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"Lily," Marco said in exasperation. "We're going to miss the train we usually take if you don't hurry up!"

She gave him and her other best friend, Jennifer confused looks, "I thought I told you earlier that Mrs. James wanted to speak to me after class."

They shook their head, "No you didn't tell us, must've slipped your mind."

Lily stuck her tongue out at them, "You guys can go back to Dauntless Compound I'll meet you there."

Marco looked at her with his brown eyes for a few moments, "Are you sure? We don't mind waiting." Jennifer's body language said otherwise.

She gave him a light smirk and backed away towards her Science teacher's classroom, "Don't worry about it." Then she looked towards the trains. "When I get back we'll steal my dad's pellet gun and shoot a muffin off your brother's head like the story your dad told us, yeah?"

They nodded excitedly.

She looked back at them one last time and said, "Catch you guys later!" The last thing they saw was her turning the corner with her long, blonde hair swishing behind her.

Lily walked down the now quiet hallways of her school. It was odd for her since she was used to them being filled with laughter. They gave an almost ominous feeling, like in some of the horror films she and her friends had watched but she brushed it aside. This was her school, nothing bad could happen here.

When she finally reached her Science teacher's classroom, Lily realized it was empty and the lights were even out. "Hello? Mrs. James, are you there?" She stepped inside and said with a bit of attitude for a 12 year old. "You were the one that wanted to discuss my term paper on serums."

Suddenly the door behind her slammed close and a figure came out of the shadows. Lily cursed herself for not being more aware of her surroundings, "That I did, but we won't be discussing the serums here."

Lily's stomach felt like ice and she tried to keep a brave face on, "Oh? So where will we be discussing it?"

Then her Erudite teacher gave her a feral smile and said, "Erudite Headquarters." Lily then felt a stinging sensation from behind and everything went black.

When she woke up after an undeterminable time later, she was strapped down to a metal seat and felt like she was surrounded by smurfs because of the overload of blue in the room. But she knew what the blue meant, it meant that she was at Erudite Headquarters. This slightly scared her as the Erudite were known for experimenting on people. She was brought out of her thoughts when a man who appeared to be around her parents age walked up to her.

"I'm Caleb," he said with a neutral face and voice that she couldn't get any real read on what he was feeling at the moment.

"Lilyana," she said curtly. "What am I doing here?"

He raised an eyebrow, "Jeanine will be explaining that," then the door slid open. "Ah, here she is now." Lily paled, her parents had told her about Jeanine who was the head of Erudite, but also hated Divergent people like her parents.

Jeanine gave her a genial smile, "Ana…"

Lily cut her off, "It's Lilyana, but I go by Lily."

Jeanine raised an eyebrow, "Not for long, Ana," a trickle of fear ran through her spine. "You see you're the only known child who has two Divergent parents and we'd like to study you."

"My parents won't allow this," Lily said desperately, while shaking her head. "They'll find me!"

Jeanine gave her a false smile, "It's too bad they'll think you're dead and you'll no longer have your memory."

Lily froze and then squeaked, "What?"

Caleb brought out a clear liquid, "This is a new serum that we've been working on. It will erase all your memories," Lily started to hyperventilate and cry from her deep, blue eyes. "You'll forget your family and friends, you'll even forget what faction you came from." She looked at the man as he brought the serum closer to her neck. She was going to forget Dauntless and her parents, her aunts and uncles, Jennifer and Marco! But it was too late, Caleb plunged the needle into her neck.

"See you soon Ana," Jeanine said with a light smile.

Dauntless HQ

"Look!" Christina pointed towards the incoming train. "Here they come!" From her voice Tris could almost imagine her bouncing up and down like a toddler.

"Yes, Chrissy," Tris said slowly as if talking to a child. "And it's on schedule as always." Then she frowned. "How long is it going to take for you to memorize the train schedule?"

Christina smirked, "Why memorize them when I have you?" Tris slapped her lightly on the arm.

"Marlene better be damn grateful that we're making sure Marco is getting back to their apartment, or so help me…" Christina mumbled and then looked up. "Oh look, stellar jump by Jennifer!"

Tris smiled at her friend, but then noticed that only two kids had jumped off: Marco and Jennifer. "Marco? Jennifer? Where's Lilyana?"

Marco looked up Tris, "She said that her teacher wanted to discuss one of her science papers with her and that she'd catch the next train."

Christina's brow furrowed, "Why didn't you wait with her?"

Jennifer shuffled her feet under her mother's stern look, "Well, Lily told us to go and Mrs. James doesn't like people hanging around her classroom."

"She should be here on the next or the train after that," Marco assured Tris and Christina who were looking slightly worried.

"I'll just wait here then," Tris sighed, she had been planning on going grocery shopping after picking up Lily, but it would have to wait now.

"I can wait with you," Marco said earnestly. Tris smiled at the boy, she knew how much he liked her daughter and she approved. He had one of the purest souls in Dauntless and was surprisingly mature for someone raised by Uriah.

"Thank you, Marco," Tris then turned to Christina and an impatient looking Jennifer. "Can you tell Marlene that Marco is with me?"

"Sure thing," Christina then looked at her daughter. "Let's go."

Tris looked at Marco again, "Again, thank you."

"It really isn't much of a problem," he shrugged. "I wanted to tell her something anyways."

She gave him a wry grin, "You must think that we're a bit overprotective, huh?"

Marco did think that a lot and he knew his best friends did as well, but they also knew that their parents always had reason behind what they did, "Just a bit, but we don't mind."

Tris nodded, "It's just there are still people out there that want to hurt our family," she looked at him with a serious face. "People who think Divergent are dangerous and the Factionless."

Marco knew this from his parents and Faction History class. The Erudite had tried to use a serum that would control the Dauntless to kill the Abnegation. It wouldn't work on Divergent so it was easier to find them and 2 in 1 for the Erudite if they could. The serum stopped working when the Erudite forced Dauntless when the order was to kill. The Erudite had to confess their crimes.

It was then that the Factionless tried to take advantage of the Faction's momentary instability and take over, but they were easily neutralized, though some try to take revenge when they can.

"Again, we understand."

They sat in silence until the next train was about to arrive, "Here we go."

But as they waited for a blonde girl to jump off the moving train that was going to locations unknown as expected, no one did. No blonde girl jumped off the train and wouldn't for four years.

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