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Life as it is now is boring. This dark room I'm in is boring yet comfortable. My bed sheets were plain, one color, my room itself is boring. Boring is not always bad, though, I enjoy the comfort of my own plain room. There's nothing to distract me from my miserable plain thoughts in my room. My current life can be described in one word, unfortunately.

That word is Dull.

There is no excitement; no job, no money of my own, no house, no boyfriend, no school, no adventure. Definitely no friends, I'm considered socially awkward by my peers and a Yankee during my school years. I guess I did kind of expect people to have that sort of opinion of me when they saw that I was wearing a long skirt instead of those short skirts those over girls wore. They were so easily to just flip up or when the wind blow their skirts would fly up. The thought of others beside myself looking at my body creeped me out.

Through all my years of school, I'd never been asked out by any boy. Even the ones that didn't know me would decide that there is apparently something wrong with me and showed no interest in me. Not that I had a problem with that, though. Judging from the distractions they always seemed to cause those girls in my old school I could conclude that it was just a waste of my time.

Once I'd finished high school in the top ten percentage, I'd decided to just take a break from school instead of just moving right on into college. Honestly, I wasn't ready for college, heck I'm not even ready to be considered a grown up yet. Sadly time couldn't seem to understand my disdain of growing old and moving out.

I could, I have all the right equipment I need. I have a rich father and a loving mother. I could easily just ask my father for money and he'd gladly give it to me.

The kind old man, bless his frail heart.

My mother, on the other hand, would disagree with my decision of receiving money from Dad. She believes strongly that I should have to work for my livings instead of just mooching off of their lives. I know she only wants the best for me, but at the same time, I couldn't bring myself to even care enough. Even if I really tried to I couldn't care, my body and mind wouldn't let me care. Instead, I had anxiety attacks because my body would deem it's afraid of something and just go haywire. Bothersome and unwanted, It annoys me beyond belief and honestly I could admit I'm also frustrated about it too.

I don't want anxiety attacks.

I still kind of wonder what a boyfriend would have been like. I mean if they make such a distraction for females they must be doing something right...right? I guess I'll know someday, I'm only twenty years old, I have time to let love find me. I'm certainly not about to go looking for love, I'm not that desperate for one. The very idea of me actually going out to look for love is hilarious by itself in all ways.

Unfolding my arms from beneath my head I rolled over onto my side and close my eyes. My room is so quiet, it's lonely. I have no company to annoy, my profession, and it is becoming a bit chilly in here. The only sounds I could hear were coming from the air-conditioner installed in my window I'd asked for during the summer. It was loud but I didn't mind, though, I can't sleep without there being at least some noise in my room plus it kept my room cold.

"I don't like feeling cold and lonely together," I mumbled sitting up from my laid out position I slowly walked to the kitchen. The floors didn't creak or make any noise while I walked. It was just the sound of my breathing I could hear loudly in my ears.

I started to snap my fingers and hum a random tune quietly.

Pulling open the refrigerator I looked around and saw nothing that particularly stood out to me that grabbed my attention. Closing it back I moved to the cabinets and saw that we still had one package of pop tarts left in the box. I grabbed it and moved onto the living room careful not to make any noise. Mom doesn't like to be woken up late at night for trivial things like this.

My mother is a very vindictive and extremely frightening woman.

Sitting down on the floor by the window I opened the pop tart container and take a small bite out of it.

Leaning against the window seal I moved the curtains and blinds so I could see out the window but outsiders couldn't see into the house.

I quietly munched on my 'junk-food' watching the world outside my window. The neighborhood was relatively quiet, except for the very last house on this road. Unsurprisingly, though, that house was always loud. Day and night, I may have developed a dislike for that, though. It never seemed to have a dull moment in that house, it doesn't seem lonely.

I don't want to be lonely. I am, though, it's a sad but true fact.

I allowed my eyes to follow a car passing before they just looked at whatever around the outside. From the smallest details of the grass onto the cars parked in driveways to house details, finally onto a cat. It wasn't a strange cat per say, it was just another cat outside minding its own business, sitting on the yellow ugly car Mom had brought for me when I'd graduated. She knew I couldn't stand the color yellow.

As I said she's a vindictive woman.

Finishing off the last off my pop-tart I crossed my arms leaning my chin on my folded arms and closed my eyes. I had wanted a pet during my younger days, Mom wouldn't allow me to get one, though. She was spouting stuff about how I wouldn't feed it and how I would neglect to show the cat love. None of the things she'd said was wrong, though.

