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Chapter 9: Meet The World

Michael wanted to do good and not rush off on an unnecessary quest to kill a gang, but it was hard just doing nothing. He wanted to dish out punishment where it was needed. So he decided to do just that and kill whatever was in the way. The only problem was his super perceptive roommate, who he felt already knew something was going on. That meant Michael need to do it quickly before Magatsu could catch on. So he left the apartment and made his way towards his job, but stopped halfway there. He pulled out his scroll and made a call to his boss, saying that he wouldn't be able to make it to work today. He then went downtown, trying to find any source of information. However he was unable to locate anything that could give him a clue.

He wasted several hours looking manually, and his powers were only helpful if he actually knew what he was looking for. Then he remembered something that Magatsu had told him about 2 months after they started working, people tell all sorts of secrets in bars, it might be a long shot but whatever works right? So he went to the first one he could find, which happened to also be a nightclub. He shifted into a disguise, a bald man with a fancy suit. He walked in past the bouncers who looked at him suspiciously but still let him in. He walked over to the bar and sat down at a stool next to a dark haired man who had multiple bottles and seemed completely smashed. He motioned to the bartender who walked over.

"What can I get you?"

"Surprise me."

The drunk man barked out a laugh.

"That's pansy talk for 'I don't know but want to sound cool'. How about you get a real drink?"

At least that's what Michael thought he said, it came out more or less in gibberish. But he decided to humor the man.

"I would care more, but I literally can't get drunk so it's kind of pointless, I really only came here to waste some time."

The man stopped mid drink and looked at Michael.

"That's sad." He paused to take another drink.

"Yeah, god knows sometimes you just need a good drink….or ten." Honestly drinking was one of the few things that Michael missed. The days of going out to drink just to wake up in somewhere strange, like the junkyard, now that was a weird Tuesday. The other man nodded slowly, as if Michael spoke words of great wisdom.

"That's true. I like you already, the names Qrow." He stuck his hand out, although it was a bit to the side.

"Michael" They shook hands, then Qrow spoke again.

"But seriously, you can't get drunk at all, not even a little bit?" Michael let out a laugh and thought for a bit, his body automatically adapted to make him immune to alcohol. To get over that would take an incredibly large amount.

"Maybe? I'm largely immune to mostly anything, but it might be possible if both the drink is strong enough and I drink a ton. But I think the most I would feel is slightly warm, maybe a buzz if I'm lucky." Qrow slammed his hands down and started ordering the strongest the bar had. Seeing an opportunity in the making, the bartender, Junior on his tag, immediately started passing drinks to Michael. A couple hours later led to Qrow trying to match Michael drink for drink, and even with the amount he had already drank he was putting up a good fight. Eventually, they reached a point where they had to stop. Qrow stopped drinking and passed out on the bar, and Michael began to worry about the amount of money he was spending. However, after the drinking was done he began talking to the bartender, who was happy that a drinking contest ended without a fight for once, gave Michael the information he came for.

It wasn't the exact way he wanted it done, but he still got what he wanted so Michael counted that as a win. Although the drinking contest that happened was pretty fun. It was actually funny how that other man kept trying to get him drunk, without success. It was dark when he left the club, Magatsu should be heading to his job around now. That should give him most of the night to do what he's already done before in 20 minutes. And this isn't even a military base, so it should be even easier. He paused. However this time he's trying to rescue people inside, and not completely destroy everything. He shook his head and kept walking. He'll burn that bridge when he comes to it.

In the meantime he needs to figure out how he's going to do this. Sneak in through the roof? No it's a warehouse, so there might not be a roof entrance. Back door might be an option, but It would be guarded and might be better as an exit for the people so it would be best to not draw attention there. Well that really only leaves one option. Front door it is! Michael just chuckled and put his earbuds in, listening to his music.

"Monster huh? That's fitting."

Arriving at the warehouse, Michael climbed up a nearby roof and observed the scene. There was definitely activity there, guards patrolling, workers hauling crates in and out, and the entire complex had large walls that blocked the outside.

'How have the cops not seen this. It's pretty fucking obvious something's going on here. Well that just makes it easier.

Dropping down into the shadows he waited for one of the workers to get close. He grabbed someone and pulled them in, snapping their neck in the process. Then he consumed the worker and took their place. He made his way into the warehouse, and thanks to the worker he knew exactly where to go.

