Chapter 112

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Tim wanted to make the evening special for Hadrian but was hampered by the fact that they'd been together since they arrived in the magical world where it wasn't safe for either of them to be out alone without backup and he hadn't been able to get away to set something up. He had planned ahead knowing he didn't want to waste time looking for a drugstore, florist or chocolatier in a strange city, now he just needed ten minutes or so to get things set up without involving the elves. He wanted to do it himself so he suggested that Hadrian shower first or even relax in the bath, missing his husband's regretful look as he didn't suggest joining him in the decadent tub.

Calling an elf he had the flowers, candles and chocolates resized, and turned down the bed, setting up for a romantic night and hoping that he was doing the right thing and not pressuring Hadrian into something he didn't want. He heard the shower still running and thought about joining Hadrian, something they hadn't done for a while being too busy on very different schedules as Tim rushed out of the house to get to the Naval Yard on time while Hadrian fed babies and got Teddy ready for his portkey and Rosie ready for school.

Hadrian emerged from the bathroom fully dry and dressed in warm flannel pyjamas concealing the extra kilos, and stopped in shock in the doorway as he took in the room.

"Hi," Tim said almost shyly. "We don't have to do more than cuddle if you're sleepy. I just thought it's our first night without babies and night feedings. I wanted to do something to make it special."

"Thank you," Hadrian said smiling and walking over to hug his husband.

"I'll just be a minute," Tim said kissing him chastely and heading into the bathroom.

Hadrian looked around the room and resolutely pulled off his pyjamas, he was tired but they were alone and wouldn't be interrupted. It would be nice to have some time just for them even if he was still a bit self conscious and wasn't feeling very energetic. He climbed into the bed and lay down to wait.

In spite of his best intentions, Hadrian was almost asleep when Tim finished his shower and exited the bathroom. Tim was disappointed but he saw the pyjamas discarded on the floor and realised that Hadrian had wanted to accept him overture, he was just still too sleep deprived from looking after the twins. He threw the towel back into the bathroom, blew out the candles and climbed into bed spooning up behind his sleepy lover. There would be time when Hadrian was more rested to talk about their relationship. Hadrian turned and snuggled into his arms, lifting his head to kiss him.

Tim kissed him chastely on the mouth, "Sleep Hades, we have two weeks once you're not so exhausted."

"Sorry, I love you," Hadrian mumbled.

"Nothing to be sorry for. I love you," Tim replied. He was tired too and soon joined his husband in precious sleep.

Hadrian woke first in the morning, used to being disturbed in the night by the twins and blushed when he remembered the evening before. Tim had gone to so much trouble to set up a romantic evening and he'd ruined it by falling asleep. Still perhaps all was not lost, Tim had set up for romance in the bedroom not a fancy dinner and was curled up naked behind him, even after seeing he'd fallen asleep he hadn't put on sleep clothes. Perhaps he did still find him attractive, and had been trying to be considerate of how exhausted he seemed. He should try to make it up to Tim for last night. He lay waiting for the first signs Tim was starting to wake up, intending to wake his husband with an early morning blow job, but not too early, Tim was as tired as he was, he needed this chance for undisturbed sleep while he could get it. He was almost drifting off to sleep again, pinching himself to try to try to stay awake but still in danger of losing the battle when Tim began to stir.

Tim pressed his erection into Hadrian's cleft as a sleepy hand slid it's way down over Hadrian's still slightly rounded abdomen, and Hadrian's plans flew out the window and he ground back slightly against Tim.

"Is this okay?" Tim asked not knowing whether he was asking if Hadrian was healed or if he was awake and had the energy or if he didn't want him to touch. He knew Hadrian was feeling self-conscious about the weight he hadn't managed to lose as quickly this time as with the girls, but it honestly wasn't unattractive to Tim, who remembered his own struggle with his weight when he had first met the younger man who was to become his best friend and the love of his life and he hadn't had the excuse of bearing four children in fairly quick succession.

"Yes," Hadrian said, turning in Tim's arms to kiss him passionately. "Good morning."

"Hmm Good Morning," Tim said appreciatively, rolling them over so Hadrian was sprawled on top of him and opening his legs to cradle the smaller man.

Harry groaned and his hips jerked involuntarily as their erections brushed together.

"Just like this?" Tim asked.

"No I want you in me," Hadrian said moaning.

Tim rolled them over again so Hadrian was underneath him and reached over into the bedside drawer for the condoms and lube he'd stashed there the night before. He took his time preparing his husband until Hadrian was begging for more, it had been a while and he wanted him to feel nothing but good.

