Inazuma Student Council
Chapter 7: Girl in Photo

- Scene 1 -

April 4, 2013
7.15 am
Kudou Residence
Inazuma Town, Tokyo

The crackling sound of an egg being fried on the frying pan brought a smile on her lips. Fair, dainty fingers grasped the long handle firmly as she started to flip the egg. A happy gasp left her lips when she saw the egg turned out well. Carefully, she lifted the fried egg and placed it onto one of the two plates, joining it with the bacon strips, baked red beans, coleslaw and fried sausages.

Sound of footsteps drew her attention to the the entrance and saw her father walked in, dressed in a simple black T - shirt and grey sweatpants. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Otou-san!" She called out with a bright smile. Looking down at the two plates on the kitchen counter, she lifted them up, steadily walked to the dining table and placed them down.

"Would you like a cup of coffee, Otou-san?"

"Yes, thank you."

Clanking sound of porcelain cup meeting saucer, sleek sound of coffee being poured and another clanking sound later, the coffee is ready. The rich aroma of the dark and bitter drink tempted him to take a long sip, and he gave in. His daughter, not only kind and soft-spoken, but also good at cooking and household chores. From his place at the head of the table, he watched his daughter preparing their lunch boxes while humming softly.

He was truly blessed to have such a good daughter.

"Fuyuka." He called out her name.

The purple-haired girl turned around. "Hai, Otou-san?"

"I hope you will quickly fit in with this new town and school. I'm really sorry that we have to move away-"

"It's alright, Otou-san." Fuyuka smile warmly. "I'm happy as long as I'm with you."

Even a person with a cold heart would undoubtedly be touched by her sincerity. "Fuyuka..."

"I'll make sure to enjoy myself and make lots of new friends! I can't wait!"

Kudou let out an internal sigh and stared at the garden outside of the sliding door. A bird flew swiftly to a nest on a tree branch, a few worms in her beak to feed her little ones.

If only she knew why they have to move.

- Scene 2 -

April 4, 2013
8.00 am
3rd Floor, Student's Support and Welfare Committee Office, Student Council Block
Inazuma High School, Inazuma Town, Tokyo

There were some time left before the start of the first period, so the members of Student's Support and Welfare Committee spent the remaining time in their office, continuing on their never ending work. The office was relatively quiet, only sounds of typing on keyboard, pouring water, and occasional grunts and sighs from the members.

Instead of doing his work like the rest of his colleague, Endou simply sit behind his desk, holding onto a draft paper for a speech and stared at it with a blank mind. The words in the piece of paper seemed to be floating around. His mind was drifting afar, still on the conversation that happened on the night of the graduation.

"Now that I'm officially not a student of Inazuma High School and a member of Student Council, I am able to do this."

- Start of Flashback -
March 4, 20XX
8.00 pm
1st Floor, General Room, Student Council Block
Inazuma High School, Inazuma Town, Tokyo

Endou blinked in confusion. "Do what?"

Tsunami didn't reply for a while. Slowly, he reached for his pocket and withdraw something from it. He looked at it for a while before handing it to Endou. Upon receiving the picture, Endou looked at it with a small frown. It was a picture of an elementary school girl. She had twin-tailed purple hair and big blue eyes, dressed in a light red gown. She was playing on a swing, a cheerful smile on her face.

"Who is this?"

"...a girl named Ono Fuyuka. She was the same age as you. This is the sin of the Student Council that you will carry in my place."

"S-sin?" Endou gasped. "What's going on? What happened? Tell me!"

Tsunami's fists clenched. "Three years ago, when I was a first year, a strange and horrific rumour circulated through the campus. It was about the Student Council."


"The previous Student Council, as they investigated a major case, had killed a girl from the elementary department. And it was rumoured to be the girl in this picture."

- End of Flashback -

"I did some investigation, but I couldn't find anything. It was like what little leads I have seemed to suddenly be unreliable or disappeared into thin air."

What could the old case be?


Does it have any relation to the girl in the photo?


Or was it just pure coincidence that she was there at the wrong place and time?


Was she really killed at that time?


Who has been destroying the leads?

A rapid series of knock on his table brought him back from his deep thinking. The startled President looked up to see his Vice-President staring down at him, worry etched in his face. Kazemaru stared intently into his eyes, lips parted as he tried to form words. At last, he settled for calling his President softly.



"You're okay?"

