"Hey Wolfy'!" The enthusiastic greeting perked the married couple's ears as they entered the courtyard littered with military personnel, equipment, and carriers/aircrafts. A blonde wearing a skimpy and revealing outfit crouched down to eye level with their son. All eyes of men - and some women - locked on the woman's voluptuous ass. "Is that mutilated flesh on your breath?" Pig tails swayed as she took a big whiff. "It smells heavenly!"

Hadrian and Fleur didn't know what to make of her. Hadrian grabbed Fleur's hand, giving her reassurance to trust their cub's judgement of character and restraining her from outright killing the stranger in such close proximity to Teddy. Fleur took the first step. "Teddy, 'oney, care to introduce us to your new friend?"

The blue-haired boy exasperated with praise, "This is Auntie Harley! She's the one that protected me from the bad men." Adorable toddler arms wiggled in above his head with wanton. The villainess gleefully accepted the request to be held as she hoisted him onto her hip.

Auntie Harley immediately gushed at the toddler snuggling into her arms. "Fact: you are the cutest boy I've yet to lay eyes on, Wolfy! The voices are in complete agreement there. Next time I see muh puddin, Mr. J is gonna get himself an ear full. To have a little Harley runnin' around the neighbor-"

"Ahem." Hadrian wanted to know the name of the woman whom was holding his cub.

"Oh! Sorry 'bout that doll! I've been lonely while locked up in this joint. I've become quite the rambler." A pale, dainty hand reached out to shake each of theirs. "Pleasure to meet ya acquaintances Lord and Lady Potter-Black. I'm Harley." Then stage whispered, "Better soon be Mrs. Joker though!" The unhinged remark was daily heard by both parents. She must have a bolt rattling around upstairs too. "Wolfy has already told plenty 'bout his badass parents. It's refreshing to get more royalty around here. My puddin' is the Clown Prince of Gotham, ya know!"

While shaking hands, "You may call me Fleur and zis iz my 'usband, Hadrian," the pixie-haired Siren recited the aristocratic greeting like the proper lady of a royal house that she was, "and language around Teddy." Fleur couldn't hold her reprimanding with the smirk spreading across full lips. "...Auntie 'Arley."

The fellow member of the psychotic blonde club burst in squeals of laughter.

"I hear ya birdie! I gots to practice for motherhood. Gonna have to put Mr. J in his place and get my own lil puddin to spoil." She inched towards Fleur as if to share a secret. "...keep our men on their toes and us women get what we want." Giving a few nudges to Fleur's arm.

"O! eet is such a relief to see anozer paving zee way for all us feminists." By this time the rest of the Belle Reve inmates congregated around the women to eavesdrop on their conversation. Deadshot and Diablo stood beside Hadrian with Croc, Boomerang, and Katana adjacent. "And your èpoux is prince, you say?"

"Uh... paving the way for... what exactly, sheila?" the drunken Australian questioned in a way that made his pink horse, which screamed pedophilia, look like Einstein. Hadrian glanced at the two blondes, then the imbecile, and finally at his own feet. Quickly relieving Harley of Teddy, he thanked every deity he knew when the two limbs took MANY steps back from no-man's-land. After many years of marriage, Hadrian learned. The lesson learned: Don't fuck with crazy blondes! It's a losing battle.

"To not be pussies like you," Harley cackled at the stick-throwing-kangaroo that was now bowing to Fleur's allure. "and it's Harley, not sheeee-luh. Jeez! They don't sound anything alike!"

"Oui. Zey don't, Monsieur 'Orse Pedophile." Deadshot (aka Floyd Lawton) didn't even try muffling his blatant snorting at the crude insult. For the hit-man, this was better than beating the shit out of prison guards.

"AND YES INDEEDY, BIRDIE. Mr. J is prince of Gotham's underworld. Will you, Mad Lab and Wolfy please, please, PLEASE visit? Her pleading tone grew louder with each 'please' as she continued to persuade the meta-human. "Us ladies will have a girls night out!" Harley sing-songed. I'm loving zis witty girl! Harley's sense of humor was right up her alley. An alley where they'd bond over splendid, bloody murder.

Hadrian's questioning face at his newly appointed nickname 'Mad Lab' was ignored.

"Oui, zat zounds fantastique! We're going to be zee best of friends! I just know eet... Auntie 'Arley," Fleur giggled while flicking her boy's little snout. He never got to meet Hermione, so she was glowing with the possibility of once again having a godmother for Teddy. The blue-haired toddler made a face, scrunching up his baby-fat cheeks. This enticed more cooing from the women, including Katana, which surprised the villains as they knew she'd rather slice all their throats. Except Fleur; already knowing the effect her cub had on people with his blue hair and golden-amber eyes. All attention was withdrawn from noticing Captain (aka George 'Digger' Harkness) Boomerang clambering back up to his feet and sneering at the blondes.

