Chapter 2

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Harry started the shower and stripped off carefully, this was the first day since he was cursed that his stomach and balls didn't hurt and he was keen to make sure everything still worked. The healer had been distressingly vague about how much function he would lose just stating he would no longer have the ability to impregnate a woman. He wouldn't mind the loss of fertility so long as he could still have sex with his wife. Not that Ginny would let him get anywhere near her before the wedding but he'd been dreaming of their wedding night since they started dating back in sixth year. He didn't want to admit even to himself that he'd had other more satisfying dreams of bodies that were hard and angular where Ginny was soft and curvy and of being touched by larger rougher hands.

He carefully examined his balls, were they perhaps slightly smaller. He'd never measured them before so he could just be imagining things. Maybe they were smaller, but not enough to really bother him anyway, he decided looking at them in the mirror. His cock looked the same size though it remained depressingly flaccid. He took it in hand and tried to stimulate a response but nothing happened and he started to panic, attempting to pump himself more and more frantically until it started to hurt. Giving up on it and the idea of showering though he really did need one he turned off the water and walked back to his room throwing himself on the bed in despair.

He laid there for hours trying not to think about what had just happened, or rather not happened but he couldn't think about anything else. Eventually he decided he needed to read through the information he'd been given again. Originally he was only concerned with how to manage the initial pain. Hopefully this was only a temporary problem after all this was the first day he could even touch his balls without wanting to scream in pain. 'Perhaps they just needed a bit more recovery time' he hoped desperately.

"Accio information on this bloody spell" he growled, not bothering to get up and look for it.

He was startled when not only the pamphlet but a book came through the door knowing into his chest. He didn't think a family as entrenched in the pureblood ideology would have a use for this information. The cover had no title so he opened the book expecting it to be a treatise on legal spells that could be used to torture but instead it was an American book titled "Spells for the homosexual Wizard" which had had a plain leather cover stuck over the original and the name Alphard Black written in the inside cover. 'No wonder he got disowned' Harry thought to himself. He wondered if Sirius had known his uncle was homosexual. He hoped so because that meant there was at least one parental influence in his life that wouldn't have disowned him for this. He looked for the fertility spell he was looking for and saw a note written in the margin by Bellatrix. "Great torture curse but not for interrogation - pain lasts too long, can't be stopped or reversed."

He read through the book carefully and then the pamphlet. Neither of them listed possible performance issues as a side effect of using the spell, in fact the book described the possibility of a permanent semi-erection during the last months of pregnancy as the baby put pressure on the top of the prostate. Not understanding what or where his prostate was Harry looked through the book further and realised he possibly needed to know more about anatomy. There were pleasure spells listed to stimulate the prostate but even if he hadn't been warned not to use any magic on himself for the week he wasn't too keen on casting an unknown spell anywhere near his cock, balls or arse.

He was relieved to read that the spell gave him the ability to conceive a child magically and would take care of developing a womb for the foetus once it was conceived so he didn't have to deal with menstruating except as his body returned to normal after the birth of a child which he was warned could take two or three months. He hadn't even considered the possibility.

Leaving the house the next day, semi disguised in a beanie and scarf and his muggle clothing he walked to a nearby bookstore and looked for a book on human anatomy. The sales attendant interrupted him flicking through a couple to make sure they had the information he wanted. "You might do better looking in the sex shop down the street" she said disdainfully.

"Thanks" Harry replied sarcastically shoving the books he was looking at into the nearest empty spot on the shelves and walking out.

He cast a magic revealing charm and glanced around for any hidden witches or wizards and an animagus revealing charm to check Rita Skeeter wasn't following him he headed to the adult book shop up the road.

Ignoring all the sex manuals in favour of an informative book on male and female reproductive anatomy and a book titles 'Sex for Dummies' he then browsed around the store looking for the type of magazines Dean and Seamus had had at school. He looked at the various magazines, slightly repulsed by the whips and bondage and by the massive breasts on the front of some of them. He moved along the rack finding one of fit looking women that he thought might help him before his attention was caught by the man on the front of the Playgirl. He could have sworn for a moment that it was Draco Malfoy. He picked it up for a closer look and was thrilled to feel a twitch of interest from his nether region too.

"Seriously Malfoy?" he muttered to his cock in disbelief but he did purchase the magazine, blushing madly as the salesgirl rang it up. "He's gorgeous isn't he" she gushed admiring the cover photograph. "There's a better photoshoot of him in this magazine though. Do you want one of these too?"

"Yes please" Harry stammered.

The girl grinned and added it to his total before placing it in a black plastic bag that thankfully had the logo on the inside.

Harry hurried home keen to see if the Malfoy lookalike or better yet one of the other guys could have more of an effect in private. He headed up to his room and set up privacy wards before opening the bag.

