Author's Note: So, getting a job while suffering from writers' block sucked. I haven't had the time to sit down and write for six months since I graduated. This is all I managed so far, I'm afraid. Really sorry for such a short chapter. I promise to try and make the next one longer.

Also, once again. This is not a crossover. They may be the same characters from Black Butler, but without the presence of a certain demon butler or even several death gods, I imagine things would not turn out the same as Black Butler. So imagine Black Butler characters without the supernatural aspect of it.


We did end up buying the daffodil carved music box that played Aerith's Theme. I knew Nathan and Mana were worried about me, but I didn't think I could reassure them that I was fine. I was still confused on how something from my past life could appear in this world. And the words on it…

I knew my first thoughts were that someone else had been reincarnated too. But the more I thought of it, the more confused I became. When I had first woken up and realized where I was, I had pushed the how and why did I get sent here to the back of my mind. There were more pressing matters at the time and with meeting Nathan, traveling through England and meeting Mana… I just didn't have the time to think about my reincarnation.

Having this box exist, playing a tune that I knew from my past life… It brought up so many questions that I had previously ignored.

I now knew, even though I wasn't a hundred percent sure of it that I wasn't the only one to have been reincarnated into this world. While it could've just been a coincidence, I had felt that the music box I now held was the one I was looking for. So, there was a high chance I was meant to find the box that was left by another reincarnated person.

I paused. Didn't the old man say that his father had went through the same thing? That a man had come in, looking to buy a music box but had ended up not liking any of them until the old man's father had shown him a music box created by his own father? He had recognized the song… Could it be Aerith's Theme as well? Or was it something different? Was it another song I would recognize from my past life? Or was it a song I wouldn't even know of?

I looked up from the music box and looked around. Mana and Nathan were giving me some time alone and were buying what looked like churros from a street vendor. We were in the Champ de Mars right now but I couldn't concentrate on the sights when my mind was so jumbled up. I looked back down at the music box, then at the direction of where the music box shop was.

I wanted to know… I wanted to know if there was truly someone out there that was in the same situation as me. But… I looked back at Nathan and Mana. They were still standing in line of the street vendor. Should I… just quickly go and ask? I didn't want to worry them but I needed to know.

Logically, I knew that if I asked, Nathan and Mana would bring me to the shop again. But I didn't want them to know. I didn't want them to know that there was a possibility that reincarnation exists and that I had lived a life before this one. Especially Mana. He was fine. He didn't need any reminders that could trigger the Earl. I didn't want to be the reason he goes off the deep end.

Taking a peek at the vendor, Nathan and Mana were still waiting in line. Conflicted, I glanced back down at the music box. To get my own answers or to risk worrying Nathan and Mana and awakening the Earl. Biting down on my bottom lip, I stood up and prepared to make a run for it.

Only to be stopped when a firm hand gripped my shoulders and held me back.

Startled, I looked back to see Mana's grim face and Nathan's disappointed one as he walked towards us. I slumped, and could already feel the beginning of tears and guilt in me. Oh god, I didn't want to do this. I didn't want Nathan or Mana to look at me like that. I just wanted to know! I looked back down and clutched the music box against my chest tightly.

"Ellen…" Nathan called softly. I knew he was kneeling in front of me now. I heard Mana sigh as he too knelt beside me.

"Ellen… Look up, please. We're not angry with you." Nathan pleaded and I winced. They may not be angry but I knew they were disappointed, so I shook my head.

"Ellen, could you look up please? I want to see those pretty silver eyes." Mana coaxed softly, his fingers gripping my chin gently.

I shook my head again, denying his request. I didn't want to face them right now. Not when I have so clearly disappointed them even if I didn't succeed at it. I still almost did it.

It was quiet for a while, but I saw Mana move behind me and pulled me to sit on his lap. Startled, I looked up at Nathan who gave me a small smile, and Mana behind me had the same smile. I quickly looked back down at my lap, my fingers fidgeting with the carvings on the music box. I gave no mind to Mana's arms around my waist, squeezing me so I couldn't escape.