Along the way he planned the route that the people he came for need to take to escape. It was lucky that there were walls set up all over the place so no one saw him kill the guards, it was a pretty big building. While walking he consumed the guards along the path he set up, taking the form of one.

The black uniform and equipment did look good. Then when he was done he made his way to the cage room. He walked up to the guard outside of the room and stabbed the guard in the throat with his hand. He went to consume him but stopped when he had a better idea. "The dead guard will give more evidence to prove that I'm there to save them."

The door swung in and the first thing he noticed was the smell. It stunk worse than a barn in there, there was no ventilation and there was feces everywhere. The second thing he noticed was that there was barely any light.

Michael walked forward further into the room. He finally found what he came there for, the people who were locked up. He noted with some amusement that some were glaring at him, that amusement disappeared when he saw others that had a blank look. He moved to the middle of the room and clapped his hands, hard.

*SMACK SMACK* A powerful echo moved around the room, shocking everyone there.

"Hello everyone, I'm here to get you all out." A few of them brightened up at that, but that was quelled when one spoke up.

"The fuck, don't play with us Leo. We know you're here to take someone else." A larger man with brown hair and dog ears was the one who spoke up. It was then that Michael realized what happened.

"Oh I'm sorry. I forgot to remove the disguise."

The other man yelled back.

"Fuck you, you piece of shit." Michael just shrugged and shifted into a copy of the other man. Then smiled when he saw the shocked faces.

"Let's try this again." It took a bit but the voice was copied as well.

"I'm here because things like this shouldn't happen. So I am going to save you and let you leave." An older man spoke up when Michael stopped talking.

"You'll need the key from the boss' room." Michael just laughed and walked over to the old man's cage.

"No I won't." He placed his hands on the bars and effortlessly moved them to the side. Michael then went around and did the same for the others. He counted and there ended up being a good 30 people in here.

"I've already gone ahead and remove everyone blocking the path to the exit. I didn't do everyone so it's best to be quick and quiet. Follow me." Michael walked out without stopping to see if anyone was following, the footsteps that happened after were all he needed. He chuckled when he heard a gasp after they walked out into the halls.

He kept walking along the path he laid out, past where the consumed guards left bloodstains. And then finally they reached the back door. Michael motioned for the group to stop. Then walked through closing the door behind him. There were two guards on the other side and Michael simply bashed their heads together.

He then opened the door and gestured for them to come out. One puked when they saw the body and the others went pale, only a few like the man whose face he borrowed and the old man showed no reaction.

"Well here we are. Freedom! You can all go where you want." They then started running past him, but the old man stayed to say some things.

"What about you?" Michael simply gave a smile that would make a shark jealous. Then shifted into his normal form.

"I'm going back in there to let everyone in this city know why this was a bad idea." The old man simply nodded his head.

"Just to let you know, there was one more person they had captive, apparently there was something special about her so they gave her a private room."

"Thank you for your information, good luck." Michael then walked inside and closed the door behind him. He walked through the halls making his way to the boss of this place. He found the room easily and rushed the shocked guards on the outside. He then walked up and knocked on the door. He waited a bit then knocked again. Waited. Knocked. Waited. Knocked. Waited. Broke the door down. Waited.

"Who the fuck are you!?" A large man dressed in fancy clothes yelled out.

There we go. Michael smiled and took in the room. It was fancy with decorations everywhere, even a couple of swords on the wall. Although it appeared that a small dagger was missing. He then looked to the shocked man and frowned.

"Nice place, how many people died to get it?"

"Fuck you, why the fuck are you here!?"

Michael walked over to the wall with the swords and picked a shortsword up.

"Answer the question."

"Fuck you, I'm calling the guards and they're going to kill you."

Michael simply sighed and threw the sword as hard as he could towards the man, causing it to go straight through his kneecap. A good portion of the sword broke, while the rest was stuck in his leg.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!" The man screamed out loudly. Michael tsked as he walked over to crouch by the man.

"You should have just answered the question. But since you didn't give me a number, I won't give you a number."

"What the fuck are you talking abo-" He was interrupted why Michael punched him in the face.


Michael then kept punching and punching over and over until the man was nothing but a bloody mess. Michael the stood up and sighed in relief.

"Well that's that over with. Now then, where is...ahh." He saw a door to another room. That must be where the last person is. He walked over and gently opened the door. It was a dark windowless room, with a tile floor and only a simple bed pushed against the edge. Michael walked over to the bed and saw someone sleeping. How could anyone sleep with the yelling that just occurred? Whatever. Michael walked over and pulled the cover to see, nothing? He paused the looked around, dropping the cover on the floor. There was no one here. Did they already escape? That old man said 'her' and he didn't see a single woman around.