"So... I'm guessing that's your old lady? They drag you guys into this too?" The question was voiced in the utmost calm and polite manner Hadrian had ever heard. Guessing that 'Auntie' Harley and his wife were no longer the most popular girls in school, conversation was bound to start amongst the other inmates.

A bald man whom looked to be of Mexican-American ethnicity with a stature about three inches below his own stood to his left. He was quite the intimidating figure with skull-like designs tattooed across his face and orange-brown eyes that pleaded for atonement.

"...Yes. I'm Hadrian and my haughty wife there is Fleur. They blackmailed us with our son's life. Threatened to inject him with the same nano-tech we all now have if we didn't come quietly." Oddly, the outside heat skyrocketed to an unnatural degree after mentioning the threat to Teddy. For Hadrian though, uncontrollable rage began wildly pounding at his frame, attempting to crack open its skeleton prison. Fingernails drew blood from his palms to fight for control. "Don't really want to talk about it if you don't mind. I sometimes have a hard time controlling my temper... fuel for the fire i guess one could say, Mister..."

"Chato Santana. Or Diablo." The ungodly heat suddenly smothered itself. "And that's the most ironic shit I've heard in a long time, ese."

The noted irony raised an intrigued eyebrow. "Do tell."

"Like you... I also have mis demonios to avoid. Maybe one day I'll share my tale, but I'm not done running. Not yet." A somber mood polluted the air around them. "I'm not that guy anymore. Never will be again, hopefully."

"Demonios? Not diablos?" The raven-haired man jested, attempting to lighten his fellow meta-human's mood.

"Nah, I'm the only Diablo. Got that shit copyrighted, homes." Both began chuckling. "Handsome kid by the way. He take more after you or the misses?"

A smirk of fondness donned his face. "Ah. I'd like to say me in terms of mischief. Now as far as temperament, definitely the misses. I'd hate it if he took after me in that respect. Hopefully both of us in intelligence, but only time will tell. Matters not to me. The little guy's perfect."

"Spoken like a true father."

"You have kids? It sounds like you speak from experience."

"Ehh," Came the cryptic reply. "They don't come around much these days." The two were interrupted from their conversation before Hadrian could further question the reason for Lazarus's off-put mood. 'Kids must not come for visitations, if that's even allowed.'

Captain Rick Flag and Lieutenant Thalia McMahon marched through the soldiers encircling the inmates and halted when standing before them. After the 'inspirational pep-talk" as Floyd put it, via video chat with Amanda Waller, Flag had a chest dumped at each person's feet filled with their personal belongings. "Gather what you need for hostile territory and suit up. Dispatch is in twenty."

Hadrian was beyond surprised that he too was given a chest and beyond surprised to pull out things they could have only gotten ahold of if they raided his lab. Gathering the contents, he slipped on his dragon hide boots and jacket (two of the few items he and Fleur were able to salvage from the fallen magical world), black cargo pants, vials of various poisons and mixtures, and his glasses with detachable temples. Hadrian paused when he noticed the quizzical looks from a few soldiers as he slipped thirtieth vial into his jacket. 'Where else should I store all my vials?' The article's insides were lined with various padded slots, allowing the fragile containers to be strapped down and impervious to damage.

'HOT!' was the only wordFleur's mind could comprehend each time she got to check him filling out that jacket and those pants. 'Those muscles and that ass. Mmm… Restraint girl! Remember, pleasure AFTER murder.' But she soon found herself in a similar state of shock as she changed into her own attire: dragon hide vest and tights, combat boots, hip and thigh holsters, and two pistols. Her vest was outfitted with numerous slots for additional magazines. Thankfully, her pixie-cut hair afforded her relief from fretting with stray strands getting in the way. As her husband's dragon hide garments were colored a dark forest-green, hers were a midnight-blue.

The vest pushed her breasts together giving her an ample bust. This allowed her to teasingly entice Hadrian with her chest throughout the entirety of a contract. Said husband always loved bending her over his desk as soon as they returned home, pounding what she wanted all along into her with abandon. She loved how her uniform made him oh so hot and flustered with her cleavage proudly displayed! However, as they would be working with others, she made sure to fully zip the vest to her neck. She didn't need the rapist of pink horses ogling her.

"Darling, who will look after Teddy?" Fleur questioned with worry. They would never risk their son in such dangerous conditions.

"My daughter will be babysitting the little guy," Floyd placated the mother's worry.