The things that woman knew about me.

I opened my eyes again and saw that the cat on top of the car had now moved in front of the window and was staring at . The. Face.

I let out a small squeal before shutting the curtains and blinds quickly and scrambling back to my room as fast as I could. I then dove under my sheets pulling the sheets over my head shaking in fear. I know what I did is very much childish but I couldn't help myself. Cats freak me out and when I see one close up and staring at me through a window all creepy like then heck yeah I'd be scared.

I'm just silently praying that I don't have an anxiety attack. I really didn't want to have an another attack this late at night.

I began to try and even out my breath and calm down my rapid breathing. Using the breathing methods my medical professional that my had hired to especially help me extra I began to calm back down. The things money can buy huh?

I began to calm back down. I pulled the sheets back down from over my head, opened my eyes glancing around the room. Nothing as far as my eyes could see. I closed back my eyes resting my head on the cold pillow. Pulling my covers up to my shoulders turning on my side I laid there listening to the sound of my air-conditioner and feeling comfortable once again in my dark, cold, plain room.

"Honey, it's time to get up! It's already in the afternoon and you have an interview for a job today! Which you'll not be late for!"

I shot up in my bed and looked at my alarm clock.

3:18 a.m

I groaned before flopping back down in my bed pulling the covers back over my head yawning. I still have at least another good ten minutes before I have to get ready for the interview. I'll use those beautiful minutes the most I can.

"Honey, you up!?" Mom asked loudly knocking on the door.

She knows I don't like waking up before I plan to be awoken. She knows that I have another ten minutes because she's the one that helped get me the interview in the first place.

Burying my face in my pillow further attempting to fall back asleep again. Mom must have known this because she continued to knock on my door and spoke about random junk we both knew isn't important.

Mom's being vindictive and for once I have no clue why. It's spooky, to be honest.

"Let me sleep, Mommy!" I moaned out in despair.

My poor sleep.

I could practically feel her pleasure at my misery from through the door. Unable to go back to sleep, I grumbled and tossed the cover to the side. Placing my feet firmly on the floor I stood up and went to the bathroom.

"I'm up!" I shouted. Staring at myself in the mirror and frowned. Still my tangled ugly yellow hair, acne scarring, chubby face, and a blah figure. Still just the same old Kansai like always. No matter if I try to change it, my figure will stay the same old, same old.

"Stupid metabolism.." murmuring insults under my breath I began to go through my morning routine of brushing my teeth, showering, then soak in hot water, brush my teeth, and start getting dressed.

Grabbing my toothbrush, I felt a chill crawl up my spine. I looked at the brush and saw that instead of my pink color stripes on my toothbrush it was yellow. I had grabbed Mom's toothbrush in place of mine.

Throwing the toothbrush in the trashcan glaring at it I picked up my pink one and begun to brush my teeth.

Setting my toothbrush back down I began to take off my clothes when Mom walked into the bathroom, looked into the trashcan and looked back up at me. She brought her hand up and yanked me over the back of the head.

Grabbing my head and covering my cleavage with the other I stared at her since I couldn't glare at her. She's my Mom, glaring isn't going to get me anywhere but in trouble.

"It was yellow, it had to go." I reasoned taking off my pants getting into the shower.

She's my mom so I'm cool with her seeing me naked, after all, she's the woman that gave birth to me. I was nude then and we're both girls, I don't see the problem.

"I already picked out your clothes for you. Get cleaned up and I'll help you get pretty." Mom said grabbing the detangler brush and started to brush out her hair.

"Mom, I already have my clothes picked out for this interview," I whined washing my back. The strawberry soap is amazing and the scent lasts a long time. I love it.

"Yes, but knowing you it's a simple pair of pants and a shirt." Mom accused leaning against the sink looking at me lovingly.

I moved onto washing my arms. "I think some of the simplest things can be the best things in life Mom," I said shrugging my shoulder.

Mom sighed and cupped my face between her soft hands. "Honeybee, I just want you to get this job. You've always wanted this job since you were just a little mushroom. I just want the best for you, now is that so bad Honeybee?" Mom asked softly looking me in the eyes.

I groaned in despair. "No, it's not. I'll wear the clothes." I said giving in. Mom's face immediately grow into a smug smile.