Mana let out a nearly inaudible sigh and Nathan's fist clenched. I flinched at the sight and tried to curl into myself. I didn't know why I felt so guilty and why I wanted to avoid talking to them. I knew they would understand but I couldn't help it. Nathan never expected much from me and loved me unconditionally. So disappointing him felt more terrifying than disappointing my parents in my past life. I didn't like the fact that I had let him down and I couldn't bear it if I saw just how much I had done so.

"Petite soeur… Will you tell me what's wrong?" Nathan asked, his face grim. "The way you reacted in the shop… And now when you tried to run and head back… There's something about the song in the box, isn't there?"

I blinked in shock, not expecting Nathan to actually ask me so straight forwardly. My fingers gripped at the music box. What do I say? Should I even say anything? Telling them about my reincarnation was an absolute no. There was no way in hell was I telling them anything about it. Not with the risk of the Earl. But then, what else could I say? I didn't want to lie. Especially not about this. I wasn't that good of a liar and they would be able to find out soon if I lied.

"You don't need to tell us everything, Ellen," Mana soothingly nudged. "We understand if there are things you don't want to share. Everyone has their secrets. But we're worried about you."

Guilt was something I was beginning to get more familiar with in this world. I wasn't sure how to feel about that. I never cared enough as I got older to feel guilty about whatever I said or did to my parents, no matter that I knew how wrong it was. I felt guilty, keeping what I was going through from Nathan and Mana. But I knew that I could never tell them no matter how much of a burden it might take off of me.

Slowly, I peeked through my bangs. Mana and Nathan had patient looks on their faces, though I could clearly see the concern they had for me. My heart squeezed at the visible worry they showed. What did I do to deserve this? Did I truly deserve to have these two patient, wonderful people care so much about me? I didn't know what to do with such clear affection and care. How do I even begin showing them how appreciative I am of the love they give me?

"I… recognized the song…" I started out slowly, trying to formulate some way to tell them what was bothering me without actually saying anything about my reincarnation. "I don't remember where or when I heard it… But I know that it's important to me."

And it was important to me. Unless it was some sort of freak coincidence, the person who commissioned the music box was also a reincarnation that was familiar with the late twentieth-century game. It meant that somehow, this universe wasn't the same D. Gray-Man universe I knew. There could be more reincarnated people that I was unaware of and there was always a chance that they could have unknowingly or knowingly changed something.

I couldn't rely on my spotty memory of an unfinished plot anymore. It could still serve as a bare boned guide, but it was no longer something that could be completely accurate. Not that it ever was since I got reincarnated, but this recent revelation just made it even more useless.

"…And the reason why you wanted to sneak off instead of asking us to take you back to the shop?" Nathan inquired, a little coldly.

I flinched, not sure how I was going to say I didn't want to get them involved. But I stayed firm in my decision. I never wanted to risk Mana knowing about my reincarnation and I didn't want to get Nathan involved in anything concerning this 'Holy War' he would be bound to be dragged into if I let him know of it.

"That's my secret," I said firmly, finally meeting their eyes. "I didn't want you to know."

Nathan looked like he wanted to protest but Mana shot him a glare and shook his head sternly. "It's only fair. There are things about your job and yourself that you don't want Ellen to know. She has a right to her own secrets, Nathan."


"She's mature enough to have her own secrets, Nathan. We agreed not to get in the way of that maturity." Mana quirked an eyebrow at Nathan. "Unless you'd like to tell Ellen all about what you were discussing with me before we left Great Yarmouth?"

I blinked, feeling both in awe and surprised with Mana. Nathan was glaring at him but Mana merely continued staring at him with an unimpressed look on his face. I bit my lip, trying not to grin at the scene. Affection surged up inside me for Mana as he continued with his unimpressed staring until Nathan finally grimaced and backed down with a scowl. Mana gave a bright grin at Nathan mumble of acceptance.

I let out a giggle but squeaked when Nathan turned to glare at me. I flinched and tried to burrow myself deeper into Mana's embrace. Mana's arms tightened around me and I saw Nathan's eyes soften and he sighed, raking a hand through his hair. He looked resigned as he gave me a soft smile and ruffled my hair.

"I won't pry," Nathan assured me. "But I do want you to confide in us. You don't have to tell us everything. I just want you to tell us if you need something."

"We won't ever stop you from doing what you want, Ellen." Mana explained as he brushed my hair back to kiss my forehead. "But we also want you to be safe. Running off somewhere without telling is not safe. We can stay out of the shop while you ask questions, but we'd like to be there for you."