"Where did you go?" Suddenly the blanket wrapped around his legs and something hit him in the face, which normally wouldn't have knocked him over but it came out of nowhere. Before he knew it he was on the ground being straddled by a woman with multicolor hair and eyes who began stabbing him in the throat with a small dagger repeatedly. Michael mentally rolled his eyes as he realized what happened.

Apparently little miss stabby got tired of this and is now trying to get out, probably thinking he was one of the people who kept her here. He'll just play dead until she gets it out of her system. It shouldn't take too long.

*Thirty Minutes Later*

She let out a breath as her arm finally got tired. She knew she probably saved her strength for escaping, but it felt so good to finally get back at the fuckers who kept her here. She was lucky that her room was soundproof.

She got up and moved to the doorway, idly wondering why no one stopped her. That guy should've had to have gotten past the room he came from, and there was no way that happened unless he was allowed. So why did nobody notice him taking too long. When she walked out she got her answer.

There was a bloody corpse that looked more like processed meat than a person. She looked over at the entrance and saw the door was busted down, and through the door she caught sight of another corpse. Who the hell could have caused this? The only other person besides her was…. Ohhhhh. Oops.

She winced and looked over at the person she killed. It took her a second to realize something was wrong. Mainly that corpses that were stabbed for 30 minutes straight should not be standing and looking at her angrily.

If she was capable of screaming, she would have alerted all of Vale. As it stands she just threw her knife right between his eyes. She stood there with her arm outstretched panting lightly. The man just reached up and picked the knife out of his head and dropped it on the floor. He then crossed his arms and spoke.

"Are you done yet?"

She nodded slowly with wide eyes and put her arm down.

"Well then, I'm here to get you out and stop what's happening. I would appreciate it if you would no longer stab me."

She quickly nodded.

"What, can't speak?"

She got annoyed at that and shook her head and used her finger to cross an X on her throat.

"Oh, sorry about that."

She huffed and crossed her arms. How did this get switched around? She then thought for a moment then pointed at him and the scene behind her. The man seemed to understand and replied.

"Yes, I did that."

She tilted her head. Why?

"Because the bastards deserved to die, wouldn't you agree?" She was shocked when she heard his words. He said it with absolutely no emotion, as if discussing the weather. He then continued.

"This whole thing shouldn't have happened, and when I heard about it. Well, I felt that a concerned citizen should step in and tell them why it was a bad idea." He finished with a smirk.

She grew wide eyed again. A single man killing everyone? That's insanity, it's stupid, it's…it's...exactly what she wanted. She then had a big smile and rushed to hug the man.

He apparently didn't expect that judging by the fact he froze, but she didn't care. She finally got her revenge.

"Ok, you can stop touching me now." She happily let go and twirled around walking out, and admiring his work again.

"Well the next step then is to get you out and then finish whoever is left." She paused and looked at him before shaking her head.

"What? Why not?" He seemed to get angry for a second She pointed at her eyes, then to him, then to the corpse.


"You want to watch me finish them?" She nodded.

"Why?" He seemed confused but also curious at the same time. She merely adopted a hateful expression and pointed at her room. He understood her and thought before responding.

"That sounds fair, fine then." She clapped happily before jumping on his shoulders.

"What are you doing?! Get off of me!" She just shook her head and started lightly kicking her feet.

"Whatever, let's just get this over with." Michael started walking out before he paused and looked at the wall where the swords were. There were two more normal swords, but there was also a large zweihander greatsword that was completely black with strips of red on the hilt. He thought for a moment before picking it up and giving it a few test swings. It seemed heavy,durable, and almost as good as his sword power. Well, he need a new weapon that he could use in public. He gave a small smile and then walked out, ducking to give his new passenger some space.

Michael idly wondered what he looked like, a large angry looking man who currently has a small woman kicking her legs while riding his shoulders. The sooner he can get this done the sooner it can end, the close contact was making his biomass react badly. Well, at least nobody has figured out what was going on yet.