Hadrian moaned in pleasure as Tim slid inside him with a smooth stroke, thrusting up to meet him.

Tim rocked his hips gently but that wasn't what Hadrian wanted, "More," he almost whined in need. Tim sped up and it didn't take either of them long before they were shouting with ecstasy.

Tim rolled them over as he collapsed on the bed, holding Hadrian close.

"Hmm," Hadrian sighed in pleasure, before drifting back to sleep. Tim carefully removed and disposed of the condom before joining him, too unwilling to let him go to get up and clean them both up first.

It was Hadrian's stomach that woke him up and Tim groaned in irritation as he peeled them apart to get to the bathroom. Too hungry to shower he wiped himself clean of the mess and pulled on a dressing gown before moving into the lounge area to call the elves to bring them a meal. He smiled as Tim joined him as the food and coffee arrived. "Good morning."

"It sure was," Tim said grinning.

Hadrian laughed. "Yeah," he agreed.

"How are you feeling?" Tom asked.

"Good," Hadrian said. "What are our plans for the day?"

"No meeting or appointments, we have a couple of properties you wanted to look at but that doesn't have to be today. I thought you might like a day of not doing much at all after being so busy with the children, or you might like to distract yourself to keep from missing them. What do you feel like doing?"

Hadrian shrugged, "I miss them but I'm not worried. I know they're perfectly well and I'm there looking after them, I already know nothing went wrong this week and if it does next week we will already be back there to deal with it."

"That certainly helps with the separation anxiety," Tim agreed. "So what do you feel like doing today?"

"I want to suggest that we do nothing just spend it together, but I want to spend some time outdoors if the weather holds," Hadrian replied.

"Well it looks nice and sunny out so we should go now before it starts to rain," Tim joked looking out the window. "We could just go for a walk or roam down to Camden street and browse the markets, or did you want to visit some of your new property developments and get them out of the way?"

"I want to visit the Essex development, and the one in the Forrest of Dean to make sure they're fitting into the environment like we planned. But maybe Essex today and the other tomorrow. I don't want to spend all day working," Hadrian said finishing his breakfast. "Definitely a shower first though."

"There's quite a nice tub if you want a bit of a soak," Tim offered.

"I don't need it, I can feel you there but it really isn't that sore," Hadrian said gently. "Not that I'm saying no if you want to play in the tub with me."

"Maybe later, otherwise we'll never manage to leave the flat today," Tim suggested grinning.

The new village in Essex looked like it had been there for years, the local stone blending perfectly in with the landscape and by using elves for the construction they'd managed to only remove the trees that were close enough to the houses to present a danger in strong winds. Harry had taken into account the services in the surrounding area and had built a small shopping area, child care centre, kindergarten and primary school as well as a space designed to be a medical clinic complete with doctors, dentists, pathology and physio. There were only two things that marked the development as a new build, the amount of parking available and the fact that every single building was roofed in solar panels, enough that even with all the heating and boilers being electrical the town would still be fully self sufficient all but the very wettest weeks of the year, especially since all of the buildings also had magical insulation.

"This is amazing Hadrian, how did you find such a large undeveloped space?" Tim asked.

"I inherited it from a distant relative whose family were wiped out in the wizarding war. It's been part of the PGC holdings for decades but there was an old castle on it and the entire grounds were protected by the national trust until the castle fell to ruins to the point it was dangerous to even visit. They finally gave me approval to pull it down and rebuild on the condition that I repaired the old chapel and the stables and barns that were still standing," Hadrian said. "It took a little persuading to be allowed to build the rest of the village."

Tim took that to mean that he'd used a little magical persuasion but there'd been a couple of children injured climbing the castle ruins even though they were out of bounds to the public and the local parents wanted the ruins removed or knocked down until they couldn't fall any further so Hadrian's offer to remove the dangerous ruins and reuse the stone as part of the project had seemed heaven sent to the local shire who couldn't afford the work the people were demanding.

"Was it Potter Castle?" Tim asked.

"No, the castle never had magical occupants, it has been unliveable for more than 600 years. The land was gifted to the head of house Evander after the castle fell to ruin, and it was too close to their other properties for their ancestors to need or want to fix it for personal use, the property was left by the Baron to his daughter when the title was entailed to a nephew who became my great grandfather," Harry replied.

"You must have people lining up to rent here, how are you going to choose who is accepted?" Tim asked.

