general POV

Everyone was frozen exactly where they were and looked on as Alex picked Bonnie up bridal style and started to move out.

"Hey, wait are you just going to leave us here! Chained like this!" Elena exclaimed with wide eyes, realizing that she can speak again.

Alex rolled his eyes and proceeded to move out like no one said a thing. As soon as he got out, he placed Bonnie under a tree and went back inside to free the hostages. He first walked up to Stefan and took a hold of his chains, he gripped them tight, took a deep breath and with a pained groan he broke the chains and collapsed on his knees. He was breathing heavily and he knew that he won't be able to free them all so he said to Stefan, "Hey man listen why don't you help me out here and break their chains. I'm kinda drained out here."

Stefan frowned a little and asked, surprisingly," But how..." He trailed off and soon realized that if he can speak then whatever spell that had been cast on the chains must also be broken. He quickly got up and went over to Elena's side first and broke off her chains. Looking towards Damon he found that Damon had broken out of his chains as well. He looked back to see that Alex had risen again and together they made their way out where the trio saw Bonnie sitting upright, with her back against the tree.

Damon, without thinking, quickly made his way towards Bonnie with his vampire speed and was soon followed by Stefan and Alex. He crouched down beside her and asked with barely concealed concern, "Hey are you alright?"

Bonnie looked at him with surprise clearly shown in her eyes and replied, "Uh... Yeah. I guess so." She quickly looked down and realized that his care for her was true. She then took a deep breath and thought, 'Really Bonnie, I thought that we were over this shit .' She quickly shook her head and looked back up to see a pair of mischevious eyes looking back at her. She, herself narrowed her eyes and looked back earning a chuckle from the other person.

Damon looked back and forth between the two and felt his anger and dislike rising towards the new kid. 'Who does he think he is, huh?" But before he could voice his opinion he was stopped by none other than Stefan. ' Saint Stefan, always interrupting.' Damon growled a little, low enough for only a vampire to hear and tuned in to what his dear brother has to say.

"Bonnie are you sure? What you did back there looked like it took a lot of energy and you do look pale." Stefan said with furrowed brows and a worried look reflecting in his eyes. He was amazed by what she did in there and had so many questions but him being raised as the gentleman that he was, knew that this was not the right time to ask such questions.

"Stefan I am always pale," Bonnie replied with a little snark and regretted it the second she said it because of the brief hurt that passed Stefan's eyes. Though before she could apologize, she was interrupted by Elena who was looking in on the moment like a complete stranger.

"What was that Bonnie? What happened back there? Who was that guy? And..." She was stopped by laughter that was released by none other than Alex himself."Uhh... Don't stop because of me, I'm sure you have like a thousand more questions that Roza will answer by sitting under a tree." He chuckled a little then stopped entirely because of not only the surprised look that he got from the brothers but also from the glare that he received from both the ladies. He pressed his lips together and locked his eyes with Bonnie, totally ignoring the gasp that was taken by the blonde beauty, and nodded his head.

Damon saw this too and he did not like it even one bit so without saying anything else he picked up Bonnie bridal style which earned him a small shriek of surprise and turned to face others, "I am taking Bonnie back to the boarding house." There was an ordering undertone in the way that he spoke, leaving no room for argument and quickly turned around only to be stopped by the warlock.

HEY! MAN, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" Alex exclaimed angrily and went all the way as to snatch Bonnie out of Damon's arms, but soon stopped because of the pleading look that Bonnie was giving him.

Though it had been an awfully long time since Bonnie had been around Damon, she still knew him and when she heard him using that voice, it became clear as a crystal that he would not listen to anyone and that he also is very pissed off and wanted answers. So as to not cause a fight, she quickly spoke up, stopping Alex.

"Alex I will be okay. You took a big blowback there and you seriously need to regain your energy. Damon will take me back to the boarding house and then we all can meet there. You can come with Stefan and Elena, just you know..." Bonnie trailed off and gave Alex a look, which the witch boy understood clearly.

