Emma was exhausted, she just wanted the day to be over yet she was terrified of what was to come. She feels like an idiot for actually planning on going back to Victor's after school, if she doesn't she's scared that he will know and find her which would only make it worse. Her class periods blurred together, she only heard a jumble of voices and saw familiar faces. If she looked closer she would be able to tell that when she was around her friends they all looked worried about her. She couldn't see it though, she wasn't looking and she honestly gave up on everything. It was like the day was playing in fast forward yet in slow motion and she couldn't get a grasp on the world around her. Maybe it was because of the unbearable pain in her stomach, or the fact that she is pretty sure that Victor is going to kill her when she went back there tonight. He's mentioned multiple times to her that he knows how to hide a body and that he has done it before, why would he waste his time on her?

Ruby and Regina were standing in front of Emma's desk where she hadn't stood up from yet, they have been trying to get her to go with them. They didn't really know what to do with Emma or how to make her feel better so they did the only thing they could think of. They told someone they trusted, Mr. Nolan, someone who Emma also seemed fond of not that there was much they knew about Emma.

"Emma," Ruby says softly trying one more time to get the blonde to stand up. They had to head to government class with Mr. Booth, but they were just going to lead her to Mrs. Blanchard's class instead where they know David will be.

"We have to get her to that room, something is really wrong with her," Regina said in a voice that no longer even tried to hide how concerned she was about her.

Ruby looked over at Regina, "We can't just lift her you said you barely bumped into her this morning and she looked like she was going to pass out. What if we hurt her?"

The regal brunette sighs, "I don't know what to do Ruby. She needs to go and talk to them they are the only two I know that she even remotely likes-god knows why."

"Let's just-" She crouches down next to Emma and makes sure not to touch her. "-Emma, hey we have to go to our next class come on."

Emma stands up finally hearing them but still isn't fully cognitive to hear they have been talking about her this whole time. She follows them blindly into Mary- Margaret's classroom where David was sitting at a student's desk next to Mary-Margaret's teacher desk. They were sharing their lunches when they looked over at the three people entering the room, usually no one bothers them. The moment that they saw Emma they both stood up, Emma just went and sat in one of the desks.

"Emma?" MM says gently walking over to her with David trailing behind her with a concerned look.

"Don't touch her," Regina says and when the married couple looks over at her she finishes the statement. "It might hurt her earlier when Emma and I were walking to school I nudged her gently and she looked like she was in a lot of pain. She has been acting really weird and we are worried about her."

MM looks over at the girl, she looks so sad and her eyes were fogged over like she was thinking way too hard. She sits in a chair next to the blonde and looks up at David for support, who immediately gives it by resting his hand on her shoulder. "Emma sweetie," She says softly trying to get her attention.

Emma couldn't concentrate, her stomach hurt so much and she could feel the etchings of the words into her skin. Orphan carved right under her belly button, worthless carved on her rib cage, slut right above her belly button. She felt the way he pushed the blade into her skin over and over, she doesn't think the feeling will ever go away. She feels the way his hands pushed between her legs and for the first time since she got to school she lets out a scared whimper feeling like she was back in the basement. "I don't want to go back," she cries out and looks around finally noticing her surroundings and then shutting her mouth.

Ruby and Regina were startled by the first words that their friend had spoken since the walk to school. Emma can tell she probably looks pathetic and she makes sure to avoid their eyes, when she looks to her left she sees MM and David. It makes her want to cry all over again and beg them not to let her go back, she won't survive if she goes back.

"To Victor's?" David said gently not to spook her into clamming up, "Emma what happened, why don't you want to go back?" MM puts her hand in David's, trying to help him calm slightly.

Emma just looks at David, her eyes are so sad and she doesn't know how to ask for help. She's never asked for help before and she doesn't know if they would actually help her or make it worse. "I don't know how to ask," she whispers to them with her voice raspy and sore.

"You don't know how to ask what?" MM encourages Emma gently, looking over at Regina and Ruby to make sure they are okay as well. They look scared like they were about to start bawling at the sight of their scared friend. She makes eye contact with them and nods to the door asking them silently to leave, Regina looks hesitant like she doesn't want to leave her friend, but Ruby takes her hand and drags her out of the room.

Emma sucks her lip into her mouth, she is struggling within her mind whether or not to continue. She looks at Mary Margaret and sees that she just looks concerned, same with David. "For help," her voice cracks and a tear falls down her cheek.

MM moved to get closer to the girl with a sad smile displayed on her lips. "You just did Emma, and I'm so proud of you."

Emma flinches away on instinct which makes her wince, "I- you shouldn't be proud of me. I don't deserve it, I'm not worth it." She held her hand over her stomach and closed her eyes in pain.

The pixie cut woman watched the pain radiate from Emma, "Sweetie you are so worth it. What's wrong with your stomach?"

Emma shakes her head and lets out a small cry, "I can't show you or it'll be worse tonight. I cant- he'll kill me, I'm sorry!" Her head was filled with visions of what happened to her last night, all the things he told her that she deserved, that she brought upon herself.

David finally stepped in to talk, "Em you aren't going back there. You are going to come home with us, you'll be safe and we aren't letting him near you." Emma looked up at him to see if he was being truthful, "I promise."

She bites her lip and takes a shuttering breath before gently lifting her shirt to show her stomach with the words carved into her. They both gasped not expecting that and David looked like he was about to kill someone.

"Oh Emma," She said softly and ran over to her desk for the first aid box that she has. "did you clean them?" Emma shook her head telling her no, "Okay you know what let's take the rest of the day off and get you home." Mary-Margaret stood and looked at David, "Can you go tell them that we are leaving? I'll get Emma to the car, we can't take her to the hospital because Whale is there so we will take her home and I'll call one of my nurse friends to come over." David nods and leaves through the door.