I grimaced, feeling heat rise up in my face. Yeah, that was pretty stupid of me. I knew it was stupid and I was hugely embarrassed about it. Mana and Nathan had and always will be there to help me when I need it… I just haven't had much experience in actually asking for their help.

"I'm sorry…" I apologized, because I was the one in the wrong and I knew it.

Nathan nodded with a huge smile and pulled me out of Mana's lap. "Now that that's settled, you and Mana can head back to the shop."

I looked up curiously at Nathan as Mana got up after me and checked to see if he had grass on our clothes. "What about you?"

Nathan grimaced. "I heard a few things and have to check something out. I'll join you later, so just wait in front of the shop or the café near it." He said and held out a pouch of coins to Mana.

Mana took it with a nod and a blank face. I blinked, wondering if Mana knew what Nathan wanted to check out. I turned to Nathan. "…May I know?"

Nathan sighed. "It's just a few things about my mother. Rumours travel fast in cities like this so she probably already knows I'm here. I wanted to send word that I'll meet her later."

…That sounded like an evasive answer but I let it go. Nathan didn't pry into my business, so it would just be hypocritical of me to pry into his personal business.

"Shall we?" Mana called, already holding out a hand for me.

I grabbed it with a squeeze and waved the hand holding onto my music box at Nathan as we left the Champ de Mars. Mana pulled me along, walking past people and heading towards the shop we had bought my music box. I held the box to my chest, not wanting to let it go just yet.

I was glad that Mana and Nathan weren't angry with me and that I was going to maybe get some answers. I may not be able to get all my answers and it was likely that I would leave the shop with even more questions. But I would get some sort of clue on who it was that was reincarnated. If I could track down that person, maybe I could find out the how and why I was reincarnated.

It had never really bothered me, not knowing how or why my reincarnation happened. It just didn't seem to matter to me because it had already happened and there was nothing I could do to change that short of dying. Being born as a female Allen Walker in an alternate world to the D. Gray-Man manga practically guaranteed my non peaceful second life, so I had wanted to focus on surviving.

But… I met Nathan. And that itself had changed everything. Allen had joined the circus and met Mana who he loved as a father. I met Nathan straight out of the orphanage and loved him like a brother. I cared about Mana, but I didn't know if I loved him as anything more than a close family friend at this point. I felt affection for the man but the moments when I saw the Earl instead of Mana held me back from truly connecting with him.

The choices I have made and will make in the future will be different than Allen's choices. I wasn't ignorant to the happenings around me. I knew about Nea and Mana and the Noah. I knew about the wickedness of the Black Order and the Vatican. I had information that could and would affect the things around me and the decisions I make. But what would I do? I had no sure way of preventing Mana from turning into the Earl. I had no way of stopping Nea from taking over my body. I didn't know if I could escape becoming an exorcist. There were just too many things that could happen and I didn't know what choices to make to avoid them.

I wanted so much to simply live the rest of my life with Nathan and Mana in peace. I knew it was only wishful thinking. I knew it would never happen. But I wanted it.

"We're here, Ellen." Mana's voice came and I snapped out of my thoughts.

I looked into the shop, not seeing anyone inside and a sign that read 'Out for Lunch' in French. I slumped my shoulders with a sigh.

"They're out…"

"We could wait," Mana suggested and turned to look around. "They'll be back in an hour or so, I'm sure."

I nodded and followed when Mana pulled me towards the nearby café across the street. It was a quaint little shop next to an alley way with chairs out front. It looked like a typical café and I was looking forward to forgetting about my troublesome thoughts for a while as we ate. Mana sat me down at the table outside and went inside to order us food and tea.

I swung my legs as I waited for Mana, keeping an eye on the music box shop across the street. My own music box was on my lap, secured in my hands as I continued to trace the carvings with my fingers. It really was a beautifully carved box. I opened the lid and relaxed as Aerith's Theme flowed out. Slowly, I felt my lips curve into a peaceful smile as I caressed the box, once again admiring the craftsmanship and the nostalgic melody.

Then I felt a sharp pain at my neck, and everything went black.

