~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

Chapter 3: Sashimi, Roe and Unagi

It's one of those afternoon where the sun shone brightly and some clouds hindered the amount of sun rays sent to Earth, saving the students of Inazuma High School who are attending club activities from suffering due to heat. And it is also another day where the members of SS Committee go through their routine work. Endou was at his desk, face scrunching in confusion and frustration as he worked on the mounting pile of paperworks that he had been delaying from doing so for three days.

The president tapped the bottom of his black-ink ball pen on the desk rapidly as his eyes read through the report in his hand at a fast pace. His Vice-President, Kazemaru also have his hand full with paperwork, grudgingly agreed to help his President with them since he has finished with his. Once in a while, when he thought Endou wouldn't notice, Kazemaru shoot a glare at him, mentally grumbling about Endou dumping some of his work on him.

Tachimukai was in one of the times when he's not doing anything that involves calculation, and he was glad about it. To be honest, although he was appointed as Treasurer, he does not ace his Math test. The best grade he could get was a B and the worse, thankfully, is a D. But he was an honest boy who wouldn't possibly take advantage over the budget the school had given the committee, so he is the perfect one to be the treasurer. Where else can you find a boy as honest as him? What was Tachimukai doing, you ask? Well, he's typing up the report on their most recent case; Kurimatsu's threatening letters, that is. Next day after Satome's arrested, three people involved in the case; Handa Shinichi, Yamada Mimi and Satome Junpei were convicted.

Handa Shinichi, considering that he only played a small role in the threatening letters case, had only suffered reprimanding from the Disciplinary Committee's President and he was fined to be Disciplinary Committee's office boy to do odd jobs until the new Vice-President and Secretary are appointed. Yamada Mimi, taking her situation of being threatened by Satome and the fact that she had admitted to the accusation of having sex at school grounds for multiple times (with different partners), she was suspended from school for two weeks and is assigned to volunteer works to help the cafeteria ladies for two weeks starting when she returns to school.

Satome Junpei, despite being found guilty of harassing Kurimatsu and threatening a fellow student, had not been expelled or suspended, considering that he is graduating. His fine was to pay for Kurimatsu's second year school fees and books, which is not supposed to be a problem for him since he comes from a rich family. However, the criminal records of his wrongdoings throughout his school days remain in his disciplinary record. This will have his job interviewers think twice of hiring him in the future.

The Public Relations Manager, Hiroto seemed to focus at his netbook with a great deal of attention. And he's updating his status...what the, he's on Facebook?! Then, what about the SS' website that needs to be updated?! "I can do that later." Hiroto assured the non-existence presence of a concerned individual and started typing a new status to post.

"I'm back!" A cheerful voice belonged to Secretary Kino Aki rang through the office. Her equally cheerful face, however, was blocked by the glass wall of a fish tank, filled with three fish swimming around the corals and fake seaweeds.

"Aah, Aki. Perfect timing. Can you make some tea for us?" Kazemaru asked, eyes still on the report in his hand.

"Make Jasmine tea. I just bought the one with thirty tea begs in a box." Hiroto said, his hands busy with clicking 'like' at his friends' status.

"Do we have any biscuits or breads left? I want to eat something." Endou grumbled, feeling some minor pains attacking his empty stomach.

But Aki did not reply to any of them. She merely sauntered into the office and went straight to the empty surface on top of a small cupboard. She put the tank back to its place and admired the clean water in the tank and the happy fish swimming playfully in appreciation. Her black eyes glimmered in self-satisfaction as she hums a song softly.

"Are you listening to us, Aki?" Endou asked her, watching the back of his Secretary with a frown.

No reply came from the only female member of the SS Committee.

"Aki." Endou tried again.

And again, he did not receive a reply or any physical response from her.

"Aki." The girl was still humming, and now she's lightly tapping on the tank's wall to get the fish's attention.

"KINO AKI." Endou used her full name, his volume much higher than before.