"…Ah. Yeah, I'm okay." Endou replied, trying to put on his usual smile, but failed miserably. "I was just wondering about the first year's enrolment ceremony."

"Enrolment ceremony, huh?" Aki wondered aloud. "It really takes me back to our own enrolment ceremony." She smiled as past memories came flooding into her mind.

"That time, Endou-kaichou, Kidou-kaichou and Goenji-kaichou really stood out from the rest of the freshmen, remember?" Hiroto said. "They all came from Inazuma Middle School. Endou-kaichou, the President of Student Council and middle school detective who assisted the police in many difficult cases. Kidou-kaichou, the top student with IQ over 200 and Technology and Innovation competition champion. And Goenji-kaichou, international-level martial artist of various arts, who practices even Krav Maga."

"Wow, sugee na sempai-tachi!" Tachimukai looked at Endou in awe.

"The teachers and staff really took a shine on them. And the students were all gushing and admiring them almost all the time." Kazemaru added, making Endou blushed even more.

"That's enough, all of you." Endou reprimanded them lightly, flinching when he saw Tachimukai practically drooling.

Aki, Kazemaru and Hiroto laughed.

"Oh yeah, I'm not mistaken, Goenji-kaichou's younger sister enrolled into our school as a first year today, right?" Aki said.

Endou nodded, smiling as he was reminded of the girl who's like a younger sister to him. "Aah. Goenji Yuuka, 1 – A. She's also the First Year Representative."

"I heard she's a very talented musician. She plays the piano, flute, cello, harp and violin." Kazemaru added helpfully.

Tachimukai seemed to be awed again. "I wish I could meet her and listen to her music."

Hiroto chuckled. "Just make sure you don't fall in love with her. Goenji-kaichou is very protective of her. And I suspect there'll be another person who will not like it if you become too friendly with her."

"Aah, you're talking about him, right?" Kazemaru said.

"Hah?" A large question mark appeared above Tachimukai's head.

Aki giggled. "How cute! Childhood friends turned into lovers!"

"That is if Goenji-kaichou ever allows it!" Hiroto interrupted.

"Yup! Toramaru is a first year here too!" Endou said.

- Scene 3 -

April 4, 2013
8.45 am
Grand Hall
Inazuma High School, Inazuma Town, Tokyo

The enrolment ceremony progressed smoothly, and Kidou Yuuto thanked his lucky stars. The number of student intake for this year is 20% more than last year, which was 10% more than the previous year. The education demand nowadays have increased, therefore the school decided to increase the number of student intake. Lucky for them, the school is more than able to give out the budget needed to accommodate the large number of students.

Kidou Yuuto absentmindedly listened to the compliments from the teachers, nodding once in a while in pretence of listening. It's not that he's being rude in purpose or not interested at all, but he was more occupied by what could have been the topic of discussion between former President Tsunami and his best friend. He watched the two from afar, and they seemed to be in a heated discussion. When he saw Tsunami handing a photo to Endou, he was 100% positive that it was about the little girl.

The Student Council's sin.

He had stumbled upon the secret by accident when he overheard Tsunami, Karibe and Hijikata discussing about it in the General Meeting Room last year. They had asked him to keep it as a secret from Endou and the others. But Hijikata admitted that Goenji already knew about this, as it was one of the closed and unsolved cases recorded by Disciplinary Committee.

"Leave it to me. This case belongs to Disciplinary Committee, let me take care of it. You and Mamoru don't have to worry about it. I will find out the truth. Trust me. And please, don't tell Mamoru about this."

Kidou internally sigh. In the end, Tsunami-sempai was the one who told Endou. Well, in the end, as the President of Student's Support and Welfare Committee, he has the right to know. And how long will they be able to keep it as a secret from the others? When the teachers finally left him, Kidou bowed politely in their direction as a sign of respect.

"Yuuto-niichan?" A very familiar, cheerful voice called out to him.

Kidou turned around to see Goenji Yuuka smiling brightly at him, her hands behind her back. "Thank you for your hard work, Yuuto-niichan! Your speech was very inspiring to us freshmen."

"Aah. Arigatou, Yuuka-chan." Kidou returned the smile. This little girl in pink-haired twin-tails is the beloved younger sister of his best friend and the young mistress of the Goenji clan, Goenji Yuuka. Since he and Endou are Goenji's childhood friend, naturally they have met Yuuka as well. The little girl would follow them everywhere they go, she admired them so much, especially her older brother. To her, her older brother is the most important person in the world.

