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The first thing Aunt Jeanine says to me when I exit the room is, "Why are you wearing a cardigan? It's probably the warmest day of the summer!"

I give her a small smile, "I remember the last time when I was at the Hub," she gave me a questioning look. "It was freezing; I wished I had a sweater the whole time."

She nodded, "I suppose you're correct," I can tell that she's still a bit suspicious of me though, but smiles anyways, "You do look lovely Ana."

"Thank you Aunt Jeanine."

After grabbing her tablet from the kitchen table she quickly said, "Well, there's a car waiting for us to take us to the Hub."

My eyebrow's scrunch together and began to walk after her as she starts to leave the apartment, "But the Hub is about a five minute walk, why would we need a car?"

As we are descending the stairs she said in an exasperated voice, "Because Ana, I want you to look your best when you choose today." She gives me a significant look. "You're going to be presenting yourself in front of the most important people of our city; I can't have you looking sweaty and unhygienic."

I nod; I knew to Aunt Jeanine that image was very important. From the way she saw it the more put together you looked, meant the more intelligent you were.

By the time we reached the car I realized that I had not chosen what faction I wanted to belong to. I was Divergent, many people in Erudite knew that, but the only two factions I really cared about were Erudite and Dauntless.

Erudite is where my family is, where Aunt Jeanine, Doctor Marks, and Cara are. When I think back there aren't many people that I have to go back to. But it is the faction that I have lived in since I lost my memories and they helped me start a new life there even if that included becoming their guinea pig.

But in Dauntless I could be my own person. I wouldn't have people controlling my life at every corner and testing me just because I was Divergent. Looking out the window I saw a train whistle like it was calling me towards the Dauntless Compound. It would be hard being there without my family, but like Cara said, they would be able to write occasionally.

I was brought out of my thoughts when Aunt Jeanine touched my shoulder and said, "Ana we're here."


When I walk inside the Hub I find that it is extremely different than years before, "Looks nice, doesn't it Ana?"

I nod, "Yes, it does."

Aunt Jeanine gives me a smug smile, "It's because Erudite is in charge this year. We obviously made sure everything was perfect for the Choosing Ceremony."

"You did a great job Aunt Jeanine," I reply with a smile.

"Thank you Ana," then she looks at a group coming it, all dressed in gray. She scowls and says sarcastically, "Wonderful, the Abnegation is here."

I try to copy my aunt's disapproving stare, but I can't manage it as Andrew and Natalie Prior had been nothing but nice to me the day before. "Why are they here so early?"

"Probably think that they need to help set up," she scoffed. "I told them at the last meeting that everything would be done beforehand."

While it looks extremely different from the year Aunt Jeanine brought me here some components remain the same, such as how the room is arranged in concentric circles. When more people enter I will have to stand on the edges with the rest of my peers-now initiates-who are sixteen years old.

Aunt Jeanine must have seen me eyeing where the initiates stand because she tells me, "You'll be standing in between Jamie Moss of Amity and Tony Mason of Candor when the time comes."

Usually Aunt Jeanine would sit in the seats reserved for families in the next circle which is divided by factions, but since Erudite is leading the Choosing Ceremony this year she will be standing up front. She will not only be giving the opening address and calling the names in reverse alphabetical order, she will also be the one to hand me the knife to cut my palm to make my decision.

Wonderful, I thought sarcastically. Because making a decision at the bowls in the final circle wasn't already hard enough already.

Will I let my blood fall of the bowl of water for Erudite or the lit coals for Dauntless? I know I won't allow my blood to fall on gray stones for Abnegations, earth for Amity or glass for Candor though.

"It's time," Aunt Jeanine says. I hadn't even noticed that the room was nearly filled up. "Go take your place near the middle of the circle," she pointed and said. "There, between the boy with the red hair in the yellow shirt and the boy with black hair with the white shirt." She has to tell me since I don't know anyone in my age group.

I look at her and say, "Thank you Aunt Jeanine and good luck."

She gives me one last lingering look and then starts walking towards the last circle where the bowls are while I walk to my spot where all the initiates are.

When I reach my spot I ask the boy with black hair in a white shirt, "Are you Tony Mason?" He gives a curt nod. Not much of a talker, but at least I know I'm in the right place.

I'm drawn out of my thoughts when Aunt Jeanine begins speaking, "Settle down everyone, settle down." When everyone does she begins her opening address, "Welcome to the choosing ceremony. Welcome to the day we honor the democratic philosophy of our ancestors, which tells us every man and woman has the right to choose their own way in the world."

At the last line it occurs to me, or one of five predetermined ways.

"Our dependents are now sixteen…" I start to zone out of Aunt Jeanine's speech after this, knowing the basics of what she will be saying either from the previous choosing ceremonies or from her practicing her speech in our apartment. I tune back in when I hear Aunt Jeanine say, "…faction before blood. Apart from them we would not survive."

Then suddenly Aunt Jeanine's speech is over and she has started calling out names in reverse alphabetical order, "Erin Zair!" The Candor girl that walks up to the stage doesn't show any hesitation when she takes the knife from my aunt, cuts her hand and drops the blood that pooled in her palm over the glass. She apparently knows that she belongs in Candor.

The names go by in a blur for me as I try to reach a decision. I could have my way dictated for me for the rest of my life or I could make my own way.

As Aunt Jeanine read out, "Ana Matthews," I realized that as she said in her opening speech, I have the right to make my own way in the world and I'll do just that.