Only then Aki realized that someone had been calling her. She turned away from the tank with a confused face. "Did any of you call for me?" She asked with a small smile, making the others sweat dropped and sighed softly. Endou had a face as if he tasted something sour before he said, "Aki, can you make Jasmine tea for us, please? And bring some biscuits and breads if there's any?" Aki nodded. "Okay, coming right up." She said cheerfully. She shot one last affectionate look at the fish in the tank before walking to the pantry. Everyone's eyes followed her as she goes to the pantry and let out another sigh when they heard the sound of water being filled inside the tea pot.

"Aki really likes those fish, huh?" Kazemaru chuckled good-naturedly, glancing at the tank with merry decorations in it for the fish to play with.

"Aah. She said a friend of her bought them for her." Tachimukai said, continuing on his previous work.

"That person must be important to her, since she takes care of the fish with great care." Hiroto said with a cool smile.

"For her sanity's sake, I hope nothing bad happens to those fish." Endou grumbled, stamping his seal on the report a little too hard.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

"Sashimi, Roe and Unagi are missing!"

Tachimukai's sudden and unexpected outburst caused Endou and Kazemaru blinked in confusion. The three garnered the attention of almost everyone in the campus' cafeteria. With an awkward laugh from Kazemaru as he and Tachimukai nodded apologetically to the other students, the three continued their talk when the other students returned to their own activities. Endou, the only one oblivious to the small commotion they have caused, continued chewing on his food, his cheeks as bloated as a chipmunk's.

"Hahimi, hoe and hunahi ha himmin?" Endou said between munching on his bread hungrily. "Hu min fom de hichen?" Unfortunately his words came out too difficult to decipher. Tachimukai and Kazemaru stared at the bread crumbs fallen on the table and then to Endou's chipmunk cheeks. But the president continued eating as if nothing has happened. Sighing at his lack of interest to Tachimukai's weird announcement, Kazemaru turned to said Treasurer. "What do you mean sashimi, roe and unagi are missing?"

Tachimukai blinked, seemingly surprised that Kazemaru asked him such question. "Kazemaru-san, you didn't know? Sashimi, Roe and Unagi are the names of Aki-san's fishes!" Tachimukai explained in a matter-of-fact voice, making Endou choke on his melon bread. He thought Kazemaru and Endou knew the names of Aki's fishes. "Sashimi, Roe and Unagi? Whatever made Aki named those fishes like that?" Kazemaru wondered aloud. Endou swallowed the last bite of his melon bread and chuckled. "Weird names for weird looking fishes, maybe?"

"Kaichou, you need to take this seriously! Aki-san really loves those fishes and now they're missing! Along with the bowl tank!" Tachimukai flailed his hands in gesture. "I went to the office to get my calculator that I left on my desk and I noticed that the tank was missing from its spot! Someone stole the fishes and the tank as well!"

Kazemaru and Endou seemed to snap into attention after that. "Then that means someone, who's not a member of SS Committee, broke into the office without breaking down any glass windows and doors, and stole Aki's fishes?" Endou concluded, but then came to a pause. "But that doesn't make sense. Why would anyone want to break into the office and risk getting disciplinary actions just to steal those fishes?" The president's face scrunched in confusion at the situation. Kazemaru let out a small gasp in realization and nodded his head. "You're right, Kaichou. It doesn't make any sense at all. Tachimukai, do you notice anything other than the missing bowl tank? Like if the cabinet seemed out of order or anyone's desk looks messy?"

Tachimukai took a few seconds to remember the condition of the office before he shook his head. "No, nothing's out of order, other than the door was unlocked and the fishes and bowl tank are gone."

"This is suspicious." Endou muttered, earning a nod from both Tachimukai and Kazemaru. "I'll send a message to Hiroto about this. After school ends, we'll search for those fishes. But we have to be discreet. We can't let Aki know about this cause' she'll freak out when she saw them gone. We'll have to find them quickly and put them back before she realize they're missing. While we're searching for the fishes, Tachimukai, I want you stay with Aki. Make sure she doesn't get suspicious at all." Endou decided, turning to Tachimukai with a smile.

