It's happening again just like it has for the past 13 years of my life. These temporary care givers don't think I am worth the effort so they just send me packing to get a new and better child. I'm used to it in a way but even when I try not to take it personally and try not to get upset over it, I do anyways. At least they waited until the end of my 8th grade school year, maybe I'll be in the next home for all four years of high school. I just hope that the next "parents" I get are decent. I'm not asking for much, maybe just food and clothes and maybe even not to be hurt in a house just one time. The home, no wait not home, the house that I am leaving and the people that I am leaving today weren't horrible. There were three other kids in the house, there were three girls including me and one boy. One of the girls was 16 years old and the other was younger than me and was 5, the 5 year old Emily was a foster kid like me. She was so sweet but very shy, we got along pretty well I wish I didn't have to leave her, maybe she will get adopted by them she is adorable. Karen was the biological daughter along with Braiden being the biological son of the Demtry family. Karen ignored us all except for when she had a bad day then she would yell at me and try and make Emily sad by taking her dolls and stuff but usually I would steer her more towards me. There is no reason why I shouldn't try and protect someone like I wish someone did for me. Maybe she will pass it along and do the same. Now Braiden he was 15 and annoying, he never knew when to shut up or keep his hands to himself. I have grown accustom to being felt up by foster brothers and occasionally even a foster dad but it was usually just horny little foster brothers and his friends that he brings over to see his new foster sister. In this home it wasn't anything I couldn't handle it was mostly just annoying to be honest. If I sat by him at dinner he would put his hand on my leg. When he was walking by me he would hit my ass or try to grab my hand. Mostly I would just avoid being around him because I didn't want him to get any ideas about taking it further. Their parents were pretty decent, they fed me and Emily just like they fed their own children, which doesn't happen often, and they never hit us. Not that I would ever let them hit Emily, I'm older I can take it. The only thing, which I didn't mind, is that they really didn't try and get to know us, they just kind of had us there. Emily took that a little hard she kept trying to get their attention until finally one day Karen was annoyed and yelled at Emily saying that 'they don't want to get to know the worthless child that she is so she needs to stop trying' and then I proceeded to pushing her to back off away from Emily because Emily was starting to cry and looked terrified of the confrontation. Karen told her parents and then this is where I end up, being sent away from a decent house with at least one decent sibling that I wish I didn't have to leave.

Emily tried to get in the car with me when the social worker got there and when she got inches away from the door Karen pulled her back as one last victory of not letting her get close enough to escape and say goodbye. Good thing I don't give a rats ass about anyone at that house except for Emily so I got back out of the car and grabbed Emily to say goodbye. Karen couldn't really say anything because her parents were right there along with the social worker so I got to say my goodbyes
"I don't want you to go" Emily whined

"I don't want to go either, I wish I could stay kid, just for you." Emma whispered so only Emily could hear.

"Do you think I'll ever see you again?" Emily had the biggest puppy dog eyes on and he lip started to tremble.

Pushing her ginger locks out of her face so I could look at her I said, "I will try my hardest to make it so that I can see you again. If my next foster family is nice maybe they will let me visit and I can send you card and stuff." Most likely my next home won't be great but she doesn't need to know that. I don't have the best of luck with homes.

"Maybe one day we will live together again?" I could see the hope in her eyes and I just couldn't let her down so I just nodded my head and she pulled me into a tight hug. I tried to let go so I could leave because I could tell that my social worker was getting impatient but Emily just held on for dear life.

"Emmy, hey, I gotta go, I'm sorry" showing my emotions in front of all these people isn't something I am comfortable with so I push through and try hard not to let those couple tears fall down when I feel Emily's shoulders shaking from crying.

"okay, I'll miss you a lot Em, don't forget me okay?" she had a serious and sad face all at once while trying to act like she was okay, and if it wasn't the saddest thing I have ever seen I would think it was the cutest thing a red head with blue eyes could ever do.

"I don't think I could if I wanted to," I said with a self-deprecating laugh.

We shared a small smile then I got into the back of the van and waited for my social worker to start driving. I know I shouldn't have but I looked back and saw Emily, she was starting to panic and was starting to run toward the van but Karen and her streak in bitchiness decided to put her foot out and make Emily fall. I wanted to get out of the van so bad and just punch her in the face but then I saw Emily who got up like it didn't even phase her and kicked Karen in the shin. In that moment I was proud that she didn't just let her push her down like that and a smile grew on my face. Then I saw the shocked faces of the Demtry's and knew that Emily was going to be sent somewhere new soon because Karen made the pain in her leg overdramatic and started bawling. I swear I saw Emily roll her eyes and smirk is I turned the corner to start another new beginning.