"The wards will be finished next week and the applications office will be in the middle of town, they're going to run a family carnival on the common over the weekend and it's been advertised that all applications must be made to the office in person with rumours circulated that preference will be given to families that all attend. The wards will keep out any undesirables and the paperwork is spelled so that all the prospective tenants and those that the tenant intends to have spend more than the occasional night will be written down so the elves will be able to check that the entire family will manage to live comfortably inside the wards before we offer them a house. I don't want to be splitting up families just because one of the parents is less than honest," Hadrian said. "My biggest fear with the warding we do to protect the residents has been that somehow a single parent makes a mistake, stealing something because they're desperate and then isn't allowed back in and the children end up in foster care because everyone thinks their parents abandoned them."

"Do you have the elves looking out for that sort of thing? How would you fix it?" Tim asked.

"I have to move the whole family out of my properties and find them a place nearby," Hadrian said sadly. "It's worse when it's a teenager that's not allowed back into the building and I have to decide whether to move the whole family out of my protection or keep the family to protect the younger children from the older one and spell the parents to believe that they turned the older child away, I don't let the teenager live on the street or something, I find them a decent place to stay. If it's alcohol or drugs I try to force the kid into some sort of rehab or anger management classes if I think that will help but if it's just violence and cruelty there's nothing I can do to make the wards accept the teen again."

"Is that why you're trying to move to building whole towns so you limit the number of people outside of your wards that the kids can meet?" Tim asked.

"Yeah it's a definite benefit. I realised how much effect warding things like shops and offices can have on an area by doing it near home. I didn't want to reduce the percentage of the houses that were owner occupied in our neighbourhood, so I needed another way to ward as much of the area as possible. The problem with that is that I couldn't get permission to build a state secondary school here, so the children most at risk of those sorts of influences will still spend much of the day away from the wards."

"Did you try to buy the property around the school?" Tim asked.

"Yes and I managed to buy some in your name since I'm no longer allowed to purchase more property in England, which will make the school safer but not enough to have the wards overlap the school to any extent, it's just too big," Hadrian replied. "I'm hoping to lure a private school to the town, if I can I'll offer scholarships to all residents."

Tim chuckled, "I'll need the details so I can inform HR. They like to know about my holdings in case someone get's shirty about my personal wealth and accuses me of accepting bribes."

Hadrian laughed. "Are they still giving you grief about being married to a billionaire?" he asked.

"No they just need to know in case of future conflicts of interest. I can't tell them why we will never be investigating a murder in one of the properties we own," Tim replied.

Hadrian laughed.

They ate lunch in an outdoor café before Tim insisted on returning to the flat for Hadrian to nap. Hadrian had smirked at the suggestion but was surprised when they got back that Tim honestly wanted him to try to sleep. Hadrian supposed that he didn't want a repeat of the evening before and couldn't blame him. Tim did climb into bed with him holding him until he fell asleep, then grabbing a book to read so he didn't fall asleep himself and be unable to sleep that night.

Tim also insisted on going out for dinner to make the most of being child free though they didn't go anywhere that they couldn't have taken the children it was nice to eat out just the two of them in a restaurant that didn't have a play area or other people's whining children either.

Arriving back Tim suggested that they take a bath. Hadrian nodded eagerly but in a moment of awkwardness as he caught his reflection as he undressed he panicked and added bubbles so he could hide behind them.

Tim didn't say anything when he came in and saw the bubbles already covering his husband he smiled understandingly and set about showing Hadrian how much he still found him attractive, using the buoyancy of the water to help him ride the smaller man without putting too much weight on him, then carrying him to bed where he dried and kissed every single delicious inch of his body. Hadrian tried to protest but Tim just grinned and told him how beautiful he was.

"I really like this reminder that you carried our children but you'll soon get back in shape if you want to now the twins are old enough for you to leave for a couple of hours, you should go back to your quidditch team, or we could start running or cycling together again. I'm sure I could use the extra workouts too," Tim said as they lay cuddled together sated.

"I think I'd like that," Hadrian replied. "I'm getting too old to be playing quidditch. I'd need to find a less competitive league."

"Rubbish, you'll be back in peak playing form in no time," Tim said supportively.

"I don't know that I want to be. The rest of the team are all young and single, I can hold my own in the air but they make me feel ancient on the ground," Hadrian explained.

"You don't look any older than most of them," Tim commented.