Which of course was the exact moment an alarm chose to go off. Lovely. Well no time like the present, Michael gripped his sword with one hand and held on the girl with the other. He then picked up speed and ran through the halls. He turned the corner and found a lone guard. Without breaking stride he sliced the man in half by the waist. The girl clapped happily as he did so. Running around and around the same thing happened over and over again. Whenever he found someone he killed them in a second. Half didn't even realize what hit them. Even if there was a large group, no one could react. Michael silently mused that the only person that really put up a fight was the girl on his shoulders. Before long, the inside was relatively clear. But that meant to finish the job he had to go outside into the open. He made his way to the main storage and opened the cargo door. He found himself face to face with a large group of people pointing guns at him. However before anyone could do something, a large car engine was heard. Then another and another and another before the sky was filled with the sounds. Looking past the nearby fenced gate, down the street a large convoy of cars was approaching. Each car appeared to be painted with a small wolf with Xs' over the eyes. One of the group in front of him yelled.


Suddenly all the guns were firing at the convoy.

"Holy shit is this a gang war?" Michael said this outloud if the affirmative pat on his head was anything to go by. One of the cars drove faster before sliding to a stop with the passenger side pointing at them, then a rocket suddenly flew out past everyone. Michael moved out of the path, however when it got past him he realized something. The chill he got came with the illusion that time had slowed down.

As the rocket past him his mind was going a thousand miles per second. From the memories he stole, he remembered that a majority of what was in the warehouse was dust, the new kind. And he also remembered that dust was highly, highly, highly explosive. Michael ripped the girl from his shoulders and activated his armor and shield power. Not even a millisecond after he was done, he felt a massive explosion followed by an intense heat.

Cut to Magatsu

Lately the rumors about the grimm outside of Vale were getting more frequent by the day, especially within the bar. Within the last week there wasn't at least one time where the hunters didn't mention the rumor when they were drinking here. Some calls it bullshit while some are getting a bit scared at the possibility of a gimm invasion. That's why Magatsu was here, standing on top of the wall that defended Vale from the grimm.

He came here to see things for himself how serious the situation was and if he would be needed soon. Standing at the peak of the wall one could see for miles how much greenery surround Vale and how far it could possibly stretch, but that's all they would see. Merely the front of the forest is what they can see, not the numerous grimm possibly hiding within that forest just waiting for a prey.

Magatsu narrowed his eyes inward as they began to zoom in deep within the forest and see what resides there and what he saw was not a good thing. The grimm were just roaming out there closely, but there were hundreds no thousands of them out there. Hordes of grimm just walking in search as if waiting for something. This is even worst than what the rumors were saying about them thought Magatsu. Magatsu didn't know if Vale could handle a surprise attack this size without heavy casualties.


From out of nowhere a huge explosion happened somewhere back in the main parts of Vale behind Magatsu. Out of the explosion was another one, but this time it was an explosion of dark emotions bigger than normal. With such a big aura of despair being released into the air all the grimm Magatsu could see began to react. They began to go into a frenzy like state and whatever caused that explosion triggered their primal instincts to kill. All of them turned towards Vale and began charging at it without warning.

Magatsu brought his vision back to its normal state and ran towards the warning bell Vale had set up in case of a grimm invasion. Just as Magatsu got there he saw that the hunter on watch was leaving the bell, probably switching watch out members or something. With no one there to warn everyone Magatsu took it upon himself and ringed the warning bell to alert every hunter out there available. Quickly the signature ringing tone of the bell began go off, ringing with its signature tune of four rings going off repeatedly in a beat. Calling on all able hunter to gather up at the Gates of Vale to prepare for the grimm invasion.

"You there!? What are you doing up here!?" spoke a random huntress that ran up to see who rang the bell.

"Don't worry about who I am. Worry about the grimms making there way here to Vale as we speak. Go prepared for the hunters making their way here. Also hurry, they'll reach us in thirty minutes." commanded Magatsu with his back turned to her. With that said Magatsu backflipped over the huntress and dropped down all the way down to the ground.

On the drop down he activated the storage seal on the palm of his left hand and his sword popped out from it. The same sword that Magatsu first forged as a young blacksmith, the same sword he used for his first job, the same sword he sealed himself and Michael within when Michael was going berserk, the same sword he still used today, but perhaps he might not be the one using it anymore soon. Magatsu just got that sort of feeling from it like, it would have more important job one day.

Everything aside for the moment though Magatsu surged Lightning chakra through his blade and caused a thunder boom. Preparing his sword for the battle that was about to happen soon, in fields outside of Vale.

Magatsu waited there and most of the hunters were able to make it to the gate in time for the grimm horde's incoming charge. Silently without any word of warning Magatsu opened up the gate that kept them from the outside.