"I know you'd agree with me." She then kissed my cheek and hugged me.

I was beginning to feel awkward. Even though I was cool with her being in the bathroom while I bathed, making skin contact with her is a whole other story, though. I wiggled around uncomfortably before gently pushing her back. "Mom, I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable making skin contact when I'm naked," I said blushing embarrassed.

"Oops! I'll leave the clothes on your bed and let you go ahead and get dressed." Mom said and hurried out of the bathroom closing the door behind herself.

Letting out a breath I looked down at my chest. I may have been a size G but that didn't help me in any way of getting a boyfriend. I started to wash my chest. My breasts were soft and bouncy, I loved them a lot.

"No way," I said sitting at the kitchen table eating my plate of food Mom had made for me. I had changed into the clothes that she wanted me to but this right here. No, I just couldn't bring myself to put it in my hair.

"Honey, it's only a pink flower. It's more feminine than that." Mom said holding the flower in her hands frowning at the wilted flower I'd put into my hair. A flower is a flower, I don't get the point of wearing a healthy one when I already have one. Even though it's not healthy and alive.

"A flower is a flower," I said munching down on my sausage.

"Honey because I know you're going to fight me tooth and nail about not wearing this flower as your mother I'm telling you to put it in your hair." Mom ordered.

I cleaned my hands with a napkin and reached for the flower. "Well since you put it that way.." I said putting the flower into my hair in a position where it wouldn't fall out during the interview.

"Good and when you come back I'd like to watch some more of that Fairy Tail anime you were showing me yesterday." Mom said picking up my dish and hers setting them in the sink. I'm sure she'll have Mr. Bob to wash them later when he wakes up.

He's the butler, he particularly takes cares of everything around the house when Mom and I don't feel like doing it. He says he enjoys working for us, though.

is a hot man around the age of 34. I loved that man, he doesn't even look that old either. He only just happens to fourteen years older than me. That isn't so bad, I could totally make that relationship work. If he didn't already have a girlfriend that he supposedly loved.

"Honey?" Mom asked concerned.

I blinked confused at her tone looking up at her. "Yeah?" I asked.

"You're going to be late." Mom deadpanned realizing I'd just zoned out again.

I looked down at my watch around my wrist.

6:23 P.M

"I'm going to be late!" I shrieked running out of the kitchen grabbing my purse and coat I dashed for the door.

"That's what I just said.." I heard Mom giggling in the kitchen.

She could have told me sooner that I'd dozed off. I don't know why she likes to wait a million years before actually snapping me out of it.

"Love you! See ya later tonight." I called to the kitchen and leaving the house not wait for a reply from mom.

I hopped around trying to fix my shoe on my foot while holding my jacket and purse from falling off me. Finally getting my shoe on I quickly headed for that ugly yellow colored car.

"Headed to another interview?" My neighbor called over. She's a very nice old lady that's been nothing but kind to us ever since we moved into this house ten years ago.

She's one of the few people that I could stand.

I smiled kindly at her and waved my hands. "Yes, Ma'am! I'm actually running kind of late! Will you also be joining Mom and me for our movie watching night?" I asked opening the car door.

"Oh yes, I'll love to watch that cartoon with the pretty boys again. Be careful driving now!" She exclaimed going back to watering her plants.

I giggled getting into the car. I adjusted my mirror and checked them. Fixing my seat that had somehow been moved forward again. I'm starting to think now that Mom comes out here every night and messes with the seats in my car just to mess with me. I don't like having to fix my seat every time I want to go somewhere. I wanna just get into the car and go to the store to get more food or just go hang out at places alone. By myself, as usual. Nothing new or exciting.

On the way out of the driveway though I saw that same black cat again. This time, it wasn't as scary but it stills is creepy. The cat was staring at me, following the car's every move until I turned down the street.

I'm officially creeped out about cats now.

"Sir, I'm so sorry I'm late! Is there any way I could still do this interview." I pleaded staring up at him.

It turns out the boss-man was sick today and had left his son to tend to the store in his place. He doesn't look much older than me, though. His black hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, he wore a red suit shirt with a black vest over it and his red and white checker pattern tie was tucked under his vest. He wore black suit pants and an apron tied around his waist. His cufflinks were shining and he had on black dress shoes.