Without further delay, Damon turned around and sped in the general direction of the boarding house.

While he was carrying Bonnie in his arms, he decided to take a good look at her. Not only had her hair grown and now had more waviness to it but also she had an aura around her which just screamed POWER! Though she had not grown in height, one can take a look at her and see that she had matured a great amount. 'OH! How had he missed her?!' He thought with a twinge of sadness. But he now knew that he will not let her go away again. He would make her see that he was a changed man now and that he also had feelings for her.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he barely realized it that they had made it back and that Bonnie was giving him a confused look. ' Oh god! I have been standing here for a couple of minutes. I should probably just go inside and place her in MY room.' Damon thought and without giving much thought to anything else he took her inside where he placed her on the bed and as he stood up straight, his eyes locked with a pair of brown eyes.

He took a deep breath and was just about to ask her about today's events when she stopped him and said, "Look I know that you want answers and believe me this time I would give them but not until everyone is here. I don't want to repeat the same thing again and again. So why don't you just go downstairs and call everyone over and wait for me to come down after I clean up a little." Bonnie suggested with a raised brow.

Damon nodded his head and left the room because he needed to clear his mind.

On the other hand, one would think that Bonnie was oblivious to how Damon had looked at her. But that was not the case. She had never seen Damon look at anyone like that before the way he was and still is looking at her. 'Wait why is he leaving the room in slow motion?' Bonnie thought with a frowned face and shook her head, immediately realizing that it was a big mistake as she felt the whole room spinning. She knew that she had overexerted herself with not only the spell that she performed but also by healing Alex. She'll have to take care of herself or else the situation would be like the one which happened a couple of months back.

She wasn't dumb. She knew that she still had feelings for Damon. Even deep ones but that didn't mean that she would or will act on them. Damon was in the past and that's where she liked him. It was her final decision and she was not going to change it no matter what. 'Oh! Really?' A voice, her voice asked. Bonnie frowned and tried to get up from the bed to find that she was able to move.

She quickly got up from the bed made her way to Damon's closet and rummaged through it for something to wear. But all she could find were black shirts and leather jackets so with a sigh she got a black shirt and went into the adjacent bathroom to clean herself a little.

Soon she was making her way down the stairs and into the living room where she assumed that everyone was but was surprised greatly when instead of entering a World War 3 scenario she was met with tense and angry faces. As well as to see that everyone had returned from their colleges as well.

Before she could say anything, she was engulfed in big pale arms. She instantly knew the person and relaxed into his arms, while breathing in the masculine cologne.

"Hey, I am okay. A little weak but okay." Bonnie said all the while rubbing her hands down Alex's back.

"Are you?!" Alex asked with an edge to his voice.

He pulled himself away from the hug and then took a good look at her. Bonnie always had a pale complexion and an ever-present blush but today looking at her one could easily figure out how weak she was actually feeling.

Damon along with the whole gang looked on with different emotions displayed across their faces.

Caroline, Tyler, and Matt were shocked and confused. Elena and Stefan were simply watching on, not knowing what to say or do. Whereas Damon was simply annoyed. He didn't know what type of relationship these two had but whatever it was, he didn't like it one bit.

Damon had had enough of these two ogling at each other therefore he spoke, "Okay, as I can see everyone is here, so maybe you should come clean now." He knew that it was a bit hard but he didn't care at the moment. His justification was that he was annoyed.

Bonnie, as well as Alex, sat down on the love seat with Alex pretty much handling all of Bonnie's weight.

Caroline, with a worried look, asked her, "Bonnie are you sure that you are fine. We are in no hurry to know. We can do this tomorrow if you want to, honey..." She trailed off.

Bonnie smiled a little at Caroline and said, "No, it doesn't matter. I wanna get this over with as soon as possible."

Everyone nodded and braced themselves, except for Alex as Bonnie took a deep breath and started, "Well you guys know that just before I left, I had opened a box full of secrets..." She trailed off as everyone nodded their heads.

