Chapter 3

Finishing the movie, I escorted Frisk out the classy looking theater and out considering which restaurant I should take her too. I have to consider which restaurant would be crowded, I don't want to have Frisk wait a while for food or even a place to sit. Turning to the bubbly brunette, I explained my plan and told her I would be back in a flash. Nodding her head smiling, I take off quickly so she won't have to wait long by herself.

First checking out Grillby's place, I find all kinds of monsters taking up the place. The booths and tables were taken up by practically everyone. Taking one last glance around Grillby's place and feeling a wave of sadness wash over me, I head out the door. Grillby always had the best ketchup too… In the blink of an eye I was at Mettaton's restaurant scanning the place. There weren't as many monsters there, which is perfect, so Frisk and I can dine here without waiting. Turning around and out the giant golden double doors- seems Mettaton just gets more extravagant every time you come back to one of his businesses- to get back to Frisk, I'm already near her in an instant.

Although she wasn't alone.

"Sans you're back!" Frisk cries out happily as I see a skeleton shift his stance next to her. There were cracks in his skull. On his left eye socket the crack ran down to his mouth whereas on the right it was cracked up his skull where it split into two cracks higher up on his skull. He had a jacket similar to my own, though his was black with red gaster blaster symbols on the either side of his sleeves with a pure white shirt beneath it. The skeleton wore black jeans with chains hanging off the left side of his pants as he had a wide smirk planted firmly on his face.

"Sans, this is G. He's a skeleton I met a couple years ago." Frisk said cheerily, unbeknown to her what was going on around her, "G this is my old friend Sans."

As we made eye contact I could hear the crackle of our glares as Frisk stood in-between us, oblivious to everything. G's eyes glowed bright blood red as I felt my eyes glow bright blue.

"Well…" A small feminine voice interrupted our glares as I turned my attention to the petite brunette, "Do you guys want to go eat now?"

Frisk had the biggest smile planted across her face as I felt dread pour out of me. This guy and Frisk? My skull turned snow white pale at the thought. I just got over Toriel and now Frisk is getting swept off her feet by this crack head?

I chuckled subconsciously. That was a good one.

Feeling a tug on my arm, I obediently follow the tiny human while G, unfortunately, trailed behind us. Showing them my shortcut- I don't want to be stuck with crack head all night- we end up at Mettaton's restaurant. The waiter showed us to our booth along the golden embroidered wall with fancy flower plastered across it. Frisk sat first to be next to the wall as I immediately sat next to her as I felt dagger stares hitting the side of my head while watching Frisk.

After ordering our food, Frisk attempted to strike up a conversation between G and I- which I doubt will work.

"So G, what have you been up to?" Frisk asked innocently as G twirled his straw around his drink

"Nothing." He replied now poking ice with the straw

"Oh. Seems boring." Frisk said realizing her plan was crumbling in front of her eyes

"Everything is boring without you Frisk. You make things seem so interesting." Crack head said, while he stopped messing with his straw. I noticed Frisk's face burn slight red, hopefully from embarrassment while my face burned with anger.

"That's so sweet of you to say G." Frisk softly says as I burn brighter with rage. Crack head turns and smirks at me as he hangs that moment of victory over me.

"How is Papyrus' cooking lessons with Undyne going?" Frisk asked giggling probably at some of the memories of Papyrus throwing random things into a pot of spaghetti

"I'm sure you're fully aware of how they cook of all people Frisk." I said chuckling as I felt stares bearing into the side of my head

"Ah…" She replies as she has what seems like a faint expression of a memory pop up in her head, "I forgot about this morning."

"Yeah he's been practicing for Undyne's lessons more recently. He's really into it so I won't stop him, but he's cleaning up his messes." I say as a waiter approaches with three plates full of food

"Let's just hope he doesn't burn it down first." Frisk giggled at the thought as I went more pale than my bones. Knowing Papyrus that was a huge possibility with the guidance of Undyne.

Pushing aside that thought, we start to eat our food as I still get eyed by G. What does G even stand for? How did Frisk even meet this guy? He looks like someone Frisk would never hang around- wait scratch that. She was mauled by practically everyone at one point and yet she still hangs out around here.

Glancing over at the small human, I watch her as she eats a hamburger while struggling to keep her long brunette hair out of her face. Suddenly I feel something hit the side of my skull. Turning I find a small piece of paper from a straw atop my plate with a certain skeleton that had a wide smirk planted across his face. Rolling my eyes at him, Frisk soon finishes her food and turns to us with a bright loving smile.

"You know G," Frisk started off as I felt my heart sink as she said his name while he smirked at me, "you could eat slightly faster than that. I've known you for a while and you definitely eat faster than that."

I felt the urge to laugh as G pouted towards Frisk who must have embarrassed him. I held the urge- which probably would have started a fight anyway- and watched how this played out. I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit though.

"Frisk…" I heard G whine as he finished up his food while giving me a dagger look

"Well what should we do next?" Frisk interrupted as I looked at a nearby clock

"Looks like it's pretty late Frisk, I don't want Toriel to worry about you." I explained as Frisk's facial expression turned into gloominess

"Awe…but Sans…" The brunette said sorrowfully as I shook my head

"How about we hang out again this weekend? We'll arrange some plans; you have my number after all." I bargained as her mood turned once again to her cheery self

"Sure!" Frisk said happily as G cleared his throat

"If you want to hang out with me sometime G all you have to do is call, you know that." Frisk said giggling as G wrapped his arms around his head to stretch

"Well I'll walk you home then." G offered as I felt my heart break in two once more

"No it's alright, Sans was going to do it. Besides I'm sure you have other stuff to do that I kind of dragged you away from didn't I?" Frisk said smiling as G's smile faded away and replaced with hatred towards me

"Alright Frisk. I'll see you round then." The skeleton replied as he slowly got up and disappeared out the doorway

Escorting Frisk out, I felt something inside me spark up with excitement. Frisk had chosen me to walk her home instead of G. Smiling widely, I felt Frisk's arms intertwine with my own as she snuggled close to me as we walked. It was quite adorable as her head nodded off every once in a while, as we took the long route to Toriel's. Snow drifted around us as we walked down the pathway and my thoughts filled with Frisk near me. I don't think I've felt like this about anyone before.

Thinking about how to work up the courage to tell Frisk about my feelings before someone else beats me to it, the snow danced around us as I treasured this moment we had together.

The character G is no character in particular pertaining to the game, I just saw some shippings floating around on the internet with him and Frisk and decided to put him in my story. He is intended to be around Sans' age and not like Sans' and Papyrus' father or anything like that. Just kind of like my take on his character, no relation or anything like that in the story. Hope no one minds!

Also this chapter isn't as long as I would have liked but I had writer's block and decided to just post what I had. Hope you all enjoyed~

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