July 2010

The door opened and he walked inside my «home», in a single smooth motion. I have to say, the first thing that reached my mind was not his strange bird-like appearance, nor his costume out of a monastery with his black robe and hood, but the smell of hot food. I watched him carefully put down the tray on the table, never making sudden move nor sound.

He then gestured for me to come and sit in front of the meal. I followed his order without making a fuss, I already know that I cannot do anything else. So I did sit in front of a hot steak with fries, my stomach grumbling, after all, I was kinda hungry.

I feel a clawed hand on my face, I didn't hear him move, it's a far less terrifying fact when you're inside a six per eight feet room, and in a few seconds, the lock of my mask clicked open.

That sound, that little 'click', was the most beautiful thing I ever heard in ages. That mask have kept me from everything, As much if not more than the fact that I'm in a cell a hundred of feet underground with nothing to read, nothing to write, nothing to listen, nothing to see and I can't even speak or sing or EAT correctly because of that fucking mask they strapped me with.

«A young face like yours should not look as broken and lost.» He has a soothing voice, his hands on my shoulders. I can hear the small smile in his voice. «Eat, nothing will disturb you.»

I don't know when I began to tear's up, probably after the first bite. God how I missed that smell, and that texture, and that small drop of juice running in my mouth. He gently pats my head will I continue to half sob, half eat.

They were so afraid of me doing something that the only thing that I was allowed to have was cold soup.

He continues to pat me will speaking gently, as I sob harder clutching my head between my hands.

I don't know how long we stay like that, me head in hands, sobbing, Him patting me and humming. My mind was blank during those few minutes filled with the misery that has built up inside me about just how unfair the world was.

Everything that has gone wrong with my life to get me here, and anger, a deep voracious anger.

I wanted to sob and to punch every single member of the prt in the face and that little fucker, I should not have used my power on him, but god did it feel good now and that I should have done more.

I know that fucker ruined my life either way. I never wanted to hurt anyone, and now I'm charged with sexual assault and attempted murder ? When THAT LITTLE BITCH stalked me for months ? That he wanted to BLACKMAIL ME ? That I signaled every single one of them to the police who didn't do shit ?







After that I simply screamed incoherently, I didn't stop until Bird man spoke to me in a cold voice.

«Do not damage yourself further, it's not worth it» I have to take a deep breath to calm myself, before looking, slowly, around me.

In my blood rage, I have made quite a mess in the room. The bed was in shatter, the chair have bend when I used it against the wall, the table and everything on it was all around the room on the floor, and a blood mark on the wall where I hit it will all my strength. Only the Bird man standing in the middle didn't seem affected, he even looked genuinely worried about me.

«What do you want ?» My voice sounds hoarse from all the screaming and misuse. It also sounds harsher than what I wanted, but I blame it on the pain slowly crawling inside my brain.

«To get you out of this ... place» He waves his hands to show the stat of the cell. «And to let me give you a new goal in life, but I will have to explain it later on when we are in a safer place and far away from here. After all, you have a saying, walls have ears, right ?»

Wait what ? Is he not a member of the PRT ? Is he currently busting me out ? Why do the prt don't come rushing and screaming before foaming us ? Did he kill them ? What will he do to me if I refuse ? Wait how does he's not influenced by my power now that I think of it ?

The face I made is probably very funny since the bird man laughed before walking out of my cell.

«You should come, after all, I already 'busted you out'» He continues to laugh and I tentatively followed him. If I was, afraid and surprised until now, it's sheer disbelief at what I'm seeing, that currently make me stop dead just outside my cell.

The sun was high in the sky it's light nearly blinding, the wind was carrying the smell of the ocean, I could also hear the cry of a seagull in the distance. It's so peaceful. I never imagined seeing anything like that again in a long time.

The bird man is a few meters away a long staff in hand, unconcerned by all that. He turns to face me than say.

«If you follow the beach toward the south you will find a road in fifteen minutes or so. That road will take you to a small city if you want to go back. I, on the other hand, will go north, where I will await you to my ship. If you want to find a new meaning to your life and a few of the vast secret of the universe. Come find me.» He begins to walk away

«Wait, what's your name ?»

«Ah yes. Maybe I should have begun with that»

He bowed to me before continuing

«I am Osprey, a pleasure to meet you miss Mcabee.»

After that he walked away, letting me alone on the beach. Taking the decision to follow him or not was relatively easy, I didn't really have anywhere else to go now. I'm a criminal.

So I walked in the general direction he indicated to me. I didn't have to walk that long before finding him again, with a ship.

Well ship, It looked less like a ship and more like a submarine, 30 feet long maybe 5 high for what I can see. It was also bright yellow and the bow was red with an avian look. He must really love that theme ...

