Hogwarts was open..

That's what Quiblier said as I looked at the trunk once again. I had double..no triple check. I closed my eyes and swallowed. I was going to Hogwarts tomorrow.

I look around my borning room. It was small yet perfect for me. The Ceiling enchanted to look like the night sky. The Walls off my room with pictures and drawings. Books everywhere in boxes.

I didn't unpacked... I didn't have time. I mean.. I shook my head. No now is not the time to think about it. Hogwarts was now open and it was time to go home.. Well what heard to be home.

Now I'm guessing it was different.

I waved my wand practicing spells but not really do anything. I had to be ready.. Just in case i had to ready. I had to be strong, quite and alone.

I pushed my black long hair into a single braid and closed my eyes leaning back. I hit my bed with soft thump. I closed my eyes as sleep came to me. I would be okay tomorrow at least I hope so.

Next I woke up my hair was not messy thanks to the braid but took a shower. Changing into muggle clothes aka Hamilton Tshirt ( And Peggy ) tshirt, jeans and converse. I tapped my wand against trunk that shrunk and I was to the kitchen before you can say Hogwarts. Waving my wand my hair fixed to hair down

There was food already there in front of me. Money for my taxi to the train station. I nibbled my lip. My Aunt ( who is not really my aunt but took me in ) was probably at St. Mungo's.. Visiting my parents before working on the Quibbler.

I ate my morning breakfast and decided to wait outside for taxi. We lived right outside of London. My Aunt didn't want me to walk.. she normally would of but..things were getting worse.

I rubbed my eyes doing quick check in the mirror. My Purple eyes were dim. Eyes were red and puffy. My pale skin seem to throw this off. I was weird alright. I know i wasn't normal and I know it wasn't because of magic. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes. I didn't need to think of htis. Not right now.

Just had to get to Hogwarts and I was home.

I heard Taxi outside. And ran to it. Telling person were to go I closed my eyes and waited. If I did this time would go faster and it did.

Sooner or later i was done. It was time to go to Platform 9 3/4. I was early that was okay with me. I was going to pick a good area to set. Read a book or just dream of Hogwarts. I didn't want to think about any one else.

There was not a lot of people there actually.

In front of me off to side was family. A tall man with black unruly hair. He had round glasses and weird scar. Next to him was a women with Red flaming hair. They were young buy really happy seem to be newly weds. Next to them was small boy my age with blue hair. It changed color and man seem to laugh.

I knew who they were..

Who didn't actually

Nibbling my lip I ran passed them to get on the train. I felt their eyes watch me not in creepy way but curious. I guess maybe they thought i was scared. And i kind of was.

I was the freak they shouldn't know exist. But i do and i have to deal with it.

All i wanted was to get to hogwarts.

I wanted to Go home...