Chapter 2

After lunch we strolled around the cold murky forest that seemed to engulf us while having small chats here and there as I walked Frisk home. For a time, we surveyed our surroundings seeing monster cross our path as they disappeared within the dark trees leaving nothing but a rustling sound trailing behind them. Clouds filled the cold sky above as small white snowflakes drifted down slowly landing atop our heads. Seeing a shiver emanate from Frisk I pulled my jacket off and wrapped it around the brown haired girl. Eventually I decided to strike up a conversation, but how exactly do I start it off? Opening my mouth, a couple of times, I tried searching for the words but could think of nothing to say. What could I say?

As we walked through the dense forest enjoying each other's company I studied her face which seem to enrapture me. It looked small and dainty as her hair cascaded over her shoulders, her smile plain for all to see. Shifting in my jacket, she adjusted the hood and held her hand close to her face. My jacket was quite big for her but at least it's warm. Frisk turned her head to me as I quickly turned my head straight avoiding her puzzled stare.

"So kid, what have you been doing?" I say as she snuggles into my jacket more

"Watching anime with Alphys. She's quite fascinated by it." The brunette girl explained

"She always has been since she heard about humans watch it. *Anime watch it too." I smirked to my own pun as Frisk stifled a small giggle. (*Because I'm really bad with puns the answer will be at the end of the story whenever I make a really bad pun and someone may not get it…)

"Still rusty Sans." Frisk teased me as I rubbed the back of my neck

"Yeah, it has been a while since I've cracked jokes. Feels great though getting back into the swing of things like old times." I replied as we exited the forest, approaching the door to Toriel's house. Opening the door, Frisk turned to me with a heartwarming smile and said, "We should meet up again tomorrow Sans. I missed you since you disappeared."

With that she closed the door leaving me speechless and unable to say no to her offer. And with my jacket. Mouth still wide open unable to comprehend what just happened, I admired how she had grown through the years. She certainly has gotten bolder but also cuter. I turned and made my way back home to Papyrus using a shortcut. Instantly appearing outside the door, I turned the nob to see Papyrus throwing spaghetti all over the place.

"SANS!" I hear him exclaim as pieces of spaghetti splash onto my face. Wiping my face off, Papyrus continues his spaghetti making and says, "UNDYNE SHOWED ME THIS COOL NEW WAY TO COOK SPAGHETTI!"

The lanky skeleton starts flinging a big blowtorch around then dumps it into a pot immediately holding down the lid with oven mitts. The top tries to pop off but Papyrus puts his strength and weight into it to keep it down.

"SO HOW WAS YOUR DATE, NYEH HEH HEH!" Papyrus asks as I wave my hand at him

"It wasn't a date; it was more of a catching up kinda conversation." I reply as I flop onto the couch while Papyrus opens up a can of tomato sauce and throws it inside the pot fast.


"I'm sure she couldn't even stand to sit next to me…" I mumble in despair as I roll off the couch falling onto the floor and inching my way up the stairs to my room.


I was up early this morning since it was quite dark outside still, watching the morning cartoons on TV when I hear the doorbell ring. Sighing, I lazily get up and answer the door. Opening the door, I see a brown haired girl all cheery eyed staring at me with my jacket wrapped around her. Immediately my face burns up upon contact with her as I let her inside.

"Watching cartoons I see?" She inquires as I nod silently and sheepishly, I suddenly feel self-conscious of myself watching cartoons around her. "I love getting up on Saturday mornings to watch the cartoons."

A rush of relief fills me with joy as she sets herself down onto my couch, watching cartoons with me. At first I was awkwardly on the other side of the couch as she sat on the other end, far away from me. Deep within my bones I felt the need to move closer to her, I wanted to feel her near me. Although I don't know how to just suddenly move clo-

I felt a hand wrap around my arm and a head lay down onto my shoulder. My face burns bright as I look down at Frisk deep into the cartoon, unaware of me watching her. Feeling her grip tighten as she held onto my arm made my face burn bright as everything around me blurred as I focused only on this moment.

"SANS, HAVE YOU SEEN MY SPAGHETTI?!" I heard a loud boisterous voice cry out causing Frisk to move away from me, "I HAD IT ON THE TABLE BUT-"

Papyrus stopped dead in his tracks eying Frisk as she smiled warmly at him. The lanky skeleton turns his gaze from Frisk to me then to Frisk and back to me. Repeatedly doing this over and over, the overwhelmed skeleton decided to finally speak.

"SANS!" He exclaimed surprised, "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME WE HAD A GUEST OVER!"

"Well uh," I started as I scratched the back of my skull, "you didn't ask."

"OH HOW FOOLISH OF ME. I SHOULD HAVE ASKED YOU, MY APOLOGIES." The loud skeleton said as I shook my head

"No problem bro." I replied slowly getting up from the comfy couch and making my way to the kitchen and finding a bowl of spaghetti glued to the table. Sighing, I called for Papyrus as his eyes went ecstatic from the sight of his spaghetti on the table.

"AH, THERE IT IS! MY BELOVED WE ARE TOGETHER AT LAST!" Papyrus yelled at he attempted to grab the bowl glued to the table. In an attempt he placed his feet atop the table trying to pry it from its sticky grave, however he was still unsuccessful.

"Seems you're stuck in a bind." I said hearing a chuckle come from Frisk who muffled it with her hand

"THIS IS NO TIME FOR WITTY PUNS SANS, HELP ME!" Papyrus declared as he continued trying to pull the spaghetti off the table using his weight

"You may want to look at the glue's package on how to get it out. It may work if you adhere to my advice." I explained getting more giggles from Frisk who seemed to be enjoying our little show

"INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR MONSTERS WHO AREN'T AS CLEVER AS ME! NYEH HEH HEH! I SHALL SOLVE THIS WITHOUT THE MEASLY HELP OF WORDS!" Papyrus cried out in confidence as I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to Frisk who was still giggly.

"Well, uh, we'll see you when you've gotten your spaghetti off the table. Again." I said as I ushered Frisk out the door

Stepping outside into the cold crispy air, I lock the door behind me leaving behind the muffled laughter of Papyrus. Turning around to face Frisk, I notice her muffled giggles behind her hands. It looked so adorable to me as we started to walk down the dark street, still quite early in the morning. The dirt roads were vacant with everything calm and quiet, even some monsters were still fast asleep as their snores were heard filling up the tranquil air. Everything was peaceful as I walked near with Frisk still wrapped up all cozy in my blue jacket, a smile still planted on her bright face.

"So where are we headed Sans?" She asked breaking my thoughts

"I was thinking of this new place that just opened up. It's Mettaton's new movie theater." I suggested trying to read her face to see any sign of displeasure

"Sounds great, I hope there's popcorn!" The brunette girl exclaims excitedly, filling me with joy and a small chuckle

"There should be popcorn though." I reply still chuckling, "I would crack a joke but it would be too corny."

"If they didn't they would have popped my bubble." Frisk joked as I stifled a laugh. A girl who would also make bad puns with me…

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*Bad pun translation* "Anime watch it." = "And I may watch it.