"M-Me?" Tachimukai meeked out and pointed at himself.

Endou nodded his head and Kazemaru gave an encouraging pat on Tachimukai's shoulder. "You can do it, Tachimukai. Have a little faith in yourself."

"H-Hai, fuku-kaichou. D-Demo..." Tachimukai trailed off with a worried face.

"What is it, Tachimukai?" Kazemaru asked, titling his head a bit.

"W-What excuse should I tell her if she ask me about her fishes?" Tachimukai asked in a hopeful voice.

Endou beamed at him as bright as a newly-replaced bulb. "That, you'll have to figure out for yourself!"

"K-Kaichou!" Tachimukai's groan was swallowed up by Endou and Kazemaru's laughter.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

To the relief of the whole class of 2-B, the last period for the day ended by the sound of a loud electronic bell. A few students cheered at the end of class while the teacher sighed in disappointment, not having enough time to finish up the syllabus today. With a grimace, Hitomiko turned to her class from the blackboard and shut her teacher's copy of revision book. "Can't help it. That will be all for today. For today's homework, I want all of you to do a four pages essay on today's topic. Make sure you submit it next week." Her firm voice was heard by the whole class and the students replied a lazy yes in unison before packing up their stuff. Aki held her bag in one hand and clutched her file close to her chest with the other hand. The girl walked towards Endou with a smile and said, "Kaichou, let's go to the office together."

Hearing her voice, Endou, who luckily had his face turned away, flinched a bit and froze at his seat. He cursed himself for not being quick enough to pack his stuff and leave before Aki approaches him. While he was cursing himself in his mind, Aki frowned in concern and titled her head a bit to look at his face. "Kaichou, are you alright? You looked pale all of a sudden." In an instant, Endou turned around to face her, hands raised in both protest and defence. "N-No! No! I'm fine! Nothing's troubling me at all! See! I'm grinning from ear to ear!" Endou said in a forced happy tone, even his smile has the word 'fake' obviously written across his lips. The insincere smile only raised Aki's doubt even more.

"Kaichou, you-"

"Endou!" Kazemaru screamed from his desk behind Endou, noticing the danger of the situation. The vice-president grabbed Endou's hand and sent a poorly disguised apologetic look at her. "Gomen, Aki. Demo, Kaichou, Hiroto and I promised to do something after school ends!" The lie came through his teeth almost naturally.

His excuse caused Aki to whine in surprise. "What? But we still have many work left at the office!"

"Yeah, we'll work on them later! But not today!" Kazemaru replied, pulling Endou up from his seat in a rough manner before dashing out of the classroom, dragging Endou along.

"Bye, Aki! See you tomorrow!"

The Secretary, left behind with a trail of dust, watched the two stormed their way out of the classroom with an unsatisfied expression, her arms akimbo. She let out a small hmmph before looking away. "Fine, then! Be that way! Just don't come grovelling at me when you realize there's too much to handle and you need my help!" Sulking just a little bit, she stomped her way to the SS office. She did not notice Endou and Kidou who were hiding at the corner of a nearby wall. They watched her make her way to, undoubtedly, SS office and the two sighed in relieve.

"Kazemaru, send a message to Tachimukai. Tell him to start his part."

"Hai, Kaichou."

"Then, we'll spilt up and search for those fishes." Endou paused, frowning. "I have no idea where to even start searching."

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Tachimukai fidgeting more than he used to in his seat, as if he was sitting on a chair with needled cushion. Prickly and always in the need to shift in the seat for some comfort.

"Tachimukai? Are you alright?"

The first year swore he stopped breathing for a few seconds. He slowly lifted his head and let out a shaky laughter. "O-Of course I'm alright! In fact, I'm doing great! I've never been better!"