"But I am, I look at them and I can't ever remember being that young and carefree. I love our life now and I wouldn't change a single thing but I just don't fit in with the guys on the team and I don't really want to try. Quidditch is supposed to be fun and feeling like the odd one out while hanging with the team isn't fun and it isn't family friendly. I want to be part of a team that I can introduce the kids to. That you feel comfortable bringing them around to see me play, or sending them with Tollie and one of the other elves. Not that I expect you or they to want to come all the time"

Tim laughed, "I might not and Teddy might be too busy sometimes with keeping up with his old school friends on the weekends, but you can bet he will be interested."

"I think he'll want to come once, but he won't want to come again unless there are other kids his age there and it's not really him that needs to meet other magical children. I thought it might make it easier for Rosie and Daisy to have some magical friends that they can see during the year and not just for a week or two in the summer," Hadrian replied.

"Perhaps, it will definitely make starting at Salem easier for them but there's no rush," Tim agreed.


The new town in the Forest of Dean was fully built and landscaped ready for occupancy and Hadrian and Tim got to attend the family fair and look through the town with all the prospective tenants.

"Again I'd ask where you got the permission to buy more land?" Tim said.

Hadrian shrugged. " I inherited most of it from a friend of my great grandfather whose entire family were wiped out in the wizarding war, partly because of his gratitude in putting down the men who killed his family and partly in memory of my great grandfather. The rest of the land was an awkward long narrow strip between the property I inherited and the national park that had been on the market for ages. The government didn't want to pay to add it to the national park but the national trust put too many restrictions on what could be built and how many large trees had to be kept, and with the cost and space required to put a road along the narrow strip, nobody else wanted it enough to argue when the estate of a dead man purchased it. I haven't officially added to the PGC land holdings so it's flying under the radar for now. The law wasn't designed to stop me purchasing more land, it was designed to stop the Chinese. Since I set it in the bylaws of the Corporation that it never be owned by anyone who is not either a direct descendent of mine or a British national, and that no owner would ever be able to use the landholdings in Britain to influence the government in ways that wouldn't clearly benefit the whole of Britain, they've calmed down. Still most of the corporation's new property in the last few years has been in the poorer areas of DC."

"Don't limit yourself to DC, if the crime rate drops there too much compared to the rest of the country, the MCRT will be moved away from the Navy yard," Tim replied laughing.

"I don't know that there's that much Navy crime in those areas but I'll broaden my horizons, how do you feel about owning a flat in New York? Or should I concentrate on the Boston area? Make the neighbourhood near our house there safer?" Hadrian offered laughing.

The fair was unsurprisingly a good one with activities to satisfy children of all ages. It made them wish that they'd had the children with them and the fact that the carnival ride operators had all been able to enter the wards without any problems made Tim feel slightly guilty about his assumptions that travelling carnival operators were less honest than the average population. Most families seemed to be enjoying themselves though there were a few complaints from adults that applications couldn't be made on line like the rest of the world and that none of the properties were available for potential purchase. Tim felt sorry that they were unlucky enough to unknowingly grumble to Hadrian and their grumbling would reduce the likelihood of them being seen as a desirable tenant but Hadrian assured him that there were elves all over the place listening for similar comments because they didn't want tenants that were ambivalent about living there and with the large crowd they'd definitely be able to pick and choose if even half of them put in an application.

"I don't think we're going to be able to afford to live here, look at all these people, there's going to be a bidding war on rentals," they heard one man say disappointedly.

"No, if we get more applications that pass the security check, priority will be given to those already on the waitlist for PGC property rentals then we'll draw names out of a hat. I'm not going to charge more than a fair price," Hadrian said.

"You're not going to charge? Who are you?" the man asked wide eyed.

"What sort of security check? That can't be legal," another man protested.

"It's perfectly legal, the reason my rental property is in such high demand is because of the low rate of internal crime," Hadrian replied. "Hadrian Potter, one of the shareholders of the PG Corporation," he added holding his hand out to the first man.

"Then why have this great fair if you don't need to attract the business?" the wife of the first man asked.

"Because we only want people who actually want to live here and having everyone who moves in having attended the fair gives them something to talk about, helps build a sense of community more quickly and that's important to us, the children are mingling which will help if they have to transfer schools" Hadrian explained.

"You really d care about your tenants! A lot of landlords wouldn't bother with any of that so long as their rents are paid and their properties maintained," The first man said.


The worst part of using a time turner to take time away from the children was that they couldn't call and speak with them. From the children's point of view their parents were there with them and had no need to call and it would only upset them if one version of their parents didn't remember something important to them that they'd told the other version. Tim and Hadrian missed the children dreadfully even though they knew they'd already been with them during this week before they came to England. They called and spoke to Barbara and Heather most days and the women sent photos of the children to make them feel less cut off.

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