Mika POV : I start walking to the town where my client is waiting for me. A man was standing in the park with a woman next to him. 'That must be them!' I thought as I ran up to them they seemed very surprised by my appearance. "Maybe we should ask her," the woman said to the man. I think she is talking about me. "Excuse me but we are looking for a wizard that took our job request their from fairy tail." The woman asked me. I grin and pointed to me. "Your looking at the wizard now!" I said happily but the man shouted that I am too young. "Yeah I know but I'm still powerful." With that the clients told me what to do. As I was about to leave I heard something that made me mad. "Fairy tail is obviously insane to let someone this you do I mission like this." The woman whispered to the man. The man nodded an agreement as they walked off. 'What do they know? nothing! That's what!' I yelled in my head and walked off. I went to the woods that they told me about as I got deeper I found a cave and walked in. 'What a weird cave.' I thought. 'Now where is this dragon' then something flew over my head. A dragon with black and blue scales came over to me.' I feel like I know this dragon..hmm' I thought. "You must be another wizard trying to stop me very well I will let you go first." The dragon said. " No, you can go first," I said back. Then he started to attack with a roar. I used my water barrier to block it. The roar was strong but not that strong. When he was down he looked at me shocked. "Is that all you got!" I yelled. "Don't get cocky kid it won't get you anywhere!" he says back. "Why don't you stop talking and fight me already." I yelled back as I'm about to attack. "WATER.." I was intrupted by the dragon "water magic pathetic" He said. "DRAGON ROAR!" I shouted as water hit him he was surprised. Then the floor started rumbling and it collapsed. The dragon flew up as I tried to hold on to him. There was a crystal and it opened up wide at the very bottom. The dragon looked at me and smirked he grabbed and raised me over the crystal. "No.." I whispered. "No! You can't do this please!" I yelled. He looked and my and smiled. "Yes I can they don't call me acnologia for nothing." acnologia said still grinning. "Your zeref's dragon," I said with realization on my face. "Your not as dumb as I thought kid, it's too bad you won't be alive though." He said finally before releasing me. "NOOOOOO!" But it was too late and I fell in the crystal as it closed it soon turned pitch dark.