"Are you sure? Because you don't seem calm at all since we arrived at the office." Aki raised an eyebrow at him, her curiosity only increased.

Tachimukai nodded eagerly. "Yup, I'm fine! Swear to God!" He said, raising up his right hand eye level and when Aki looked away with an unconvinced look on her face, he immediately put down his hand. "Now I wonder if God's been listening..."

Shooting a final glance at Tachimukai, Aki turned to the work at her desk when she startled for a bit and lifted up her eyes to see the empty spot of her bowl tank, the home of her pet gold fishes.

"I was a bit surprised when you said Saginuma had taken an interest in Sashimi, Roe and Unagi and had taken them away for a day to keep as his own. He always look grim and serious, I totally didn't see that coming!" Aki chuckled as she tried to imagine Saginuma cooing and fussing over her fishes. "They must be having a good time together!"

Tachimukai sweat dropped at her words. If only she knew that it was all a lie and that Tachimukai had given Saginuma a heads up warning about the lie. So if Aki is to go straight to Disciplinary Office at the moment and ask Saginuma about it, the secret will still be a secret. "Kaichou...Fuku-kaichou...Hiroto-san...please find those fishes soon!" He shuddered at the though of Aki finding out the truth about her gold fishes and pining the blame on him.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

Hiroto had lost count of how many students he had stopped on their path and asked them whether they have seen, the oddity of the situation aside, a bowl tank and a blue, red and yellow fish in it. Most of them had confused reaction on their faces. Some laughed out loud while there are others who looked at him like he had gone cuckoo and waved off his question. So far, on Hiroto's part, the search for the missing gold fishes was a failure. Nobody had seen anyone carrying a bowl tank with fishes around. Nobody had seen anything suspicious around the school either.

The redhead Public Relations Manager let out a tired sigh. He was ready to raise the white flag anytime now, but he couldn't bear to see Aki crying over some missing fishes that had probably been eaten by stray cats right now or to see Endou's disappointed face. His group of friends know him as a friend who will never abandon a friend in need. Why would he stop now? There must be something that he overlook. But what could it be? Nothing was left on the 'crime scene' that they can use as a clue or hint. The thief somehow managed to break into the office without breaking anything. The 'crime scene' is too clean!

A girlish giggle behind him halted Hiroto on his stroll. Turning around to see his avid fan girls that have been following him and indirectly joining in his mini mission all day long, Hiroto allowed a strain smile to curve up his face. "Girls, you don't have to follow me around. Please."

"Ohhh, Hiroto-sama!" The flock of girls, with hearts in their eyes, crowded around Hiroto and showered him with their annoying squeals and praises.

"Oh, god! Did one of them just touched my butt?!" Alarms went off in Hiroto's head as he felt something made contact with his behind.

In a split second saw Kiyama Hiroto in a mess, running for his dear life from the troublesome fan girls.

"K-Kaichou! Save me!"

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

"A-ACHOO!" The sneeze from Endou was loud enough to startle the fishes in the school garden's pond. Taking the loud sneeze as a warning sign, the fishes started to panic and scurried away from the SS president, who was kneeling by the pond. Wiping his nose with the end of his sleeve, Endou noticed a movement in the water and his jaws dropped when he saw the fishes had swam away from him, hiding underneath the small wooden bridge above the pond and between the small spaces of the rocks.

"Oh, no, no, no! Come back, please! I haven't finished checking all of you!" Endou should have realized no response will come from the fishes no matter how desperate he begged them to. Endou could only watch with a pale face as the fishes seemed to be stealing glances at him from their hiding place. He thought that if the kidnappers were to hide those fishes until the school's club session ends, he might have put them in the pond. Putting the fishes in the pond is the perfect way to hide the fishes since no one actually bothered to count how many fishes are there in the pond, what colour and type.