When I take the knife from her and look up at my aunt one last time I see an unreadable expression on her face, one that I've never seen there before but don't have time to analyze. I cut my hand open and make my way towards the right side of the bowls where both Dauntless and Erudite bowls are next to each other.

I then let my blood fall on the lit coals.

Everyone is silent as I walk towards the Dauntless initiates, but when the shock wears off they cheer for me, but I can also hear the whispers all around the room, "She changed factions!" "Could it be because Erudite is losing control?" "No, probably just because she wanted to get out-"

"Quiet!" Aunt Jeanine yells and I can feel her glare on my back, but it's gone by the time I reach the Dauntless section.

I try to pay attention to the rest of the ceremony, but really each name is going in one ear and coming out the other without stopping to process in my brain, but I'm brought out of any inattention when a handsome boy taps me on the shoulder, "So you've quite the stir."

I give him a light glare, "I suppose so," then I paused and grinned. "In a way it was gratifying to hear their reactions."

He raises an eyebrow and smirks, "Oh?"

"Yeah," I reply with my own smirk. "It makes me feel rebellious; I've never felt like that before."

He was about to say something when we realize that the crowd around us has started running towards the stairs. He gestures for me to follow their lead, "Come on!"

Taking his lead I follow him towards the stairs only to hear the noise of dozens of running feet along with shouts and laughter. I make sure to stay close behind my new friend and it only takes a minute before we burst out the doors of the first floor.

"Woo!" the boy says and I laugh along with him, "That was awesome."

I nod, with a smile adorning my face, "It was." Then I heard the train whistle and I remember how the Dauntless get different places. My new friend must have seen the apprehension on my face because he says to me, "Don't worry, and watch the others," then he gives me one last reassuring smile. "I'll help you up if you need it."

We ran alongside the train and like the boy told me, I watched the others before trying to jump into the train myself and to my surprise I was able to get in without my new friend's help.

He looked at me impressed, "I wasn't expecting you to get in by yourself."

I scoffed and look at him, "I'm very easy to underestimate."

"I bet you are," then he nudges the girl next to him and when she turns I realize it's the girl from the other day that showed me around the Dauntless Compound. "Jennifer, a transfer made it into the Dauntless born cart."

At that Jennifer whipped her head around and her eyes went wide, "Erudite girl!"

I give her a wry smile, "Girl-who-bumped-into-me!" We both laugh and continue laughing when we see the boy's confused face.

"So you know each other?" he asks.

"I showed this girl around the Dauntless Compound yesterday because apparently she was allowed to tour each of the factions," Jennifer said to her friend and then to me with slight dramatics, "We never did introduced ourselves, I'm Jennifer."

The boy gave Jennifer an exasperated look, "Why am I not surprised that you didn't tell her your name?"

"I wanted to be to mysterious Dauntless showing the upstart Erudite around the Pit," Jennifer said in her defense.

"Just keep telling yourself that," he said, waving her off, but then turning to me with a lovely smile, "I'm Marco Pedrad."

I give Marco a smile and then glare at Jennifer, "I am not an upstart! And my name is Ana Matthews."

I decide to take off my blue cardigan so I'm only wearing a black tank top when there is a lull in the conversation and I can see Marco thinking hard about something. Suddenly he gets up and suddenly whistles really loudly, "Oi! Gather around!" All the Dauntless born and few younger members on this train cart do. When everyone is listening Marco begins talking, "I think we should play a prank on my dad."

"Oh?" One boy with a piercing through his eyebrow asks. "And how are we supposed to prank a prankster?"

Marco smirks, "You know how my dad is always trying to bring back that old Dauntless slang 'pansycake'?" They nod, wondering where this is going. "I think we should all start using it behind his back and right in his hearing distance, but when he confronts us on it we do the same thing we usually do and say how stupid the word is."

Everyone laughs and the Jennifer turns to me in an amused voice says, "You have to tell the transfers that this is happening, okay?"

I give them an almost feral smile, "Sounds awesome." Everyone laughs.

The rest of the ride settles in mindless conversation and Jennifer tells me how I almost look Dauntless with my black shirt and shoes. It gives me a bit of hope. Then I see people jumping out of the train.

Marco looks at me and says, "Just give it a running start and jump." Then he holds out his hand. "Do you want to go together your first time?"

I give him a small smile and take his hand, it sends a volt of electricity through my hand that I'm not sure to make of and wonder if he felt it too, "You won't think I'm a wimp?"

"Nah, I can understand how this could be scary for the first time," then he looks out and says. "Get ready to jump in 3, 2, 1!" I'm weightless for what feels like minutes, but couldn't be more than a couple seconds, slightly worried that I won't make it to the roof top, but my worries were in vain when I land relatively unscathed. Looking next to me I see that I brought poor Marco down in my less than graceful landing, but he doesn't look too put out by it.

I was just observing my fellow initiates when a voice interrupts me, "Hello, my name is Max and I am one of the Dauntless leaders," he looks around at the group, almost daring them to interrupt. "To get to the Dauntless Compound you will have to jump off this roof top."

Gasps were heard amongst Dauntless born and transfers alike, one transfer-Candor from his clothing-asks, "Is there water at the bottom or something?"

Max said in a mysterious voice, "Who knows?"

Bravely or possibly stupidly, I step forward, "I'll jump first." This has to be a scare tactic, there is no way they would kill the initiates this early on…I hope.

I look back at Jennifer and Marco who are giving me nods and mouthing Good luck. It's good to know that someone believes in me.

The Dauntless leader moves out of my way and with only the slightest bit of hesitation I jump into the unknown.

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