"Everyone here so far listen now. Within minutes the hordes of grimm will reach the ends of the forest and make their way here. Anyone prepared to die follow me and if you're scared, stay inside the city" shouted Magatsu.

Even though some were scared most of them went out of the gate and followed Magatsu's lead. Although they were scared they were still hunters, defenders of remnant from grimm and they had a duty. Some were tensed and scared, but that's fine. Fear isn't evil, it lets them know what they're scared off and needed to overcome. Their fears were overcome with courage and will to defend their home.


From afar the grimm howled loudly like the wild beast they are trying to intimidate us with fear. The Hunters though stood firm in the face of chaos as it charged its way towards them violently. Weapons drawn and ready for the same inevitable clash that has plagued humanity ever since they could remember. Their grips on their weapon tighten the closer the grimm got and before they knew it they had began charging out to the battlefield.

Magatsu decided to take the lead and get first blood ran ahead of them and shouted a war cry as he used his sword to let loose a lightning bolt. It struck a king taijitu straight in the forehead and kill it. Magatsu then jumped onto the back of an ursa major and stabbed his sword down onto its back causing it to crash down onto its stomach. Seeing this caused the warrior spirit of the hunters to ignite and immediately the clash between both side occurred.

Hunters rush forward with whatever weapon they were using. Swords cutting, hammers smashing, guns firing, and dust ablazing. The battle field was a huge mixture of steel and dust clashing with grimm. They watched each others back in close quarters, unable to allow any hesitation or else it would result in their death. This is probably this biggest battle they've ever been in and the only thing they trust was the hunter around the,.

Up on the walls of Vale were the hunters who remained inside, but they didn't just stay on the sidelines and watched their fellow hunters. Snipers on the roof were trying their best to protect the hunters down their from surprise attacks. Others were on the turret guns mounted to the wall and firing down a bullet hell onto the grimm.

Magatsu on the other hand was fighting on ahead of everyone by himself like a madman, thinning out the horde in the back as much as possible. He was killing every grimm in his sight and even though he couldn't risk showing off his jutsu besides lightning, or else he risk being discovered, he still show just how deadly he was. killing with just physical brute force was not something he was an expert at like Michael, but he did know how to kill with just a single clean strike.

A beowolf charging straight at Magatsu was caught in the neck by him and pushed into another incoming beowolf before they were both stabbed through the stomach. Magatsu flinged the dead beowolf's body at the incoming boarbatusk and knocked in out of its rolling charge attack. They were nothing compared to the akimichi's human bullet tank jutsu. A king taijitu popped out from behind Magatsu and attempted to kill him with its fang, but was instead killed by Magatsu cutting up straight though its stomach and into its head. He ripped off one of the dead king taijitu fang and hurled it into the sky and hit one of the smaller nevermore straight through the chest killing it.

A few of the nevermore seemed to have gotten angry at Magatsu from this and flinged hundreds of their feathers at Magatsu trying to stab him regardless of their grimm allies around him. Then in a superhuman feat of speed that only those on Magatsu's level of speed and control could achieve he jumped up into the sky using the feathers as platforms to jump on. He continued this action until he reach the top of one of the nevermore's head.

Magatsu raised his blade up into the sky and used it as a catalyst to rain down lightning bolts upon the avian grimm on the battlefield. Nevermores or griffon if it was flying in the skies it would be struck back down to earth. Anyone possibly in the skies might have been temporarily deaf at this point from all the lightning strikes happening. With all but the one avian grimm he was riding left, Magatsu coursed his sword with enough lightning to give it a spear like shape and shoved it straight into the back of the nevermore and made it fall back down into the ground.

The hunters manning the turret guns noticed that there were no more avian grimm left, but they also noticed that Magatsu was out there fighting alone ahead of the main battlefield. Maybe the other hunters on down on the ground couldn't notice but up there they could see far out past the battlefield. Magatsu up ahead fighting alone without any back up and doing well for himself considering all the dead grimm bodies lying around him.

Soon though back up finally came from the other hunters who couldn't make it there on time. They came in engines hot with the bullheads charging at full speed into the battle zone and turret users mounted on each side ready for fire. They flew in and began to fire away at grimms on the front line, annihilating a good portions of them. With no avian grimm left to obstruct them in the skies they also rushed into the back of the horde and began to assist Magatsu in thinning out the horde in the back. The winds of fate were changing right now, in heavy favor towards the hunters of Vale. thus began the counter attack of the hunters and this time they weren't just defending, but attacking head on.