How is he going to lure the fishes to come near him? Endou sighed tiredly, standing up from crouching and was about to leave the garden and find some bread to feed the fishes when he heard a rough mewling voice. "MEOW."

Slowly, the president turned around and stared at the fat cat with white fur and brown spots. The cat was lifting up its head to see him, as if asking "What the hell are you doing?" Endou sweat dropped when he remembered that this cat was the unfriendly cat that had been the talk of the school. The fat called was called 'Bully', because he had been seen scratching other cats he comes across when hunting for food and the fact that the cat has the face of a yakuza with the scar across its left eye.


"Haha. Even his mewling sounds like a yakuza's voice!" Endou thought in his head as he observed the fat cat pawing away.

And then he saw it.

A fish tail hanging from its mouth.

And the fish tail looks very similar to one of Aki's fishes' tail.

Endou's face turned horribly paled in blue, his eyes widened the size of plates as he froze on his spot.

"Oh, no. Oh, no! No! No! No! No!" Shaking his head furiously and with blazing flame eyes, Endou turned at the corner to chase after the cat. "Wait, Bully! Stop! Someone stop the cat!"

"MEOWWWW!" *scratch*

"Oww, that hurts! Hey, give the fish back!"


*a loud thud and a pail rolled on the ground from the corner*

"Bully, give the fish to me! I order you as the President of SS Committee!"

"MEEOOOOWWWW!" *biting his leg*


~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

With a special permission granted by himself, Kazemaru left the school grounds to go to the pet shop. Inhaling deeply, the vice-president of SS Committee waited for his heartbeat to slow down to its usual pace before walking into the pet shop.

"Excuse me, I'd like to buy three gold fishes. And a bowl tank."

Kazemaru figured that high chances are they're not going to find the fishes, and decided to buy new gold fishes for Aki. Consider this Plan 'Saving Our Ass'.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

If only there was something happening right now to take his mind of boredom. Goenji walked leisurely on his way back to his office. His hands are at his sides, swaying a little as he takes another step. Once in a while he'd run his fingers through his platinum blonde hair and let out a soft sigh, making the girls nearby squealed in excitement. It's not that he did it to attract girls, but it's a small habit that Goenji developed when he was feeling restless. Well, at least it was a friendlier way to exert his restlessness, yes? Although not much can be done about it.

Not saying that he wanted the students to break any rules and get themselves into trouble. But when there was nothing to do, anyone will be hoping for anything to happen. To take their mind off the torturing kingdom of boredom. Or to stop them from starting to feel like creating troubles themselves! Yup, one gotta admit that the biggest problem one can ever face is having no problems at all. That, for once, Goenji has to agree in his current situation.

Or maybe not.

The disciplinary president was not ready, unprepared, for the sight that greeted him the second he slide open the sliding door of his office.

"Tell me where they are! Right, now, Saginuma!" Holding down his Treasurer on the desk with her hands tightened into fists around his neck was Kino Aki, the Secretary of SS. A first year, he recognized as Tachimukai Yuuki the newly appointed Treasurer of SS Committee, tried his best to calm the girl down and tried to persuade her to let go of Saginuma. But Aki did not give in. Not satisfied with the answer she gained, Aki moved her fingers from his shirt and wrapped them around Saginuma's neck.

"You will tell me where you hide my fishes or I'm going to strangle the answer out of you!"

"W-wait a minute! Aki-san, please stop this!"

"K-Kaichou! Get this crazy girl off me!"

"My fishes! Sashimi, Roe and Unagi! WHERE ARE THEY?!"

"Aki-san, stop this! He doesn't know anything!"

"I-I can see the bridge...has my time arrived already?"


Slowly reaching his suddenly throbbing temple, Goenji let out a tired sigh before making his way to his desk. "They're not here...they're not here...everything's under control...I'm under control..." Goenji chanted over and over in his head, but the more he tried to convince himself, the more it frustrates him. Aki won't stop yelling, Saginuma let himself being subdued despite having impressive judo skills and Tachimukai was losing his sanity. Goenji had a feeling that his childhood best friend had been the one responsible for all of this madness.

