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I opened my eyes but quickly regretted it when I was greeted with the sun rays glaring down into me.

Had Mom snook into my room again and had opened the curtains? I don't know why she would do that though, I don't have school or another one of those boring interviews to go to today. She could have totally just let me sleep a few more minutes instead of waking me up this early.


Groaning I turned onto my back placing my hand over my eyes. I went to grab my cover to pull back over my head but instead of grabbing my cover I had met with my clothing and something oddly feeing.

Frowning I began to pat around the area around myself. I felt little bits and pieces of short things. It was cold and moist and some other pieces where prickly. Nothing in my room is moist and prickly. It may be cold but it was definitely not prickly.

I sat up quickly and opened my eyes. The world was blurry all around. I felt my face and found that my glasses were no longer placed onto my face. Patting and feeling the spaces around me it didn't take long before I found my glasses and put them on.

All around me was nature. No, I'm not kidding either. There were trees, bushes, flowers, grass, I could hear the birds chirping through I couldn't see them.

"You're awake,"

I quickly turned around to see that the only thing behind me was Kane, the cat I had brought home with me the other day to keep my company so I wouldn't feel as lonely by myself anymore. I looked around for a human, I couldn't find one though. Looking back at the cat it seemed like it was smiling at me. Grabbing my head in confusion I just continued to search around for another person.

I must just be seeing things. I'm definitely not in a forest surrounded by nature. I'm just dreaming right now, there's no such thing as talking cats. The cat I brought home surely doesn't talk. I turned my body fully around to stare at the cat. Bringing my knees up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them I entered a staring contest with the cat.

"I'm getting annoyed," Kane scoffed licking her paw.

Jumping up to my feet I was quickly behind a tree on the other side of the clearing peeking around it at the talking cat who was just staring at me like I'd grown two heads. "You talk..?" I asked mutedly emotions draining from my voice. My hands and fingers were beginning to shake violently.

"Well aren't you just so smart huh?" the cat talked again mocked me and flicked her tail.

"You answered my question with a question." I stated gripping the tree tightly in hopes that it'd help with my shaking. It only made my shoulder twitch.

"Well duh," Kane deadpanned.

I slide to the ground when my legs gave out from underneath me. My breathing became irregular and my vision blurred. I felt something wet hitting my shoulder and onto my legs.

"Stop panicking you idiot. You're only dreaming right now. Cat's don't talk in your world." Kane said sounding annoyed.

I'm only dreaming? That would make sense of this whole crazy situation wouldn't it? I mean cats can't talk in the real world right? Cats can't hold conversations with humans, no, no they can't. I'm only dreaming. This all is just something my mind has concocted to deal with my anxiety, frustrations, and rejection of not getting the job. That's all this is. A dream, I'll wake up and my cat won't be able to talk to me.

"Good now that you've wasted thirty whole minutes of my cat lives I'll explain the rules of this dream to you but first we'll talk more in my home. Come come human." Kane said and got up from her sitting position and began to walk into the forest surrounding the clearing.

Not wanting to be left alone in my dream by myself anymore I quickly got up and chased after the cat not wanting to get lost in my dream forest. My dreams had a tendency to escalate into nightmares real quick. I mean really quickly, like zero to a hundred.

I didn't bother trying to think about how come the ground seemed so much closer than before. How come my voice seemed so different, more childish and cute. I didn't question why my normally short yellow hair had mysteriously grown down past my shoulder or why my arms were slimmer. No this is only a dream, my dreams were always weird so questioning things in it now is only a waste of my time.

I'm curious though. I've never had a dream about talking sarcastic cats leading me through a forest to their home.

"How come everything's so different here? I still have my anxiety attacks but my physical appearance seems different." I asked confused about this whole thing. I get that I'm just dreaming but dreaming or not I don't like being confused about stuff, especially in my own dreams.

"This dream is different from all your other ones you've had so far. In this dream some of the rules of your world have been switched up a little. During your time in this dream you're a human that has magical powers, the magic Lee and myself had picked out for you depends solely on how you use them if they'll actually be helpful to you or not. Also-"

I held up in hands exasperated. "Woah, woah, slow down! What do you mean I have magical powers? Who's this Lee dude? What rules have changed? Is killing allowed and unpunished in this dream? I don't even know how to use magic so how can I possibly learn it now?" I question making wild motions with my hands.