No matter how strong you are, explosions hurt. Especially if said explosion is fueled by a superpowered elemental source. It's somewhat needless to say that being burned, frozen, cut apart, and electrified all at the same time hurts like a bitch. While getting rid of his armor and shields, Michael stood up and checked on his passenger. She was undamaged but was knocked unconscious. Looking around Michael saw that they were blown to the edge of the complex by the wall, and were a large distance away from the initial explosion. In the distance there was fighting all over the place, it could only be described as a war.

Michael looked on growing more and more angry. First they captured and sold people, then they get into a war that was completely decimating the entire area. It's possible that there were already civilian casualties.

This conflict reminded Michael of when he first got his powers. And it was that thought that completely broke the dam holding everything in, These pieces of trash don't care about anything but themselves. If they want a war, he'll make it a slaughter. Turning back to the girl, he moved her to cover and gently set her down. He picked up his weapon and gave it a few swings He turned then started walking slowly before gaining speed and breaking into a sprint.

He jumped up into the air and glided over the battlefield. He spotted a truck with a mounted machine gun welded onto it, he flew over and dived. The man that was using the gun was shooting several other men who were in cover and shooting back. Michael landed on the front, launching the gunner forward as the truck bent.

He landed several feet ahead of the truck, and there was a pause in the fighting due to the noise of the crushed metal. The pause continued as Michael walked off the wreckage and made his way over to the man on the ground. The man began crawling backwards using his hands but was stopped when a blade pierced his chest, pinning him to the concrete below.

"AHHHHGJGK" The scream echoed throughout the area until the voice pattered off with a gurgling sound as the man choked to death on his own blood. The sword then was pulled forwards up towards the man's head and through the concrete. From the center of the chest and up to the head was sliced in half.

Michael took a moment to look at the blade which, aside from the blood, showed almost no signs of going through the concrete, a normal sword would've broken and a better sword would have nicks or cracks.

But this sword had nothing, almost as if it didn't just cut through concrete but instead butter, or flesh in this case.

Michael murmured in appreciation

"This is a good sword, I wonder if Magatsu would be up for a sword battle later."

He looked up at the sounds of yelling and noticed the gun being pointed at him, he moved to dodge but got a better idea instead.

He didn't move a bio-mass muscle as gunfire hit him. Several in the head, several in the 'heart', a lot in his arms and stomach and some just plain missed. 'So there are some experts but a bunch of them are novices. Good' Michael thought idly to himself as his bio-mass rippled and the bullets left his body and hit the ground. The familiar silence was back as the thugs looked on with growing horror each second. Michael smirked, 'oh is it good to be back in business'.

He idly noticed that at some point he accidentally bumped his phone playing a random rock song. Then he tensed his legs and charge forwards as some thugs screamed while others fired their guns. Targeting the closest with his gun up, Michael swung his sword in an upwards cut and sliced his arms off.

As the man cried out in pain Michael brought the sword back down and sliced the man in half from his right shoulder to his left hip. Then he moved on to the next person who he sliced and bisected at the waist.

There was the sound of metal meeting flesh, the screams in the air, and the ever increasing smell of blood. The prototype was in his element. Soon both sides began to target him to no avail. The bullets hit him but just came back out nearly instantly. Some tried to run but were shortly stopped and killed, those who fought died after them, but those who did nothing but stand in fear were ignored. The prototype kept killing slice after slice.

Slice, someone's head. Slice, someone's legs. Slice, someone's gun along with their hands. Slice, someone's arms. The slices just came one after another, sometimes one slice will smoothly transition into another without stopping to reposition,and he did it completely without any emotion on his face, it was almost as if it was an excellent dance instead of a slaughter.

By that point the ground was covered in blood and the only ones left standing were the thugs who didn't move. The prototype was going to kill them too, but wanted to make a show of it.

"Hello everyone." He stopped suddenly and spoke. Standing in a puddle of blood and completely covered in it with the burning warehouse in the background, a grisly scene causing those nearest to him to flinch.

"I am simply speaking to let you all know that you are all going to die here." Many choked back tears at his words.

"You are going to die because you had the audacity and stupidity to cause this much destruction in a city, one of the last remaining places to be safe in this world. The audacity and stupidity to enslave and sell people, just because they are different than you. And the pure stupidity to attract my attention, a monster beyond all monsters. So for all of these reasons, you are all going to die."

