile. But anyway, this has been the origin part 1- the virus, I hope you are prepared for the next part where we find out who this mysterious man who has been here since chapter 1 really is.

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