Harry stood beneath his invisibility Clock watching Professor Quirrell pace back and forth in-front of the Mirror Left then right the left again all the while muttering to him self in two voices "Find it!" "Yes Master."

He thought to him self that of all the things he had seen this year this was the strangest as there was no Stuttering or coward-ness about His Teacher. as the strange sight continued the young Loin drew his Wand and took aim for the teachers shoe's and cast a tap dancing Jinx.
"what!" yelled Quirrell as he dropped his Wand in shock as he danced around the room "SSstop thisss now!" Hissed the other voice. with a bang Quirrell smashed into the mirror and it fell to pieces. "NNOOOO!" came the yell of the hissy voice as the shards of the mirror fell but they never touched the floor. Instead the mirror started to reform around the Tap dancing Teacher.

Harry laughed at the sight as he felt something land in his pocket and the mirror was then a thought dawned on him he had got a teacher trapped in a Mirror.

" Bloody Hell I am so Expelled"