That is, until she becomes an aunt to the Fubuki twins and Alicia. Now, her brother placed third, with Fubuki twins and Alicia taking first and second place. But even she was uncertain who's first and who's second.

"Hmm? Where's Toramaru? I thought he's with you." Kidou noticed the lack of presence of a boy beside the girl.

Yuuka giggled. "Let's just say I outsmarted him."

Kidou sweatdropped. "What did you do this time, Yuuka-chan?"

As if on cue, a loud voice called out for the girl urgently. "Yuuka-ojousama!"

Kidou and Yuuka watched as Toramaru, with dishevelled shirt, approached them. Even his usual spiky hair was messy today. "Yuuka-ojousama, please don't sneak away from me like that! Anything could have happened to you when I wasn't around!" Utsunomiya Toramaru looked at his charge sternly.

Yuuka smiled apologetically. "Gomen ne, Toramaru-kun! Don't be mad at me!"


"I brought a bento for you too. Let's eat together during lunch break, okay?" Yuuka winked at him.

The boy blushed and shyly looked away, avoiding eye contact with Yuuka, who chuckled at his shy behaviour. Sakura petals blowing pass them.

Kidou suddenly felt very alone and old.

- Scene 4 -

April 4, 2013
11.30 am
Class 3 - B, 3rd Year Block,
Inazuma High School, Inazuma Town, Tokyo

Endou Mamoru was exhausted. He needs sleep so badly. Oh, God of Time, please move the time faster… Endou let out another yawn and rubbed his eyes. He could feel the drowsiness drawing him in. History was, and never will be, a subject that he could ever find interesting. There's too many facts, dates and names to remember. He did find the importance of learning what happened in the past, but to put it simply, the learning process never failed to make him fall asleep.

Maybe he should tape one of the lessons and play it at home whenever he has trouble to sleep.

Kazemaru saw his President's head jerking for the nth time and sighed. And for the nth time as well, he delivered a kick to Endou's chair. This time, a little harder than before. From her seat, Aki watched and sweat-dropped at the scene.

The door slid open, catching the attention of the bored students who were all eager for any kind of distraction. Principal Hirai walked in, wearing his usual smiling face that made him look like a loving grandfather. Their teacher stopped reciting everything she knows about the old Japanese political system and left her teacher's textbook copy on the teacher's desk.

She went to the Principal, bowed politely to him before asking, "What brings you here, Principal Hirai?"

"I apologize for interrupting the lesson, but we have a new student who will join this class starting today. She couldn't come earlier because there had been some things that needed to be solved."

"Oh, a new student!" The teacher said excitedly. She tilted her head and smiled when she saw the new student standing outside of the class. "Please, come in!" She warmly welcomed her.

The students buzzed in curiosity and excitement at the prospect of getting a new classmate. Most of the guys were hoping that it's a cute girl while most of the girls were just girlishly excited. Others are simply not interested or indifferent. Endou was one of them as his face was sucking the surface of his desk, taking the opportunity to get a quick nap before having to continue going through the torture that is History lesson.

"Please introduce yourself."

"Nice to meet all of you. My name is Kudou Fuyuka."

The name registered into his brain and Endou's eyes opened in an instant. He lifted his face and his eyes widened in surprise. The girl looked extremely similar to the girl in the photo that Tsunami gave him. But her name was Ono Fuyuka, not Kudou Fuyuka.

Endou frowned.

Looks like this is another mystery that needs to be solved…

- Scene 5 -

April 4, 2013
10.40 pm
Upper Floor, Sato Pawnshop
Inazuma Town, Tokyo

Goenji got out of the shiny silver Lexus a moment after the chauffeur opened the door for him. His eyes stared at two groups of suspicious looking men, who stopped their brash talks and poker game when they arrived. His face remained cool and composed. Toramaru stepped outside of the car, now standing closely to his master. His eyes wandered around, taking note of the men guarding the entrance before checking whether they were being watched from afar.

A red flash of light caught his eyes. And from the corner of his eyes, he saw another one.

"Shuuya-sama. CCTV at 3 and 10 o'clock."


Fubuki Atsuya appeared on Goenji's left. "Do you want me to take care of them?" He asked, glaring at the men who now all stood up, cracking the knuckles, chuckling sinisterly and looking menacingly.

"Not yet. For now, be on guard."

"Hai, Shuuya-sama."

