*Inches into room*


That day, the Team had been told to meet in Central city at Central Park. They had been slightly confused, but Kid Flash and just shrugged and said; "we need space to run,".

Kaldur, Superboy and M'gann had arrived with the Bioship, landing on a nearby roof. They landed in the park. It was very green with big oak trees, gravel paths and a fountain in the center. It was very big, at least 1km in width and 1 in length. The three were standing by the main entrance, where Flash had told them to wait. Talking about Flash, there was no sign of the speedsters.

Kaldur shifted uncomfortably. "Where are Kid and Flash?"

"Right here!" A blur of yellow and red came to an abrupt stop. Flash grinned. "Right here. Is everyone here?"


"Kid!" Flash interrupted. "Calm down. We're not alone, remember?"

Wally grinned. "Sure! I'm just really excited."

Flash shook his head and sighed.

"Now, where is Robin?"

"Right here." A voice came from behind the Team.

"OH MY GOD!" Wally screeched. "Don't do that, you creepy ninja!"

Robin cackled. "I'm a Bat, Kid Idiot."

Flash stared at Robin for a moment before clearing his throat awkwardly. "Okay... um, well, to begin, I want you all to stretch."

Kid Flash stared at his uncle. "Since when do we stretch?"

Flash rolled his eyes. "Kid, not everyone has super speed. I don't want these guys to pull a muscle; they need to stretch. You can join them."

Wally grumbled slightly but he bent down and began to reach his toes with his fingers. The others did the same, Robin and Artemis giggling slightly at Wally's pouty face.

When they were finished, Flash ordered them to run 35 laps around the park (around 45 km), jogging. When Kid Flash began to sprint off with superspeed, Flash yelled after him;

"Wally! Regular running! I want you in a group!"

Wally sighed but dropped back, joining Robin near the back. Kaldur was in front, closely tailed by Superboy and M'gann. M'gann was shifting her feet slightly awkwardly as she ran, presumably because she was so used to flying.

As the only powerless humans in the Team, Robin and Artemis had to focus a little more than the others, finding their pace and working out breathing patterns. Wally jogged beside them effortlessly, chuckling at their furrowed brows and thinned lips.

Artemis was in supreme physical condition. So was Robin. But they did tire, and Robin was only 13, and Artemis 15. Robin had short legs, and he was slightly exhausted from an extremely late-night patrol, plus a couple of hours finishing off a science project. And Artemis - Artemis just didn't want to run 45 kilometers, especially since she knew Wally had it in for her after yesterday.

They were 22 laps in when Robin began to tire. His legs ached and his lungs screamed for a rest. There was an awful stitch in his side, and the Bat just felt utterly miserable.

23 laps in, and Artemis begun to feel the same way. Sweat was pouring down her forehead, her calves throbbed and the sun continued to mercilessly beat down on her. M'gann was slowing too, but she had begun to use a little bit of levitation to help her through. Flash pretended not to notice. Kaldur was fine, just sweating, and the same went for Superboy. But Kid Flash... he was infuriating.

Wally wasn't out of breath at all. He jogged along cheerfully, not breaking a sweat, and irritated the hot and sweaty Artemis by tugging on her hair, telling incessant jokes that weren't even funny, 'accidentally' tripping her up, etc. They were on the 24th lap, when Wally noticed his best friend wasn't doing too great.

The Bat was wheezing, face screwed up in pain as he struggled to keep up with with the group, desperate to not fall behind. Yes, he was extremely physically and mentally fit, but 45 kilometers was a very far distance, and he was utterly exhausted.

"Hey," Wally said softly, dropping to the back with the younger teen.

"Please don't - *wheeze* - tell me the joke with the goose and the - *wheeze* - llama, Wally," Robin wheezed. "I'm not in - *wheeze* - the mood."

"No, I'm not here to - hey, that joke is perfectly fine! Pretty funny, in my opinion."

"Yeah, well - *wheeze*- I'm not your opinion - *wheeze* - Wally."

"No, I know that-" Wally stopped. "Rob, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm - *wheeze* - fine."

"Nah, you're not." Wally jogged just ahead of his best friend and his arms back. He crashed his neck to look at the Bat, who was behind him. "Wanna ride?"

Robin gave a raspy laugh and jumped on his best friend's back. He locked his arms around Wally's neck and took a deep breath. The rest of the piggyback ride was already soothing his burning lungs and throbbing muscles.

"Ooh, Rob, Artemis is coming up." Kid Flash informed the exhausted boy on his back.

Robin's head snapped up and waited patiently for Wally to pass the blonde. As he did, he gave her the finger, much to Wally's pleasure, and they both cackled as they passed.

"Hey!" She cried when she saw the two. "That's cheating! That's not allowed - Wally! Imma tell Flash!"

Suddenly Flash appeared beside her, smiling at her.

"Actually, there's no rules against that. This is team-bonding, and Robin needed help, so Wally helped him."

"What if I need help?!" Artemis seethed.

Flash chuckled. "I doubt you would accept it. Besides, I really don't think Wally would help you. He told me what happened yesterday."

Artemis turned slightly pale. Was this speedster Leaguer going to beat her up?

But Flash laughed. "Great job." They high-fived. "But, you might wanna hurry up."

Artemis looked ahead, Superboy was swiftly running beside M'gann, about 2 km ahead. Kaldur was a little in front of them and Wally - Wally was nowhere to be seen.

That, of course, was until he zipped past her with Robin in tow, overlapping her for the third time.


Hey guys. Sorry it's been so long, but school stated and it's been so busy ever since. Homework, schoolwork, after school clubs, the dog, all this tiny stuff that just takes up my time. I wrote this at lunch in the library, and I know it's short, but I hope it made you smile.

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