"-you'll need to pay close attention to everything Lee and I say if you don't want to die. You'll teach you from the basics of this world and so forth until we've deemed you ready to actually start using Magic. Lee is my soulmate, he's a gentlemen. No, killing is not acceptable in this world. Learning how to properly use magic could be hard or it could be easy. It all depends on you willingness to learn and pay attention." Kane continued without missing a beat.

I frowned thoughtfully. "What if I don't want this? What if I'm completely content with living my regular boring life with my mom?" I asked folding my arms across my chest.

Kane turned around to face me looking at me in the eyes. It felt kind of weird talking to a cat that could understand you neither the less actually talk back to you. Those eyes, her eyes still creeps me out a lot.

"I know you want this. I-"

"How could you possibly know?" I interrupted.

She flicked her tail angrily. "I know this because this is in your dreams, which is all in your mind. So what you know and feel, I know about...dummy." Kane said before she took off in a sprint.

Startled I followed close behind her. I could tell that she was beginning to get annoyed by all the questions so I just decided to follow her instead of blowing her eyes off with questions.

I stop running. Bending over I placed my hands onto my knees taking deep breaths before folding my arms behind my back to help my lungs receive more air. Kane turned around looking at me with a comical expression on her face before she turned back around and kept on walking.

"I can't work with this! You can't even run for more than 3 minutes without stopping! Come back when you're actually taking this seriously." Kane shouted sounding highly aggravated.

I snapped my head to look in her direction shocked. What does she mean come back when I actually take this seriously?! It's not my fault I don't have an athletic body!

Something grabbed my feet and I was pulled under ground before I could even let out a shriek.

"Ah!" I sat up with a start reaching forward. I heard a loud meow before I grabbed my glasses and quickly jumped off the side. Unfortunately my foot had gotten tangled in the covers while I was sleeping so instead of an epic roll like I'd planned I only face planted onto my wooden floor.

Blinking my eyes slowly I looked around and, thank the Lord, I was back in my room. My curtains had been opened, somebody had paused my Fairy Tail disc on Rogue's face when he and Sting were fighting Natsu. the cat I'd brought home wasn't talking it was just hissing and meowing at me angrily before curling back up under my covers.

I was only dreaming. I'm back home, my cat doesn't talk, I'm taller then myself in that dream, my room is still it's regular cold self like it should be. I feel more natural with my longer legs instead of those short ones. I had more meat on my bones also. I brount my hands up to feel my hair and indeed as I suspected it was back to it's regular shoulder length self.

I signed in relief and smiled.

"Finally awake?" Mom asked leaning against my doorframe smiling with her arms crossed. She pushed off the door walking over to me and proceeded to help me back onto my bed. I stared up at her in wonder. It was like my mind just couldn't fully process that I wasn't dreaming anymore.

I scrunched my face together in thought and that only seemed to make Mom giggle at me. I stared at her in confusion.

"Aww my baby looks so cute when she's thinking." Mom cooed hugging my against her large chest. I started tapping her back when the air around us didn't seem to be able to reach my lungs anymore.

"Sman't breeth," I tried to tell her that I couldn't breath but it just came out in stirred up letters that didn't even make a words. I took a large gamble by pinching her hip on her ticklish spot. She moved back holding her sides laughing. I took large amounts of air at a time. "Mom I couldn't breath! You know your breasts are too big to be hugging somebody as short as me that tight!" I exclaimed blushing. Mom's chest was too big to be real though and it contrasted with her tiny waist and large hips. People always asks if I was really her daughter. Mom's beautiful, Dad's handsome and I'm ugly, it just doesn't mix well I guess.

"Shut up girl-sorry I can't help me!" Mom said folding her arms across her chest and turned her head to the side.

Shaking my head smiling I kneeled on the bed and hugged her around the neck. "Mom you're so weird." I accused smiling and she hugged me back and kissed my cheek before moving away.

I rapidly wiped my cheek off in horror. "Mom gross!" I said and hurried to the bathroom to wash my cheeks. I heard Mom laughing at me before she stopped suddenly.