With Goenji on the lead, the three approached the men, none of them showing apprehension nor fear. Their eyes were fixed on the men guarding the entrance to the upper floor. Finally they stopped at a comfortable distance in front of the men. Goenji's black eyes scanned the delinquents, calmly did a silent and quick analysis of their possible strength while mentally memorizing their faces and physical features.

Drawing a quick breath, he began calmly. "We're here to meet Sato Izumi."

One of them, a tall, dark, bulky, muscular man with a long, deep scar across his left eye stepped forward. "What business ya' brats have with our boss?" His harsh voice had not gone unnoticed by the trio.

Goenji and Toramaru could feel anger radiating from the younger Fubuki twin, but Atsuya held himself back, knowing that he cannot jeopardise tonight's task. Glancing at the orange-haired third year from the corner of his eyes, Goenji saw him trying his best to keep his temper in check and put up a cool façade to veil his anger. He mentally reminded himself to praise his younger nephew and give him some candies to cool him down after they wrap things up for the night.

"That is between me and your boss."

"Why, you-"

"Tell him he will want to listen to what I have to say." Goenji paused, and he smiled thinly. "Unless he wants his standing to shake more than it already has."

(391 words)

~~~ Time Skip ~~~

Without waiting for any invitation, Goenji strode into Sato Izumi's office, followed closely by Atsuya and Toramaru, and seated one leg crossing the other on the couch in front of where Sato was sitting. There were two of his men standing guard on either side of the couch he was sitting. Atsuya and Toramaru wisely decided to do the same, the two having their own private glaring match with the guard in front of them.

Sato Izumi was a man in his fifties. He was a stout, bald, tanned skin man and his face looked as if it had been punched and 'arranged'. Looks like he had been enjoying a good smoke when they came for a visit. Sato withdrew the cigar from his lips and blew out the cancerous smoke. His large, diamond studded ring gleamed as the light from the ceiling hit it. "Hmm." The sound came from his dark, thick lips. His eyebrow raised and he looked at Goenji up and down, as if only noticing his presence.

"My subordinate informed me what you said to him. You said that my standing is shaking." A dark chuckle left his lips. "Me? Sato Izumi, oyabun of the Kuroi-gumi, who controls the Inazuma Town? Hah!" He laughed in amusement by himself for a few seconds before he halted and narrowed his eyes at Goenji dangerously.

"You dare to come to my office, threaten me to grant you an audience with me and insulted me? The three of you are mere high school students. You do realise that we can simply kill you and dispose of your bodies and none will be the wiser about it?"

Staring deadly into Sato's eyes, Goenji waited for him to finish what he wanted to say. He did not even break his eye contact with him, knowing that will be taken as a sign of fear or inferiority. He will not let Sato's taunting affect him in any way.

"Are you done?" Goenji said after a moment of silence between them, keeping his voice cool and calm.

Sato's eyes widened. "What do you-"

"I have your underlings, Sato Izumi."

The intensity of Goenji's eyes showed Sato that he was telling the truth. "H-How did you-"

"You have not heard from any of them for more than 12 hours, correct? We, the Disciplinary Committee have them in our custody." As Sato was too stunned to respond and even averted his eyes to the carpet underneath their shoes, Goenji continued. "I personally interrogated them and they have confessed to playing drug dealers to our students under your order. We dug in further and started to link things together."

"The drug used by the students to make the Valentine chocolates, were dealt by Kuroi-gumi."

Hearing the conclusion from Goenji, Sato lifted his eyes and stared at him in pure shock. Goenji did not say anything to continue, allowing Sato to digest the news delivered to him. His face turned red in anger.

"Are you threatening me, boy?!" His voice rose high and he slammed a fist on the coffee table between them. His sake cup crashed onto the floor into pieces, the content spilled and not a drop had left in what was left of the cup.

Goenji did not flinch, same goes to Atsuya and Toramaru. They were used to dealing with this sort of situation. No one and nothing shall intimidate them. That is one of the many criteria that a member of Disciplinary Committee must possess.

"Do you actually think that you can bring me down with this?! You're wrong! I will not be defeated so easily! The police will never bring me in, I will make sure of that!"

"Who said anything about handing you to the police?"

Sato looked at Goenji incredulously, his jaws slightly dropped. "W-what?"

Smirking at him, Goenji said. "For someone who tried to intimidate others with the intention to instil fear and make them feel inferior to you, you sure get riled up too easily."

