A/N: Umm…hahaha…h-hey everyone…if anyone is still there that is…lol. Anyway, for these that are still here, no you are not dreaming/hallucinating anything, you're actually seeing a post by me again, and you'd better get used to notifications popping up from me again ;). So, some of you might be wondering where I have been, some of you might be seeing this as the first thing you ever see from me, and that's okay too (if that's you, go check out all of my stories). That being said, some of you do know where I have been and what I've been doing in my time away and to those few who do, thanks for always reading my author's notes lol! But for the majority of you who don't know where I've been, I'll explain…

I have been playing baseball since I was 4, and I've been playing at a highly competitive level since I was 10. This continued through middle school, then high school and now where I am now which is finishing up playing baseball at a college (university for those outside of the U.S) that is known specifically for its baseball program and how successful it has been. Long story short is this…my dream since I was a child was to be a professional baseball player, and that dream is so incredibly close to coming true that I can almost taste it. Sadly, my senior season got cut short due to this whole coronavirus thing, but that's okay because now, as some of you might've guessed, my eyes are focused on the 2020 MLB draft. I really don't want to fully identify myself here so I'm not going to say what university I played baseball at or when I'm currently projected to go in this year's draft (all I'll say is I likely won't be in the top 50 picks, but it is possible I squeeze into a first round selection) as that would really give it away to anyone curious enough to look and I just don't really want to be personally identified by my full name and hometown and stuff like that (all of which is disclosed publicly when you get drafted). For those who don't know, becoming a professional athlete in any sport takes a ridiculous amount of dedication and most importantly, TIME. Being a college athlete is hard enough, with 5:30am weightlifting 4 days a week, conditioning daily and practice every day and many, many games, with school work on top of that. Obviously with COVID going around I haven't been at school nor have I been practicing with my team, but I've been working just as hard, if not harder because I know that is the only way I can not only make it to the major leagues, but stay there and have a long career (obviously not going to get ahead of myself because even after you're drafted, there's still about 5 levels of baseball you have to work your way through to get to the big leagues).

Basically, what I'm saying is this: I have had so little time to write over the past few years that it's almost funny. I'm looking forward to not being a college athlete anymore because juggling everything, on top of schoolwork, is A LOT. I've basically had to sacrifice my personal life during my college years in order for me to be where I am today. Now with all of this being said, I am now training for the MLB draft and what is to come after, which is a lot more baseball for me. But the great thing about that is (besides getting payed to play a game I adore) is that my only focus will have to be on baseball, no schoolwork to get in the way. No mandatory 2-hour study table every night with the rest of the college athletes. Now I like to think of myself as an unusually hard worker, especially for baseball and fitness in general, so I'm still going to be putting a lot of time into my craft. I mean, that should be obvious as it will quite literally be my job to be the best player I can be for whatever team I am ultimately drafted to. But with all that said, I'm actually going to have time to myself for the first time in god knows how long and I am SO PUMPED about that, largely because it will give me time to focus on my other passion, which is writing and storytelling in general.

I also wanted to say that just because I haven't been actively writing a lot over the last couple of years, I can assure you my stories are still all in my head all the way through, with most everything written down in various outlines I have saved (though calling it an outline is a bit generous. It's mostly just main plot points I want to hit).

It almost feels like my stories are my children, and I WILL see them through to completion. There is something I promised from the very beginning of posting anything to this website, and it is still posted on my profile right this second, and that was that I would never leave a project unfinished, regardless of how much time passed.

Between now and July especially, I will be working out a lot, but I will also have time to write and I am SO EXCITED. None of my stories have even gotten to the points I'm the most excited about and that's what makes me so pumped to return to writing them. "Façade" especially is going to be taking one hell of a turn soon. Plus, I know I've left you all hanging with Ash and Serena's conversation, so that will be posted soon… :)

Now because it's been a few years, I know not everyone that had been reading my stories during that time is still around, but if you are someone who's been around since the early days of when I very first started writing, or even if you've just been waiting for an update to my stories, I can't thank you enough for being patient and that patience is about to be rewarded (I hope lol)! And for those that are just now finding my stories because of this author's note I'm going to be posting as a chapter to each of my ongoing stories, then welcome! As you might be able to see by the word counts of my stories, there is plenty of story to read before we reach what is coming in the near future with new chapters for everything. Currently I'm taking the time to clean up some of my stories in terms of grammar and just changing a few small things here and there, so all of my stories will be at their peak readiness for their next update!