I moaned in pain as I very slowly blinked my eyes. What the hell happened…? Slowly, I tried to turn my head to see where I was. It was dark out and I could see the moon shining through the curtains. I blinked again, trying to adjust to the brightly lit room and slowly sat up. I noticed the soft, comfy bed I was on and tilted my head in confusion.

Where was I? I remembered that I was at a café across the music box shop waiting for Mana, a sharp pain, then nothing. Remembering it, I raised a hand to rub at my sore neck. I looked around the room, my confusion heightening.

Was I kidnapped? If I was, then why was I in a rather extravagant bedroom? Everything looked ridiculously expensive with the poster bed with curtains I was on, the lavish carpet, ornate dressers and desks and chaise lounge sofas. Everything was decorated in red and gold and I felt rather awkward sitting in the room.

Hesitantly, I climbed down the large bed and started looking around. I first went to the rather large bay window and looked out. It was rather dark out but the gardens had lights so I could see a little of the outside. I gaped at the beautiful maze garden filled with white gates, roses and statues.

Okay, then I was probably kidnapped by some noble then. But who? Why? Was it some enemy of Nathan that knew of me and decided to hold me for ransom or whatever? It was equally possible I was kidnapped by slavers or something, but I highly doubt slavers would put me in this kind of room.

I looked around the room again and spotted the door, which was rather well hidden because it was painted to look like the surrounding wallpaper. Quickly, I crossed the room and very slowly turned down the ridiculously pretty handle. Wincing at the rather loud click that sounded when I fully turned the handle, I slowly creaked the door open. Cautiously, I peered through the crack, trying to see if there was anyone outside the room. When I saw no one, I pursed my lip.

What do I do now? Do I attempt to escape this place or do I wait for my kidnapper? Neither seemed like very good options because I didn't know where I was and I really didn't want to meet my kidnapper. I was also worried about Mana and Nathan will definitely be worried about us.

Carefully, I opened the door and slipped out the room. The hallway was just as lavishly decorated as the room I was in and I cringed, thinking about how much everything could cost. The vases bearing white roses that littered the hallway I was in looked to be hand-made and stupidly expensive too. I walked down a random direction because I had no way of knowing where I was and it was better than just sitting put. I just hoped I won't run into any of my kidnappers.

I peered around the junction of the hallway to see if there were people. When I saw none, I continued my way. I walked down the halls, not sure where I was going but not wanting to risk opening any doors. I made sure I didn't make much noise and paused in suspense every time my shoes made a loud clack on the wooden floor.

After a couple of minutes of aimlessly wandering, I stopped when I heard voices. I debated on whether or not I should investigate it or turn around and try to find another way out. I looked around and scowled. Even if I headed back the other way, there was no guarantee I could find an exit. Turning to where I could still hear voices, I sighed and hoped I was making the right decision.

Slowly, I continued walking towards where I heard the voices. The already bright hallways became increasingly brighter the closer I got to an indoor balcony that overlooked a drawing room. Making sure I was still hidden behind the wall, I peek through the railings to get a look at my kidnappers.

One was a rather old man with a monocle and receding silver hair. He was dressed finely in a butler outfit and held a green cup with the Japanese character for 'tea' on it. Sitting across from him on an identical red couch with gold linings was a beautiful woman with blonde curls dressed in a rather simple red dress. She was sipping delicately from an English tea cup. I looked over the limited space I could see of the room. It looked like there was no one else in the room but there was no way I could go down the stairs without the old man spotting me.

"How long do you think it'll take him to figure things out?"

I quickly hid back behind the wall, startled at the sudden voice. It was a rather nice voice with a high soprano.

The old man chuckled. "From the reports we've received, he seems to care a great deal for her. It shouldn't take him too long."

Are they talking about Nathan? So was this a ransom or something? But what about Mana…?

"I do hope so," The woman replied. "It'd be nice to have the family together for Christmas."

"It is quite unfortunate most of them will be unavailable to attend the celebrations. Perhaps next year, my lady."

Cautiously, I peeked out again and gasped when I saw mischievous emerald eyes looking straight at me.

"It seems that our guest is awake and snooping, Tanaka."

Panicked at being found out, I stood to run away but yelped and fell back when I collided with something. I looked up, my heart beating a mile a minute when I saw a very fashionable brunette with glasses. She was smiling at me so widely, I backed away.

