(Alright. I've been rethinking this one. I know you all hate it, but I am trying.)

(Decobray mansion, Washington DC)

(Max POV)

Many cameramen, and other film crew, gather in the mansion. Socializing, and getting ready to shoot a commercial. Blind to the truth that surrounded the mansion's owner.

However, in one of the mansion's bedrooms, I was resting peacefully in my sleep. My siblings came in, and started shaking me. Ari, my brother did most of the shaking. He was wearing his usual clothes. A stripped shirt, sweater vest, and jeans you'd expect to see, on a seven year-old. He pushed his glasses up. They had almost fallen off his face.

He said"Come on, Max! Grandpa need us for his commercial!" He continued to shake me, "We need to be prepared for this! If you don't get up, Grandpa will punish us again!"

I got out of my bed. I looked at my younger siblings. Ella, my sister, was wearing what looked like a school uniform. Made sense, seeing as how she went to a private school, owned by our grandfather's company. It was the typical uniform. You know, plad skirt, knee high socks, boring shoes, and a gray shirt with the school symbol. Except her uniform, has the snake symbol on it. The symbol, of our grandfather and his company.

I went over to my dresser, and walked into my bathroom to get dressed. I dress myself, the same way as always. In my jacket, with a lightning bolt... Trapped inside the mouth, of a Cobra, on the side. I wear the jacket over a white shirt, with a red collar and jeans.

I walk out of my quarters, and head up to the mansion. I see my friends, talking to the camera crew.

The director of the commercial asked, "Hey! Where's Mr Decobray? Shouldn't he be in his own commercial?" Oh, the poor simple minded fool.

I told him, "Grandpa won't be joining us this time. He had a..." I tried to think of something, "Meeting to attend." The most believable explanation, I could give.

We start to shoot the commercial. I smile, and look at the lines prepared for me. Typical commercial for our company.

A snake symbol is shown on screen. The three of us say, in unison, "Cobra Industries

An image of medicine with a snake on the bottle, is shown. I say, in front of it, "Advancing in the best health care possible, Cobra heals you."

An image of students walking into a school, with a Cobra symbol on the front door, is shown. Ella says, smiling in front of the building, "Providing top facilities for young people's learning, Cobra educates you."

Ari, my dearest, beloved little brother, was sitting in front of a Playstation knock-off, Cobra made. He said, smiling, "Providing the most advanced gaming systems and media, Cobra entertains you."

An image of Cobra workers, connecting telephone poles is shown. I say, "Working with Global Communication, Cobra connects you."

An image of a tank rolling by. I say, "Providing the latest in National Defense, Cobra protects you."

The three of us come together on screen, sharing some apples. We say in unison, "Cobra Industries. Providing a better future, today."

The crew gets what they need, and leave. I sigh, "Another commercial. Does it even matter? Honestly?"

Ari said to me, "Max! Don't say that." He hugged me, "I don't want Grandpa to punish you, for defying him."

I said to him, "Defying him, how? By saying I don't want to be in his commercials anymore? Soon enough Cobra will control the world anyway! So, what's the point of more commercials?"

I soon realized, I shouldn't have said that. My grandfather come out from behind.

He said, "The POINT, Maximum, is to keep the public unaware." We all look at him in fear, "If the commercials were to stop, the public would soon gain suspicion." He walked closer, and slapped me in the face. He said, "Imagine if Cobra, was discovered for what it truly is." He looked to me and Ari, "For what you two truly are."

I sighed again. I said, "Yes. I understand, Grandfather."

He said, "We are alone. You may call me Grandpa, when no one else is around." He hugged me, "Rest assured, Max. It's worth it. I promise."

He walked away. He stopped, and said, "But, do remember how to address me, in front of the rest of Cobra. At least, those who know the truth, anyway."

I smiled, "Yes. Of course..." My smile couldn't be wider, "Commander."

As he walked away, I began to have flashbacks. I remembered the first time, he'd met us. How we ended up, under his care.