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Season 1 episode 1 "Mexican Slay Ride" -Father Magill

Season 4 Episode 5 "The Road to Hope" - Jack Daniels aka Hannibal Smith

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Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from Season 1 Episode 9 "Holiday in the Hills".

Author's Notes: A prequel to "Holiday in the Hills"

Summary: Face and Murdock try for the dynamite.

Priests, Planes, and Passports : by LAGC

5: Dynamite, Demolition, and Disaster


Murdock knew by the way Face launched the corvette at the curb that something was wrong. In an effort to not add to his buddy's stress level, Murdock actually opened the side door and entered the passenger seat as a civilized human instead of his usual leap over the side and onto the seat.

"What's the matter, muchacho?" he asked his distracted partner in crime. "Clearly you've met with success as I can see the passports right here near the gear shifter."

"Yeah I've got the passports. Took me the majority of the day but Father Riley and crew are re-documented. It's the dynamite that's the problem." Face replied grouchily.

"What happened?"

"Well I didn't get out of the Passport Agency until 2pm. Then I shot over to the house that Dix Weaver operates out of. It's in a real dicey part of town and I hate going there, especially in my 'vette but I was pressed for time and went. Well I get all the way there, ready to plum straight out pay for the goods, only to find the house is a completely burned out shell. Of course my car had drawn a lot of attention so I had to make up some story about why I was looking for Dix. The thugs who came up to me simply said that Dix had blown his house and himself to Kingdom Come and I had no reason to be in the their neighborhood. Since I clearly agreed I hightailed it out of there and now here I am sans Hannibal's TNT."

Murdock thought this over for a minute then a wide smile spread across his cheeks, "I've got your solution, Faceman! The construction site on Route 15 will have the stuff we seek. I read in the paper that folks were complaining about the noise from the late night blasting at the site."

'"That's really a far off destination, Murdock. You're talking at least three hours round trip." Face replied in a dubious tone.

"Do you know of any place closer from which to scam the needed supply, oh Facial One?" Murdock logically countered.

"No. Let's go then. The late shift might be easier to con than the day shift, anyway."

Face was thoughtful for a minute then his eyes sparked with a scheme, a tried and true one: Good Cop Bad Cop or in this case Good and Bad Safety Inspectors. He even had he fake ID badges in the trunk. Face shared his plot with Murdock. They worked out the details and timing as Face set off for the Route 15 site. They worried that the 'vette might be a bit of a red flag but then decided that with the cover of dusk, and a bit of luck, no one on-site would see it.

As they drove, Face began to relax a bit especially after Murdock assured him that the plane was ready and waiting as per their Colonel's orders. He was just beginning to enjoy the ride when Murdock let out an alarming whistle. They had just left Route 10 to merge into Route 15. Face saw the problem right as Murdock had started his whistle. They had merged into the middle of a military convoy.

"Oh for Pete's sake! Its not my day today! Why on earth are all these military vehicles here?" whined Face

"My guess is that's it's new recruits headed out to Fort Irwin, Faceman." Murdock answered matter-of-factly.

"Oh thanks or that info, Uncle Sam." Face sarcastically replied as he tried to inconspicuously weave himself through the convoy.

They were almost free when disaster struck. They were neck and neck with a sedan on their left. Face glanced over and to his horror found himself eye to eye with none other than Colonel Lynch. The enemies recognized each other in that same instance.

"Oh Frak!" hollered Face as he slammed down the accelerator. "It's Lynch!"

"Golly, Faceman you weren't kidding when you said this wasn't your day!"

"NOT helping Murdock! There is a pistol in my glovebox get it ready would ya."

Murdock checked the weapon and prepared to use it if necessary. Face drove like a rabid NASCAR racer - dodging in and out of lanes and cars -as he tried to shake off Lynch.

"Face please loose this Sucker. There are so many civilians around us that I really don't want to have to open fire."

"I know Murdock. I KNOW!"

Face executed another daring lane change and then utilizing the breakdown lane he was able to put a large motor home and several capped pick-up trucks between them and Lynch.

"This is better, Muchacho but I can still see him so he can still see us. Whoo-Hoo! I think he may have just tried to grab the steering wheel from the passenger seat. I guess Francis doesn't think his underling is driving effectively. And Ya-hoo, that caused them to spin out! Now's our best chance, Buddy."

Face hadn't let up on his accelerator yet. Suddenly he giggled uncharacteristically. Murdock glanced over to see him grinning slyly.

"There's our spot." Face said as he slipped the 'vette into a pocket space between three semi trailer trucks. The rigs encased the small sports car in a triangle of tires and steel. That masked the car from Lynch. Face remained there until the next exit. It was a sharp blind ramp that obscured his dart off the highway. In his rear view mirrors he spied Lynch's sedan race on past.

"Oh this is just great. Lynch is going to have every one of those new soldiers scouring this highway and the exits trying to find us. We've got to get out of here." said Face.

"'Where is here?" asked Murdock as he pulled out a road map from under his seat.

"I think the sign said exit 116-Beech Ave." Face answered.

"Ok. That means we are in Fontana then. I'll plot us a new way to the TNT. One that doesn't include the major highway."

"NO! Just plot to get us back to my place. I feel that the construction site is too high risk of a target right now." Face instructed as he steered his car off the busy street and onto a lesser road.

"I completely agree. Home it is."

"What am I going to tell Hannibal?" Face began to fret.

"Well, we can go with the truth...or...we avoid telling him anything and acquire the TNT in Guatemala. I'd bet dollars to donuts that those guerrillas we'll be dancing with will have some lying around that we can put to better use." suggested Murdock.

"Hmm, you might have something there buddy. Would save us the stress of getting TNT across the border."



Colonel Francis Lynch is also a character belonging to Cannell and associates.

"Frak" is a catch word from the Original Battlestar Gallactica and is thus the creative property of Glen A. Larson. I couldn't resist this opportunity to have Face say it. Please forgive my geek indulgence.

Fort Irwin in California can be dated back as far as 1942. In 1979 is was established as a National Training Center. It is located in northern San Bernardino County, California. (Wikipedia)