400 years ago : Mika POV: "NATSU! Give me that back!" I yelled at natsu. " Your being really loud, shortie." He said back to me. 'Did he just called me short!' "Who are you calling short!" I shouted. "You , I think, wait am I?" He is so stupid and dense sometimes it makes me really think if his zeref's brother. "You know what, just shut up, PINKY!" I shouted back. Sting and gajeel fell and laughed their hearts out. Rogue chuckled, and Wendy smiled. Natsu looked at me irritated and mad. "PINKY! Are you trying to pink up a fight!" He yelled. "PLEASE I WOULD PROBABLY WIN CONSIDERING HOW STUPID YOU ARE!" I screamed. Sting and Gajeel kept laughing until they started crying. "Hey Natsu! Mika got a point there you are stupid," Sting commented. "Shut up Blondie!" Natsu yelled. "What was that pinky!" Sting shouted. "I said blond-" Before he could even finish Sting punched in the face."Hey natsu, how do you like the !" Gajeel said to him. Natsu went and kicked him in the face. Until it became a battle between all of us. Except Rogue who sat and watched and Wendy who was trying to stop the fight..again. "Enough!" Anna heartfilia yelled. All of us children stopped fighting. "All six of you will be going on an important mission! Through the Eclipse door." She said to us. "What's the Eclipse door?" Natsu and Sting said in unison. "You'll find out soon," She said calmly. "But for now do what I say." "When will you be back?" Me and Wendy also say in unison. She looked at us and walked away without a word. "Sister-" I started to say until I was interupted by her. "Do what I say!" She said coldly. I look down we followed her to the door. A was enormous and so magical. As me, natsu, and the others walked through I looked behind me one more time. My sister smiled and waved good bye. I smiled and whispered good bye.