Just when Goenji flopped down on his office chair, the office door slide open once again, in a rough manner this time, revealing the rest of SS Committee members, panting and in a hell of a mess. Endou with scratches, cuts and bruises while Hiroto's shirt was dishevelled and his hair was extremely messy like a bird's nest. Kazemaru was the only one looking as tidy as he was since the start of the day. Seeing them made Aki realize what she had been doing and she let go off Saginuma's neck and blushed furiously in embarrassment, eyes casted on the floor. Saginuma's head fell unceremoniously on the desk with a loud thud. The Disciplinary Committee's Treasurer groaned in slight pain.

"K-Kaichou, Tachimukai told me what happened Did you find my fishes?" She asked with hopeful face.

Endou and the others shared a look before shaking his head. "Aki..." He started, staring at the girl's face with full sympathy. "A cat ate your fishes. I think. I saw one of the fishes' tail in its mouth. Gomen."

When Aki's tears threatened to fall, Kazemaru interrupted. "But don't worry! I went to the pet store and bought new ones! See! They look exactly the same, right?" The Vice-President lifted up the bowl tank he kept securely in his arms.

"No, they're not the same!" Aki yelled in frustration as she cried, mourning over the lost and possibly, dead fishes.

"Aki...don't cry anymore." Endou stepped forward and patted her shoulder. "If they're dead, maybe they've gone to fish paradise and spent the rest of their afterlife happily."

Kazemaru and Hiroto shared an incredulous look while Tachimukai stared at Endou in awe as if he's the reincarnation of Buddha.

"K-Kaichou...arigatou." Aki said softly and accepted the tissue from him.

"Ano..." Another soft voice sounded, however it doesn't come from Aki. It was Fubuki. He was standing in front of the opened sliding door. "What's exactly going on here?"

In his hands is the familiar bowl tank with the familiar three gold fishes.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

Next Day...

"Sashimi, Roe, Unagi, I promise to take even better care of the three of you from now on!" Aki made a vow in front of the fishes in the bowl tank and beamed a happy smile at them. The fishes, obviously having no idea of what she was doing, was apparently busy swimming up to the surface to eat the fish pellets. Aki sighed in relief and she leaned forward to see the fishes better, humming happily as she watched the fishes swimming around here and there.

The girl was unaware that she had been watched by her fellow colleagues.

Endou crossed his arms behind his head and leaned over his office chair. "So it was Fubuki who took those fishes."

"Mmm." Kazemaru made a small sound of agreement. His eyes and fingers went back to the paper works on his desk. "Apparently Fubuki was ordered by Goenji-kaichou to send a few documents to our office. He found our office unoccupied and unlocked, and he saw the gold fishes."

"He was worried that anything might happen if he left the fishes while the office was unlocked. So he brought the fishes to Disciplinary Office and placed them someplace hidden so that Goenji and Saginuma won't notice them." Hiroto continued, absentmindedly rubbing his cheeks harshly, still feeling the forced kisses he received from his lunatic fan girls. "But really, Kaichou. You should have remembered to lock our office before leaving. You're the last one to leave yesterday."

"Don't blame all of these on me!" Endou whined. "I went through trouble to find Aki's fishes too!"

"Yeah, trouble with a fat cat!" Kazemaru snorted and grinned teasingly.

"At least the fishes are safe and sound!" Tachimukai sighed gratefully.

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~

"So..." A woman in mid thirties, wearing a white coat and had a clipboard in her arm. In her other hand is a pen, ready to jolt down notes. "What brings you here, Goenji-san?" She asked her new patient who was lying on the couch in front of her.

Goenji stared up at the ceiling with a solemn face. He let out a deep sigh before he began, "It all started when I met Endou Mamoru. Since then, my life had been hectic."

~~~ Inazuma Student Council ~~~