DISCLAIMER : Harry potter does not belong to me. All character s belong to J.K. Rowling .

Chapter 1 :

It was the middle of night , when some scratching noise could be heard from the smallest bedroom of number 4 , privet drive . Harry Potter was trying to do his homework at night as the dursleys had given him chores all day long.

He wanted to perform the best in his studies so that he can defeat Voldemort once and for all . After last year , he knows He can't rely on his luck to save himself again . He considers himself extremely lucky that he was able save Cedric with a well timed petrificus , so that it fooled wormtail .

No , he needs to prepare for what's to come . He needs to learn how to duel , combat and what not . So if it takes a little extra effort on his part , then so be it .

Author's note :

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