Osprey was sitting on the top of the «ship» near the open hatch, looking at the ocean and waiting.

Am I really sure that I want to go with, well, him ? I mean he still kidnapped me, busting me out and leaving me with a choice that is not one since I can't turn back to live a normal life. The very first second the PRT grab me, I will return to another cell maybe even the birdcage.

That last thought made me shiver and push me to walk the last few meter between me and the ship.

«So, made a decision Hatchling ?»

Osprey didn't even turn to speak, his voice carried by the wind coming from the ocean.

«I don't really have a choice, right?» My voice sounds less harsh than before but still bitter. This time, Osprey turn fully to face me, even if still towering hover me, before speaking again.

«Of course, you do. You could walk away, return to the hand of your PRT ...»

«Yeah, of course, I can ...» I reply with as much anger I can muster.

«Hatchling, it's very rude to interrupt someone, you should reign on yourself.» He said will pointing is staff in my direction, wisely I shut up, the guy have a submarine and an armor under is robe, his staff is probably some tinker tech weapon.

«Or you could also try to create a new life for yourself, do you really think every cop will go looking for a young woman like you? When have they far better things to do? pluck those feathers out, I know it hurt, but I also know you can do it, die your hair leave the country.»

«I want to sing ! I can't do that if I have to watch my back every single moment of my life !» I screamed, ready to burst into tears again.

«What would stop you ? It's your dream isn't it ?»

«Every goddamn hero will try to stop me, a villain will try to control me, people will fear me. What's the point of singing if nobody listens.»

«Even when none listen to the song of the singer; He still listens.» He said that like he's announcing some great truth of the universe. What the hell ? my ... whatever he is ... is trying to placate me with philosophy ?

Before I can respond, he jumps off the ship, landing a meter away from me.

«Hatchling» How can he smile with a beak ? «I give you a choice to make, I promised you help that I will give you and I also require your help. Our time is growing shorter and shorter, so will you come in ? Or will you stay here looking at the ocean ?»

So that's it, well I guess I did come here to escape the prt, I will just have to continue that way.

I walked past him, climbed on the top of the ship before sliding inside the hatch.

A blinding flash of white later and I'm inside the submarine. And it was mostly what I was thinking, Full of thinker tech things.

It's also strangely spacious, I expected pipe and narrow walls, when in fact, the interior was a single big space without any wall nor any sort of old and rusty pipe.

In fact, the ship has a distinct sci-fi feeling, the walls were of a clean, pristine even, gray color, with no apparent rivet. The living space has a shower, some big tube with transparent glass, I'm not gonna shower with no walls and transparent glass that's for sure, and just beyond bunk beds inside the wall. Even the «cockpit» feel like it's out of some sci-fi movie, with all the holographic display in front of the two pilot seat and the two huge tear drop shaped, probably the 'eye' of the avian bow, windows.

Another bright light interrupted my inquiry, and Osprey was at my side. He walked next to the bed before popping open a hidden closet and placing his hood and staff inside.

«Well, welcome inside my vessel, the Ou-Qua. You can take the top bunk, a cabinet is to it's left. I have taken the liberty of retrieving you some clothes and personal effect, I supposed you would like that. You can guess where the shower is, but it will not be needed for the short jump we have to do.»

Wait, personal effect ? Before I have the time to think more on that, Osprey power walked the five step between him and the pilot. Curious I followed him, after all, we are in a submarine and I will have all the time I want to see what he did «retrieve» for me.

Osprey was going fast between each display, and it was like the ship was coming alive a little more after each touch, low rumbling beginning to come from the machinery in the back. All the will he chirped, and I have to admit he did chirp nicely.

«Take a seat our departure is imminent.» I have a distinct feeling that he's smirking.

Well first time in a submarine, I guess I should sit in the copilot seat right ? It's not an everyday experience.

With Osprey still doing is tinkerthings, I choose to look at the multiple holographic displays in front of me. They are not that big, most are just a little bigger than my hand, with a green color, some sort of writing and display of the submarine.

Suddenly the pad between the two seat light up, I just have the time to discern the strange writing before Osprey chooses one and the writing changed to display a green and blue ball.

He then pushed a button on another panel, revealing a lever at his side, then looked at me.

«We will have time to speak during transit, it will only take three hours.»

«Where are we going ?»

His eyes light up with amusement before he slammed the lever down, the ship launching forward, and beginning to move UP, faster and faster. THAT'S NOT A SUBMARINE !


I screamed very loudly, he laughed as much.

A.N : So first story in a long time and also first story in english. Posted on first.