And so he charged the remaining survivors and picked them off one by one until they all died. There were no survivors, as he consumed the blood that was on him in order to clean himself. He left the bodies as a sign of what was to come, because after all this, this was only one location and there are surely many others.

He moved to the edge of the wall, back to where he left the girl. As he got close, he noticed that she was awake, and staring at him with wide eyes. He stopped awkwardly in front of her.

"So… you saw that did you? All of it?"

A nod in response, the shock not leaving her eyes. Several minutes past with the two just staring at each other. Finally the woman stood up on her legs and dusted herself off. She walked slowly up to Michael until she was standing in front of him.

She suddenly had the biggest grin possible on her face and her eyes turned from shock to admiration. The sudden and unexpected change shocked Michael, though not as much as what happened next.

She suddenly jumped up and wrapped her arms around him as she kissed the viral abomination on the lips. Due to both the shock and the fact that he had to make sure not to infect her or consume her means he was not able to focus on breaking away.

Fortunately that was fixed for him as she backed off giggling. He took a moment to gather his thoughts and settle his bio mass. He gave her a hard stare.

"Don't do that again."

She looked a little insulted that that was his response and move to do it again to piss him off. Michael quickly backed away to put some space between them. Then she suddenly teleported, and was in front of him again. Michael backed away some more and she teleport again. This kept on for a while until Michael lost his patience and snapped.

"Enough! The reason that you shouldn't do that is that you could die in the process."

She stopped with her eyes wide with shock, and Michael continue explaining.

"You saw how earlier I shrugged off those bullets that shot me like they were nothing?"

A nod in response.

"That was my own body healing itself, It has made me short of invincible with many other abilities. The only downside is that it reacts badly to other living flesh, cause said other flesh to violently die. Unless I actively suppress it, I could kill everyone nearby, and it get's even worse with physical contact, I can stop it but it feels like the worst itch of my life." Stopping with a glare at woman in front of him he wondered if he gave to much away. She looked thoughtful for a moment before picking up a nearby stick and started drawing words in the dirt.

'Well I suppose that's a very good reason for not wanting to kiss a pretty girl'

Michael kept glaring.

'So what else can you do?'

Michael stopped glaring and looked at her with confusion.


'You said 'many other abilities'. What else can you do?'

She looked on with genuine wonder in her eyes. Michael sighed wondering why he was even humoring her. He eventually said a mental 'fuck it' and decided to show off, shift his flesh into an exact copy of the woman in front of him. She blinked before getting a massive grin and suddenly Michael was staring at himself, at least not in the same way as a moment ago. Michael was staring at his original self while he looked like the woman who turned into him.

"Well that's new." It was a surprisingly feminine voice that came out of his lips and the woman recoiled at the sound of it. Michael knew what had happened, it was a shock to hear her own voice. He shifted back to normal and she did the same.

"So you can do something similar, but mine is obviously better."

She nodded slowly before another smile appeared and she started writing again.

'So how exact is your copy? Do you get everything?~' The little mark at the end matched the tone of the mischievous grin she had. Michael didn't care and just answered.

"Yes. depending if I can get a copy of the dna by, say for example, skin cells from touching then yes. She looked surprised and disappointed by how straightly he answered. She moved on to the next question she had.

'What's your name anyway?'

"Shouldn't you give your own first?" She gave a mock glare.

'Neopolitan, so what's your name asshole?' He chuckled before deciding a mental 'fuck it' again. 'I've gone this far, whatever.'

"Michael. The fuck kinda name is Neopolitan anyway."

'Well asshole it's...' She suddenly stopped as the sound of sirens filled the air. Michael looked back at the scene behind him.

"Oh yeah, I just slaughtered a large group of people, I should probably leave."

He suddenly was surprised as a familiar weight settled on top of him. He looked up to see Neopolitan staring at him with a large smile on her face.

"What are you doing?" She pointed at herself and then him.


A nod.


A nod.


A nod.


A nod.


A nod.


A nod.

"Fuck it" There was no time for this, he was just going to have to bite the bullet and deal with it later. She gave a silent cheer as Michael set off, and quickly grabbed him as he began running faster than a bullhead.

'I just hope to god that Magatsu isn't awake right now. There would be no way to end 'that' joke if he sees this'. Distracted by his thoughts, he was unable to notice a large bird flying above him, specifically a large crow.

