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Rating: M

Contain Warning: Torture and Gang Rapes.

Characters: Face and Murdock

Summary: Face and Murdock are missing. Will they find them before it's too late.

Part: 1- Murdock Missing. Face argue.

Murdock woke up, and got out of bed. He had a lot of work to do before his best friend came over, he needed to clean the apartment, then go to the grocery store to pick up their favorite foods.

After he finished cleaning the apartment, Murdock went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, got ready then left his apartment. He got in his car and left his driveway, not knowing he was being watched.

Two men watched Murdock leave. One of the men got the needle ready, then put it in his pocket.

"He's perfect," Richard said. "Now we need one more."

"We've got two men following the limo," Alex explained. "Let's get to the apartment before he gets back."

They got out of the van and walked towards Murdock's apartment. They climbed up the stairs, picked the lock on his door, walked in, and then closed it and locked it.

Meanwhile at Langley, Virginia

Face packed his bag with the things he needed for staying at his best friend's apartment until tomorrow night. He picked up the bag and left the room. He went to the living room and dropped his bag.

"Are you ready?" Hannibal asked.

"I'm ready," Face answered.

They went out the back door to start their exercise. They ran around the house five times until the limo pulled into the driveway. The driver parked near the driveway. Derek took out the binoculars. Stockwell and Carla got out the limo. Hannibal, BA, and Frankie went over to the limo. Frankie worried as he looked at Stockwell. He hoped the man didn't say anything about what he had told him about Face.

"What are you doing here?" Hannibal asked. "You gave us two days off."

"I did."

Frank and Derek watched through their binoculars. First they looked at Hannibal.

"He's too old," Frank said.

Derek agreed. They then looked at the black guy with muscle and a mean look.

"He's too big and mean looking."

Again he agreed. Finally they looked at the Puerto Rican with a pony tail.

"He's not cute enough."

Derek nodded. "How are we going to tell Alex?" He asked.

"We're not going to tell him...yet," Frank replied. "We wait."

"Where's Lieutenant Peck?" Stockwell asked.

"He's right behind us," Hannibal answered.

As soon as Hannibal spoke, Face appeared.

Frank saw the last man join the others. He looked through the binoculars and saw a good looking man.

"He's perfect," Frank said.

Derek looked through the binoculars and saw what Frank was looking at. He agreed with him. But how were they going to get him out of the house that's under the security?

"How are we going to get him?" Derek asked.

"We'll have to wait until Alex gets done with his part of the plan," Frank explained. "He's got the box."

"I need to talk to Lieutenant Peck alone," Stockwell requested.

"Okay." Everyone else walked back to the house.

"What do you want to talk to me about?" Face asked.

"Is it true you're going to stay the night at Murdock's apartment?"

"Yes. Why?" Face was confused.

"I was simply curious."

"Why don't you say what it is you want to say?"

"Okay. You're not going."

"Excuse me?" Face was beginning to get angry.

"You heard me. You are going to call him, and tell him that you're not coming."

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"You will or else."

"Or else what?" Face challenged, angrily.

"You don't want to go there."

"If you think I'm afraid of you-." Face was extremely frustrated.

"You had better call him or I w-" Stockwell never got to finish.

"You're not my father!" Face yelled.

He hurried back to the house, slamming the door on his way in. He grabbed his overnight bag, went to his room, and slammed that door. He picked up the phone to call Murdock.

"Somebody's not happy." Frankie felt guilty.

"I take it he's not goin' over at Murdock's place," BA said.

"He has no right to do that! Face has been looking forward to this." Hannibal stood up. "I'll talk to Stockwell."

Back to Murdock.

Murdock hurried to unlock his door when he heard the phone ringing. He rushed into his apartment and put down the groceries to answer the phone.

"Hello?" Murdock answered. "Hey, Facey!"

He listened to Face, disappointed. After the call was finished, he hung up the phone. He was so angry at Stockwell that he didn't realize someone behind him. Alex crept up behind Murdock, grabbed him, and covered his mouth with his hand.

"You know, we've been waiting for you. We were starting to get bored," Richard said.

He took the needle out of his pocket. Murdock's face paled when he saw it. He tried to fight against them, but it was no use. Richard stuck the needle in his arm. Alex let go of him and he fell to the floor, unconscious. The two men got to work, tying, blindfolding, and gagging him. Alex patted him down and found his wallet and keys.

"He won't be needing these." He threw them on the couch.

They picked him up and carried him to their van outside the apartment. Murdock was loaded in the back, then Alex and Richard got in the front. They began driving towards the house where Derek and Frank were.

'One down, One to go,' Alex thought.