Sato gritted his teeth and his hands tightened into fists.

All traces of amusement gone from his face, Goenji moved on. "I have a proposition." When Sato seemed to pay attention to him, he continued. "We will release your men from our custody if you tell me what I wanted to know." He tucked his right hand into his blazer's pocket and pull out a photo. He placed it down on the coffee table and slid it nearer to Sato.

"Tell me everything you know about him."

Once again, Sato averted his eyes. "I don't know him. I've never met him before."

Smiling darkly, Goenji chuckled humourlessly. "Of course you do. You two had a few lunch dates and even went to night clubs together for the past two months. You're not senile yet, Sato, so don't act like it." Sato did not reply. Instead, he was now shaking like a leaf during a stormy day. Bullets of sweat dripped from his forehead.

"For you to be this afraid, he must have been quite a criminal." Goenji's eyes widened. "Now, you will tell me everything you know about Fuyukai Suguru or being handed over to the police will be the least of your worries." He said, threat evident in his voice.

Gulping nervously, Sato started to stutter. "B-but h-he-he's-"

"He managed to escape from prison despite being under tight security and not a single CCTV in the prison caught him. Obviously he has some powerful figure supporting him in the shadows."

"B-b-but I-"

"Sato Izumi." Goenji deadpanned. "I will not wait long."

Shaky eyes stared down at the picture of Fuyukai Suguru, former teacher of Inazuma High School. Sato closed his eyes and said in a barely audible voice, "Fuyukai…works for a corrupted politician. He was assigned to oversee the politician's drug business in Inazuma Town. I found out about him by chance, and he offered his services to help selling the drugs to your school's students. That's all I know about him."

Goenji fell into silence, considering whether that is all that Sato truly know about Fuyukai. Deciding that Sato had been telling the truth, Goenji took out another photo and showed it to him. Sato's eyes widened in surprise, clearly not expecting the turnaround of their discussion.

"Were you given the job to assassinate this girl?"

"-ahh, err, yes."

"Was it the same politician who helped Fuyukai?"

"! I…ermm, yes. B-but I failed, and the job was given to someone else. I heard he hired a professional assassin who works alone."

"What is Ono Fuyuka's relation to this politician?"

"I have no idea!" Panting heavily, Sato wiped the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve.

Goenji sighed softly, closing his eyes for a short moment to relax himself. Slowly opening his eyes, Goenji stared at the fearful man in front of him. He leaned forward to snatch the photos and kept them in his blazer's pocket. He stood up from the couch, staring down at Sato.

"I will release your underlings in one hour. One of my men will send you a message where we leave them."

And with that, Goenji and his two Disciplinary Committee colleagues left.

In a fit of pent up rage, Sato screamed at the top of his lungs in frustration and threw his coffee table at the windows.

On their way to the appointed pick up point, Toramaru turned to Goenji and asked, "Shuuya-sama, is it really okay for us to return Sato's underlings to him? Shouldn't we hand them over to the police along with the evidence?"

"I have already delivered the evidence to the police. If they fail to see the connections, then having Sato's underlings in custody wouldn't benefit them. They'd be forced to release them on the grounds of not having enough evidence to convict them." Goenji replied.

"Sou ka."

Suddenly, they stood rooted on their spot. Sound of footsteps are getting closer to them. Toramaru moved behind Goenji, his back facing Goenji's to watch their behind. Atsuya moved in front of his uncle and took a protective stance. Atsuya and Toramaru waited for what was to come in tense. Goenji narrowed his eyes, his mood was bad enough.

"G-Goenji-kun?" A small, weak voice came from the dark.

The voice sounded familiar to Goenji, though he couldn't exactly match it with a face.

"Goenji-kun, it is you." The voice sounded relieve.

Stepping out of the dark was Yagami Reina. Her poor state cause surprised gasps to leave Atsuya and Toramaru's lips. Her clothes were in tatters. She was badly bruised and cuts marred her fair skin. Her left eye looked like it had been swollen for days. And from the awkward way she was walking, they could tell she was limping. Before she lost her balance and fell face-first on the ground, Goenji race forward and caught her in his arms.

"Yagami! Are you alright?! Hang in there!" Goenji called out tensely, slapping her cheek softly to make sure she stay awake. Yagami groaned in pain, clutching her stomach area. Only then they noticed her blouse had a large blood stain on the stomach area. Yagami panted harshly.

"Genesis…Genesis…help. H-Hi-Hiroto…"

The light left her eyes.