Cut Back to Magatsu

SIlence was the only thing that could be heard on the battlefield, after the long battle between the humans of vale and the grimm horde Vale finally won. Most of the grimm were either dead or had fled back into the forest with the rest of their pack. Slowly one of the hunter dropped his weapon and with a mighty shout, he roared in victory at the sky. Followed afterwards were the cheering of everyone at their victory after fighting in this long hard fought battle. They have never fought any horde as big as this and this direct before, but they did it. They fought back and through it all they achieve victory, just as the humans of old did before them.

"AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled a young hunter.

Near the back of the army of hunters one of the supposedly dead beowulf jumped up onto the young hunter and clawed him in the back. Everyone Turned around to see that the beowolf was chomping down on the young hunter's neck.

"" he whispered. Even when he was practically on his deathbed he was still wanted to live.

Thoughts were zooming through Magatsu's brain faster than one could imagine at this one moment. The young man was nearly 60 yards away from Magatsu and he could save him, if he show'd his powers a bit, but he couldn't. He already risked being discovered when he took down those nevermores, but at least no one saw him doing that directly. If he saved the kid then sooner or later people are going to start asking questions about him and he can't have that happening. So reluctantly, Magatsu decided that hiding his power was more important than saving the kid.

Sorry kid, but I ain't no hero thought Magatsu. With one thought he made a decision and decide to let it remain as it is. Mere moments later the beowolf's fangs were down on the young hunters throat and he died, just like that. Soon another nearby hunter finished off the beowolf and everybody was trying to check on the young hunter, but it was too late already. The young hunter was now dead.

The dead hunter's friend ran up to him and hugged his friend's body in agony. He screamed out in rage, angry at the death of his friend. As if to mourn for the dead man and the other dead hunters, clouds began to cover the sky as it started to pour down. Even mother nature was crying it for these men. Magatsu gave these men a nod, acknowledging their sacrifices at the very least for what they did.

As quick as they rain came, soon it began to slowly dissipate into thin air. The clouds drifted aside as the rays of sunlight began to shine on the soldiers of the battle field, all but except for one of them. A ray of light was quickly spreading out to the whole field and it was just about to shine on Magatsu, except it never did. Before the light could touch Magatsu he jumped away and back into the shadows covering the city, away from the light. As Magatsu walked away from everything, he never turned back.

Night came along as Magatsu was jumping through the city blocks, scouting out the situation the city is currently in. Magatsu scoured the main center of the city only to sense that the dreadful emotions pouring off the place wasn't as strong as before. Something must have happened here, or else that explosion wouldn't have happened. Hopefully it was for the better because the only reason for the dark emotions to have lower are either something good happened, or their dead.

Either way this must be near the explosion that happened earlier thought Magatsu. Magatsu arrived at the location of the explosion, some apparent warehouse that the Vale Police Defense, or VPD, were currently investigating about what caused the explosion and who exactly was behind the slave trafficking happening there. Too many people were there though for him to go investigate safely.

This day just doesn't get any worse thought Magatsu. First it turns out there was illegal slave trading going on, then a fucking grimm invasion happens, now the VPD is also busy with trying to figure out what happened here. Well at least the people were freed.

"Yes thank you very much" spoke a strange old man.

"No problem, it's our job to look after and protect you. Now before you said a strange man came and rescue you. Do you remember what he looks like?" asked the detective.

"I'm very sorry but everything was going so fast it felt just like a blur to me, but I at least remember that he was a very big man though, at least 6 ft tall"

"Very well. Thank you for your cooperation"

Magatsu took off after their conversation with each other. 'Maybe Michael had to do something with this' Magatsu thought. I'll ask him later when I get home. Magatsu sneaked through the city and hallways of their apartment until he made it back to the door of their apartment.

Magatsu opened the door to see a strange triple flavor ice cream colored hair young girl in his apartment. But the most important thing…. She was riding on Michael's shoulders.

"I fucking knew it you Lolitype!"

There was only one response.

"Fuck You!"

"Why would you want to fuck me? I'm not a little girl you lolitype!"


Magatsu then turned to the young girl.

"Get away from him, he does bad things to little girls!"


"See! He knows I wrecked his plans now!"


At first Neo was angry at being called a little girl, but this was too good to pass up. She jumped off of Michael's shoulders and moved behind his apparent roommate, adopting a tearful expression.

"FUCK!" At this point Michael just started banging his head on the wall.

"NO! I won't let you do that to this little girl!" Magatsu knew at least something of what was going on, but it was almost as if fate has given him the chance to one-up Michael in a way he has never done before.