A/N: This is my first Destiel fic, which is weird cause I've been reading Destiel for years. I saw this prompt and decided to go with it. I might make this into a longer fic, but for right now enjoy this really short thing.

Of course Castiel wanted to go on the HGTV show when he got the call. Of course he wanted to make a good impression. Dressing them up like they are some rich pretentious assholes was not the way that Dean wanted to make an impression, but his husband wanted him to, so he went along with it even if it was ninety degrees out and he was wearing a fucking sweater.

Cas had applied online for a home makeover show and when he got the call he had been ecstatic and Dean was right there with him. They had so many things that they wanted to do with the house, but didn't have the time or money to do it. This show is giving them a plentiful amount of money to do all the repairs they need and more in less than two weeks. Saving time and money that both Castiel and Dean needed to save.

They were sitting through this beginning interview. It was shot on their front porch and took forever for them to set up the goddamn cameras and chairs. Dean had nearly sweat through his shirt and into his sweater by the time they started filming. Cas probably wasn't doing much better than him in the blazer and button up that he was wearing, but he was so damn giddy that he wasn't bothered at all.

"Castiel, Dean, tell us about your house," Said the interviewer. She was a small brunette woman named Kate who, as Dean had been told, would only be here for the interviewing parts and would otherwise not be near them. Dean was grateful for this because she seemed to be taking a great interest in their relationship and was probably one of those girls that just fantasized about gay couples and made them out to be objects to fawn over. Being around her would make it a much less pleasant experience.

"We moved in here about two years ago right after we got married. It's a two story house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. There's a wonderful kitchen that we touched up last year with some new appliances. Most of the problems that we have had with this house have been really minor and so we never wanted to spend a lot to fix them, but they have built up over time," Castiel said very happily. His smile was so wide and he was so giddy that Dean wanted to kiss him, but that wouldn't be the best thing to do in a first interview, especially with someone like Kate interviewing them.

"We also wanted to improve a couple things around the house if we could, such as the garage door and the washer and dryer," Dean added on.

"Are there any bigger projects that you were thinking of doing?" Kate asked.

"Not at the moment, but when looking around the house we could probably improve many things and so we have our work cut out for us. The biggest thing that we need to do is prioritize what fixes and improvements should come first," Cas responded.

The rest of the interview was mostly a back and forth between Kate and Cas. Dean mostly stayed silent, but sometimes butted in with a comment on how he wanted something done or to tell Cas that 'no we don't need that.' Overall it went well and Dean was really excited to get started on the actual fixing instead of just talking, but he had to wait a couple days before that started. Cas was probably going to make Dean wear another stuffy outfit for the walkthrough of their house, which would happen tomorrow, but once they started on the projects, Dean could wear whatever he wanted to.

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