Ok! Here is chapter one of my first prompt! The challenge comes from Alekay22 and the guidelines are:

Write a story where Hermione runs into Severus outside of Hogwarts and gets to know him. Then when it's time to go back to school, they continue with their relationship. Where you go from there is up to you. However, here are some things I'd like for you to include:

1. Severus has a child
2. Virgin Hermione
3. Fellatio/Cunnigulus (pref. Between SSHG)
4. The color: gray
5. The phrase, "A rare opportunity"

Obligatory Disclaimer: I don't own JK Rowling's characters, I just play with them. Not making any profit of any kind.

Obligatory A/N: Haven't written in a while so I welcome any and all feedback, constructive preferred but praise and flames are fine too. Whatever you feel compelled to tell me. :-)

Chapter 1

Of Spinip Plants & Cauldron Cakes

Hermione Jean Granger could not believe her eyes. In fact, she rubbed them for the third time just to make sure she wasn't seeing things. She blinked again and this time she was absolutely certain of what she saw. Caddy corner to the shop she'd just come out of in Hogsmeade was what she swore was the spitting image of one Professor Severus Snape, but in tiny human form. A boy, perhaps five or six years old, was quietly observing a strange looking plant that had sprouted from between the cracks of the cobblestone next to "Aberdeen's Alchemic Supplies" in a very Snape-like way. He barely moved a muscle and already had that steady, unnerving gaze the Professor wore when interrogating students.

"How peculiar…" the young witch said to no one in particular, tilting her head to one side. The boy even had the same hooked nose and black hair, albeit silken and not greasy. Unable to stamp down her curiosity, Hermione slowly made her way over to the young boy.

"Hello. Are you lost?" Hardly, she thought. The child definitely didn't seem flustered, but she didn't know what else to open a dialogue with.

The boy slowly turned his head to look at Hermione. The young woman suppressed a gasp when he faced her full-on. The whole left side of the child's face was horribly scarred. Ugly burns and lacerations had been poorly tended to, leaving a twisted mangle of pink and red flesh from the crown of his head to the base of his slender neck. It reminded the witch of that villain from the American movies – what was his name? Two-face? – and her heart instantly cried out in pain at seeing such a devastating malformation on one so young. She pushed her pity aside, suspecting that if he was anything like his relative (for he most certainly was related to the Potions Master now that she saw him up close), she knew pity would not be welcome.

The young boy shook his head. "No ma'am. I'm just waiting for my father to return." He said simply, and then turned back to the plant.

Hermione paled. Father? "I see," She said as neutrally as she could, giving the child a warm, friendly smile as she drew up next to him. She was quiet for a moment. "Do you know what kind of plant that is?" she queried, gesturing to the spiny-leafed fledgling flora.

He rose an eyebrow at Hermione as if bored, and then nodded. "It's the Eurabiscus plant, often used in cosmetic potions and salves."

Well, that confirmed it. He definitely was the son of Professor Snape. No one besides Hermione and the Professor himself (and perhaps the late Albus Dumbledore) would have known that. Not to mention he appeared almost offended that she should even ask him something so obvious. Very Snape-like.

"Actually, it's the Spinip plant, commonly mistaken for the Eurabiscus plant because of its spiny leaves. They're very similar except for one rather large difference. The Spinip plant secretes an oil that, if ingested, acts as a fast moving poison. Its leaves, if touched by skin, leave a nasty, pus-infested rash for weeks."

The boy, who'd been about to touch the plant, froze and instantly pulled back. He flushed with embarrassment at the grievous mistake he'd been about to make and tried to cover it with a cough. Hermione spared him by asking his name as she reached into her bag and pulled out a Honeydukes Cauldron Cake, offering half of it to the child, who took it hesitantly, a suspicious look on his face. Hermione pretended not to notice and bit in to her share, proving that it wasn't poisoned.

"My name is Tobias. Tobias Snape," he said, before eagerly biting in to the scrumptious pastry. "But 'ou 'an 'all me Toby." He said through a mouthful, before swallowing and giving her his first smile. It was absolutely heart-warming. "Thanks, this is really good." He took another bite, clearly savoring the delicious treat. He obviously didn't get them very often. "What's your name then?"

Hermione smiled brightly. "It's Hermione. Hermione Gr-"

"Miss…Granger." Said an unmistakable silken voice. A voice that iced her name in the frostiest of tones.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, Hermione thought as she spun on her heel and beheld the Potions Master in all his intimidating glory. "Professor! You startled me." She stated unnecessarily. Professor Snape rose a finely arched eyebrow in a mirror imitation of his son before his eyes moved slowly to Toby and then back to his student. They narrowed dangerously and Hermione knew she was in for it. He opened his mouth but just as she had saved him, Toby saved her from what she knew to be a scathing tirade.