The cover man looked less like Malfoy in the other photos grinning amiably and Harry was pleased to note this didn't affect his interest in the toned male body. 'So it wasn't him looking like Malfoy that me' he thought with relief. He decided to take things slowly and see if he could build up his arousal before trying to get himself off so he reached up under his shirt and twisted his nipples the way he normally liked before running his hands down his torso and playing a little with his happy trail, before reaching his goal. Wrapping one hand around himself he stared at the picture of the blonde doing the same and was rewarded by his erection fully rising to the occasion. Pumping himself slowly he thought about the time he'd walked in on Oliver Wood and Alicia Spinet in the quidditch locker room shower after returning under his invisibility cloak to collect something after curfew and hadn't been able to bring himself to do the respectful thing and turn away instead of watching. It almost worked. He could feel his orgasm approaching but as his balls started to draw up ready to ejaculate he felt a burning pain sear through them. Harry screamed and passed out.


Harry woke up shaking in horror for at least the dozenth time since he'd been cursed. He'd begun dreaming of giving birth to a baby that looked like the homunculus Voldemort. Sometimes it even sat up and talked to him in Voldemort's voice thanking Harry for bringing him back to life before calling the death eaters and killing all Harry's friends.

"As if that bastard didn't give me enough nightmares" he muttered disgustedly.


Harry was a lot smarter than his grades at Hogwarts would suggest, not surprising when you realised he was involved in one crazy battle after another every year, and since he'd had the Horcrux removed from his head, both his magic and his cognitive abilities had grown significantly. Grown to the point he could rival Hermione's ability to research and discover rare spells and twist existing spells to meet his needs when he was motivated enough though he'd never have Hermione's love of studying for its own sake. One advantage of being unable to return to work as an auror until fully recovered was the extra free time and energy to work on his own research projects. One of these was tweaking the Fidelius charm to hide a secret other than a location He managed to at least partially succeed. The original spell hid a location from everyone but the people in question would remember events that had occurred in that location before the spell was cast even if they didn't know where it was. His version of the spell could hide a secret but a person that had already known that secret would still remember enough conversations about the secret to work out what it was most of the time. So unless it was new or very little known information the new spell was worthless. Harry was a bit disappointed, he had been hoping that he could hide things about his fame or appearance so that he could travel around in public anonymously. But while the spell wouldn't work to do that it would be able to prevent anyone who knew how he'd been cursed from telling anyone about it. He cast the spell, this was one incident in his life he definitely didn't want spread all over the front page of 'the daily prophet' or 'witch weekly'.

Harry decided that it was time to tell Ginny exactly what had happened even if he needed to silence and petrify her to do it. He apparated to the Burrow when he knew she wouldn't be there and met with Mr Weasley to ask for advice.

"Harry welcome, Ginny and Molly have just gone out shopping did they expect you?" Arthur asked smiling at the young man he regarded as a seventh son.

"No I came to ask your advice" Harry said.

"What's the problem Harry?" Arthur asked.

"Ginny and I don't seem to be getting along too well lately" Harry began.

"Preparing for a wedding is a stressful time" Arthur said reassuringly. "It's normal to have some minor disagreements as you prepare to spend the rest of your lives together."

"Ginny knows I've been on medical leave for the last week and she hasn't even asked what happened or how I was" Harry said.

"Are you alright?" Arthur asked anxiously.

Harry shrugged. "I was cursed. There are some permanent side effects that I need to talk to Ginny about but every time I've seen her this week she's started a fight about how me not being willing to go to every single party is affecting her social life. At the moment the only way I can see getting her to listen would be to tie her to a chair until she's ready to hear what I have to say and I know that wouldn't end well" Harry said.

"Is it that important Harry?" Arthur asked concerned.

"It will affect our marriage so I won't marry her until she knows" Harry said simply.

"Perhaps you should tell me what it is and I could prepare her to hear it" Arthur suggested.

"She deserves to hear it first" Harry said doubtfully.

"Okay when she comes home I'll have a talk to her, tell her she needs to listen to what you have to tell her, and then send her to Grimmauld to talk to you" Arthur offered.

"Thanks Arthur" Harry said smiling. "I guess I'd better get out of here before anyone gets home."

Harry apparated home and opened the floo, nervously taking a seat in the lounge to wait. He went over all the things he needed to say and hoped that Ginny would listen rationally.

It was several hours before Ginny appeared in the floo. Harry immediately gave her permission to come through.

"What do you want to say Harry" Ginny asked impatiently.

"Sit down Ginny. Would you like a cuppa?" Harry asked pouring her a cup laced with a mild calming draft.

"Get to the point Harry" Ginny huffed.

Harry put the tea into her hands knowing that particular potion worked by breathing the vapours as well as by drinking it. "I need to tell you about the curse I was hit with" he began.

