His fish.

Happy loves fish and everyone knows it. The blue exceed just love the way it look,the way it smell and ,oh, the way it tasteā€¦

Fish means everything to him. Its the only thing he loves the most in the world besides, Natsu and his guildmates. Just by imagining a single fish could make him drool.

He loves it more if he can keep all the fish he can get to himself, without having to share it with someone. Yes, not even Natsu.

But ever since he met Charle, he just cannot stop himself from offering the best fish he have.

Happy likes Charle a lot and he likes fish a lot too. So he decided to give the thing he adores the most to her.

Happy is sad since every time he offers his fish to her, she just simply rejects it. Perhaps she doesn't realise that he is giving something he like the most in the world. Or perhaps she doesn't realise the fact that if Happy decided to give his fish to someone, it means that you are special to him. Maybe she doesn't realise that Happy usually only SHARE his fish with his nakama's, but he would never GIVE it totally to someone.

But Happy was raised by a stubborn dragon slayer that never gives up. His guildmates are the most determined people he ever met. And their personality is rubbing off on him.

No matter how many times Charle rejects his fish,he will not simply give up! Yes he may feel down for a bit after being rejected time by time, but Happy will keep on giving his fish to her until she finally accept it.

Plus, no one in the world will ever reject a good fish,aye?

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