Sometimes thinking is the hardest part.

It's like everytime she allows herself to lay in silence and gaze up at the blank ceiling above her, she begins to think about it all. About how long it has been. About how hard she tries to just forget about it all.

About him. About losing him.

Everyday, she wishes that she could go back. Go back and change it all. Go back and maybe tell him she loved him one more time. Try to convince him not to go. To not put his life on the line for it.

But, of course, that was guaranteed when you put the suit on. Put the mask on.

And, now she has lost him. Lost him because of her stupidity and need to put on that damned costume. Lost him because she had decided to get back in the game way before he had. Lost him because, despite the fact that they had agreed to move on and leave it all behind, she had left him behind at the first cry for help.

Wally had meant everything to her.

And now he was gone.

And Artemis doesn't know how to deal with that.