"Is something wrong? You look fine" Ginny said finally concerned.

"I was hit by a medical spell developed in America that allows a man to get pregnant" Harry said quietly.

"You're pregnant" Ginny screeched making Harry grateful he'd silenced the room. "Who's the bastard that knocked you up? I'll kill them!"

"No I'm not pregnant" Harry said patiently. "The spell just allows the possibility I could become pregnant if I had sexual intercourse with a wizard."

"That's disgusting!" Ginny exclaimed. "Why would anyone even think to do that? And why did you need to tell me that? Does this spell cause those perverted desires?" she asked suspiciously.

"No it doesn't change my preferences at all" Harry said honestly. "Unfortunately, the curse does make me unable to impregnate a woman."

"We can't have a child?" Ginny asked shocked.

Harry, watching her expressions carefully for any sign of guilt, could see that she was genuinely surprised unfortunately he also saw a pleased expression cross her face before she was quick enough to mask it.

"No I'm saying that to have a child, I would need to be the one to carry the baby. There is a muggle method of fertilization without actual sex that I can use. American healers would be able to carry out the procedure and then we would have to go into seclusion once the pregnancy started to show" Harry explained.

"You can't do that. It's totally wrong" Ginny exclaimed. Harry wondered cynically whether it was the idea of her husband being pregnant, the use of muggle methods or the need for six or seven months of isolation that she was objecting to the most.

"It is also now the only way I can produce an heir of my own. If I choose not to do so I will need to relinquish some if not all of my titles" Harry said trying to stay calm.

"So you're saying I would have to agree to this to become Lady Potter" Ginny asked incredulously. "And where are you going to find a wizard who would agree to this despicable plan that you could trust to keep it a secret?"

"I had hoped one of your brothers would be willing" Harry said. "Charlie looks the most like you but any of the others would also produce a child that any tests would prove to be the child of a Potter/Weasley union" Harry said.

"I can't believe any of my brothers would agree to do something so disgusting" Ginny exclaimed.

"Well it's not like we need to actually have sex. We don't even need to be in the same room" Harry said beginning to get upset with her bigotry. "The procedure could be done by a healer so and it would only take your brother about half an hour to be the donor and it's something they probably do most days anyway so I don't think it would be too much to ask."

"I won't agree to this Harry" Ginny shouted.

"Then Hannah Longbottom will be the next Lady Potter and Astoria Greengrass will become the next Lady Black" Harry said flatly. "I cannot hold the titles if it's impossible for me to produce an heir."

"What!?" Ginny screeched.

"The laws of inheritance are clear Ginny. If I can't produce an heir, then I can't be head of the family and while Neville might let it slide you can guarantee Malfoy wont and once the goblins know I won't have any choice but to take myself out of the line of succession" Harry said tiredly.

"I will be the Lady Potter, Harry" Ginny demanded.

"Then I need to have a child, more than one if the first is a girl I need a male child to inherit the Black fortune" Harry replied.

Ginny huffed at him and went storming off. Harry sighed as he heard her slam the door on the way out. He sent an owl inviting Ron and Hermione to dinner to tell them about the curse. Hopefully they could talk to Ginny for him when she'd calmed down a bit.


Ron came out of the floo half an hour early. "What on earth did you say to my sister this time?" he asked commiseratingly. "I don't think I've ever seen her so angry."

Harry winced, Ginny could be really vindictive when she was angry. He only hoped she wouldn't do anything he would regret too much before she calmed down.

"I told her why I was on medical leave for the last week" Harry said seriously.

"She's angry because you're sick?" Ron asked incredulously.

"I'm not sick Ron I was cursed" Harry corrected.

"What on earth is she angry about" Ron went on, then paled. "Unless you were cursed by an angry boyfriend who caught you in bed with their lover?" he said, his eyes begging Harry to deny it.

"Of course not" Harry said sounding more amused than guilty. "You know I was cursed in the street on the way home from the pub on Friday" he explained.

Ron immediately felt guilty that Harry had been cursed while he'd been out with them. He'd let his guard down because he and Hermione were there and had drunk more than he should have. They should have made sure he got home safely.

"We should have walked home with you" he said guiltily.

"No it should have been safe enough. You weren't to know. But mate one thing you should know without asking me. I would never cheat on your sister" Harry said calmly.

"You love her that much?" Ron asked knowing things had not exactly been good between his best mate and his sister lately.

Harry shook his head sighing. "No I respect your family too much to do that to you all. The way things are going Ginny and I may not make it to the altar, Ron. We seem to be fighting a lot lately. Your Dad thinks it's just pre-wedding jitters but I'm not so sure about that. I'm about one more major tantrum away from calling off the whole wedding. But I won't do anything underhand like cheat" Harry admitted.

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