Several hours of hyperspace travel later, Anakin docked the Strike Fighter with a Helghast cruiser orbiting Gyre. The squad exited first, and Anakin exited right after Radec. They were greeted by Obi-Wan and a large balding man in a greatcoat.

"Master, it is good to see you are alright," said Anakin.

"Same here, Anakin," replied Obi-Wan. "And here I was hoping a diplomatic mission wouldn't go wrong, if only for one time. It seems that is impossible. But enough about our failures, you haven't introduced me to your new friends."

"This is Major Mael Radec of the Autarch's Guard special missions unit," Anakin introduced to Anakin.

"A pleasure, Master Kenobi," said Radec as he shook his hand. "If you will excuse me, my squad and I have to give our report to Admiral Orlock."

"Of course," said Obi-Wan as Radec walked away with his squad. Obi-Wan then turned back to Anakin. "I assume you must have had quite an adventure. My own started when Cole arrived without you, saying you had been tricked into believing the Vektans were plotting genocide against the Helghast, which was cut off when Minos destroyed the corvette and ordered the ISA forces to kill me as a spy."

"That is strange, the engines were disabled on that ship," said Anakin, surprised to hear that Cole was dead. "It would have been preferable that they be detained on Helghan itself but given how many insults Cole and Mothma had thrown at Radec and his team both for their dislike of democracy as well as being Mandalorian, I didn't want to cause an actual diplomatic incident."

"Did you find evidence of this conspiracy to destroy the Helghast?" asked Obi-Wan.

"Yes, the Vektan scientist Hillary Massar was creating a weaponized Brainrot Plague variant to be used on Helghan and maybe even Gyre," answered Anakin. "Sergeant Patroclus made sure to get as many of Massar's files as possible, so they can't deny the accusations." Before Obi-Wan could say anything, Themistocles walked up.

"The Autarch has contacted this ship," said Themistocles. "He wants to personally thank you for what you have done." Knowing it would be wise to do so, Obi-Wan followed him and Anakin to the communications room. Inside, Radec and Orlock were waiting for them, right next to a holoprojector of a bald man wearing an overcoat.

"Master Jedi, I am Scolar Visari, Autarch of Helghan," the man introduced himself. "Thank you for your assistance against the ISA. I am sorry that I had to deceive you but I could not risk the Vektans learning of my intentions."

"Major Radec explained the situation perfectly, your excellency," said Anakin.

"Admiral Orlock gave a pretty detailed explanation of what was going on himself," added Obi-Wan. "I assure you, the chancellor and the Jedi Council will hear about what the Vektans have done today." Obi-Wan was about to bring up the topic of Stahl Arms personnel committing war crimes but he realized that doing so at the moment would reveal that Lente, Hakha, and Borischek had told him. Broaching the topic now would likely only succeed in ruining the careers of his new friends, so he decided to approach the council about it back on Coruscant and then come up with another way for him to logically learn of the company's abuses.

"That is excellent," said Visari. "I am sure the Chancellor will be sympathetic to our plight, even if like the Trade Federation the Vektans have bribed certain senators to side with them. Major Radec will transfer the files of Massar's research to you so you can show her crimes to the right people. I have contacted the Jedi Council, and they are sending a Master Windu to pick you up."

"Thank you, your excellency," said Obi-Wan. "I am sure the council will send aid after this."

"That is good to know," replied Visari. "If all goes well, Helghan might join the Republic after all." The transmission than ended and Radec walked up to them.

"Master Jedi, I will take you to the docking port for you to board Master Windu's ship," Radec said. "It is on approach as we speak." As they walked to the ship, Anakin spoke up.

"Major, I am proud to call you my friend," said Anakin. "I will do everything in my power to help you and your people in the future."

"That is good to know, my friend," said Radec. "It was a pleasure to finally fight alongside Jedi. I look forward to doing so again in the future."

After the Jedi departed, Scolar Visari opened a transmission to his secret ally, Darth Sidious.

"Autarch Visari," the shrouded figure said. "I take it our operation was a success."

"Yes, my lord," replied Visari. "Massar and her laboratory are destroyed, and the Jed support us against the Vektans."

"Excellent," Sidious said. "Did your team have any problem ensuring the death of a Jedi?"

"From what I understand, any objections Major Radec had to eliminating the second padawan ended when he met the man," replied Visari. In order to ensure that the Jedi would side against the ISA, he had instructed Radec to sabotage the hyperdrive, leaving it just enough power to reach Gyre, where the inexperience apprentice would predictably attempt to contact Kenobi and get killed as a result. When Radec asked why risk the entire operation, Visari explained the murder of a Jedi ambassador and the crew of his ship would certainly doom any effort the Vektans could make in an effort to escape responsibility. Radec was unhappy but he knew it had to happen for the sake of Helghan. Thankfully, Oling's belligerent behavior ensured any objections were quickly forgotten.

"It would have been preferable if they killed Kenobi as well, but it is still a victory," said Sidious. "Congratulations, Autarch, you have ensured your victory on Gyre. In addition, you have helped a misguided young man find his way and see that democracy doesn't work."

There, Udessi is finally finished. I wasn't comfortable writing Windu and Chad's cameos, so I just skipped them. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope I gave 1-1 Marines some story ideas. As you can see, Anakin is unaware of the more unpleasant aspects of the Helghast, since he hasn't heard of the behavior of Stahl's mercenaries and how the Helghast leaders ignore it. As far as he can tell, the Helghast are extreme but haven't actually done anything wrong and are justified in their fight. Given how the nominally democratic Vektans, or at least a cabal of them, are outright genocidal, he is further disgruntled with democracy like he is in Attack of the Clones. The fact that Visari's authoritarian government comes across as rather benevolent makes him more inclined towards such a government.