Warning: This season may be hard to understand if you haven't read Season One.

Special thanks to Barbacar for giving me the idea for this prologue, which takes place before this fanfic series.


The bar in Dimension B78SemiColon had always had the best drinks. Bill had been to every dimension in the multiverse at least once, but nothing topped the drinks at Pyro's. The best part? Bill got free drinks, since he was old pals with the owner. So, he sat on the stool, ordered his usual, and waited.

"Gimme the cheapest, most expired beverage ya got."

Well, well. Bill certainly hadn't expected him to appear in the seat beside him. "Tad Strange?"

The square blue dream demon looked up, his two eyes widening in shock that quickly morphed into disgust. "You? What in Beelzebub's name are you doing here?"

Bill shrugged. "Oh, you know. Planning stuff, drinking other stuff." His wine came, and he thanked the four-armed bartender before giving Tad a once-over. "What happened to you, Strange? You look like a dog ate you, puked you back up, and ate you again."

"First of all, ew." Tad's drink arrived, and he said a brief thanks in response before glaring back at Bill. "And, second, since when do you care about my problems?"

Bill ignored the comment. "You smell funny. Like, you bathed in gasoline and lit yourself on fire." Tad's grip tightened on his glass. If Bill's mouth was detached from his eye, he would have been smirking. "Oh? Did I strike a nerve?" He sipped his wine. "Alright, Strange, you got me curious. What's going on? If I recall correctly, you aren't usually the drinking type."

Tad rolled his eyes. "I don't see how it's your business, Atbash." Bill decided to, for now, ignore the use of his real last name. Tad sipped his drink from one eye and scowled. "Blech! I hate tequila when it's not expired."

"Then, why did you order it?" Bill quipped.

Scowling even more, if such a thing was possible, Tad gulped down the rest of his tequila in one swig and shuddered. Which meant he was either bad with alcohol or really hated the taste. Knowing him, it was probably both. "Listen, Atbash-"

"It's Cipher-"

"I don't know why you're here or why you're suddenly so interested in-"

"Bill!" Someone wrapped literally flaming arms around him from behind. They didn't hurt, and Bill knew immediately where they came from. "It's so nice to see you drop by! Oh, I could just eat you up! Literally, I-I should totally eat you, right now."

"Please don't." Bill struggled out of her grip and turned to face her. "Nice to see you too, Pyronica. This is-" He tried to introduce Tad, but the only indication that he had been there was an empty glass and the payment for the drink. "Huh. Where'd he wander off to?"

Pyronica took Tad's place on the stool. Lighting a pink and purple cigar with the flames on her arm, she asked, "Who?"

"This guy I know, Tad Strange."

"Um, blue square?"

"You know him?"

Pyronica took a hit from her cigar before answering. "Well, I saw him leaving the bar, but I've seen him before. Pretty recently. It's kind of a funny story. Have you heard about the fire?"

Bill had; it was easy to know things when you could peer into other dimensions at will. Plus, word of the huge magical fire right there in Dimension B78SemiColon had spread almost as fast as the actual fire had. An entire city - a rather large one at that - had been incinerated, and hundreds had either perished or acquired fourth degree burns (which were like third degree burns, but magic).

Bill took another sip. "What about it?"

Pyronica licked her lips and twirled her cigar in her fingers. "Well, a couple days ago, I shot myself out of a cannon-"


"I had a reason this time. It was a publicity stunt." She shrugged. "Business had been slow up until then. Anyway, I landed on a bunch of gold fire that kind of...spread. I later found out that the poor thing was practicing his fire-magic, and I'd just wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, I really misjudged how far away the crash pad was. The impact with the ground shocked me into losing control of my own magic, and Tad freaked out too, I guess. Next thing you know, the whole forest is up in smoke, and neither of us can figure out how to put it all out. It's been all over the news since. Fortunately, I got away from the fire in time, and Tad wasn't accused of anything either. According to the news though, he wasn't lucky enough to get off unscathed, if you know what I mean."

Well, that explained why Tad had smelled like burnt toast. "Wait, they're still playing that story? Didn't that fire happen last week?" And, Tad still smelled like charcoal? Of course, if the flames were magic, he supposed that made sense.

Pyronica shrugged. "You know how the media is. If there's a story, they'll air it until something better comes up."

Bill chuckled lightly, remembering why he was here in the first place: to tell his old friend about a certain development. "I have a feeling something better will be coming up real soon."

"Oh?" Pyronica grinned. "You got something cool in the making?"

"Pyro, my friend, let me tell about a man named Stanford Pines."


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