The night was filled with dazzling lights, all that was heard were the soft buzz that the cars, and watching the city of Paris on the very top of the Eiffel Tower were none other than Chat Noir and Miraculous Ladybug. Both sat and enjoyed the comfortable breeze that could be felt at the tip of the tower, while the black spotted heroine looked over the city to make sure that nothing disturbed the peace; her black cat friend was at unease trying to muster up courage to ask his ladybug friend something.

Finally he took a deep breathe and spoke "L-Ladybug?" he stuttered.

"Yes?" she asked, she turned to see him blushing.

"I-I wanted to ask you something," he said to her, she put on a confused expression, clearly clueless. You can do this Adrien, calm down he thought to himself.

"What is it?" she asked him.

"I wanted to ask you, if you would like to go see a movie," he mustered out "with me!" he added making sure his point was clear.

"I've told you this Chat, we can't see each other in our civilian forms" Ladybug replied to him repeating what she had been told by her Kwami the day she received her powers.

"Y-yeah, but we don't have to go in our civilian forms..." he said looking at the floor, he wasn't acting much like Chat Noir but he really wanted to go out with Ladybug.

"We'll stand out in this form Chat," she told him, she was almost one hundred percent sure he was trying to find out her true identity again.

"What if we wear normal clothes over it? It will still grab attention but it will be less," he insisted, Ladybug looked him in the eye and saw that spark of insistence in his eyes, she had to hold back a little so she wouldn't just grab his cheeks and kiss him, she didn't know why lately she had been getting urges to just kiss her comrade.

"You won't stop until I agree will you?" she asked as she rolled her eyes and face palmed herself.

"Nope bugaboo" he said with a wink, she rolled her eyes once again.

"Fine," she said as she crossed her arms, "but on some conditions" she added quickly as a big smile appeared on his face.

"Of course Princess" he said, I smirk.

"You aren't allowed to ask my identity, you can't attempt any funny business, we must be done with all activities by eight, it has to be a weekend, you have to try and cover up as much of your suit as possible it will be easy since it's fall time, and lastly no pictures" Ladybug tell him.

"I accept all of the terms and conditions m'lady" he replies to her as he kisses her hand and bows.

"Then I will see you at two in front of the movie theater by the school that regularly gets akumatized victims," he tells her trying to hide his enthusiasm.

"See you in two days, I'll be off now, goodbye kitty cat" Ladybug said with a giggle, and with that she disappeared into the night leaving a very happy Chat Noir who as soon as she was lost from sight started celebrating out loud.

Ladybug finally reached her home and as she jumped in to her room and de-transformed onto her bed, there laying on the bed was now Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Tikki appeared at her side and smiled.

"You finally agreed to go out with Chat Noir!" exclaimed Tikki who wore a smug smile.

"Oh Tikki, I am so confused!" she exclaimed as she pressed her face against a pillow.

"What's wrong Marinette?" the kwami asked.

"Lately I've realized that Adrien can see me as no more than a friend, not that it has stopped me from liking him but now I think I'm starting to develop feeling for Chat Noir as well! I haven't stopped liking Adrien, so then, why?" she asked her small friend.

"It's okay to have TWO crushes Marinette! It's not a bad person, Chat Noir is really nice and sincere to you so it's only natural you would end up liking him,as for Adrien it's okay to like him as well" Tikki said to Marinette.

"You're right Tikki, I'm so glad I have you" Marinette said with a smile as she hugged her little friend.

Marinette P.O.V.

"Ok class that is all for today, you may all leave" Miss Bustier excuses the class, everyone grabs their things and leaves the classroom, Alya and I walk beside each other as usual.

"Girl have you gone to this Boba shop a few blocks from here?" Alya asks me while we walk outside, I think to my self and realize I haven't.

"Actually I haven't," I say with a smile.

"Well, it's Friday so I have to babysit but how about we go on Thursday?" she asks, a little more excited than she usually is.

"Sure..." I reply trying to figure out what she's planning.

"Great, I have to go, but I'll see you Monday!" she exclaims as she runs off, I laugh at my friend.

"Was she going home?" Nino asks me as he appears beside me.

"Yeah, she said she has to babysit" I tell him, he groans.

"I forgot to give her back her notes, see you!" he exclaims as he runs after her. I giggle as I watch them run off, they make me fangirl on the inside.

"Those two are made for each other aren't they?" someone asks me.

"Definitely," I say with a sigh, I turn and see Adrien at my side, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach but don't feel as nervous as always, which is very weird.

"I heard you were making an exclusive outfit for Jagged Stone, it must be so cool to be able to work with him," he says to me, I try my best to not stare weirdly.

"Y-yeah, he seemed to like my style of work when I was his gopher for a day, that's why he asked me to do his album cover, when he found out I also design clothes and make it he asked me if I could make him and exclusive outfit so he could start off his tour," I say nervously, I somehow manage to say everything without stuttering.