Unfortunately, she followed with her arms outstretched. I couldn't get away fast enough before I was in her grasp.

"Oh, such a cute young lady I get to make clothes for! Master Nathan has such wonderful taste! I must get started immediately!" She squealed and started palming my body.

I yelped in shock, her words barely registering in my mind because of the sudden assault. I struggled against the woman before feeling an arm around my waist pulling me away. I looked back to see the old man looking down at me kindly before turning a stern frown at the woman that assaulted me. The woman protested with a disheartened pout.

"There will be time for measuring later, Miss Hopkins." He stated firmly. "Do not scare our guest, it will be rather troublesome if Master Nathan finds her terrified of you."

The woman, Hopkins pouted but relented and crossed her arms. "Fine. But I get to make all her dresses on Master Nathan's credit!"

"I will commission you to outfit her a full wardrobe, Nina. For now, why don't you plan on what designs you want to make for her and get the measurements after Nathan arrives." I heard the woman from downstairs call out. I looked down, even thought I was still struggling to get the old man to let me got. He had a surprisingly strong grip.

"Miss Ellen, why don't we discuss your situation over tea? Do you have any preference?" The old butler asked as he carried me down the stairs and deposited me on the couch he had been occupying before.

I pursed my lips, not wanting to respond. I had no idea who these people are and even though they kept calling Nathan 'Master', there was no guarantee they were actually part of his household. I turned my attention towards the blonde beauty in red and stiffened at the intense look she gave me over her cup of tea.

I scowled at her stubbornly, hiding my unease and fear. The blonde put down her teacup on the low table between us and I could finally see how her lips were quirked into a smirk.

"I can see why Nathan is so enchanted with you." She mused as her smirk turned into a soft smile.

I blinked at the sudden change and how she brought up Nathan. Warily, I eyed how she turned her head slightly to nod at the butler in thanks as he came close with a tray of fresh tea.

"Thank you, Tanaka," She thanked with a smile. "Please leave the room and wait for Nathan's arrival. Oh, and ask Meyrin to prepare another room for that other man."

The sudden mention of another man startled me. Then, I realized they must be talking about Mana. I glared at the woman in front of me, whose smile simply widened at my actions.

"What did you do to Mana?" I demanded.

"I did nothing to the man," The blonde smiled serenely. "Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

I raised an eyebrow at this. Was this woman serious? She chuckled at me again.

"Why don't you introduce yourself first?" I said, leaning back against the couch and crossing my arms. "You seem to know my name but I know nothing of you,"

The woman blinked innocently at me. "But that would be ruining the fun, Miss Ellen,"

"You kidnapped me and I have no idea what you did to Mana. I think I have a right to at least know the reason I was kidnapped and who my kidnappers are," I retorted hotly, frustration beginning to swell inside me.

I was worried about Mana and Nathan. There was no telling who these people were. If they were friend or foe and I was utterly helpless in their grasps. There was not much I could do but wait for rescue and even then, I was more likely to worry myself sick over Mana and Nathan getting hurt trying to save me.

The woman laughed heartily at me, making me scowl as I glared. She finally got herself under control after a few more minutes before turning a fond smile at me, her green eyes sparkling delightedly.

"You truly are an enchanting little girl, Miss Ellen. I look forward to getting to know you,"

Before I could say anything else, doors were slammed open and Nathan rushed in, looking as if he had just gone through a mine field.


"Nathan!" I cried out, jumping from the couch and rushing towards him.

Nathan grabbed me and proceeded to check every nook and cranny of my body, rapidly asking questions I could barely hear but figured it was mostly to ask if I was alright. I allowed him to get his mothering out of the way before I remembered we weren't the only ones in the room.

"Well, you certainly look well for not having even sent me a single personal letter in over a year,"

Nathan stopped his panic and looked up wide eyed at the woman. I warily eyed her, wondering if Nathan actually knew this person.

"Kidnapping a little girl is a little alarming, Lizzie," Nathan commented as he stood up. I blinked up at him, then at the blonde woman, then back at him. Then, I finally registered what Nathan had said and gaped at the now identified woman.

Elizabeth Midford looked all too smug as she smiled widely at us. "Tea, anyone?"