He's hot and I'm ugly. I think I'm pregnant. "I don't have time to give you an interview anymore. We're already backed up here and I have too many customaries waiting." He said taking an order from a table then to another. I followed close behind him.

"I really really need this job, though!" I said hoping he'd just give me a chance.

"I'm sorry but I can't." He said and turning around looking at me in the eyes briefly before continuing on to doing his work.

I'm not giving up, though. I won't give up on this job! After all those job interviews I've gone through and have gotten rejected I can't get rejected to this one. I continued to trail behind him. "I'm saying please and I don't often say please ya know," I said matter of factly.

"Good for you but no." He said sarcastically setting food down on tables. I glared at him hoping his head would explode then and there.

"I'll leave for now but I'll be back," I said when he just continued to ignore me completely after ten more tries of getting him to just give me a chance. I walked out of the restaurant and sat down at one of the outside tables. I crossed my legs one over the other leaning my head onto my open palm and closed my eyes.

Maybe I'm just not meant to get a job. Maybe I'm just not meant for anything. I'm not meant for friends, excitement, a boyfriend, or even a job. I'm alone again sitting down at this table. Opening my eyes I saw that there were couples and friends all crowded around at different tables laughing and poking fun at each other.

I wanted that too.

I wiped a tear that had fallen down my cheek and sniffed. I was about to just get up and leave when I felt a soft something rub against my leg. Looking down I saw that it was that black cat again. I reached down too sad to even bother about feeling creeped out by the cat and how it had most likely followed me all the way to this place in the city from my house. I stroked its fur softly absent-mindedly. I leaned my head against my palm again staring at nothing in particularly. I may not have felt as lonely as before but I still felt pretty cruddy.

"I can't believe this...oh wait, yes I can," I mumbled and sighed softly. Looking back down at the cat I smiled. It turned its head up at met and purred rubbing its head back against my leg again.

I grinned thinking of an idea.

"Wanna go to the park and sit on the swings?" I asked and it meowed happily. I took that as a yes and picked the kitty up and got up from my seat. Grabbing my purse and my coat walked to my car but before I got into the car I walked to the store window and searched for the dude that was supposed to be giving me and interview. Adjusting the cat in my arms I stuck my tongue out at him and he'd looked my way. I could see that his shoulders shook a little when he turned around. He was laughing at me. Turning around I got into my car and drove away headed towards the park. This isn't me giving up, no I'll definitely be back later tonight before the place closes and ask for another chance.

This isn't me giving up, no I'll definitely be back later tonight before the place closes and ask for another chance.

Even though I had no friends maybe I won't be as lonely as before if I swung with a cat instead of just by myself every day. I could at least give it a try before I dismiss it for nothing, besides this cat is way too cute to be real. Its' fur is soft, but I could still tell through all that fluffy fur that it was skinny and dirty. I'll give it a bath when I get home. I'm certain Mom won't mind me bringing it back home with me for now.

Here I am again in a cold, dark room; bored and awake. The walls surrounding my room were a simple color, no patterns, no nothing, just plain and dull.

Like my life right now. Dull, lacking interest or excitement. Turning on my side again I closed my eyes but I'm still awake. I had returned to the restaurant before it closed but he still refused to give me another chance. I'd just have to go back tomorrow and plead with him some more or maybe with his Dad to give me another chance if he's back tomorrow. This just isn't fair, why couldn't life be like in those goody-goody cartoons were everything works out in the end. This is just cruel, he could have at least gave me a chance to come back at a later time for an interview.

The feeling of soft newly cleaned fur brushing against my bare stomach tickled me. Giggling softly I pulled the kitty closer to my chest to keep it and myself warm in my cold. My room doesn't feel as plain anymore for some reason now. Even though I hadn't particularly changed anything major inside my room. I had added a small bed for the little kitty and a litter box. Nothing special but that still made a difference. I liked that difference very much.

I had turned on the T.V and placed Fairy Tail into the DVD player. I didn't bother watching it, though, I had mainly only put it on because I was using it to give the room some more light.

"I want more excitement in my life Kane." I murmured half asleep to the cat. I had named the kitty Kane while we were at the park because it always seemed to be interested in at the cane an old man was using to support himself.

"Your wish is my command..." a soft female voice spoke. It was so low and soft I had barely even registered it. I had passed it off as just something my mind had come up with.

I am sleepy after all.

The cat snuggled closer to me and I was quickly asleep not long after.

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