For everyone that wants to know exactly what is going to be getting updated first, I do not yet have that answer as I am simply writing through inspiration. This is also why I will not be placing an uploading schedule on myself. If you are ever curious when a new chapter will come out for one of my stories, shoot me a private message and I will happily let you know!

Just based on how I'm feeling right now I think "Façade" will be the next story updated, but "How to Change a Life" and "A Trial of Will" both have BIG things coming in the near future as well. "A Trial of Will" will be continuing, "How to Change a Life" will be continuing, "Façade" will be continuing and yes, even "One More Night" which is officially complete, will be getting those alternate endings I'd mentioned in the author's notes of that story.

And guys I have one HUGE request from those of you who still care that I'm going to be writing more again…please leave REVIEWS and feel free to private message me as I will almost always respond, especially if it is something story related. And for those of you who are still around who have been reading my stories for a long time, I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me and wanting to see my stories to their completion. Like I said, there is SOOOOO much story left to tell, and even new things popping into my head all the time (but I'm not going to get ahead of myself lol). Please make sure to follow and favorite me and my stories so you can get notified when the next chapter comes out! Thank you all so much I'm so so so happy to be back!

Because I've been gone for so long, I decided that I'm going to write a little bit about each of my stories below just to give a general overview of what they are about to those that are finding myself and my work for the first time:

"A Trial of Will"

- SUMMARY: After finally winning a Pokémon league, Ash returns home to relax for a while before setting out on a new adventure. With many of his old friends in Pallet Town to congratulate him, life cannot be better for Ash Ketchum. But when a true, unmatched evil arises in the New Team Rocket, will he be able to save the most important person in his life? Advance/Pearl/Amour. Death and Dark themes are explored

- Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance

- Shipping: Advanceshipping, Pearlshipping, Amourshipping, other ships might be involved, but these are the main one's

- First story I ever posted!


SUMMARY: After losing everything at a hellishly young age, Ash Ketchum is forced into a life of isolation, forced to change who he is. Having kept up this facade for over 10 years, Ash never expected things to change so drastically in such a short time. With people growing curious and the darkness from his past returning, Ash will have to be as strong as possible to keep everyone safe. AU Advance/Amour/Cavalier. Death and Dark themes explored

Genre: Suspense, Action, Romance

- First story I ever started writing (Started off as an original story that I then crossed into with Pokémon)

-First Alternate Universe' (AU) fic I've posted

-Shipping: Advanceshipping/Amourshipping/Cavaliershipping

"How to Change a Life"

SUMMARY: One person, one chance meeting, is all it takes to change a life. After a fateful encounter brought them together, Ash and May bonded in a way that neither had ever experienced. Love, friendship, trials and danger await them in their long journey through Hoenn but as long as they have each other, they know they'll be alright. Advanceshipping

GENRE: Adventure, Romance

This story just makes me smile lol, but things will certainly take turns for the ugly as it progresses. Though it definitely so far is much more lighthearted than my other stories

Ships: Advanceshipping. Other ships will likely be explored for characters such as Brock, but nothing concrete as of yet

"One More Night"

- SUMMARY: 2 years. That's how long it'd been since the world lost Ash Ketchum. His death wrecked his friends emotionally, especially May Maple. With Ash gone, May felt as if her life no longer had meaning. And the worst part? She never got to tell him that she loved him. What she wouldn't give for even just one more night with him…

- GENRE: Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

- Shipping: Advanceshipping with hints of Pearlshipping, Amourshipping and Rayshipping

- Fun fact about this story, this was initially supposed to be a oneshot…well that certainly didn't happen lol. I'd say as of right now this is my most emotionally intense story.

- This story is officially completed, but I've had many requests to do a couple different alternate endings and I have ideas for two different endings I want to inevitably make.

"We All Want What We Ain't Got"

SUMMARY: May thinks back to how she got to where she is now; how she struggled so much after she left Kanto. With negativity surrounding her and with nowhere to turn, she is nearly pushed over the edge. That is, until a certain someone returns to her life and does what he does best...save her.

Genre: Romance

This story is loosely based on the song "What we Ain't Got" By Jake Owen and is the first and so far, only one shot I have on my page