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Additional specific characters belonging to Cannell et al: Season 1 episode 1 "Mexican Slay Ride" -Father Magill Season 4 Episode 5 "The Road to Hope" - Jack Daniels aka Hannibal Smith

Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from Season 1 Episode 9 "Holiday in the Hills".

Author's Notes: A prequel to "Holiday in the Hills" - as challenged by my son.

Summary: The A-team prepares to retrieve the Bishop's building funds and Hannibal lays out the plan.

Priests, Planes, and Passports : by LAGC

2: Making the Plans and Assigning Jobs.


"Fine Hannibal. I ain't got a problem with helping out old Fr. Magill or his Bishop friend. People gave that money to do God's work not guerillas' work. But how we gonna get to Guatemala?" rumbled BA as he paced across Face's living-room.

"By bus, BA. How else since you refuse to fly." Hannibal answered then slyly added,"Does delay us though and gives those guerrillas time to spend the church money."

"Well we best be getting on a bus and down there sooner than later." declared an unswayed Big Guy

Hannibal shrugged defeatedly and turned to Face, "Here is the supply list, Lieutenant. We need everything by tomorrow morning. I want us on the road by noon. Like BA said we need to be there sooner than later."

Face snapped up the list and became visibly flabbergasted. "Hannibal?! All this in under twenty four hours. I'm good, very good actually, but not even I can pull off miracles!"

"You'll find a way, Kid. You always do." replied Hannibal as he lit his cigar. "Use your magic ...and take Murdock with you."

"Sure, Faceman. Happy to assist the Great One." enthused the Pilot as he snagged the list to read it. As he scanned Murdock asked, "So what is the plan, Colonel?"

Hannibal winked at his second-in-command as he said, "A standard infiltrate and recover mission. We locate the headquarters, raid it, snatch the money, and get out. While engaging the hostiles as little as possible. After-all we aren't down there for politicians we're there for priests."

"Bishop Perez was able to provide us with a good map of the target area and the locations of the base and HQ. However, he didn't have any intel on the schedules and habits of the troupe." Face added as he spread out a large map with doodles representing the camp. The Team spent the next hour hammering out the details and timing of their assault. Once everyone was comfortable with his role Hannibal declared it was time to get the supplies.

He went off to call Amy to fill her in on their latest mission and to arrange for her transport them to the bus station and to pick them up on their return. BA would be storing his van at the youth center while they were away this time. And since he was unburdened with mechanical duties, he prepared the munitions and artillery Hannibal's plan required. Face and Murdock set off to do the "shopping."

Once the pair were in the 'vette, Face started to gripe about the list, "Dynamite, passports, and a fully fueled plane- all in under twenty four hours! Hannibal is expecting miracles here."

"Easy, Faceman. We'll get it done, muchacho." Murdock calmly said.

Face glared at him incredulously, "I've got none of any of this in a pipeline right now. Passport themselves are a task. It took me a month to acquire our last set and then BA went and burned them during his fit when he woke up after our trip home from that Tijuana mission. The dynamite might be simpler especially if I purchase some from a certain character I know. Hate to deal with his ilk though ...but I may have to under this deadline. And then there is the plane ... "

Murdock could see his buddy's creative mind tying itself into knots.

He reached over and patted Face's shoulder. "Don't worry, Face. Leave the plane to me I already have a plan."

When he saw Face about to protest, Murdock continued, "No, no. Don't ask any questions or put any worry lines around those baby blues of yours. Just drop me off at that bus stop so I can get to work."

Face still looked doubtful but he pulled the car over to let Murdock out.