"Oi, Kansai Labree Kinzuki what is this I'm looking at?" Mom's voice carried all the way to the bathroom and over the rushing water. Turning off the water I held the smart comment I had started to say in my mouth. Mom had used my full name, which I honestly don't like. Peeking my head out of the doorway I saw that Mom was holding the black cat I'd brought home the other day by the back of her neck fur. I looked at Mom's face to see that her eyebrow was twitching like crazy and she was huffing and puffing.

She'll blow your house down. Sorry I couldn't help it…

"It's a cat..?" I said but it ended up coming out like a question instead.

"I see that but why is it in here?" she asked gesturing to around my room.

I walked out of the bathroom and took the cat from Mom's arms because she looked like she was only seconds away from tossing the cat out of the window. It immediately began to purr happily in my arms the second I'd took it away from Mom.

Smart kitty, it can sense the danger-zone it'd entered. I might just keep the cat after all now. "Mom, this cat helped me the other day." I said petting the kitty.

"Little girl I told you years ago that you can't have no pets!" Mom said placing her hand on her hip and other was pointing at me.

I sat the cat down on my bed. "Mom I'm twenty years old now, I can have my own pet." I reasoned looking her in the eyes.

"That would be correct if you have a job, pay your own bills, live in your own home, and supplied yourself with food and clothing. Since you're living under this roof here you will follow the rules!" Mom shouted. She was also so passionate about not letting me have any pets.


I turned my head to the side, "Yes ma'am." I mumbled.

Mom grabbed my face and turned it so I was looking at her. "Don't mumbled or speak under your breath when I'm talking to you girl. Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Mom said with a dangerous edge to her voice.

Mom never seemed this bad when I tried to bring pets into the house under her watch. She's only like this when the bills come in or when Dad's mom is coming over. "Mom what's wrong? You're madder than normal today. First you're hugging me and next you're shouting at me." I said.

Mom opened the window picked up the cat and tossed her gently onto the trampoline sitting outside my window. She sat back down onto the bed and dropped her head into her hands. "Your Grandmother is coming over and you know she hates cats. If she sees a cat she'll go crazy...then I'm gonna go to jail." Mom said standing up.

I quickly started going around the room pulling out my cloths for today. "You on your own, I have to go to that restaurant interview today." I said hurried.

Mom stood up and started to shake her head. "Oi, you're not leaving me alone with that woman all day!" Mom said a little bit too loudly.

I shrugged my shoulders grinning. "Yes I am," I sang running into the bathroom. Locking the door behind me this time so Mom couldn't get in.

Turning on the shower I heard Mom mumbling words, most likely insults about Grandma. I don't blame her either. Grandma can be a real handful, plus she doesn't like Mom on bit. I'm cool with that though because Grandma loves me, she always gives me some cookies and money when she comes over. Which is pretty often actually now that I think about it. Her and Mom always have the funniest arguments to watch though, I do love watching those two argue. Though that sounds bad, but it's a true fact.

Sadly though Grandma always gets onto me about my weight.

What kind of satantic work have Mom let into this house?! How could she have let her into my room and just stand there smiling?

"Hey Grandma!" I said giving Grandma a big hug full of bears and teddies.

When I walked out of the bathroom in only in my towel because I had forgotten my underwear. I did not expect to see Grandma waiting for me sitting on my bed looking through my drawers and under my stuff. Grandma had to stop snooping through my belongings when she saw me starting to come out of the bathroom.

Grandma hugged me back and planted a big wet kisses on my cheeks. "Hey there suga! Oh baby let me get a look at you! I haven't seen you in years child!" Grandma said happily and I slowly but reluctantly turned around in a slow motion so Grandma could get a good look at me. Which felt weird because I'm only in a towel. This is Grandma though, if you don't comply she might just rip the towel off of you.

I strongly disagreed with that thought.

Grandma placed her hand on her chin in thought before she grabbed my jelly rolls startling me. "Oh this is no good baby. I see you're gaining a bit more fat." Grandma said with a disappointed tone.

I blushed in embarrassment gently pushing her hands away off of my flabs of fat. "Grandma how about you let me get dressed first…?" I asked hopefully.

Grandma seemed to just notice my lack of clothing. "Sure baby, go right on ahead." she exclaimed happily.

Grandma walked over to Mom and grabbed her hands. Mom looked absolutely miserable at that one moment. "We'll be downstairs in the livingroom. Come join us when you're decent," Grandma said and proceeded to drag a sobbing Mom out of my door.