"What you guys didn't know was that I was having a secret of my own-" She was interrupted when Damon, very rudely and with an accusing tone, said, "Whoa! Wait what secret?"

His eyes danced between his little bird and that oaf and weird thoughts started entering in his mind.

Stefan, clearly knowing what his brother was thinking, softly whispered, " Are you serious, right now? You know that Bonnie would never do something like that!"

It was so soft that only the vampires in the room could hear.

Even Damon knew that Bonnie would actually never do something like that. It was just the way that Alex guy was so protective of her and the way they keep on looking at each other that his mind was making things up like anything.

Alex seeing the angry look on his best friend's face, was just about to say something when out of the blue, a bubbly voice said," Let us not jump to conclusions now shall we?"

Damon gritted his teeth and nodded his head stiffly. Everyone followed suit.

Bonnie looked at Alex first then slowly she glanced at everyone around. Taking a deep breath, she started again," As I was saying, I had a secret of my own. I was having these visions, where I would see all these symbols and I didn't even have a clue as to what they meant. I... I was just... Frustrated, I guess."

She looked at everyone again, trying to figure out how to continue again. This time it was Matt who spoke up," Wait so you were having some sort of weird symbol visionary and you decided that instead of actually discussing it with us you would deal with it all on your OWN!"

He was giving her a YOU-ARE-CRAZY-BUT-I-STILL-LOVE-YOU-LIKE-A-BIG-BROTHER look. Alex chuckled a little then turned towards Bonnie while saying," God you were right. He does treat you like you are his little sister." He finished with a small laugh making Bonnie giggle a little as well but making everyone else feel super awkward as hell. Everyone except for Damon, who was busy being angry.

Tyler cleared his throat a little and said," Guys lets not interrupt and let Bonnie finish what she has to say."

Bonnie spoke up again," Uhh... So as I said, I was frustrated immensely and I didn't even know what was going on. Therefore I decided to contact my grams from the other side and asked her about was happening to me and well...she uh told me that the reasons I was having these visions were because I come from a family which apparently had lots and lots of secrets." Bonnie finished with a scoff and an eye roll.

But before anyone could say, she continued again, " .We are not only the most powerful witches on this planet but my ancestors, they kind of ruled a place called the dark dimensions. It's a... it's like another realm, in many other realms, a place which is filled with vampires, witches, fairie like creatures and what not. It's actually a very beautiful place and would never like to leave..." Bonnie trailed off with a dreamy face and Alex, beside her chuckled and bumped her shoulder with his lightly. Bonnie blushed and laughed a little herself.

To say that everyone was shocked and majorly confused would be an understatement. Everyone looked on without saying a word and then suddenly it was like a dam broke because all of a sudden everyone had one question of their own-







Everyone speaking at the same time created and magnified the headaches in Alex and Bonnie's head. They both winced and looked at each other before Alex stood up and yelled, "OKAY SHUT THE HELL UP WILL YOU ALL?!"

Suddenly there was a pin drop silence and Alex demanded, "I was being generous and letting Roza finish telling you all but I cannot stand here while she tries to tell you and you all start babbling all at once."

Bonnie didn't try to interrupt because though she had only known Alex for the past fifteen months, she still could interpret his mood swings and he was really mad right now.

"Yes, Bonnie went to another realm without telling anyone. Yes, she kept all of this a big secret. Do you know why? Because you all treated her like shit. Like a piece of meat. Using her like a dirty cloth then leaving her. She left because she'd had enough of you and your uncaring behavior-" He stopped abruptly as out of the blue he turned around and caught something above Bonnie's head which looked like a paper that came out of the fire.

Alex hurriedly read the message then passed the note to Bonnie who after reading the letter looked back at Alex with a sharp look.

Damon and Stefan noticing the exchange that happened asked at the same time," Is there something wrong?"

To which the reply that they received was along the lines of, " Is there ever anything perfect in our lives."

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