"I-I can't take full credit for him finding out though, he only did find out when he saw you wearing the hat I designed..." I say feeling a blush crawl on my face.

"What? That's awesome! I can't believe Jagged Stone would ever notice me! What an honor, and it's thanks to your hat!" Adrien says excitedly, I can't help but melt. Suddenly a big limo comes out, which meant Adrien had to leave.

"W-well, goodbye, see you Adrien" I say with a smile, and leave. I get home and let out a big sigh once I reach my room.

"He noticed me Tikki!" I exclaim as I fall on y bed.

"Yeah! And miraculously you actually managed to talk to him!" she teased and I laugh.

"Yeah, it was weird but the words came out naturally." I explain.

"Well I have to see what I am going to wear tomorrow," I say as I stand up.

I walk to the movie theater that's a couple blocks from school, I wear black jeans and brown boots as well as a white shirt and long brown coat, I wear a red scarf and beanie, under all this clothes I am transformed, luckily for me today is one of the coldest days autumn has brought Paris and I am thankful. I stand and look around for Chat Noir, I finally spy him out, he is transformed and on top he layered some olive green jeans, orange sneakers, and a maroon undershirt and coat as well as an olive green beanie to cover up his ears. He waves at me while I stare, this outfit seems familiar, finally it clicks in my head; that's one of the outfits Adrien wore in his photoshoots!

"Hello bugaboo," he says slyly.

"Hi, I didn't know you were a fan of Adrien Agreste," I say to him.

"What?!" he exclaims, he seems a little nervous. I bet he secretly collects fashion magazines!

"No need to be shy kitty, appreciating good fashion style is nothing to be ashamed of," I tell him.

"Y-yeah, I do appreciate fashion! We should go get our tickets, the movie starts in half an hour" he says to me and we get in line.

We get our tickets for a animated movie and buy some snacks, we watch the movie which turns out to be really funny, the two main characters seem to be really in love but just like all animated movies leave their love on a somewhat mystery. We go outside and I stretch, it's only five in the afternoon and the sky is still clear outside.

"Want to go grab a bite purr-incess?" Chat says as he comes up from behind me.

"Sure!" I say, I look into his green cat eyes and I feel like melting a bit.

"Great! There is this really good restaurant nearby," he says.

"Fantastic, shall we?" I ask.

"We shall," he says he intertwines his arms with mine and pulls me forward, we walk and finally reach a small Italian restaurant. It's really cute, we sit down and the menu is fairly inexpensive. We sit and tell each other funny anecdotes from our civilian life and laugh at each other's stories.

"My family is a little nosy at times, I love them to pieces though. My parents often go to expositions or things and I end up talking care of our business, in regards to my family, I really can't complain since everyone always say I have the ideal family." I tell Chat.

"Well, my family is not close at all, my mom disappeared a couple years ago, and I barely ever see my dad and when I do he just makes me a bit miserable, I leave in a big mansion yet I'm all alone" he says, he looks so sad I just feel like hugging him.

"What about friends?" I ask him.

"I have a great best friend, and my classmates are awesome," he says with a smile. "what about you?" he asks.

"I can say the same! In my civilian form I'm way more clumsier though, which makes me a bit more unpopular but other than that I have the best bff I could ask for and my classmates are all unique and fun" I tell him.

We finish our dinner and finally part ways, I reach my house and take off all the layers of clothing i have on,I de-transform and lay on my bed.

"Chat Noir is great isn't he Tikki?" I ask my little friend.

"Yeah! He didn't flirt as much as he usually does but he was really sweet" Tikki agrees.

I sit up and look at all my Adrien posters, I stand up and take them down.

"What are you doing?" Tikki asks me.

"I'm taking my Adrien posters down, now that I think about it, normal girls don't have their classmates on their walls, I do have a major crush on him but it still is pretty weird" I explain as I take them down and put them in a neat pile in the corner of my desk.

"Good for you! This could be a big step for you Marinette" Tikki says.

"Thanks Tikki" I say a little uncertain by what that means.

I hear my phone ring and grab it from my bed, it's none other than my friend Alya.

"GIRL!" I hear her exclaim from the other side.

"Hello Alya" I say with a giggle.

"Marinette! You will never guess what just happened!" she exclaims happily.

"I will if you tell me" I say with another giggle.

"Nino finally plucked up the courage and asked me to be his girlfriend!" she exclaims to me.

"NO WAY!" I exclaim happy for my friend.

"YES WAY!" she exclaims back. "Wait, I think he is calling me, I'll tell you all the details in person, see you Mari!" she exclaims as she hangs up. I smile for my friend and lay down on my bed, I can't wait for all the details on Monday!

A/N: I made the cover art for the story, sorry for the bad quality.