Emma Hates herself in this fiction, she doesn't think she deserves love and life has proven her logic right. She is depressed and even though I wont go into detail about it, she is having suicidal thoughts. She just doesn't care to live anymore, she lost all hope and no longer sees a dim light at the end of the tunnel. She just sees a life of pain and she doesn't want it anymore, she wants it to end.

I don't have a lot of muse for this story right now so just a fair warning.

Victor opened the basement door, through it all you could see was a black abyss of nothingness. Emma didn't really know what to expect, but she would have to say that this was creepier. He makes her walk down first, millions of scenarios and ideas running through her head on what's waiting for her at the bottom.

"I'm really sorry," Emma says. "I didn't mean to be late I promise I didn't tell anyone anything."

Victor laughed, "of course you didn't tell anyone anything, no one would listen to someone like you."

They continue walking down the stairs, it feels like the staircase is going on forever. When she gets down to the bottom, taking her last step, she can't see anything in front of her. That is until Victor walks over to the side and flips a switch, illuminating the room showing everything. There was a chair with straps on it, next to it were what Emma presumed to be his torture devices and then there was a cage with a dirty mattress laying at the bottom of it. As soon as Emma processed what she was seeing she turned running back up the stairs but victor caught her yanking her back by her hair causing Emma to fly backwards hitting her head on the concrete floor. She thought, what did I do to deserve this. Victor walks up to her and hovers above her with a creepy smile on his face. "You cannot escape bitch," victor yells in her face. "No matter how many times you try and run away no one will save you, no one will believe you and no one will care."

Emma flinched at every word that he said knowing that it was all true. Who would believe her over a respected doctor? "Now," Victor purred vindictively. "We are going to spend all night and morning until school in here together. Then when you get out of school you better march your little ass right back down these stairs and get into your cage."

"I didn't do anything, I don't know what's going on please just let me go up to my room, I'll be quiet you won't even know I'm there." Emma begged him practically pleading, she doesn't want to do this right now. She doesn't have the energy in her to fight back.

He doesn't even acknowledge her with a response, he just takes her arm tightly and walks her over to the chair.

"Please," she begs. Emma never begs, or at least she never used to but she was so scared. She didn't know what this man was capable of and she just wants to leave, never look back.

He straps her down so that she can't run away, the silence was driving Emma mad. What was he going to do? Was he going to touch her? Torture her? She has no idea what is happening and that's what scared her the most.

She tries to break out of the wrist restraints even though she already knew it wasn't going to work. She couldn't just lay there and not do anything though, so she yanked and screamed trying to break free.

The next thing she felt was a hard punch to the gut, he was smarter than to punch her in the face causing a bruise. The wind was knocked out of her from her stomach and she whimpers while coughing at the force.

"Stop screaming, it's annoying." He glared at her and then walked over to the table where there were mysterious tools.

She was blinking in and out of consciousness,

"Emma, it's going to be okay sweetie. Keep fighting."

She knew that voice, she's heard it recently but it's not clicking in her mind who it was.

"Emma, don't fight back. He'll just hurt you more," A familiar man said.

"I just wanna go to sleep mommy, daddy." She whimpered in a tired voice as tears fell down her cheeks.

"Go to sleep, sleep is important for your health."

"Yes, kiddo, sleep. You'll wake up feeling refreshed."

Emma blinked her eyes noticing the man, the horrible man who is her legal guardian right now. She doesn't even have strength to fight anymore, she just wants it to end. She wants her time at fighting to be over, if this is where her life ends she would be okay with it. The only thought she had in her mind is that Emily will think she abandoned her too. She didn't want to do that to her, but she needs to think about herself, she just wants to be free.

Her eyes closed.

She was asleep.

Wetness. Cold. Panic.

Those are the things she felt in the morning when she woke up, she didn't fully understand the emotions at first, but then she noticed Whale was standing with a bucket of ice cold water over her. He had just thrown some on her to wake her up so he could watch as she feels the bone shattering coolness torture her once more.

"Wake up, you have school soon and you need to clean up so you look decent." He undoes her restraints and walks up the stairs as if he hadn't spent the whole night doing unspeakable things to her.

She doesn't answer him but she does try and stand up, it's a lot harder than she expected. The pain shot through her and she fell over the table to catch her balance.

The trip upstairs was horrible, there aren't even words to explain how hard it was for Emma to not just lay on the floor and cry in the fetal position. Why does this always happen to her, doesn't she get to have a happy ending? When she made it to the bathroom she started a bath and practically collapsed into it, the cuts stung as well as the bruises. Moving any way made it unbearably painful for her, how was she supposed to make it through a whole school day let alone walk to school.

After her bath, she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn't a kid anymore, she no longer had a glimmer of hope that anything would be okay. Emma wanted everything to end at this point, nothing was worth going through a whole night of that psycho's torture. There were marks all over her hips and inner thighs, she had hand prints all over her stomach. When he got bored with using his hands he grabbed a weapon of choice, unsurprisingly he chose a scalpel. She had words cut into her, words she already felt about herself. Having seen enough of herself she grabs a towel and covers most of the pain before walking to her room to get ready. Slipping into leggings and a tank top with a flannel was the easiest and most comfortable choice, she let her hair flow freely and air dry. Instead of putting her contacts in she wore her frame glasses, she hasn't cracked a single smile all morning. There was no longer anything to smile about, he ruined life for her.

He took her will to live.

She sucked in all the strength she had left and headed out for school, today was going to be really hard since all her friends will question her as well as her teachers. Everyone cared more in this school than she was used to and she wasn't sure if she should like it or not.

"Morning Em," Regina said cautiously walking up next to Emma.

"Hey," Her voice was raspier than she wanted it to be and it caused the brunette's head to turn and look at her curiously.

"You getting sick?"

Of course that's what she thinks, why would Regina assume that she almost lost her voice from screaming for someone to save her all night. "Yeah, must be."

"I'm sorry, dear, that's horrible. Granny's has the most amazing chicken noodle soup if you want to maybe get some. Ruby said she's pretty sure that Granny put a magical spell on it to cure all sicknesses." She smirks and nudges Emma softly.

Emma groans, "Fuck! Don't do that." she had to physically stop walking to stop herself from passing out right there.

"I barely hit you Emma, don't be dramatic." Regina rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, even though she put on a tough exterior she internally worried for why Emma was hurt so bad.

"Fuck you," Emma spoke tiredly and then started walking again, she avoided looking in Regina's direction the rest of the walk. They split for their own lockers once they made it into the school, Emma grabbed her books and headed to her first period. Dropping her books onto the desk she has been sitting at she plops down clenching her eyes shut. The feeling of sitting was an amazing relief as well as extremely painful.

She can do this, she can make it through the whole day without setting anyone off.