(The last flashback.)

(Flashback. Destro POV).
I grew up, very close to my sister. She was quite younger than me, which I felt, meant I had to protect her. When we were old enough, I took over the company. Though I was upset due to my parents' deaths, I was still happy to be running things in the company. But I wasn't happy, when my sister, Ann McCullen, left for France without so much as a note. But, soon, she met a decent enough man. Then, his family, I felt, were much better. Until he did, what he did.

Then, Jason (better known , by his nickname 'Gazzy') was born No one in my family, particularly not my sister, could have been happier. When he was taken, we all grieved. Soon, man in an old Luftwaffe uniform, came into the castle.

He said, "Hello. I am Klaus Wolf. Former Colonel of the German Army. I know you want to know why I am here, so I will skip the usual thing." He walked closer to me, "I know where the boy id, and we will help you get him back, in return you must join us."

I was shocked. But we were all happy to know, Jason was alive. Whatever we had ti do, we were willing. Whatever it took, to make my family whole again. We accepted. We went over to the facility, and I saw Klaus' more violent side. It was like he didn't need the army hed brought with him. Like he could take on everyone in the facility, by himself. We found young Gazzy, and were overjoyed. We brought him home, and were shocked to see what happened. But we didn't care. He was alive, safe, and happy. Then, Angel was born. We loved her as well. Then, her father sold her, as he did Gazzy. Ann had enough. The thing about the McCullen family.. Ye mess with our family.. Ye never breath again. She took our father's hunting shotgun, and fired a shot. Into the man's head.

Then, Klaus came again. We'd all had enough. This time, after we liberated Angel.. we hunted Itex down. Killing everyone in it. Klaus had the pleasure of killing their leader, himself. Again, Klaus is a fine man. But he has a more violent side to him. Nothing remains of Itex. Whatever does, belongs to the Commander.

Because of my failure to protect my family, I wear the mask. The McCullen clan has a name for those, who embarrass our clan. A Destro. That is why, I wear the mask I do. But, not in public. In my public appearances, I show my face. But, when Cobra is at it's true goals.. I wear the mask. As a symbol of my failure.

Now.. I do whatever I must to protect those two. And.. Since Cobra Commander has seen fit to 'enlighten me' on Cobra's true mission.. I serve, as loyally and faithfully as I can.. (Even if Cobra Commander, does occasionally get on my nerves.)