"Dad! This is Hermione. She gave me a Cauldron Cake and saved me from almost touching a Spinip plant. See?" he pointed to the offending plant, and then held up the last bite of cake.

The dark man looked at his son, silent for a moment, then said "And why, pray tell, did you almost touch a Spinip plant, Tobias."

Toby grimaced at the use of his full name, and then downright winced at the impending reprimand. He looked down at his feet, chastened. "Well, I thought it was a Eurabiscus plant. I was going to pick it for you." Snape's eyebrow rose higher and the boy's voice lost a bit of its brightness, making Hermione bristle a little. It was an honest mistake after all! Not to mention he was only five. Or six.

"Please, sir, he didn't-"

Snape shot her a look that told her to mind her business, then slowly moved past her to crouch down to Toby's level. When the boy didn't look at him, he tilted Toby's chin up to look at him. "Toby," the child looked at his father. "Toby, what is the difference between a Spinip plant and a Eurabiscus plant? I know you know it. Think." His tone was softer, gentler. Almost….fatherly. Hermione felt a tug at her heartstrings.

Toby paused, his nose scrunching up a little in concentration. "The…Spinip plant differs in…" he trailed off, thinking hard. It was adorable really. And the patience Snape showed truly was endearing. Then, like a light-bulb, Toby's face lit up and he grinned. "The Spinip plant differs from the Eurabiscus plant in that the leaves shrivel up when touched with a wand! Only…I don't have a wand."

"Correct. And what don't we do if we haven't a wand?" Snape questioned, his hand moving from the boy's chin to gently take hold of his arms, keeping his attention.

Toby, looking sheepish, mumbled "We don't touch things and instead look for you." Snape, much to Hermione's astonishment, smiled affectionately, perking the child up a bit.

"Good boy. That's right." Snape stood and straightened out his robes before turning to Hermione. "And luckily Miss Granger was here to prevent any accident." Somehow Hermione didn't think he was as grateful as a father should have been, given that she'd saved his son from a rather painful lesson. "Now, why don't you thank Miss Granger for your sweet and let's be off. We have more errands to run today before I drop you off at Mrs. Bigglesbee's house."

"Aww, Dad. Do I have to? I hate it there. It smells like…old people. And cat pee. And she tries to feed me rock cakes." The boy made a face that had Snape chuckling and Hermione hiding a smile.

"Yes, Toby. We've been over this a hundred times. She's the only magical nanny in Cokeworth who is able to watch you for the time I need. Come now, we-"

"You live in Cokeworth?" Hermione blurted out before she could stop herself, then turned beet-red as Snape turned to her, a slight sneer on his lips. She continued before he could reply. "Sorry sir, it's just…I live in East Anglia. I didn't realize we lived so near each other."

The silence that met this statement was deafening. "Charming." His tone suggested it was anything but, and Hermione felt her blush deepen. He let the moment stew before holding out his hand to Toby. "Come along. We've go-"

"Hermione could do it!"

Both teacher and student looked at the boy, bewildered. Toby, on the other hand, was beaming like a beacon. "She could nanny. Oh please dad? Please? She could teach me about plants and…things. And she doesn't smell like cat pee."

Hermione's eyes widened. Babysit Professor Snape's kid? She was still getting used to the idea that he even had one!

"I do not think Miss Granger is-"

"Oh Dad, come on. She knows the difference between a Spinip plant and a Eurabiscus. Mrs. Bigglesbee doesn't know the difference between flour and sugar, which you'd know if you tried one of her rock cakes! C'mon, please? Pleeeeeeease?" Toby didn't tug on his father's sleeve like most kids would have, instead her used logic and common sense, much like Snape would have.

Hermione smiled affectionately at the young boy and couldn't help but instantly fall head-over-heels for the obviously intelligent child and thus, found herself agreeing with him. "Actually, I'm not busy tonight. I would be happy to look after him if you-"

"Enough. Both of you. Toby, you'll be going to Mrs. Bigglesbee's. End of discussion. Now, take my hand and let's go." Toby sullenly took his father's large hand, throwing Hermione a forlorn, pitiful look that made the young woman ache for him as though he'd been sentenced to some terrible fate. She remembered being that age and having awful babysitters.

Snape turned to her, intent on telling her off when he caught the look on her face as she gazed at his son. It squashed any harsh words he may have had for her and so instead, he said "Good day, Miss Granger," drawing her attention before pointedly giving her a look that plainly said her person would be threatened should she divulge any information about today's meeting to anyone.

Hermione didn't need 'telling' twice.