I quickly locked the door and begun to get dressed as fast as I could. Once I'd gotten on all my clothing I'd looked out of the window at the trampoline. I could easily just jump on it then make my get away quickly in my oh-so-lovely car before Mom or Grandma would even notice I'm gone. Lovely.

Putting my hair in a ponytail and not bothering with makeup or one of the pretty outfits Mom had decided to place onto my dresser again incase I wanted to wear that one today also. Pink and yellow just don't sit well together on me. I jumped out of my window and landed safely onto the trampoline. Though I was still scared like crazy. Rolling off of the trampoline I quickly got into the car.

I got the heck outta that driveway pretty quickly if I do say so myself. I didn't even take notice of the little kitty in the backseat of my car takinga cat-nap.

"I want strawberry cake and a coffee please." I ordered sitting down at the table the waitress had sat me down at.

"I'll be right back with your order!" The waitress said merrily and left my table.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head onto my palm. First Grandma comes and calls me fat, now I'm at a restaurant looking at all the people working here wishing I was one of them. I really did want thatjob at that restaurant though. I've always wanted to be an waitress, I've dreamed of being one ever since I'd seen on on TV before. When I'd told Mom and Dad they'd just laughed at me. Probably thinking at that time it was only a silly little child dream. It isn't though. I still want to be a waitress even if it' not at that particular restaurant I'd tried the other day. I'm not saying I'm giving up on that on though, I promised that dude I'd be back for another chance.

I wonder how Mom and Grandma are going to react when they find out I'd ditched them both like there was no tomorrow. I'm pretty sure Grandma wouldn't be staying over the night though. I'll just come back home around seven or six.

The waitress came back placing my order onto my table and left. I sighed blissfully when I grabbed my fork and ate a piece of the strawberry cake. "So good," I mumbled below my breath so nobody else could hear.

"So you enjoy cake?" a familiar voice that sounded oddly amused asked from behind me. Surprised I started to choke on the piece of cake I'd started to swallow. A hand reached out and started to pat my back until I stopped choking. I glared heatedly up at the newcomer before stopping and my facial expression changing from anger to mild shock.

"You're the restaurant guy," I murmured looking up at him. My eyes followed his form until he sat down on the other side of my table. I glared at him again and continued to munch on my cake.

"Restaurant guy..?" he asked confused yet somehow interested as if something amused him.

I nodded my head sagely. "Of course, you're the jerk that didn't interview me the other day." I said chewing on another piece of cake turning my nose up into the air.

I looked back at him when I didn't hear him saying anything back to me. I found that he was sitting there covering his mouth with his hand as if to hold back himself from bursting out laughing. I could feel my eyebrow begin to twitch. "What's so funny?" I asked slightly annoyed that he'd invited himself to just sit at my table. I wasn't completely mad though, at least I had somebody to sit with me.

When he didn't answer me, again, I flicked one of my strawberries at him but he caught it skillfully. Dang he's a ninja would have been my first thought if I wasn't hyped up on sugar and annoyed at the quick bastard. Instead all I could think about was smashing this whole cake into his gleeful face.

He had the nerve to just eat the strawberry too.

I placed a tiny piece that'd fit onto the fork I had. "Eat cake, restaurant jerk.." I mumbled and flicked that at him also. Surprisingly he caught it with his fork and ate that also.

"WTF!" I said surprised. He smirk at me smugly and I grabbed the arm he used to catch the cake. I turned in it in all kinds of direction before looking back up at him squinting my eyes in suspicion. "Are you some kind of ninja from Konoha or something?" I asked getting close to his face referring to the anime Naruto.

"Nope, not even close." He said before suddenly leaning over me. "You know if you just wanted to touch me you could have just told me.." he whispered seductively. I yanked my hand off of his arm as if it was on fire before pushing his head back with my palm blushing.

Stuttering out indigenous words I placed my hands onto my lap. I could already tell being around this dude any longer will only harm my mental state of thinking.

"You know you look very cute when you blushing." He stated boldly entwining his fingers together placing them under his chin. He had the nerve to take some of the icing off of my cake I'd have to pay for.

Definitely harmful. I could feel my eyebrow twitching again before I hit him on his forehead.

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